Saved By The CEO

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10 She is leaving

Chapter 10 She is leaving. LUKE the next day

”Where is Maya?” I ask Alex when he steps into my office without her. Sure, it is early, but she should already have been here.

“She is sick.” Alex says and looks out through the window lost in thoughts.

“Sick? What is wrong with her?”

I ask feeling suspicion creep up on me, Alex turns to me and blinks confused and that is when I see how tired he looks. It looks like he hasn’t been sleeping for days.

“Migraine… she will be back tomorrow.”
“I didn’t know she suffers from migraine?” I ask and Alex frowns

“No… not me either.”

He slumps down in the chair in front of me and drags a hand through his hair before he loses his tie. That is when I feel the faint smell of alcohol. I stare at my friend unsure of what to say, Alex never comes to work like this… fuck he didn’t even go to school like this.

“Okay, spill! What the fuck is wrong with you?”

I ask and he gives me a harsh look

“It’s nothing.”
“Is it Maya? Are you two having trouble?”

He glares at me for a while before he sighs

“That is not why I am tired today if that is what you want to know. I held a business dinner last night and we had a little too much to drink that is all. Maya is home because she has a headache so chill.”

“So what did you think about Max little gift to her?”

I ask and Alex raises his eyebrows.

“What gift?”
“The lingerie he sent her.”

“I didn’t know about that and I haven’t talked to Maya since we had lunch together yesterday, I was out and we never call each other during work unless it is important. That is her rules.”

He didn’t talk to her last night so who the fuck was she talking to on the phone? She said that she loves that person.

“Are you sure that you didn’t talk to her after she went home from work?”
“Yes, Luke I am sure.”

I rub my neck not knowing what to say, they are both my friends and this feels so off…

“Let’s get this over with I have a meeting soon.”

I say, and after we finished the paperwork I drive straight to Alex and Maya´s house. I knock on the door, but she doesn’t open so I try her phone, but there is no answer. Where the fuck is she? Sure, she can be asleep, but for some reason I doubt it and I don’t think that she has a migraine.

I go back to my office to work but I am having a hard time focusing. Maya is acting strange and so was Alex are they both lying to me? How does Iza know Max? I think that it is time for my baby brother to answer a few questions, I pick up my phone and dial Max.

“This is Max Ciccone”
“This is Luke do you have a minute?”

I hear a woman giggle in the background and how he whispers

“Shh, my sweet girl it will only take a minute, then I will make it up to you.”

Then I hear him move around and how he closes a door

“Yeah, sorry about that she is an eager little thing.”
“Why did you send that to Maya?” I hiss out

“Send what?”
“Don’t play dumb the lingerie? Why did you send them? Are you fucking her?”

“Is that the reason you called me, to ask if I am fucking your woman?”

“She is not mine!” I hiss feeling even more irritated

“Then why do you care who she is fucking?”

“Because she is my best and oldest friend´s woman and Maya is my friend and assistant and you are and she is off limits!”

“You realize that you are sounding like a jealous boyfriend don’t you? Shouldn’t Alex be the one calling me and not you?”

“Just answer the fucking question!” I growl

“I am pretty sure that if I say no then you won’t believe me and if I say yes, then you won’t believe that either, so maybe you should talk to her, but best of all would be if you mind your own business you have bigger problems than that.”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

I ask and clench my free hand into a fist.
“Logan, or is he your best friend too?”

“Of course he isn’t my friend.”

“As much as I enjoy talking to you I need to go I have an impatient woman waiting for me.”

“Wait! How do you know Iza?”
“Are you going to ask if I have been fucking her to?”

He asks and chuckles. Yeah, super funny asshole!

“Just tell me!”
“Well, she is Logan's sister you have met her before too.”

“Yes, but you seem to actually know each other.”

I say and wish that he was here so I could strangle the fucker

“Don’t worry Luke, I haven’t slept with her so she is all yours, just ask yourself if she is worth the trouble before you do it. Goodbye.”

He says and hangs up. What the… that kid is… I am so mad that I can’t even think out a good word for what I want to do with him. But I will find out what the slippery fucker is up to. The rest of the week is calm and quiet and apparently Maya´s migraine has turned into a very bad flu so I haven’t seen her since she took off in that car.

I am not buying that bullshit and I doubt that she was sick at all but she is coming to work today. Max has also been deadly quiet and Iza is sneaking around the house trying to make herself invisible and I have a bad feeling about it. And on top of that Alex is walking around like a fucking zombie. I have tried to talk to Alex but he says the same thing over and over again, everything is fine so stop nagging me Luke.

Today is Wednesday and on Friday I will be seeing Miss Red at least there is one person in my life that isn’t a fucking complicated.

“Hi Luke!”

I look up at Maya and narrow my eyes. She is smiling brightly and holds out the mail for me

“You look awfully happy for someone who was so sick that they couldn’t work.”

I say and her cheeks turn red

“I feel better now.”

I say and watch her walk to her own office. After working for a few hours I stand up to stretch my legs, it’s time for lunch and I grab my phone and close my computer. When I look up I see Max step out of the elevator and in that exact same second Maya steps out from her office.

I narrow my eyes and watch him walk up to her with a big smile. I see them talk and I wish that I could hear what they were saying. Maya laughs and he looks at her like she is his idol. I grit my teeth and start walking in their direction. I see Max place a hand on her shoulder and show her something on his phone then I hear her say

“Oh wow that is amazing.”
“Like I said I had a very beautiful inspiration source for it.”

He answers and I just want to break his neck

“For what?”

I ask and Maya looks up at me then at Max. Max gives me a teasing smile and have I mentioned that I want to murder him?!

“Luke good to see you. I just told Maya that I am here to take both of you to lunch.”
“We are not eating lunch today!”

I say in a harsh tone and Maya looks at me surprised

“Well this little girl is eating lunch with me, she has been sick and she needs to eat. You can stay if you don’t want to come.”

He holds out his arm to Maya and she gives me a glare and starts walking towards the elevator with him. I grumble irritated and walk after them feeling like a fucking tail.

“Where are we going?”

“To Giioniaa, best Italian food in Gothenburg. I need to try to persuade little Miss Frost to come and visit me in Italy and the best way of doing that is showing off exactly what she will be missing by not coming with me.”

Maya's cheeks turn red and she looks down at the floor and I glare at Max, who calmly watches me. I pick up my phone and text Alex the address of the restaurant and tell him to be there within fifteen minutes. Max and Maya talk about Gothenburg the whole ride to the restaurant and I just watch them.

They look so comfortable around each other that it is scary. When we step out of the car I see Alex standing there talking on his phone and when he looks up, he looks at Maya with an unreadable expression. Maya hasn’t seen him because she is too fucking busy laughing with Max. When Alex hangs up, he walks up to us and nods to me.


She turns around looking surprised before she to my surprise say

“Alex, what are you doing here?”
“I told him to come, all friends should be gathered at the same time don’t you think?”

I ask her and she frowns at me. Maya glances at Alex with a weird look and then she gives him a quick hug. I watch Max while she does it and when he sees me watching him, he gives me an amused smile.

“Alex, nice to see you again”

Max tells him and Alex glance at me looking like a questioning mark before he answers him

“Nice to see you too Max”

Alex is so busy taking calls during the lunch that he doesn’t even seem to notice that Max is all over Maya. Maya is either blind to the fact that he is slowly pulling her panties off or that is exactly what she wants him to do? I lean into Alex and whisper

“Are you seriously going to let that little fucker charm your woman's panties off?”

Alex looks up from his phone with a confused expression and then he turns to look at Maya and Max who are laughing again. I watch him watch them and wait. Alex leans back in his seat and narrows his eyes at Max. Finally, we are on the same page I think to myself and clear my throat so that both Maya and Max look at me.

“Yes, Luke?” Max says, looking from me to Alex with an amused expression
“So Max when are you going home? Now? I can drive you to the airport.” I say

“Oh my God Luke don’t be so rude.” Maya tells me
“I wasn’t talking to you, Maya.”

“I know that but seriously, Luke you are always rude and Max doesn’t deserve that because he has been nothing but polite to you even though you have done nothing to deserve it. He wants to get to know you and you are acting like a jerk, hell I know him better than you do.”

“Yeah, I bet you do.”

I snarl and Max raises his eyebrows and look at Alex, who is looking at me

“What is that supposed to mean?” Maya asks and looks at me
“Luke, I suggest that you stop before you go too far.”

Max says and gives me a look that is far from sweet

“I am not doing anything. She is right, she knows you better than I do, you two are always so chatty when you see each other so it would be strange if she didn’t know anything about you.”

“Maya, I want to apologize before I say something. I didn’t want to put you in this position, but I need to clear the air before this goes on any further.”

Max says and I see Alex tense up when Max turns to him

“I am trying to convince Maya to come to Italy with me, to work for me. In that way, I wouldn’t just gain an amazing asset, but she would also be safe from Logan Romano. She is not safe here, no matter what kind of deal Luke has made with him. Alex, you are welcome to of course.”

“Is that all of it?”

Alex asks and Maya's eyes snap to him.

“What did you think that he was going to say?”
“Angel it doesn’t matter.”

She stands up and looks down at him, her eyes are angrier than I have ever seen them before.

“I am not like you! Don’t wait up for me because I won’t be home!”

She snaps at him and storms off. Alex stays in the chair without saying a word and Max gives me a look that says that I am the biggest asshole before he stands up and says

“We all know that women can be a little dramatic sometimes, don’t worry Alex.”


Alex says and then Max pays for our lunch and leaves which Alex doesn’t even seem to notice.

“Alex, what the fuck did Maya mean with I am not like you? Are you cheating on her?”

Alex gives me a tired look and shakes his head

“No, I am not cheating on her, I love her.”
“But what did she mean?”

“She thinks that I am cheating on her… she is going to leave me.”
“Wait, what? Leave you? Why is she thinking that you are cheating?”

Alex sighs and shakes his head

“She received a few pictures of me and a woman that I used to fuck, but that was a long time before I met Maya. She believed me at first, but then she received more pictures and they were dated from two weeks ago when I was on a business trip.”

He hangs his head down and looks just as miserable as he did when Amanda died and I know that he just told me the truth. I squeeze his shoulder and sigh.

“I would never do that to her, never but she doesn’t believe me. Hell, I wouldn’t believe it if I was her.”

He says and scratches his head

“Have you talked to this woman?”

“Yes, she lives in freaking Abu Dhabi with her master, so it is not her and she has no idea how the pictures got out”

“And you believe her?”

“Yes I do and she has no reason to do it. She was the one who ended it and I haven’t talked to the woman for three years. And she is newly married and expecting a kid with her master”

“Who is she?”
“Klara Samuelsson.”

“Oh, I remember her. You took her to Lash often.”

He nods and let out a laugh that is more bitter than a happy one

“You know what? I thought that if Maya would choose someone else it would be you. I guess I was wrong your brother is fucking smooth”

“If he touches her I will kill him and we will fix this and get a hold of whoever it is that is fucking with you,”

I growl and Alex gives me an irritated look

“Maya has already packed her stuff… she is leaving.”

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