Saved By The CEO

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13 Irritation

Chapter 13 Irritation. LUKE

I glare at Maya when she steps into my office almost two hours later, her light blond hair is messy and her cheeks are slightly pink like she has been running here.

“So I’m here.”

She tells me and looks around the room. Is she avoiding my gaze?

“I can fucking see that and you are late not to mention you look like a bird's nest.”

She raises her eyebrows at me and her cheeks turn red

“I’m sorry for being late and I give you my biggest apology for not looking good enough for you.”

Then she mutters something that sounds like fucking asshole. I stand up and walk up to her with a glare and grab her arm. She looks back at me with defiance shining in her eyes and that is a look that usually makes me want to fuck her, but right now I am way too pissed off at her for wanting that.

I am strongly considering to whip her ass right here and demand her to tell me why she is sneaking around like a cartoon villain.

“Maya… I’m not sure what is going on with you. I understand if you are going through a hard time with Alex but… there is more and don’t lie to me.”

She looks away and that is my confirmation that she is really up to something

“Was it Max that you left with the other day?”

I ask thinking about the dark SUV that she jumped into after leaving the office.

“Yes, he drove me home after that shitty lunch because it was raining and then we talked at my house.”

“Wait? You left the restaurant with him?”

I ask even angrier now. So she went with him not just one time, but two times?

“Um, no we met each other out on the street.”

She tells me looking confused. Anger courses through me at the thought of my so-called brother taking her home, but I doubt that Maya is so stupid that she would fuck another man in her and Alex's house.

“So you went home to your and Alex's house with him I doubt that Alex liked that.”

She looks away again and I narrow my eyes

“I didn’t go home to my and Alex's house. I went home to my mother’s house and Alex doesn’t know about it.” She tells me and shrugs her shoulders

“What the fuck is wrong with you? Don’t you get it that the man is dangerous, he is bad news Maya and you took him home with you? And why haven’t you told Alex about it?”

“He might be dangerous, but to me, he is nice and sweet. He actually listens to me and he doesn’t treat me like I am a kid that can’t make my own decisions and if you get your head out of your ass you would see that too. You haven’t even given him a chance and all he wants is to get to know you. The reason that Alex doesn’t know that is because I haven’t talked to him.”

“Are you kidding me? He listen to you? He wants to fuck you that is why he pretends to listen to your blabbering. But maybe that is why you invite him in because you want him to fuck you?”

I yell at her and she scowls at me

“All we did was drink some wine and talk for a few hours. I am telling you he is nice despite what his profession is.”

“Are you fucking serious? You drank wine with him?”

I yell even louder this time and let her go before I walk to the window and stare out at the ocean. I drag a hand through my hair and take deep breaths. This woman needs to be tied up and whipped until she can’t sit for a month.

“Yes, and what is wrong with that? I can talk and spend time with men without it being more than just spending time and talk. It’s not like I drop my pants for everyone like a certain CEO does.”

I spin around in give her a harsh look

“Do you seriously think that Alex is cheating on you?”

She lets out a snort and crosses her arms over her chest

“I wasn’t talking about Alex. I was talking about you and when it comes to Alex I’m not sure what to believe anymore. I mean, who would have something to gain from trying to ruin things between me and Alex? Even you must admit that it’s strange. Not to mention the way he has changed.”

“I bet my dick on that these photos have been tampered with. Alex loves you and he would never do that to you, I know that and I think that you know that too. Have you ever thought about that he might have changed because you almost fucking died? And when it comes to me and who I drop my pants for that it’s none of your business and if I want to fuck every woman in town I will without asking you. Or does it make you jealous?”

I say, smirking at her and she looks away again pressing her lips together

“Yeah in your dreams”

She tells me and I narrow my eyes when I realize that this whole conversation is off, but right now everything about Maya is off. When she turns back to me, I see something in her eyes that looks like I just hurt her feelings and sure I know that I am harsh towards her but she usually just brush it off.

“Tell me what’s going on with you.” I demand and she snorts again

“That is none of your business and shouldn’t you focus more on those sluts that you are keeping around the house and stop worrying if I am fucking another man? And if I want to do every man in this town I will do that without asking for your permission. Or maybe it is you who are jealous?”

Then she turns around and storms out of the office. I stare at the open door to stunned to talk or even think. Maya is not the type of woman that calls other women sluts, I have actually never heard her call anyone that at least not that I can remember.

I know that Maya believes that every woman has the right to be as sexually free as men are and I totally agree with that, but a weird feeling spreads inside of me from her words. I spend the rest of the day contemplating on what she said and her strange behavior these last few weeks trying to understand and I always come to the same conclusion… Maya must be sleeping with someone else than Alex.

LUKE The next day (Friday)

The whole day I just feel angry and grumpy so I stay home and work from there, I don’t want to see Maya I am too mad at her. Then there is a knock on my office door and Angelica steps inside the room, her gaze fixated on the floor.


I say, trying to hold back my irritation

“I’m sorry for bothering you Sir. I just wanted to tell you that I need to go to the store if that is okay with you?”

I groan inside and feel even more irritated, at least I get to go to Lash today and take out some of my frustration on that sweet Miss Red

“Angelica you are not a prisoner in my house you are free to go where ever you want without asking me. I just wish that you will take the security with you for your safety.”

She is still looking down at the floor and I see a soft smile on her lips.

“Thank you, Sir. Can I ask you something?”

I say in a harsh tone and wish that she changes her mind about asking me something

“Why are you being so nice to me?”

I scratch my head and frown

“Because you aren’t like the other women I usually keep around. You are softer and we have an agreement that I will train you and see how far we can take this. So I am doing my best to not be too harsh on you because I don’t want to scare you away. I believe that you need more encouragement then the other sub I have kept so that is the reason that I am being more gentle with you, but believe me, when I tell you that the more comfortable you get the harsher I will be. I am not a gentle person and I can’t be soft to you forever, if I see that we don’t make any progress when or if we start the training again then I will end this agreement. I can recommend someone else for you that is more gentle than I am if it comes to that.”

“Okay, I understand and you are right, I do feel insecure and a part of me feel a bit ashamed over liking it. Not that I am really scared but it is making me a bit nervous. I know what you want and like and it feels like I am miles away from being able to handle that.”

She says still looking down at the floor just like a good girl

“Yes, you are not even close to what I like and want to do to you, but I think that you will be able to handle a lot more than what I have done to you so far. You just need to stop worrying and thinking too much. If you like it, then enjoy it and throw the shame in the trash where it belongs. If there wasn’t something else you wanted then I need to go I have somewhere to be.”

“No Sir, there is nothing else, thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.”

She says and I nod, not knowing if she sees it then she leaves my office and I gather my stuff and head towards Lash. When I walk inside Lash I immediately feel calm spread inside me. It’s something about the smell and atmosphere that seems to soothe some of those dark feelings inside of me.

I walk straight to room Nine feeling impatient to start the session and hear Miss Red´s wishes for tonight. When I step inside the backroom Jake is already there waiting for me.

“Everything is set and ready”

He tells me and I give him a sly smile

“Good so what did she have to say about tonight?”

I ask and he gives me a smile that tells me that I will like this

“She said that and I quote, he needs to fuck me and I expect to have least two orgasms before he is done tonight”

“Did she now.”

I say and smile. So, she is begging already? Not that I am surprised, but the poor thing must be confused because she seems to think that she can order me around. If she thinks that she is the one calling the shots here then she is wrong and this changes my plans for tonight. The little Missy needs to learn that I give her what I think that she deserves and now she deserves to go home her pussy dripping and feeling very unsatisfied.

“When I am done with her, let her know that she is not allowed to pleasure herself until I see her the next time and tell her that the next time she tries to order me around she will regret it even more”

Jake chuckles at me, but I know that he would have done the same thing. A sub that is trying to set the rules of the game needs to be taught a lesson. Jake leaves the back room when we hear that she has arrived and I sit down listening to him talk to her and tell her how he is going to tie her up and which equipment I might use before I hear how he moves around in the room.

I have ordered to see her front today and if she refuses to show me her face, then they can solve that in which way that makes her comfortable. Apart of me wants to see her, but there is something extra exciting with not knowing who she is.

But for me, a man in my position its less complicated if she doesn’t know who I am. I smile, knowing that I am going to enjoy this and she… she will enjoy it at first, then she will be pouting the whole way home with a stinging behind.

I know that I said that Luke was going to Lash today, but the chapter turned out to be so long that I had to make two instead, I hope you will enjoy the read 😘
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