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2 Lash

Chapter 2 Lash. Luke pov, the next day

I need to get laid as in yesterday and all the days before that. I must have lost my touch completely since I met Maya, I hate to admit it, but I guess she made me softer. No, not softer, a little nicer or something like that. I pick up the phone and send a quick text to Jake.


“Got room for one more tonight?”
“Luke you know that the door is always open for you”

“Time?” I write back with a smile on my lips

“Got it, see you then.”

I put my phone down on the desk and lean back in the chair, lacing my hand behind my head. I really need to lose some steam before I do something rash and Logan will be all over me for whipping his sister ass until she can’t sit for a month. God knows she deserves it! I fucking hate her!

A few hours later

When I enter Lash I sigh, it was about time that I dragged my lazy ass over here. I search for Jake and when I find him he is making out with his girlfriend with his hand inside her panties. I cross my arms over my chest and lean against the wall and watch them.

They won’t mind, not that I would care. Jake's girlfriend is gorgeous, tall with long legs, her dark short hair makes her look like a naughty school teacher. At first sight, it is very hard to believe that she is a Dom but apparently she is one of the roughest female Dom´s at Lash.

Jake turns his head and smirks at me while he pumps his finger in an out of her. She is moaning and clawing at his back meeting his thrusting fingers.

“Like what you see?” He asks me and her lust hazed eyes turn to me.


I say and give him a smirk before I go back to watch him finish her off. I hate the feeling of having to keep it in my pants, but Anna is off limits and she is a Dom so she wouldn’t do it for me. But watching is another thing. When Jake is finally done, I feel eager to start.

“I just need to clean up, wait in the back room this woman is very specific and she needs to be fucked and I have stopped fucking my sub´s.”

“I’m at your service whenever you need me.” I answer Jake and he laughs
“But man you need to follow my instructions or you can’t join”

He tells me with a stern voice and I raise my eyebrows. If he has some fucked up idea that he can tie me up and whip my ass I will kick his ass for even thinking about it. He laughs at me and slaps my back

“Don’t worry, I just need you to be quiet, don’t say a word and just do what I tell you to do to her. Nothing else. We have a contract that says what she wants me to do with her so it’s no talking involved. I ask if she is okay and she nods or shakes her head to answer.”

“I can do that as long as you don’t treat me like a submissive, then I’m out.” I tell him and glare at him

“I won’t do that, scouts honor!”

I go and sit down in the backroom and after about fifteen minutes I hear the door opens in the other room and how someone walks inside. I hear the unmistakable sound of high heal against the hard floor, then silence.

After a few minutes, I hear Jake enter the room and a woman whimpering. I am already rock hard, I need to get laid more often than this, or I be shooting my load in my pants before I even have a chance to take them off.

I enter the dim room when Jake knocks on the door and I take in the scene in front of me. A woman lying on her stomach tied to the bench completely naked. Her head is hanging over the edge and her face hidden behind her long fiery red hair. She is standing on her tiptoes because the bench is a little too high, but her weight is held up by the bench

“None of you are allowed to talk, but if she wants it to stop, she is allowed to say red. Red means stop”

Jake tells me and I nod at him and step closer to her taking in her smooth skin and the curve of her ass. I move slightly to get a better view and Jake parts her legs so that I can see her pink folds glistening with her arousal. He gives her a hard slap on the ass, but she doesn’t make a sound. A red print immediately glows on her skin and I adjust my pants.

I usually prefer to handle this on my own, but I don’t have a sub or even a girl that I could take here. That is all because I have been too busy with Maya and then the fucking bitch at home. Jake grabs a riding crop and gives her ass a few hard slaps, making red stripes appear. Fuck, that looks amazing!

“Fuck her, hard!”

Jake tells me and I wonder why he doesn’t do it himself, but I walk up to her and open my suit pants before I roll on a condom and push the tip against her opening, I let my cock slid up and down between her wet folds. She doesn’t make one sound, but I feel her move towards me every time my tip brushes against her tight hole.

Jake gives me a look that says just fucking do it and I place my hand on the small of her back, letting it slide down over her ass giving it a sharp, painful squeeze.

She makes no sound, but I feel her muscles slightly tense up from the pain. A woman in my taste, I think pushing all the way inside her. She lets out a whimper from the pain, she is tight as fuck and I am a lot bigger than most guys so I’m sure it hurts.

Jake immediately whip her back with the crop when she lets out another sound. I pull out and pound into her again. Her walls already trembling and she tries to squirm away and earns herself another strike on her back.

I start fucking her hard and fast, feeling her soft inside tighten around me like a fist. It feels almost too good and I realize that I’m fucking stupid for not coming here earlier. I know I probably need this more than I need to breathe. I need this to keep my cool and probably even more now with that awful woman in my house.

I give Jake a questioning glance, I never asked if I should let her come and he shakes his head. I dig my fingers harder into her waist relishing in the feeling of her. Her warm juices flow out of her and down on my balls.

I give her a few more hard thrusts before I feel the familiar feeling that starts at my spine growing faster and faster before I fill the condom with my cream. I grit my teeth not to make a sound. I can’t say that enjoy Jake being the one in control, but I guess I can manage today.

I pull out and toss the rubber in the trash, giving her red, swollen fold a glance and smirk before I leave the room.

“So what is up with that?” I ask, nodding towards the door when Jake comes out

“She wants it like that, she only asks to come sometime and she refuses aftercare. No idea why. She hasn’t given away a lot of information. But I trust her, and she is always fine after a session. Apparently she is some important person that needs to be anonymous. Most people here are so it’s nothing strange with that.”

“Yeah... so will you let me hurt her?” I ask, and he chuckles

“I will talk to her about it, it’s not my call and you know that. I’m not sure if she is into your kind of treatment.”

“Let me know.”

I say, and then we go to the bar having a few drinks before I leave the club and go home. In the same second, I open the front door and hear music coming from the living room my good mood is gone. Can’t she just go home! And why can’t Logan answer his God damn phone so I can know what I’m supposed to do with her? I don’t want her here a second longer than I have to.

I walk into the living room and sigh when I see her. I have to admit she is hot as fuck and under other circumstances, I could probably have taken her to my bed, but this witch in front of me is a major turn off. She spins around and wrinkles her nose. We glare at each other none of us saying a word. I walk to the bar and pour myself a whiskey before I turn back to her.

“How long are you staying?” Something flashes in her eyes, and she look away from me pressing her lips into a thin line

“It’s not like I want to be here. This is Logan´s choice, so I don’t have a choice just like you.”

“Well, I want you out of here. So you better contact that psycho brother of yours, and let him know that you are leaving. Make sure he understands that it’s what you want.”

For once she doesn't argue with me she just gives me a sharp nod, and leaves the room. Sure, I’m being a jackass towards her, but it’s not like she is an Angel herself. She has put me in so many fucked up situations that I can’t even count them all., and I don’t need another psycho running around. Okay, she isn’t a psycho just a mean bitch.


I sigh frustrated while going through all the emails. My mind wanders to Lash, and the redhead. I hope she agrees to let me play with her. If she doesn’t then I have to start looking for a willing woman because I’m almost bubbling with frustration.

My mind continued to wander stopping at the time I brought Maya to Lash. She handled it so much better than I could ever have expected, no, she loved it. My pants immediately grow tight around my midsection and I squeeze my dick. Jerking off at the office isn’t something I do, but it is fucking tempting right now.

I pick up my phone when I receive a text message.


“Mr. MaCain, I will be out today. What do you think bout this dress?”

Another text comes and it is a picture of her smirking in a skimpy little outfit that is screaming please fuck me. I don’t answer, and start scrolling through my contacts stopping at one name. Perhaps? I make the call to Angelica, and then I text Iza telling her to get her ass home at six pm.

I have a few things to discuss with her, or rather show her. She needs to learn who she is playing this little game with, and that she can’t beat me in them.

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