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14 Tied up for me

Chapter 14 Tied up for me. LUKE at Lash inside Room Nine

When I enter the room, I stop and take in the sight of her with a smirk. She is lying on her back on one of the benches that can be raised or lowered.

Her calves are pressed against the back of her thighs, and thick brown ropes are wrapped around them to make sure that she can’t stretch out any one of her legs, and the ends of the ropes are secured to the bench so that her legs are spread as wide apart as possible.

Another rope is firmly secured around her waist and the bench to make sure that she can’t move or even squirm. Her arms are stretched out up over her head and secured to the wall a few feet in front of her.

Her head is covered with a black none see-through hood, and a rope is tied around her neck so that she can’t lift her head. Her long fiery red hair is almost touching the floor, and I can see her muscles flex when she hears that I have entered the room.

“Show me your stop sign.”

Jake orders her, and she holds up one finger in the air pointing at the ceiling.

“Good, you can use that or the word red if you need this to stop. Put two fingers up if you understand.”

He says, and she does it. I know that he has gone through this with her before I stepped inside, but a reminder is never a bad thing.

“You are not allowed to move or make a sound unless you need to use your stop word. If you break these rules, you will earn yourself three lashes with either the crop or the leather strap, do you understand?”

He tells her, and once again, she points two fingers towards the roof, showing him that she understands.

“You are going to be punished tonight for trying to order him to pleasure you. He will choose the punishment he sees fit. Do you understand?”

Her head turns in the direction of his voice, and I wonder if she is surprised or pissed off. Jake said that she is a sweet woman, so surprised might be the emotion she feels right now.

He repeats his words, and she points two fingers at the ceiling and let her head hang down again. I slowly take off my clothes except for my boxers and make sure that she can hear what I am doing.

The muscles in her abdomen tenses up when I step closer and stop so close that she can feel the heat from my body on her skin. Jake hands me the leather strap after I, with a nod, choose that one. If I tell you that she looks amazing that would be an understatement.

Her lightly tanned skin is smooth, and her perky tits are in a perfect size. Her nipples have a dark pink color, and I brush my fingers over her already stiff nub over and over again. I see her take a deep breath, and I lean down and let the tip of my tongue dance around her nipple until she tries to move her legs. Then straighten my back and slap the inside of her right thigh three times with the strap. I hear the air leave her in a huff, but besides that, she makes no sounds.

Her skin reddens immediately, and I grow hard at the sight, which is fucking perfection. I let my eyes travel back up over her stomach, and I see a small tattoo on her hip. It’s so small that it could easily be taken for a birthmark if you don’t look closer.

I lean down and see that it is a small heart, then I press my finger in under the ropes around her waist to see that they are tight enough. I tug at the ropes and see them dig into her sides. She will have marks from them tomorrow. I let my hand slide down to her mound, and I place myself between her legs and look down at her pink folds.

I see her slickness glistening in the dim light, and I need to taste her, so I lean down and press my tongue against her entrance and run it up along her slit, and her whole body jerks in surprise. I immediately stand up and slap the inside of her left thigh with the strap three times, and another huff of air leaves her.

I watch her legs slightly tremble from the uncomfortable position, and I lean down and suck hard on the skin that I just slapped, feeling the muscles in her legs tense up, and I see her greedy pussy clench. When I stand up again, I point at her breast, and Jake nods

“You will be punished for begging and giving orders starting with five lashes on your breasts.”

He tells her, and I hear her take a deep breath. I tap her pussy with the strap and slide it along her skin ap to her breasts. The first lash hit her on her left breast just under her nipple, and the second one goes just above.

Her body tenses up from the pain, but she makes no sound, and she doesn’t try to move , making my dick twitch in my boxers. This is definitely a woman in my taste. The other three I lay on her other breast, and the last one I place on her nipple using more force than before.

She cries out from the pain and tries to pull her head up, which causes the rope to dig into her throat. I immediately punish her obedience by laying two lashes on her ribs and the last one just above her mound, hoping that she understands that the next time it will be her sweet pussy that will be punished. She sighs and lets her head fall back down, and I wonder if tears are streaming down her cheeks now.

I move in between her legs and place my hands on her ass cheeks and lift her up slightly so that her legs get stretched even wider apart. I know that it must hurt her because Jake has tied her legs as far apart as she could go.

I hear her take a deep breath, and since I know that this pain isn’t a nice one and she makes no sounds, I bend down and start lapping at her pussy, rewarding her for being a good girl. More of her juices flow out, and I suck her pussy lips into my mouth.

I suck harder and harder as I start to pull back, stretching them out. I look up at her and see her hold her breath and I plunge two fingers inside her so hard that her body jerks from the force, and she let out a sigh.

Once again, I immediately stand up, and this time I bring down the strap hard on her ass, a slightly lighter one on her exposed pussy. Her whole upper body tenses up when she fights off the scream, and I plunge my fingers back inside her fucking her hard and fast.

I place the strap on the bench and start rubbing her clit with my other hand and watch her body’s reactions, and when I see her tremble and her muscles flex, I know that she is close. I pull my hands away from her and take up the strap and slap her pussy hard. I hear a sob escape her when I pull down my underwear and roll on a condom.

This sweet thing will scream in frustration when she gets home, I think to myself and step in between her legs. I squeeze the red skin on her inner thighs hard and slowly ease inside her with a groan.

Her greedy little pussy starts to clench wildly, and her whole body tenses up when I force her walls apart with my cock. I don’t give her time to adjust to me. Instead, I start to ravish her like I didn’t get laid for a year.

I have steam to let out, all frustration and anger need a release as much as I need to come, and I fuck her so hard that I see the rope around her waist tear at her skin. That must be both stinging and burning, but I keep my pace until I see that the skin turns an angry red color before I slow down and pull out of her.

I take a step back and watch her pussy that still is stretched open from my intrusion, and she lets out a protesting whimper. I grab the strap and hit her ass harder than before, and watch how the three dark red welts appear before I plunge my cock deep inside her again.

She sucks in a deep breath, and I start to rub her clit and motion to Jake to give me the wand. It is a very powerful vibrator with settings from slow teasing to very intense, and this little minx is getting it intense before I walk away, leaving her without the things she begged for.

I turn it on, and the buzzing sound fills the room, then I pull my hand away from her clit and set it at maximum speed. I hold up the strap, ready to punish her, and thrust harder inside her at the same time, I press the wand against her clit, and just as I expected, she let out a scream from the pleasure and tries to move.

I slap her breasts and press the wand even harder against her clit, and another scream leaves her, so I slap her breast even harder. Her pussy starts to tighten around me, and I pull away the wand and give her pussy a few more hard thrusts until her whole body is trembling.

I pull out of her and reach for the ice-cold water that I asked Jake for and pour it over her pussy. She lets out another sob, and I look at Jake, who nods to let me know that she hasn’t given him the stop sign.

“If you are okay, hold up one finger.”

Jake says, and she points one finger at the ceiling, letting us know that she is okay. I can see how her hand trembles, so I give her body a look over and see that most of her muscles are trembling from the uncomfortable position and tension.

I use my hands to massage her legs to ease the tension gently, and when I see that she is starting to relax again, I take the wand, place it just above her clit, and thrust myself inside her again. I take her just as hard as I first did, and sometimes I move the wand and press it hard against her clit.

When I feel that I am getting closer, I turn it off and pull out only to pour more ice water on her, and she sucks in a deep breath, then I take her again. Digging my fingers into her thighs and thrust inside her as hard as I can.

My body tenses up, and warmth spread in my midsection just before I come. I push deep inside and hold still when my cock twitch inside her, filling the condom.

Then I pull away I slap her pussy hard with the strap making her cry out once again. I walk to the bathroom, hearing her sobs, and I smirk, knowing that she won’t even try to get herself off, at least not today.

She will be both sore and tender from the slaps on her pussy, not to mention the other parts of her body that will ache painfully. When I have cleaned myself up, I walk back into the room and get dressed and watch how Jake carefully unties her.

I give him a questioning look, asking if I shouldn’t stay and tend to her, and he shakes his head. She doesn’t move even though he has untied her, and I walk up to her and touch the marks I left on her. A tremble runs through her whole body, and goosebumps appear on her skin.

I squeeze her shoulder and gently stroke her there before I leave the room. It feels wrong just to walk away, but it was our agreement and her own demand. I know that Jake will make sure that she is okay, but it should be me who takes care of her and not Jake.


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