Saved By The CEO

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1: The deal with the Devil

Thank you for reading my new story, this is Luke´s own story. This is the third book in the Lash series and you need to read Lash to understand this one. This is an erotica +18 that contains BDSM sometimes with sadist scenes. There will be bad language and violence. So say hi and welcome back to my asshat Luke MaCain.

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1 Lash
2 Lily the Devil´s Flower
3 Saved by The CEO

Chapter 1 The deal with the "devil". Luke pov, a few months after the story Lash took place

I enter my office and stop abruptly, looking at the little bitch sitting in my chair with her finger buried inside her pussy. I groan and consider throwing her out the window. Why on earth did I agree to babysit her? They say you get what you deserve and yes, I'm an asshole, but Iza Romano of all fucking women on this planet? Not even the Devil deserves to meet her.

“What the fuck do you think that you are doing?”

I growl at her, wishing that my dick didn’t have a life of his own. She looks up at me, and slow down her pace, but doesn't stop thrusting her finger in and out. She smiles sweetly, sweet my ass!

“I was bored.”

She says, and shrugs her shoulders. The similarities between her and her brother might not be many, but at that exact second, there’s not a doubt about whose sister she is. A chill runs up my spine when Logan comes to mind. Saying that he is crazy is the biggest understatement of the year.

“Get the fuck out of here!”

I snarl at her, and she pulls her fingers out and sucks them into her mouth humming. That fucking…! I’m going to strangle her! She stands up, and pulls down her skirt before she walks up to me standing so close that her breasts almost touch my chest. She uses the same hand, the same fingers that she just fucked herself with when she straightens my tie and gives me a smirk.

“Have a nice day Mr. MaCain.” She whispers, and leaves my office. I walk to my desk muttering curses, and place my laptop on it when the door opens behind me and I spin around

“God Damn it Iza I told you to get the fuck out of here!”

I growl, and a very confused Maya stands in the door. Her eyes travel down my body and her eyebrows shoot up, a nd her cheeks turn bright red when she sees the bulge in my pants.

“The answer is yes, you can help me with that,” I say and give her a smirk and she glares at me

“What the fuck Luke?! Stop that shit!”

“What? I know that my dick is bigger than Alex I’m sure you miss it.” I say and give her a wink when her cheeks almost start to glow.

“You know what? Fuck you! I’m leaving.”
“Maya, I’m sorry. What did you want?”

I say groaning, and she huffs when she enters my office. I'm m happy that Maya decided to continue working for me even though Alex practically offered her to be the new CEO of his company. But from what she told me living together is enough and that being a part at least during work hours is a good thing. Or it might just be the biggest dick that is the winner here.

“Luke… are you okay? I mean you have been acting a little… strange lately and Iza as in Logan's sister?”
“Stop it!”

I snarl and she crosses her arms over her chest giving me something that she probably thinks is a mean glare.

“So the woman with black hair that reminds me of Logan´s sister isn’t this Iza chick and she is what exactly to you? Is she the woman you are seeing?”

“Maya, I'm not seeing anyone! Stop being so fucking nosy!”

“Luke seriously if Logan's sister is running around here I want to know why. Logan is crazy if you missed that little detail?”

“You don’t have to worry and you won’t have to deal with him again.”

“How can you be so sure?”
“Maya for the love of God, stop and get out of here or I will bend you over my desk and whip your ass!”

I growl at the same time my office door opens and Alex steps inside.

“This office isn’t a fucking café that you just can barge into whenever you two feel like it. Both of you knock the next time before you step inside, got it?”

“Why are you threatening to whip my girl's ass?”

Alex asks, ignoring my order and wraps his arms around Maya´s waist, kissing her neck and probably rubbing his dick against her ass in the process. Which reminds me of my hard problem. I haven’t gotten laid since I fucked Maya and that’s ages ago.

“Because she is a pain in the ass and nosy.” I growl and turn my back towards them

“Logan's sister is here. ” I hear Maya tell him and I groan

“Iza Romano?” Alex asks her

“I think so, she was here well a woman that looked like her, but I just saw her in a flash.”

“MAYA! Stop this isn’t your business!” I yell at her earning a glare from Alex

“You better make her behave or I will do it for you.”

I snarl pointing at Maya, Alex smirks and places his hand on her thigh and pulls her skirt up so that I almost can see her panties. And they call me an asshole?

“Alex!” She hisses and slaps his hand away
“Luke just needs to get laid.” Alex says and now I want to strangle him

“Are you offering her to me? I mean she knows what I can do with her so I’m sure she won’t mind.” I say, knowing that he won’t like it.

“Fuck you Luke.” He hisses at me and I smirk at him and look at Maya

“What do you say, baby girl? Tell me who has the biggest dick in this room?”

“You are both big dicks!” She says and pushes Alex off her.

“Don’t Angel me!”

She hisses at him waving her finger at him and I chuckle. The little hellcat walks up to me and grabs my tie yanking on it hard and glared at me.

“Trust me Luke you don’t want to make me mad!”
“Or what? You know as well as I do, that you…”

“Don’t even finish that sentence or you won’t be able to get a hard on for at least six months!”

She tells me and releases my tie and stomps out of the office. I can’t help but laugh at her threat and Alex does his best to hold off his smirk too. Maya is sweet and too nice for her own good, but the last couple of months brought out the fire in her that I knew she had.

“Why is Logan's sister here?” Alex asks and I groan
“Really, you too?”

“Why Luke?”

“Because I made a deal with the fucking devil that is why and now I’m stuck with Miss Satan.”

Alex cocks an eyebrow at me and folds his arms over his chest.

“What kind of deal?”

He demands stepping closer. What is it with people thinking that they can just barge in like they own the place making demands. I own the fucking place and I am the one making the demands here.

“Luke, if this has anything to do with Maya you better tell me!”

He growls at me and the anger in his eyes tells me that he will bring down hell on earth if I don’t. I sigh and run my hand through my hair.

“Yes, it has something to do with Maya. I made a deal with Logan to hide his sister here and he would forget that Maya exists.”


I pace my living room waiting for Logan to arrive. I want to get back to the hospital to see Maya as soon as possible, but I need to deal with this first. Logan has shown and interest in Maya that I don’t like and frankly I am terrified that he will try to hurt her.

“Luke, it is nice to see you again.”

I spin around and come face to face with the psycho himself. I must admit that he did a good job of finding Maya and the rest I don’t even want to know. I never asked him to kill anyone and I specifically told him not to, but I should have known better. It was fucking stupid to bring him here and now I need to fix this before he puts his hands on Maya.

“Logan, I need you to stay away from Maya.”

He strolls inside the room with a smirk and plumps down on the couch lacing his hands behind his head in a lazy pose.

“I like the Bunny and I think that she can be fun”
“No Logan, she is off limits. Name the price and I pay.”

He looks up at the ceiling clearly thinking about something

“I actually have a small problem that I don’t want to deal with myself but you could.”

He tells me and looks at me. I’m not sure I like this, but if it keeps Maya safe then I have no choice unless I kill the crazy asshole.

“What kind of problem?”
“You remember my sister Iza? She needs to be hidden for a while, for as long as I say.”

“Okay, I buy her an apartment,” I say and he shakes his head

“No, she has to stay here and you will make sure that no harm comes to her because I won’t be very happy if that happens.”

“I agree if you promise to stay away from Maya, forget that she exists.”

“Then we have a deal.” He says with a smirk and leaves.

Well, that was easy… Two days later there is a knock on the door and when I open the door I almost drop my jaw. The woman before me is Iza Romano but this isn’t the teenage girl I met this is a stunning woman. Her dark hair reaches her waist and her green eyes are mesmerizing. Her body looks like something a fine artist would create and I swallow hard.

“Take a fucking picture it lasts longer!” She hisses at me and I raise my eyebrows.

Present time

“I guess I should say thank you. Let me know if there is something I can do. But why does she need to be hidden?”

Alex asks me after I told him why Iza is here.

“I don’t know and frankly I don’t care.”
“For how long is she going to be here?” He asks me with narrowed eyes

“I don’t know, Logan said it was just supposed to be a few weeks, but it has been months now. I tried to get a hold of him, but he is busy with some fucking Flower.”

“A flower? I can’t really see Logan gardening.” He says and I shake my head

“I doubt it’s an actual flower...”

I answer him and he nods. Since I have turned into a softy thanks to Maya I split the business deal with Alex. I thought that he could share Maya with me since I have been so freaking nice lately but apparently he doesn’t agree.

A few hours later I stand outside my house glaring at it, why? Because it contains Miss Satan. I shake my head and grumble to myself when I take the few steps and walk inside. I stop abruptly when I hear moaning sounds from the kitchen. That little bitch! I stomp inside my kitchen, finding Iza sitting on my counter with some random guy between her legs, thrusting inside her.

“What the fuck do you think that you are doing?”

I yell and the guy stumbles back, giving me a full view of her pussy. The guy looks absolutely horrified looking from me to a smirking Iza.

“Man, I’m sorry I didn’t know.” He stutters out obviously taking me for the boyfriend

“Get dressed and get out of my house. I give you ten seconds!” I growl at him and he gathers his clothes and runs out of the house almost naked.

“What’s wrong Luki boy are you jealous?”

She asks teasingly while spreading her legs further apart. I give her a smirk and step closer to her placing myself between her legs. I look into her cold blue eyes and lean in closer, almost letting my lips touch hers.

I feel her tense up when I place my hands on her thighs and dig my fingers into her soft flesh. She parts her lips and I feel a small tremble run through her when I slowly move my hands further up almost touching her where I know she wants to be touched.

“I would rather cut my dick off than fuck you! And if you ever invite a man into my house again, you will regret it!”

I tell her and leave the kitchen, smiling to myself. I know she wants me but like I said I would rather live my life without a dick than let Miss Satan have it

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