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5 Baby Brother

Chapter 5 Baby brother LUKE the next day

I have tried to get that fucking Max guy out of my head but I can’t. My thoughts have been spinning wildly in all kinds of directions. Did my dad really cheat on my mother when Amanda and I were just two years old? Maya walks into my office and hands me a folder.

“This is from your lawyer, this is everything he could find on that guy from yesterday.”

“Did you read it?”

I ask and she shakes her head.

“No your lawyer said that this was for your eyes only, I just picked the file up and I came straight in here with it. But I would love to read it.”

“I bet you do.”

I say and snatch the folder from her. It is a lot thicker than I would ever have imagined and I give her a look she knows. She rolls her eyes and walks out of my office before I slump back down on the chair and open the file

On the first page are his picture and personal information. He was born as Max MaCain but was adopted by and Alfredo Ciccone. I narrow my eyes at the man's name, I heard that last name before. I start turning the pages and for every page, my eyebrows go higher and higher up.

Eventually, I just stare at it in pure shock. Max Ciccone is the new boss of the Sicilian mafia. He is the boss of the notorious Cosa Nostra. I look at his picture again and tilt my head to the side, this guy dressed in Armani with kind eyes and a sweet smile is a mobster?

My fucking brother is a… well isn’t this fucking fantastic? First Mayas fucked up ex, then the psycho Devil Logan, then Miss Satan, and now I have a brother that is probably one of the most wanted criminals in the world.

I scratch my head and realize why his last name sounded so familiar because he is the freaking mafia that is why. Fuck… I don’t know for how long I have been sitting there with my thought spinning around in circles when Maya walks into my office again with the mail in her hands.

“Are you okay Luke?”

She asks and I look her up and down. This woman seems to attract crazy fuckers and now there is one more that is trying to get her attention.

“Call Alex and ask him to come here right away.” I tell her
“Did something happen?”

“Yes Maya something happened and Alex needs to get his lazy ass here asap!”

I say and she pick up her phone and call him. When Alex arrives, I close my office door and turn to him. Maya is looking from me to Alex with a worried expression.

“I have a younger brother and apparently he is not just any man, he is the leader of Cosa Nostra and he wants her.”

I say to Alex and point at Maya. His eyes grow big with shock, then I see fear flash in them. I might be exaggerating, but I rather take precautions now than stand there with my dick in the door later.

“Leader of what?” Maya asks me and I sigh
“The Cosa Nostra the Sicilian mafia.”

Her mouth falls open and Alex wraps his arms around her kissing her cheek

“You mean Max? But he was so nice and…”

I finish her sentence for her. Her cheeks turn bright red and Alex gives her a puzzled look.

“He asked me out, he even said that you could come.” She says turning even more red than before

“No, he asked you to come with him so he could fuck you.” I snort out and she glares at me
“Well, at least he was polite about it, maybe you can learn something from your baby brother!”

She hisses at me like an angry cat and I raise my eyebrows irritated

“You are going to stay away from him, far away or I will give you a one way ticket to Indonesia. I’m not going to save your ass from the mafia too. Saving you from Simon and Logan was enough so now you listen to me or I swear to God Maya I will send you away!”

I snarl and she stares at me in shock

“What do you mean saving me from Logan?”

That is right, she didn’t know about that little detail. Great, just fucking great! I give Alex a look and then I tell Maya about my deal with Logan. I see Maya look at Alex in disbelief, then her expression turns into a furious one

“You knew about this and didn’t tell me?! What the fuck is wrong with you Alex? You promised me no more secrets!”

“Angel, please you have been through so much.”
“Yes, I have, but being lied to is worse than anything that has happened to me!”

She screams at him and he tries to grab her arm, but she yanks it free

“Don’t touch me! I can’t even look at you right now.”

She says to him and storms out from my office and to the elevator. Alex runs after her, but she is already gone and on her way down when he reaches the elevators. He looks devastated when he walks back into my office with his shoulders slumped and his head hanging.

“She will be back. Otherwise I have plenty of room and I will be happy to take her in.”

I tell him with a smirk and he glares at me when he answers

“Fuck you Luke!”

“You should give her a good ass whipping for just storming off like a sulking child.”
“No, I can’t do that.”

He tells me and I frown.

“Why not?”
“Because she was almost killed Luke. They hurt her and she… No, I can’t do that to her.”

I scratch my head and look at my friend, yes I consider him to be a friend again, even though we have a few things to work on.

“I understand what you are saying, but what does Maya want?”

He gives me a tired look and shakes his head

“She is nagging my ears off about Lash. She wants to go there and play but I think that is a bad idea.”


“Do you never listen? She was almost killed there is your why!”

He almost screams at me and I roll my eyes

“Both you and I know that what happens at Lash isn’t the same as what happened to Maya. We know it and Maya knows it. Don’t keep her away from Lash, she loves it and she needs it. It’s okay If you can’t take her there yourself, I can do it for you.”

Anger flashes in is eyes and he is up in my face so fast that I would have missed it if I had blinked

“Don’t go there Luke, you are not allowed to take Maya to Lash ever again.”

“Are you jealous?”

I taunt him and he snorts

“No, I am not jealous, but I don’t share her, she is mine.”

“If you want to keep her as yours then don’t start making decisions for her and refuse her what she wants. You are just scared and that is fine, you can start slow and see where it leads. In the end she might not even want it as rough as I was on her.”

“Since when did you become smart?”

He asks and I smirk at him

“Speaking of Lash I have something I must do.”

I say and walk out of the building, leaving Alex alone in my office. I make a few calls on my way to Angelica’s house to put extra security on Maya. When that is done, I shake my head and take a few deep breaths. I have a beautiful woman that I need to pick up and a room Nine to visit.

And a brother to forget and a dick that needs to get wet, so everything else has to wait. I knock at Angelica's door and when she opens, she is looking down at the floor like a good girl. I look her up and down with narrowed eyes. She has her winter coat on so that I can’t see what she is wearing.

“Are you wearing what I told you to wear?”
“Yes Sir”

“Show me.”

She bites her lip nervously and starts to open her coat slowly while she is looking around to see if someone can see us standing there on her doorstep.

“Faster we don’t want to be late.”

She pulls the coat open for me to see and I smile. The tight black lace bodystocking looks absolutely perfect hugging all her curves. Her nipples are stiff and visible, but if I had been standing further away, I wouldn’t have been able to see them.

I look down at her clean waxed pussy that is the only thing except for her head and hands that isn’t covered by the lace. My cock twitches in my pants and I take a step towards her. Angelica is soft and sweet, and she needs a lot of encouragement. I place my hand between her legs and squeeze her pussy hard enough to make her gasp

“You have been a good girl, I will reward you for this later.”
“Thank you sir”

She says and I thrust two fingers inside her and her knees almost give out underneath her when she gasps both in surprise and out of pleasure. I grab her waist to keep her from falling and pull my hand away.

“Taste yourself.”

I tell her and she sucks my fingers into her mouth humming softly. I pull my fingers out of her mouth and grab her hair, tilting her head so that our eyes meet and press my lips against hers in a quick but deep kiss. I can taste her arousal on her lips and it makes me even harder than I was before then I pull her head back by her hair and her lust filled eyes meet mine again.

“On your knees!”

She immediately obeys and when she reaches for my pants I tug hard on her hair

“Did I tell you to do that?”
“No Sir, I’m sorry Sir.”

I give her a smirk and open my pants with my free hand. I take a firmer grip on her hair wrapping it around my fist and stroke myself just an inch from her pretty mouth.

“If you disobey me or fail to do what I tell you to do, then you will meet the leather strap five times when we get to Lash. Do you understand me?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Open your mouth, I’m going to fuck your throat and you are not allowed to wrap your lips around me or use your tongue unless I tell you so. You are going to swallow everything I give you, but only when I tell you to do it.”

She opens her mouth as wide as she can and I smile, knowing that she will fail. I slowly slide inside her mouth feeling her warm saliva coat my length. I go slow just because I know that it will cause her muscles to nervously tense up.

When I hit the back of her throat, she tenses up but she hasn’t used her lips or tongue on me yet. I hold still for a while before I put more pressure against the back of her throat. She gags and I feel her press her tongue against me when I pull out

“Were you allowed to do that?” I say in a harsh tone
“No sir, I’m sorry, sir.”

She tells me and I push inside her mouth again. I start fucking her groaning every time I feel her throat squeeze around me. I tug hard at her hair a few times and when she whimpers from the pain I come inside her mouth. I pull out before she has the chance to swallow and pull her head backward.

I place a hand on her throat and watch some of my creams flow out and down from the corner of her mouth. I let her stand in the uncomfortable position for a little over two minutes before I squeeze her throat and speak

“I want to feel you swallow it. Do it now!”

When she swallows I squeeze a little more making it harder for her, she has to swallow three times before she opens her mouth and shows me that she did what I told her to do. I release my grip on her throat and pull her to her feet.

“You did good but you failed at one point and you will get your punishment for that later. Five slaps with the leather strap.”

“Yes sir. Thank you sir.”

She says and we walk to the car. I feel very excited about tonight and I have so many ideas that I don’t know which one I should choose.

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