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3 Sweet Angelica

Chapter 3 Sweet Angelica LUKE POV

When Angelica arrives, she looks a little nervous. We discussed this a while ago because she was curious to know if she could enjoy the dark corners of sex. But then I met Maya and well, we all know what happened there.

“You look absolutely amazing.”

I say a little louder than needed, but I know that Iza is listening. She is the total opposite of Iza, light and sweet, absolutely beautiful. Not that Iza isn’t beautiful, but Angelica's beauty is more innocent.

“Thank you, Sir.”

She answers me and looks down at the floor, making my cock twitch in my pants, and a smile spread across my lips. I lead her into the living room, happy that she remembers how to address me and only look at me if I tell her to. When I let go of her arm, I see her shiver, and she is nervously chewing on her lip.

“Are you scared?” I ask her, and she shakes her head
“No, Sir, nervous, but mostly excited.”

I smile at her and let my hand rest between her shoulders before I slowly let it travel down her slender back. When I reach her ass, I squeeze it, not as hard as I usually would do, but she has no experiences besides a few slaps, so I need to go easy on her. I won´t be leaving any bruises on her, at least not today, maybe not ever.

“I will go easy on you, and if you please me, I might keep you around for my pleasure. This is nothing but sex, pain, and pleasure. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, Sir.”

She whispers, and I slap her ass so hard that she whimpers before I gently stroke it. I press my chest against her back and pull her dress up slowly and uncover her ass to me. I press my hard cock against the soft curve and grind myself against her, and she lets out a soft moan.

“Are you wet for me?” I purr against her neck, watching goosebump ripple her skin

“Yes, Sir.”
“Such a good and sweet girl.”

I tell her and squeeze her butt again until she whimpers from the pain, then I lead her to the dining table and whisper against her neck.

“But you have also been bad, begging for my attention and running after me. Do you know what I do to bad girls?”

“Yes, Sir, you punish them.”
“That’s right.”

I say and roughly bend her over the table, keeping her in place by the back of her neck. I take a step to the side, watching her tempting ass point up towards the roof. Fuck, I have missed this.

“If you need me to stop, you say stop. I will give you a stop word later if you decide to continue this arrangement.”

I tell her and tighten my grip around her neck while pressing my erection against her hip.

“Are you worried now?”
“No, Sir.” She whispers, and I chuckle at her lie

“If you tell me that you have changed your mind, then I will let you go, last chance, and don’t lie to me again. Never lie because if you do, it will stop immediately. I need to be able to trust you to tell me the truth.” I say in a harsh tone

“I’m sorry, Sir! I want this, and I want to try.”

I slap her ass so hard that her body jerks at the same time I tighten my grip on the back of her neck. She gulps for air and squirms, so I press her harder against the table. I feel more satisfied than I have felt for months, knowing that pain is burning her ass like a neon light sting your eyes.

When the second slap hits her on the same spot, she cries out, and the third and fourth also cause her to let out sounds of pain. I let my hand gently massage the area so that she can catch her breath. Then I continue, and when I hit her a seventh time, she whimpers out a plead into the table.

“Sir… please.” I smack her again, even harder, and she hisses from the sting.

“Are you begging for me again?”

When she doesn’t answer, I slap her again, and a small sob escapes her.

“My games, my rules. My games are a lot different from what you have experienced with other men, which is only a small ounce of what I do. Say you had enough, and I will let you go.”

I lay my hand on her butt softly, slipping it under her panties, feeling her smooth hot skin under my palm. It feels almost like warm silk, and I make soft and soothing strokes. The contact makes her shudder and inhale deeply.

“No, I didn’t have enough, Sir.”

I hesitate for a moment, then take hold of the edge of her panties and pull them down. She shudders again, but this time, it's probably from the cold air that washes over her now burning skin.

I slap her again, but this time it will hurt even more. With nothing between my hand and her skin, I know that the pain will make it feel like her whole skin explodes in pain. She cries out every time the skin of my hand connects with her already sore one.

“Are you going to beg for my attention again?”
“I… I will try not to, Sir.”

She manages to pant out through a sob. I release my grip on her neck and pull her up to a standing position. I place my palms on both her ass cheeks, and she whimpers from the connection.

“Tell me what you feel?”

I say, making soft circling movements over her now beautiful red behind.

“Like… my inside is vibrating, Sir.”

She tells me breathless, and I smile and press my cock against her ass. I know she likes it. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be here, but I doubt that she can handle all of it. I pull away slightly to let my hands trail down the back of her thighs. Teasing the thin skin before I slid them up again and in between her legs.

Rewarding her for being good and accepting the small punishment I gave her. I let two fingers find their way in between her slippery folds. I groan against her neck when I feel how much she has enjoyed what I just did to her.

“So wet.”

I purr against her neck and let my fingertips brush over the tight hole of her cunt. She holds her breath, and the muscles in her abdomen tense up like she is stopping herself from saying something.

“Do you want to beg me now?”

I ask and push the tip of my finger inside, feeling her pussy immediately tighten even more.

“Yes, Sir.”
“Are you going to beg me, sweet Angelica?”

“No, Sir.”

I kiss her neck, sucking gently on the skin, and dig my fingers into her waist. She is soft and submissive but probably a little too soft for me. I already know she would never be able to handle what I really want to do with her.

“You have been a good girl.”

I say and nip at the skin on her neck. She squirms, and I tap her ass lightly, knowing that even the smallest of touches hurt, and she becomes still again.

“I know what you want. You want me to touch you, please you, make you feel more than just pain.”

She makes a noise like my words physically hurt her, and I smile against her shoulder before kissing it. I can feel Iza looking at us behind my back, but I ignore it and spin Angelica around and back her up against the table.

“Lay down, legs hanging off the edge.”

I order her, and she obeys immediately with an eager expression on her face. I part her legs for me, and then I push her dress further up over her belly button and place a kiss there. I kiss my way down to her mound and let my tongue slowly and gently brush over her clit. She moans softly, and I squeeze my painfully hard dick through my pants.

“Is this it? Is this what you want?”
“Yes, Sir,” she whispers.

She moans and arches her back when I let my fingers enter her, invading the slippery folds at the same time I suck her clit into my mouth. Her legs tremble, and her ragged breathing tells me that she is already so close to the edge that I can make her fall over it with just a few flickers of my tongue.

“Spread your legs wider.”

I say, and when she obeys, I thrust my fingers harder and faster inside her.

“Such a good girl and so wet for me. You taste amazing!”

I growl and hook my fingers, rubbing them over her g-spot with long hard strokes. Giving her clit one last lick, her whole body trembles when the orgasm rushes through her.

“Oh…fuck” She cries out.
“Mmm. That’s it, baby.”

I say and suck at her clit again, pulling the last of the spasms out of her. She lays there panting, her pussy still on full display when I stand up and lick my lips. Her lust-hazed eyes meet mine, and I pull her up, leading her over to the couch before I start to open my pants. When I free my cock I see her swallow, and when her eyes meet mine again, I see the hesitation in them.

“You can take it. Stand on your hands and knees.”

I order her, and she immediately obeys. I pull off my shirt before I roll on a condom and press the tip against her opening. I slowly start to slide inside her and look up, seeing Iza stand in the door. She has an unreadable expression on her face, and I give her a sly smile when I push all the way inside, making Angelica gasp and curse.

“Tell me what you feel!”

I order her but never let my eyes waver from Iza.

“Full, amazing. Sir.”

She tells me, and I push myself harder inside. Her walls clench around me, gripping me so tight that I can’t hold back the groan. It doesn’t matter that she is dripping wet, she feels almost too tight, and I dig my fingers into her hips to keep myself from just letting go right away. I know that no one has ever fucked her like this before, and even though it’s a little too soft for me, I enjoy it.

Iza takes a step closer, her eyes traveling down from my eyes to where my cock disappears into Angelica´s wet heat, and she bites her lip. I knew that she wants me and sure I could fuck her, but torturing her is a lot more fun. I angle my hips and slam inside her before I reach down to rub her still sensitive nub, and she cries out like she was in pain again.


I slow down my pace and chuckle.

“Are you begging again?”
“No, Sir, I’m sorry, Sir.” She hisses when I stroke her tender ass

The next time I push into her, I immediately hit her deepest point, and her walls tremble around me. She whines when I start to pull out, and she thrust her ass hard against me, forcing me deeper again. I slap her clit as a punishment, and she lets out a scream, then I pick up a ravishing pace. She is going to feel this tomorrow.

“Oh…god…god. So fucking good…I knew it.”

She screams, and then she is coming again. All my muscles tense up when she squeezes me. Her clamping walls massage all the right spots, and I feel how my dick goes even harder, twitching inside her. I pull out and sink my cock back deep inside her again, coming hard, still looking at Iza.

She presses her thighs together, and I give her a smirk when I pull out back and roll off the condom. Angelica seems oblivious to her presence and collapses on the couch. Then Iza´s gaze turns cold, and she leaves the room.

“I’m going to take a shower, and I expect you to be gone before I’m done.”
“Yes, sir,” She tells me with a lazy smile.

I pull up my pants and grab the rest of my clothes and head upstairs to take a shower, and just when I am about to enter my bedroom, Miss Satan steps out of hers.

“Did you enjoy the show?” I ask and see anger flash in her eyes
“You are disgusting!”

She tells me, and I raise my eyebrows and walk up to her.

“I am? Well, just this week, I found you with your fingers inside your pussy in my office and then a man between your legs in my kitchen. Not to mention all the half-naked pictures you send me, so what does that make you then? I’m pretty sure the word bitch doesn’t cover that kind of behavior.”

I catch her hand when she is about to slap me, and she yanks out of my grip, stumbling backward.

“Don’t you dare touch me!”

She hisses, and I can’t resist the challenge she just presented. I push her up against the wall and press my lips to hers. When she doesn’t open her mouth, I bite her lip until she obeys my demand. I push my tongue inside her mouth, kissing her deeply before I pull away with a smirk.

“Did you enjoy the taste as much as I did?”

I ask, and she looks at me with confusion in her eyes.

“Angelica’s pussy, I bet that you could taste it too. She tastes fucking delicious, don’t you think?”

She pushes me away and says something in Italian before she storms downstairs. Sure, that was a dick move, but that woman deserves it.

She is one cold mean bitch.

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