Saved By The CEO

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7 Bad day at the office

Chapter 7 Bad day at the office. Luke pov

When I get back home, I pick up my phone and dial Jake. Sure Miss Red or Maria said that she doesn’t want aftercare, but I wasn’t gentle with her. Sure, I didn’t go all in and I think that she enjoys the pain more than the orgasm. But the aftercare is just as important as the safety and just leaving like that felt like a dick move.

“How is she?”
“Hello to you to Luke.”

I roll my eyes irritated, it’s late as fuck and I’m tired.


I say in a tone that usual speeds up what I want, but Jake doesn’t give a shit about that so he stays quiet for a few seconds just to mess with me probably smirking too.

“She is fine, she was all happy and sun shines when she left with a sore butt.”

I smile, knowing that Miss Red is going to have a hard time sitting for a few days.

“And from the way she talked… I think she wants more.”

Jake tells me and my smile grows big.

“Did she say that?”

“Not out straight, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she calls me and agrees to your terms.”

“If she does, then tell her that that deal is off, but I can make a new one with the same rules, but Angelica doesn’t have to be gagged or blindfolded and she can touch the little Miss Red”

Jake chuckles and I’m pretty sure that he is shaking his head too.

“I will let her know”
“Thank you and Jake?”

“Why don’t you fuck your subs anymore?”

“Long story short, the last one I fucked broke the rules. She was in love with me and tried to ruin things between me and Anna. She was damn close to succeeding too. So after that, I decided that at least for a while I will only be fucking my girl. Anna didn’t ask me to do it and she even told me not to do it, but our relationship is still rocky and I don’t want to risk something just to scratch an itch when Anna is the one woman who can do that for me.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. I like Anna, I hope you can work it out. Let me know if there is something I can do”

Jake starts chuckling and I look at the phone with a frown

“You have changed, Maya changed you. Old Luke would have told me to be happy about it and fuck every woman I come across.”

I snort into the phone irritated. I hate to admit that he is right, Maya changed things. That part of me that was so angry with Alex after my sister’s death is healing and I don’t blame Alex anymore, I even wish that I could undo it and that says a lot. It wasn’t his fault and I took out my grief on him. I was heartbroken over her and then Maya stumbled into my arms one day in her office, then I’m not sure what happened.

She was so sad and hurt just like me the only difference was, or is that we have chosen different ways of handling our grief and the demons in our head. My feelings for Maya are a weird combination of lust, friendship, and admiration.

I yell at her a lot, but I call it tough love. And the little minks enjoy our weird relationship just as much as I do. The only unfair thing in all of this is that I saved the girl and she fucks my best friend. Well, I saved her and brought another danger to her door, but even if it kills me I won’t let Logan near her.

Unfortunately, Maya wants and needs more than I can or are willing to give her. Sure, I could keep her, but she wouldn’t be loved by me like she deserves to be. Alex is the one that can do that and I’m happy for them, but the fucker could share some of that sweet happiness.

Maya enjoys our relationship because she can tell me to fuck off and go home when it gets too much, if we were a thing she would probably be in tears more than she would be smiling because she is a soft woman that is too nice for her own good most of the times.

With me, she would never have to miss anything in life and especially in the sex department but Maya wants and needs love to heal from all the shit she has been through. I just need a wet pussy and a deep throat to do the same thing.

“Good night Jake”

I growl and hear him laughing when I hang up. I walk up to my bedroom and meet Iza in the hallway. We look at each other and she raises her chin looking like a defiant kid. I get the urge to bend her over and whip her ass, but I shake the thought away.

“I talked to Logan and he said that he will call you but he also said that your favor to him isn’t done.”

I snort and clench my hands into fists. Not done? Is she going to stay here until we both grow old or kill each other?

“Did you tell him that you don’t want to be here?”

“Of course I did, but he doesn’t care about what I want. You have met him enough times to know what he is like”

“Yeah, someone needs to bury that fucker alive.”
“At least we agree on something”

She says with a smirk

“If you dislike him so that much then why am I doing him this favor and let you stay here?”

“Because he doesn’t want to deal with it himself”

“What exactly is it that he doesn’t want to deal with?”

She looks away and I swear that I saw tears in her eyes, but when she looks back at me they are cold like ice again

“That is not important and you don’t have to worry about that. All you have to do is shut up and let me stay in that room.”

“I’m the one who decides what’s important or not, but I won’t ask because I really don’t give a shit what it is as long as you don’t cause me any trouble. I will only say this one time so listen carefully. If you cause me trouble then I will make your life a living hell.”

“What is it that makes you think that my life isn’t a living hell already? And being here with you makes me wish that Logan tortured me somewhere instead.”

She says before she brushes past me and walks downstairs.

“Fucking bitch.”

I mumble to myself before I go to bed

The next morning I have meetings until noon and I feel my hairs turning gray. Why are people who have no clue what they are doing, insisting on taking up my time? I step out of the elevator more irritated than ever when I hear Maya laugh.

“God fucking damn it!”

I hiss under my breath when I see Max doing his best to charm Maya´s panties off.

“I wish you would let me show you Sicily one day, a beautiful woman as you should be surrounded by beauty and not concrete walls” Max tells her

“That is so sweet of you, but I have a boyfriend.”

I see Max give her a teasing smile and take a step closer to her.

“Is this boyfriend of yours giving you what you need? Is he satisfying all your wishes, dreams, and desires? Is he making you feel like a queen?”

Maya has her back turned towards me when I walk up to them.

“Yes, Alex is satisfying all her holes so you don’t have to worry about them”

Maya jumps startled and spin around her cheeks burning fiery red. Max chuckles and takes a step back looking at Mayas ass

“Luke you scared me! And don’t say things like that.”

She hisses and turns back to Max with a sweet smile.

“It was good to see you again. Don’t let this asshole scare you off, he is a real softy underneath.”
“Maya, leave now.”

I snap and she rolls her eyes at me before she leaves. Max looks at her retrieving back and I step into his line of sight and he gives me an amused smile

“Are you sure that you aren’t more into that girl than you are saying?”

“I am sure, but she is my friend’s girl and she is my friend meaning you stay the fuck away from her. I don’t care who you are or what you do, but no crazy fucker is coming close to Maya again. I won’t let anyone hurt her.”

The man who just looked like the sweet boy next door suddenly looks harsh and dangerous. Anger flash in his eyes when he takes a step closer and with a low voice says

“I take it that you know who I am now then Luke let me tell you one thing. I’m definitely not an angel, but one thing is for sure, I never hurt women in the way you just implied that I might do. I might break a heart or two sometime, but I would never lay a hand on a woman. I wouldn’t even whip them to the extent that you do.”

“It doesn’t matter what you do or not do as long as you leave her alone, she has been through a lot. And stop snooping around in my life!”

He chuckles and then he is back to looking all sweet again

“I know that she has been through a lot, I also know that Logan likes her which I can’t blame him for. The man is completely fucked up, but he has a very good taste. Then you should know that Maya would be safer with me than with you or Alex and from what I can see she is a grown woman who is capable of making her own decisions which both you and Alex are taking away from her.”

“What are you talking about?” I snarl

“You told her that she needs to stay away from me and the boyfriend refusing to pleasure her the way she wants to be pleasured. You are taking away her right to choose and eventually, she will walk away and it doesn’t matter if I am here or not.”

“Did she tell you that?”

I ask worried, not because he knows, but if she has been that open with a man she only met two times then it’s bad.

“No, she didn’t but I have my ways.”

He answers me cryptically and smirks

“How do you know what Alex and I have been talking about?”

“Luke, I’m sure that you understand that my business requires extra security, I know everything about everyone that I get involved with.”

“What is it that you want from me?”
“Is it so hard to believe that I want to get to know the man who I share a father with?”

“Yes,” I answer gruffly and he smiles

“Well, I’m going to be completely honest. You don’t have anything that I want, not one thing. But you are a very smart man with a very successful business and I want to offer you a business deal if you are interested. You will be earning a lot of money.”

“No thank you I prefer the legal way.” I spit out

“Luke my business is legal at least the biggest parts of it. The Cosa Nostra isn’t what you think it is. We are businessmen that just use other methods if we have to.”

“Yeah, you kill people, sell weapons, drugs, and humans,” I say disgusted
“I take it back you aren’t smart.”

“Are you denying that you do that?” I ask him and he sighs
“We don’t deal with humans or drugs, the family did that back in the days. All of my closest men are highly educated businessmen.”

“Educated murderers, you mean?”
“Some of them are.”

He looks over my shoulder and I follow his gaze and see Alex and Maya walking in our direction.

“Luke, I haven’t gotten that contract yet.”

Alex says, then he looks from me to Max with raised eyebrows.

“Max Ciccone.”

My brother says and reaches out his hand to Alex who takes it and introduces himself. Then Max’s eyes are on Maya again.

“Alex, you are a lucky man to have a beauty like her by your side. Be careful or you might lose her to someone who wants her world to be as beautiful as she is.”

He gives Maya a wink and her cheeks turn bright red. I have to admit he is smooth and with his reputation the ladies must be throwing their panties after him.

“What are you saying?” Alex asks and narrows his eyes at him

“I’m just saying that you need to give your woman everything or she will find someone who will. I would give her the moon if she was mine.”

“Okay, Mr smooth talker enough! Why are you here?” I say to him and he looks at me
“The results are back.”

He tells me and hands me a closed envelope. I open it and mutter to myself. So I do have a brother…
I look up at Max again, who is standing there calmly watching me

“Now when we have met and I have declined the business offer you made I think it is about time that we parted our ways and you went home.”

“I’m going to stick around in Gothenburg for a while,” He says and looks at Maya again
“I’m sure you have something more important to do back home, like murdering someone?”

He chuckles and shakes his head

“You have big balls Luke I must admit that. If you had talked to my adoptive father like you are talking to me then you would be choking on your own dick right now. I am not here to mess with you or cause you trouble but you don’t have to tempt me. You don’t have to love me but you don’t want me as your enemy.”

He takes Maya’s hand and kisses it before he gives her a wink.


I turn around when I hear Iza say my name. Great this day just keeps getting better, her eyes go to Max and they widen before she glances around the room. She obviously knows who he is.

“Iza Romano it has been a long time since I saw you.”

Max says and walks up to her. I watch him and I see that the charm, he used on Maya is gone.

“Mr. Ciccone.. Yes, it was a long time ago.”

She answers almost stuttering and I tense up. Max glances at me with a crooked smile

“You seem to be doing good.”

Max says and she nods while looking down on the floor. That is so far from the Iza I meet every day, that woman never stutters or stare down at the floor.

“I need to leave, beautiful Maya take care of yourself. Alex, Luke.”

He says and then he turns to Iza

“Be careful out there Miss Romano there are a lot of bad people out there”

She seems to shrink from his words and then he leaves. I walk up to Iza and grab her arm, then I pull her into my office.

“How do you know Max?” I hiss and she glares at me
“I can ask you the same?”

“How do you know him Iza? Do you know who that man is? He is dangerous.”
“Of course I know, why was he here?”

“That is none of your business the question is why are you here?”

“If you tell me why he was here, then I will tell you why I came here looking for you and I think that you want to know why.”

She says and I groan frustrated.

“He is my brother, now why are you here?”

Her eyes widen and her mouth falls open.

“Your brother?”
“Iza why are you here?”

She shakes her head and clears her throat

“I tried to call you all morning, but you didn’t pick up the phone. That blond woman is in your house, she is beaten up and really scared. I tried to talk to her, but she refuses to talk to me”


I leave my office with Iza and take the car home. When I open the front door Angelica practically runs into my arms. She wraps her arms around me and starts to cry, I pat her on her back feeling more than awkward.

“Luke, please I need your help.” She sobs against my suit

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