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6 Miss Red

Chapter 6 Miss Red.
LUKE Lash. Room Nine

Angelica and I enter the room almost an hour before Maria is coming here, mostly because Angelica has never visited a club like this and she is nervous. If I’m going to be completely honest, this being gentle and nicer than I want to be is exhausting and gentle isn’t me. I want it rough and dirty sure I have hard limits too.

Piss and shit is most definitely a huge no. Needles, cutting, and burning too, and I never leave scars. But hot wax just below the burning point can be fun sometimes but it takes a lot of time, so I only do that with long-lasting subs.

I watch Angelica walk around in the room looking like a frightened little mouse. She would most definitely not be able to handle the cane that happens to be my favorites. I’m going to use them on Miss red if I manage to make her break the rules. Jake walks inside and looks Angelica up and down.

“Take off your coat and let Jake have a look at you”
“Yes Sir”

She says like a good girl and takes it off. Jake looks her up and down again with a smirk before he walks around her. I see her tense up and I watch them.

“You always find the good stuff, Luke. Is she a good girl?”

“She is behaving better today, she is only getting five with the leather strap.”


Jake says practically breathing down her neck and I see her shiver. He places a hand on her shoulder and she almost jumps out of her lace stocking. I know what he is up to.

“Are you scared beautiful?” He asks and looks at me with a why did you choose her.

“No Sir. Nervous, very nervous” She answers him and smirking I walk up to her and roughly grab her chin

“Sweet, sweet Angelica. Did I ask you a question?”
“No sir.” She answers with a frown

“Do you remember the rules?”

“Yes sir”
“Tell me what the rules are.”

“Sir the rules are.

Rule number one is Honesty at all times. Trust goes both ways.
Rule number two I will use my safe word when I need it
Rule number three I am never allowed to give you orders, I obey you not the other way around.
Rule number four never hesitates to obey

Rule number five I’m not allowed to look, touch, or speak to you if you don´t tell me otherwise.

Rule number six I will always address you as sir, no matter where we are or what we are doing

Rule number seven: If emotions like love or attachment start to grow the arrangement is canceled

Rule number eight: I am not allowed to come or touch myself without permission.

Rule number nine I’m not allowed to use my safeword to get away from punishments, the safe word is only allowed to be said when needed.

The last Rule number ten....” She stops speaking and I smile when she realizes her mistake.

“Don’t you remember rule number ten?” I ask her and she swallows hard with her gaze firmly fixated at a point in front of her feet

“No sir, I remember. Rule number ten is, while we are at Lash I am not allowed to touch, flirt, look or speak to anyone else unless you say so, sir.” I smile when I see her lips pout in that sexy way only she can do.

“That is right and you remember all the rules, that is very good but you broke one. Tell me which one.”

“I broke rule number ten Sir. I spoke to another man without your permission. I’m sorry Sir”

“That is correct. Tell me what will happen when you break my rules”

“I get punished, Sir”

“That is also correct. What punishment do you seem fit for your disobedience this time?”

“The one you choose for me sir” My cock twitches in my pants and I order her to stay at the exact same place when I leave the room with Jake to talk to him.

“I have changed my mind regarding one thing. Angelica needs to be able to see and speak. If Miss red doesn’t agree with that then you have to do it yourself.”

“What the fuck Luke, it’s twenty minutes until she is here and you decide this now?” Jake says clearly irritated

“I know, but Angelica is under training and if she can’t handle seeing it, then she won’t be able to even take one whip. Then I am wasting my time. So ask Miss red if she agrees. If she won’t agree to this then I do this one session with her then we part our ways”


Jake grumbles and I take Angelica to the back room and inform her about what is going to happen if Miss Red agrees to my new terms. Jake steps back inside and give me a sour look. I get it no Dom like last minutes changes but frankly, I don’t give a shit if he is pissed or not.

“She wants this session tonight as planned and then you can part ways.”

I stand up nodding at Jake then I gag and blindfold Angelica as our original plan was. I lead her into the room and help her sit down on the bed before I whisper a reminder to her and she nods.

I turn around and look at Miss red that is tied to the ceiling looking like a human x with her back to me. Her head is hanging down and her face is hidden behind her fiery red hair and she is blindfolded. Her creamy skin looks pale in this light, but soft and smooth. I pull off my suit jacket and tie while Jake informs her of what I am going to do to her.

I walk to one of the cabinets and pull out a rubber flogger, I look at the canes and back at the woman before I grab three of them. One nylon and one Delrin and my personal favorite Tohiti. The two later is very intense and you get bruises very easily, I might not use them at all.

I walk up to the side table close to her and drop the canes one by one about two inches from the table so that she can hear it, but she doesn’t flinch or react at all and I smile. The table is already set up with numerous sex toys, even though she said no orgasms today.

Jake said that if she comes tonight she wants five strikes as punishment and I can choose the implement. I grab a pair of love balls that give away a small electric current in all the right places and I happen to know that the ladies love it. I give them to Jake and he moves to her and inserts them in her pussy and I see her hold her breath when he turns it on.

I walk up to her holding the rubber flogger in my right hand. I place myself so close that she can feel my body heat and I see her draw a deep breath. I will use both the flogger and nylon cane on her and hopefully one of the others, but I’m trying to keep my hopes down. I grab the back of her neck hard and press my chest against her back. I give Jake a nod before I reach around her and tap the rubber strand against her mound

“You will get 5 lashes with the rubber flogger. You can use your safe sign anytime you like”

Jake says and I press the flogger in between her legs and rub her folds with it. She sucks in a short breath and I feel the muscles on her back flex against my chest. I blow cold air on her shoulder and tap her folds hard enough for her to feel a small ounce of pain.

I’m painfully hard and I need to take deep breaths to calm myself, I am eager as fuck and I need to chill out. I step back and immediately bring the flogger down on her ass, she tenses up but makes no sounds. Challenge accepted I think to myself with a smile.

I use more force for the next four lash strikes her back, I kneel behind her then I thrust my finger inside her pussy until I feel the electric balls inside her and she swallows loudly. She is dripping wet and her pussy clenches hard, the little minx loves it and she wants more.

I pull my fingers out of her and drop the flogger to the floor and reach around her with both hands. I squeeze her throat and press the same fingers I just had deep inside her pussy to her lips. She sucks them into her mouth without any hesitation and I rub my cock against her ass. I grab the nylon cane and Jake informs her that she will get five strikes with that one too.

Like before I do it fast, but I don’t use all my strength. I strike her ass two times and then the back of her thighs three times. She lets out a small whine when I place one of the strikes on her thighs at the exact same spot. I drop the cane to the floor and slap her ass so hard that her whole body jerks forward, then I look over my shoulder and see Angelica squirm on the bed.

I walk back to the table and grab one of the dildos that Jake has placed there before I walk up to Angelica and push her down on the bed. I part her legs and see that her folds are wet and slippery with arousal.

I stroke her thighs and slap her mound before I roughly push the dildo inside her tight channel. To my surprise, she doesn’t give away a sound but she tenses up and moves her hips so I slap her clit hard and she lets out a whimper.

I lean in close and whisper so that only she can hear me.

“Fuck yourself hard. You can moan as loud as you want, but no speaking, don’t come. If you come then I will use a crop on your ass. If you are a good girl then I won’t punish you for the rules you broke today instead I will fuck your tight pussy hard until you come around my cock. Nod if you understand.”

She nods with a smile on her lips, I knew she would agree she loves my cock. I take her hand and place it on the dildo and she immediately pulls it out and thrusts it back inside with a moan. I kneel on the bed and suck her clit into my mouth and she cries out from the pleasure. I take her free hand and guide it to my cock and let her stroke me through my pants.

I make a humming sound and nibble at her clit, making her cry out again. She twists on the bed ready to come for me almost immediately so I slap her pussy hard making her whimper from the stinging pain. She calms down and sucks her bottom lip into her mouth.

I walk back to Miss red and kneel behind her, I lick her ass cheeks and bite down hard before I pull at the small string that is attached to the love balls inside her. I pull them out and thrust my fingers inside her then I fuck her pussy with my hand so hard that her whole body moves forward. I see her pull at the restraints on her arms and I lick her between her butt cheeks. I work her pussy faster and harder until her walls tremble greedy to come.

Angelica is moaning and whimpering behind us and I just want to go over there and sink my cock inside her. Her breathing is ragged when I pull my hand away and she sighs in relief, but tenses up again when I push the electric love balls inside her.

I stand up and press my stiff cock against her ass and rub myself against her soft flesh when I reach in front of her and pinch her clit. She gulps and shakes her head.

But that is not her safe sign that she has been given tonight and the sign will change depending on her restraints. I rub her clit hard and fast, and then I feel how she holds her breath. I smile against her shoulder, knowing that she will soon, very soon come and I get a real reason to punish her. I slip my free hand in between her folds and pull at the small string and with one last slap on her clit her whole body tenses up before she whimpers.

She hangs her head down and takes deep breaths when the orgasm makes goosebumps ripple her skin and make her knees weak. She is hanging on her restrained arms when I back away. My whole hand is coated with her juice when her sweet pussy gushed in bliss. Sure, she said that she doesn’t want to come, but it doesn’t mean that I’m not allowed to force her to. I help her to stand up and when I see that she can stand straight I let her go.

I open my pants and slide my cock in between her folds. I see that my cock immediately starts to glisten from her juice when I pull away and walk over to Angelica. I roll on a condom and kneel between her legs.

I take the dildo from her and thrust my dick inside her without notice. I see Miss Red pull at the restraint when Angelica screams from my intrusion. I pound her pussy hard and fast rubbing her clit expertly until she screams out her orgasm. Jake walks up to Miss red and slap her ass when she lets out a moan and push her ass in my direction. I let out a small chuckle, I am pretty sure that she will agree to my terms after I am done with her tonight.

I pull out from Angelica and she whimpers when I leave the bed. That girl is always begging me for more I think to myself when I pull the condom off and toss it into the trash. I smack Miss Red ass hard four times and slide my dick in between her wet folds again. With my hand, I put pressure against my cock and start moving sliding back and forth between her folds.

I let out a groan against her shoulder blade and she pushes her ass against me. I bite her hard in the shoulder, leaving a mark there as a punishment for her being needy for my cock. I pull back and stroke myself so that I can come all over her folds and entrance.

She whimpers and Jake hands me the Tohiti cane, my favorite. She came and I got to choose the implement. If she can’t take what I need to give her then she is a waste of my time.

I back away and close my pant and watch my cum drip down from her pussy onto the floor. That is so fucking hot and it would be even hotter if Angelica was kneeling behind her lapping at her pussy.

“You came without permission and you will be punished with five strikes of the Tohiti cane.”

I see her tense up, it is obvious that she knows that this isn’t a nice one. Even the most experienced subs have a hard time handling them. They are used mostly on the ass, but I have used it on two girl´s backs too. But they are masochists and not just regular subs that enjoy pain to a certain extent.

“If you can’t handle it you will use your safe sign immediately.”

Jake says probably worried over my choice of cane, but I feel confident that she will be able to take at least two and she might even enjoy the first one. Miss Red nods her head when Jake informs her that he will be counting them out loud and looking if she uses her sign.

I wish that Jake didn’t have to be here, but since the little redhead refuses to speak, I need an extra pair of eyes to look if she uses her sign. Sure, she will say her stop word red if she really needs to but I don’t want to take it that far and risk to harm her because I didn’t see it. I want to hurt her on her own terms and because she chooses it.

I take a step back and when I see her relax I strike her over her ass and she whimpers. A red welt rises almost immediately on her creamy skin.


Jake says and I bring down the cane again just two inches from where her thighs start. This time she cries out and I look at Jake, who gives me a nod that I can continue. After Jake says two I wait for about thirty seconds before I bring it down as high up on her ass cheeks I can and this time she screams from the cutting pain.

I wouldn’t call myself a sadist. It’s very rare that I make the subs bleed and I don’t really get off on their pain unless they have been very bad, then I enjoy it a lot. I get off on their submission and the trust they give me. I get off on controlling their pleasure and pain.


Jake says and I hear her draw short breaths. I study her for a while but she doesn’t give me the sign and when Jake nods I bring it down again just an inch from the one I just did. I know that it hurts and that it feels like her whole skin just got cut open even though her skin doesn’t break.

Her ass looks absolutely fucking delicious with the four red stripes and to both my surprise and satisfaction she doesn’t give me the sign. I smirk and the devil on my shoulder gets to decide where the fifth will land. I strike her harder than before at the exact same place as the first one.

She lets out a hoarse scream an I place the cane on the table and grab a bottle of the calming and cooling cream we always use. I know that she didn’t want aftercare but she will feel that tomorrow. This will calm it slightly and maybe decrease the bruising I know that she will have.

I put some of the cream in my hands and gently massages it over her skin. She hangs her head down and lets out a small sob from the pain. I kiss her shoulder and stroke her back, soothing her until she is breathing normally again and there are no more sobs. I shake my head at Jake, I won’t do anything more to her today. I whisper to Jake

“He is done for today. He just told me that he is proud and that he is confident that you can take even more. Just go slow and don’t rush into it.”

I grab my stuff and gently pull Angelica up from the bed. She stumbles slightly and I wrap my arm around her waist. I give Miss Red ass a look over with a smile, I know she will come back for more. Then I leave Lash to take Angelica home.

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