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12 Itty bitty Iza

Chapter 12 Itty bitty Iza. Luke pov

Angelica is a mess and won’t stop crying and my thoughts all over the place when I drive us home to my house. The whole thing reminds me of Maya and her crazy ex-boyfriend… and now this…. Angelica gets hurt because of me?

Isn’t it weird that Max just appeared out of nowhere and everything turned into shit, no, things turned into hell, and I bet my fucking dick on that he is the devil in this play.

If I find out that he is the one that has hurt Angelica and is fucking with Maya and Alex then I will personally kill him. Mafia or not I will take my punishment, but no one fucks with my friends ! I am the only one that is allowed to do that and not Max the smooth talker is going to fuck up my life!

I lead Angelica inside the house with my arm around her shoulder and Iza walks out of the kitchen with a sandwich in her hand. She stops abruptly when she sees us and raises her eyebrows.


I snap and Iza narrows her eyes at me

“Did I say something?”

She says and storms upstairs, fucking Miss Satan! I lead Angelica up to my bedroom and she slumps down on the bed and hides her face in the pillow. I look at her arm that is wrapped up in a cast and drag a hand through my hair. Fuck!

“Angelica, talk to me. Tell me who did this.”

I say as gently as I can but we all know that gentle isn’t my style so she starts to cry even more. I press my lips into a thin line and sit down on the bed and stroke her hair. This sweet and gentle stuff... Well it's not really me, but after everything that went down with Maya I guess I got a little more humble.

When Amanda died, I was mad, angry and I blamed Alex. I knew it wasn’t his fault, but I lost it and blamed him, then I clung to that for years and it made me harsh and less forgiving.

Then miss blond stepped into my life and.. I was going to say that she fucked my life up, but the truth is that Maya made it better. But that is information that I am not planning on sharing with anyone anytime soon.

“Angelica I am so sorry.”

I say and almost fall down from the bed when she with a hasty movement sits up and wraps her arms around my neck. I hug her back and sigh, I need to keep distance between us, but right now she is scared and sad… After a little while, I push her back and look at her.

“Talk to me.”

I say and she looks down at the floor.

“I don’t know who it was… but the person had the same figure as the woman with blond hair. The person wasn’t so tall, actually she is a bit shorter than I am. That is why I believe that it was her again. She… hurt me, I am so scared.”

She says then she starts to cry again and I lay down on top of the bed and hold her close. This is worse than a mess, my security team didn’t see anything but they were not inside the house when it happened.

They were told to guard her from the outside which I see now was a bad choice. The person or woman had jumped out a window after hurting Angelica. But how did this woman get inside? My guards had searched the house before Angelica was allowed to go inside.

“Do you know how she managed to get inside the house?"

I ask in a whisper

“I opened the window and forgot to close it when I took a shower and when I was done getting dressed she just stood there in my bedroom”

She sniffles and I let her go so that I can sit up. I drag a hand through my hair and sigh. I want to help Angelica but being too close and cozy will only end up in more tears.

“I have work to do, will you be okay here for a few hours?”
“Yes, I am fine. Thank you Luke for everything.”

She says and sits up. I see her dry the rest of her tears away when I stand up and start walking out of the room. But before I leave I turn around and say

“You need clothes and probably some other things, write a list of what you need and I will arrange so that you get it today. Text the list to me.”

“I will thank you, Luke.”

I walk downstairs and hear Iza speaking on the phone in the living room, she is talking Italian and she is talking fast. I walk inside the room and watch her, it’s pretty clear that she is angry and she hasn’t noticed me yet. I look her up and down, she looks sexy as fuck in her high heels, short skirt, and white blouse.

“Fuck you!”

She hisses into the phone and ends the call when she sees me.

“Was that Logan?” I ask and she shakes her head

“No. I have tried to reach Logan but he doesn’t answer. Not that I am too surprised about that, he usually ignores me.”

I walk further inside the room and see that she looks tired like she hasn’t been sleeping at all

“Angelica is going to stay here for a while”

I tell her mostly so that she will know what’s going on here.

“It's your house Luke and you don’t have to explain to me why you want your girlfriend to stay here.”

“She is not my girlfriend.”

I say in a rush and then I mentally slap myself. That is none of her business and she is Logan's sister meaning the less she knows the better it is.

“I’m sure she agrees with you.”

Iza says with a teasing smile and I snort at her. She walks up to me stopping just a few feet away. A few dirty thoughts cross my mind and my eyes travel down to her lips.

“I never thought that I would say this to you of all people, but it’s sweet of you to help her. Not everyone has someone that can or wants to help them if you go through a hard time.”

I look up into her blue eyes and for the first time I realize how sad they look, I wonder why? She has everything but I guess that isn’t what makes you happy.

“See I told you that you would fall for me.”

I tell her and she starts laughing

“Um, no Mr. Gods' gift you are not my type.”

I can almost smell the lie and I give her a smirk and see that her cheeks turn a soft pink color. I take a step closer so that our chest is almost touching and look down at her. We just stand there looking at each other and her gaze never wavers from mine.

She is not scared of me and when I give her shit she gives me shit. I both hate it and like it, its not every day someone dares piss me off. The more money and power you have, the more friends you seem to get.

Those who run after me like a tail because they want a piece of what I have don’t have my respect. During all these years I have learned one thing, people will rather kiss your ass no matter how much they dislike you if that can take them somewhere.

That is the kind of people that I hate so I rather treat people like shit than have them tailing after me and I will definitely not kiss someone's ass. I push a strand of her hair behind her ear and see how goosebumps forms on her skin


I tell her and she rolls her eyes and shakes her head

“Sure, you are hot and all but like I said you are not my type.”
“So you don’t like hot guys?”

I tease and she glares at me

“No offense Luke, but I want a man that can give me what I want and I am not talking about money and material things because I have that and I don’t need more of it.”

I wrap my arms around her waist and pull her to me before I lean closer and brush my lips over her cheek down to her ear.

“And what is it that itty bitty Iza wants?

I purr in her ear and she snorts

“I am not itty bitty so don’t call me that.”

“But you are an itty bitty cat woman. Small, smart, sexy, fierce, and probably cunning too.”

She pulls her head back, her eyes wide in surprise

“Was that a compliment?”

She asks like she can’t believe her own words and I chuckle

“I guess it was”

“I didn’t think that you had it in you. Not that it is something wrong with being called Miss Satan.”

She says and I start laughing

“I am good with nicknames.”

I tell her with a wink and she rolls her eyes at me. I am not sure what happens, but when our eyes meet again it takes about two seconds before we are kissing. She wraps her arms around my neck and I press her harder against me.

I move my hand up to her hair and thread my fingers into the silky strands and tilt her head so that I can deepen the kiss and she lets out a soft whimper that makes my dick stiffen immediately.

I let my hand on her waist travel down south to her perfect behind so that I can squeeze it. She moves her own hand in between us and grabs my dick through my pants and I groan into her mouth. I knew that the little minks want it, lets see how much she wants it.

I pull her skirt up over her ass and feel her lace panties that is only covering half of her butt cheeks which happens to be my favorite type of panties. I take a firm hold on her ass and in return she squeezes me harder and drags her hand over my length.

I let my hand teasingly slide to her front and press my palm over her pussy and when she presses herself harder against my hand I pull the thin material to the side and brush my fingers over her clit.

She pulls away and pull at my bottom lip with her teeth and I tug at her hair as a punishment. I slide my hand further down over her folds and when I almost reach her entrance I hear a soft voice behind me


I press my lips into a thin line and Iza hurries to pull her skirt down and takes a few steps away from me. Her hair is messy and her lips are red and swollen from our kiss. Her blue eyes are wild with lust and my dick twitches in my pants at the sight. I clear my throat and adjust my pants that feel like they are about to burst before I turn around to face Angelica. She looks from me to Iza her cheeks red.

“Yes, Angelica?”
“I…I’m sorry for disturbing.”

She says and looks down at the floor

“It’s okay, what can I do for you?”

I say and relief washes over me. I need to keep it in my pants, just because Iza is hot doesn’t mean that I have to fuck her. I don’t even want to fuck her. What just happened was because of stress and I usually use sex to get rid of it. There is no other explanation for what just happened.

“I wanted to talk to you about tomorrow.”

Angelica tells me and I narrow my eyes. Tomorrow? When I understand what Angelica is talking about I turn to Iza and say

“Iza can you leave us alone?”
“Yeah, have fun.”

She hisses and walks out of the living room.

“” I guess that you want to talk about Lash? You are not going there, you can invite a friend and do whatever it is you girls do or just chill. If you want to leave the house, then you need to take two guards with you for your safety”

She looks up at me and narrows her eyes in confusion

“But.. What about Lash?”

She asks and I walk up to her

“I am going there alone. You are injured so I can’t take you there.”

She starts, but I interrupt her

“You need to heal and I am not taking you there as long as you aren’t fully healed. You never play under the influence of drugs and alcohol or while sick or injured. That is for your safety.”

“But you don’t have to be so… you know rough”

She tells me and I give her a harsh look

“Angelica I won’t take you to Lash while you are injured. When you are healed, then we can pick up your training if you still want to do it.”

She nods like she understands and chews on her lip

“This is for your safety and I make no exceptions from those rules. I have never crossed the line with any of my subs and I am not planning on starting now. It is too risky and If you get hurt… I don’t want that on my conscience.”

“I understand. Can I ask you something?”

“Yes of course.”

She shifts to her other foot and her cheeks turn pink again

“Umm, do you have sex with all your subs?”
“Yes, I do. Not every time, but I don’t keep subs that aren’t willing to have sex with me.”

She nods and then she asks

“Do you have a sub right now?”
“Yes I do and I am training you. So I guess I have two.”

I tell her and she nods again.

“I thought you said that you didn’t have one because the woman at Lash didn’t agree to your terms”

“She changed her mind so we have a new deal now. You will be allowed to come there and watch and play with both me and her.”

Angelica’s eyes widen and her cheeks turn bright red

“Play with her? I have never… with a woman”

She says and I give her a smile

“I know and you should know by now that I will never force you to do anything that you don’t want to do, but I hope that you are willing to let me push your limits. I won’t take it too far, that is a promise.”

“I know and I trust you, Luke. I will be good.”

She tells me and I chuckle and shake my head

“I hope that you will be a little naughty too. I want a reason to spank that sweet ass of yours.”

She smiles sweetly and nods again

“I can do that. I texted you the list and I will call my friend and see if she is free tomorrow. Is there any part of the house that is off-limits?”

She asks and I groan inside. Yes, my bedroom, but I gave that to you I think to myself and wonder why on earth I did that.

“Iza´s room and the room that I am sleeping in is the only rooms that are off-limits.”

“But you said that I was going to sleep in your room?”

She asks confused and I sigh

“Yes, you are going to sleep in my room, but I won’t be sleeping in there with you. I never sleep with my subs, I don’t even spend time with them unless it has something to do with our agreement, but this with you is an exception from that rule because someone wants to hurt you because of me. I will do everything I can to make sure that you are safe, that is the only reason that you are living with me in this house right now. I’m telling you this now just so that there won’t be any misunderstandings.”

“Thank you, sir. I must admit that I was a bit confused.”

“I understand that and that is why you need to come to me with your questions. I don’t want this to end up with you getting hurt. I will go and take care of that list now.”

“Thank you again.”

I give her a nod and leave the room and walk to my office on the second floor to do some work. When I enter the office I take out my phone from my pocket, I need to call Maya

“Luke is everything okay?”

She says when she answers her phone and I sigh

“Yes, but I need to talk to you. Can you come here? I don’t want to leave the house today.”

“Of course, I can be there in an hour.”

I hear a man talk in the background and I narrow my eyes

“Who is that?” I ask her
“Um… I am… in the store. I will be there in an hour.”

She says in a rush and hangs up. I stare at the phone and once again I wonder what the fuck she is up to.

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