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9 Naughty Jen

Chapter 9 Naughty Jen. Luke pov

I drive around town not knowing if I should talk to Alex about this, but what if I am wrong and ruin their relationship? No, I have to wait and keep an eye on Maya and Max. My phone starts ringing and I push the call button on the steering wheel

“This is Luke”
“Oh Luke man I have some great news”

Jake says in the other end and a smirk spreads across my lips. So Miss red is begging for my attention already, not that I am surprised even the Angels are begging for me.

“I can use some good news.”
“She wants more and she has agreed to your new terms”

“I knew she would make her sign the deal and be there next week on Friday she will be healed by then.”

I say in a harsh tone, feeling my pants grow tight at the mere thought of taking her. I wish I could do it today, but she needs a little more time before I can. I will make sure that the fiery redhead will think about me every day for the rest of her life.

“Sure will see you on Friday.”
“See you”

I end the call and shift on the seat before I squeeze my dick through my pants and sigh, I need a fucking release. After thinking for a while I remember a certain willing brunette and give her a call. Yeah, booty calls aren’t exactly something that is hard for me to find, I have a whole fucking list of them.

I drive to Jen´s house and step outside the car and walk up to her house knocking on the door. She opens the door with a big smile looking absolutely fucking delicious. She isn’t a sub but she likes it rough. I push her inside and up against the wall growling at her

“I will not be gentle with you or stop if you beg so you better be fucking sure you want it. If you can’t take that then speak up now little girl because I want to ruin your life with my cock.”

She lets out a whimper and presses her thighs together and I force them open with my leg rubbing her pussy roughly with my knee.

“Luke, you know I can take it so fucking ruin me!”

I crash my lips to hers and make quick work of getting her pants down. Like always she is bare underneath when I demand to see her. I use three fingers when I thrust inside her to stretch her open. She is tight as fuck, and she always has a hard time taking me unless I prepare her first. She lets out a moan in pain and I bite her lower lip pulling at it with my teeth.

“That’s right baby girl moan for me”

I start thrusting my finger wildly inside her and she squirms against the wall. The need to let out some steam and stress is hunting me like a fucking nightmare and this is the best way to ease it all at once. Fuck meditation and that shit when there are dripping wet pussies all around me.

Jen starts meeting my movements breathing faster with every thrust and when I feel her wall clamp and tremble around my fingers I pull them out of her and force them inside her mouth. She sucks them greedily like it was my cock and I watch her feeling my dick twitch in my pants.

I take a step back and pull off my suit jacket and shirt. She watches my every move, her gaze traveling all over my chest, her eyes shining with more hunger and desire for every inch she takes in.

“Come on baby you know what to do.”

I tell her and she immediately falls to her knees in front of me and starts to open my pants licking her lips. When she has freed me she sucks her bottom lip into her mouth and I fist her hair tugging at it impatiently.

“Open, I need to watch you choke on my dick”

Her eyes meet mine and she gives me a wicked smile before she opens her mouth and I waste no time pushing inside her. I let out a satisfying groan when I hit the back of her throat and push her head even closer to me. She places her hands on my thighs and tries to push me off her, but she knows the rules

“You better swallow or don’t you want to come baby girl?”

Her eyes tear up from fighting the reflexes in her throat and when she swallows I reward her by pulling out, letting her take a deep breath. She gags and I give her a smirk before I tug at her hair again and guide my cock inside her mouth. She sucks like the greedy little slut she is bobbing her head faster and faster and I fucking love it. Jen is fucking amazing, she might not be a sub but she loves my cock and that is all I need.

“That’s right baby take it!”

I say pushing deep inside again, feeling her gag reflexes protest from my intrusion. Tears stream down her cheeks and I pull her head back by her hair.

“Bed now, clothes off!”

I growl at her and with a whimper she scurries towards the bedroom, throwing the rest of her clothes to the floor

“On all fours, face down and ass up.”

I order while I roll on a condom. I take in her wet pink folds and my cock twitches in my hand. I step closer and let the tip slide up and down between her folds gathering her juice. I just want to slam inside her, but she would not appreciate that kind of pain so I ease the tip inside feeling her tighten around me.


I say, slapping her ass hard three times for trying to deny me entrance. She takes a deep breath and bitese her lip. I see the pain in her features when I push inside her and she whines but I know that when she has adjusted to my size she will be begging me to fuck her harder.

“Fucking perfection.”

I mutter to myself when I’m fully seated inside her wet hot hole. I clench my hands into fists from keeping myself from just start ravishing her right away. When she clenches around me and lets out another painful whimper, I stroke her back trying to help her relax.

I place a hand on her hip and dig my finger hard into the flesh when she finally after an eternity starts to loosen up around me then I start moving slowly. She let out more whines and whimpers before they turn into pleads for more and I hit her ass hard a few more times and quicken my pace hitting her deepest point every time.

“Fuck Luke!”

She hisses when I reach down and pinch her clit hard and her walls start to tremble and beg for a release. I chuckle and pull out all the way only to slam inside her again. Her whole body jerks forward by the force and she cries out when I grab her hair and roughly pull her upper body up and growl in her ear

“You better beg or I will finish without you.”
“Please Luke, fuck me. Ruin my pussy!”

She screams and I start rubbing her sensitive nub thrusting inside her like an animal. Her pussy squeezes and massages my length in such an amazing way that I’m sure there is a heaven. I let go of her hair and grab her breast squeezing and massaging them hard leaving my marks on her body.


She whimpers and I suck on her shoulder until a red blueish mark appears on her skin. I let my hand travel down from her hip and slap her pussy until she squirms against my chest.

“Say it baby”

I coo and smile when she tries to speak, but all that leaves her mouth is moaning and whimpers as I thrust my cock inside her over and over again. I feel her juices flow down my length, coating my balls and I press my palm against her now tender pussy. She let out another whimper and I move my hand from her hip up to her throat squeezing it gently. With every hard thrust I make I squeeze her throat and relax my grip when I pull out.

“Luke, please”

She whines when I press two fingers against her clit and her pussy squeezes me.

“Such a good girl.”

I say and lick her neck, feeling her whole body tremble in anticipation. I make a few shallow thrusts squeezing her throat a little harder without cutting off her air supply.

“Do you want to come for me baby girl?”
“Yes, fuck yes!”

She screams and I thrust inside her harder and harder while rubbing her pussy roughly. Another scream is torn from her when the orgasms shake her whole body and I can’t hold back my own when her pussy once again tightens painfully around me.


I growl and push myself as deep inside as I can feel my cock twitching inside her. I stay inside her until I start to soften, rolling my hips and tease her clit the whole time until I pull out. I roll off the condom and walk to the bathroom and flush it down the toilet. When I walk out to the bedroom again, she is laying on the bed almost sleeping. I walk up to her and give her a teasing smile.

“Feeling sore baby?”

I ask and Jen gives me a satisfied smile.

“I will probably not be sitting today.”

“If I said that I am sorry to hear that then it would be a lie. Have a nice evening, Miss Landry”

I say and leave her house and drive back home. My newly found good mood is immediately gone when I step inside the hallway and hear moans and whimpers from my living room. That little bitch!

If she is so needy for cock can’t she at least go home with them? I don’t want some random mans dick dripping in my fucking house. I walk inside the living room and tilt my head to the side, well I can’t miss this. At least there isn’t a dick around only two wet pussies.

A blond woman is laying on my coffee table her leg spread wide while Iza is kneeling between them lapping at her pussy. I watch her push her pink tongue inside the blond woman while she is rubbing herself.

Iza is still dressed so her hand isn’t visible, but I can see her move her hand fast inside her pants. My cock stiffens with the desire to play with the two women, but I cross my arms over my chest and lean against the door frame. There is no way in hell that I will put my dick inside Miss Satan.

But it is hot as fuck and so unexpected that I’m almost speechless. The blond woman moans and squirms on the table and Iza immediately pulls at her clit with her teeth making her cry out in pain. Iza´s fingers move to the blond woman pussy and she slips them inside her and sucks at her clit.

I hear Iza moan and I can see how her body trembles and tenses up as she pleasures herself. That little minks is close and then she thrust her finger hard inside the other girl and pull her head away from her pussy moaning loudly coming on her own fingers.

The other woman starts to rub herself and Iza thrusts harder and faster inside her until the other woman comes.

“Isn’t that a lovely feeling? Feeling a woman’s muscle tense around you?”

I say and both women lets out a shriek in surprise.

“Get the fuck out Luke!”

Iza hisses and I chuckle

“I think that this is my house so if I want to watch, then I will watch or you can take your little games somewhere else.”

She snorts and hands the woman her clothes before she tells her to leave not even bothering looking at her. I give the woman a smirk and a wink when she brushes past me, her cheeks are red from embarrassment. I walk up to Iza looking her up and down.

“How do you know my brother?”
“I don’t know him.”

“Have you been fucking him?”

I ask feeling irritation grow from the thought


She tells me and look away and I can’t help but wonder if the little bitch just lied to me. I take another step towards her and grab her upper arm

“Remember what I told you about lieing?”

She just snorts still looking away and I grab her chin, forcing her to look at me. She tries to pull her head away and I tighten my grip until she becomes still so that I can loosen it again

“I am serious Iza don’t play games with me because you will lose.”
“Why can’t you just leave me alone?”

She hisses at me and I lean in closer. She smells amazing like always and I look at her lips, they would look even better wrapped around my dick.

“When you get the fuck out of my house, then I promise that we will never have to see each other again, but until then I do what I want with you. I will make you lose your fucking mind, make your pussy drip just by looking at me just because I can. But don’t feel too happy about it because I will never give you what you really want”

“You know that you aren’t Gods gift to women right? I will never be wet for you.”

I grab her pussy through her pants and she whimpers when I stroke her. She is probably still sensitive from her orgasm and it would be too easy to make her come again.

“Why don’t you say that you don’t want me and make me believe it.” I tease and she scowls at me

“I don’t want you, Luke, I think that you are awful and disgusting. You come home and smell of women’s perfume and then you do this like I said disgusting.”

“I happen to know that little Miss Satan loves it.”

I say and stroke her harder through her pants, she clears her throat and licks her lips.

“I think that Miss Satan wants to be filled to the brim.”
“I do, but not by you.”

I give her a crooked smile and let her go and start walking out of the room, but before I leave I look over my shoulder

“The next time I snap my fingers you will be crawling for me, begging with your pussy on full display for me. I know it and you know it so stop pretending that you are an angel because we both know that you are far from it”

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