Cultivating Trust

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Hands on the Wall


Hailey had gotten me a meeting with an agent, and I could tell Brandt still wasn’t happy with the issue. He didn’t like me working in the entertainment industry, but did he really think I would be content to sit at home and wait for him all day? Convinced I wouldn’t be able to find a job to work around his tour schedule, it all but guaranteed I went with him. The hard part was I really did want to spend time with him. He just didn’t understand how important a job and having my own sense of purpose was to me.

It went against my nature to move across the United States to live with a guy I barely knew, even one as great as Brandt. My parents raised me to believe it was wrong, but I had been telling myself it felt too right to be misguided. Moving into my own place proved impossible given my lack of funds. Prices on housing were ungodly, and the neighborhoods where I could afford, well, they scared me.

And marriage? Well, it had been a foregone conclusion right now, even if we were headed there. Brandt had been a bachelor for so long a commitment from him now would make me scrutinize his decision. A commitment to that magnitude needed time to flourish to see if we could withstand the ups and downs of a relationship, and I was grateful he had no intention of asking me while we were still so new. It meant he thought seriously of our future together and with his eyes wide open.

I couldn’t house all the blame on him. My misguided youth lent to a hasty marriage proposal certainly to end in disaster. Living with a guy was never my intention, but now that I did, I would be taking the time to get things straight in my own head. California confused this country girl enough.

When I heard him pull up in the driveway, I was surprised to see Brandt home early. “Brandt, I didn’t expect you home so soon. I haven’t made anything for supper yet.”

He hurried past me, running up the stairs. “I am not here for supper.” I could barely hear him as he got farther away, “We made an executive decision to fuck off the rest of the day. The guys and I are going to blow off some steam.”

When he came back downstairs he had gloves in one hand and wore a pair of dirty boots leaving little plumes of dust as he walked towards me. “Blowing off steam how?”

He gave me his famous Brandt smile, “Dirt bike racing. We did it a lot in the early days, well, when we could afford it. Want to go watch?”

I got excited, “Watch? I want to ride.”

He looked at me apprehensively, “Chelsea, we go pretty fast. This isn’t going to be a short tool along the track.” He underestimated me. Now I wanted to go along to show him up. I played dumb.

“Brandt, I want to learn how to ride too. Please? I promise just a few laps, and then I will be done.” He reluctantly smiled and agreed even though I knew it killed him inside. It was wrong of me, but I couldn’t wait to see the look on his face when I lapped him.

Quickly, I ran upstairs and grabbed the only pair of boots I owned. They were made more for fashion than function, but that would make it even more impressive.

Brandt drove to the dirt track and warned me the whole way about the dangers. I shrugged and continued my ruse. He didn’t know we had dirt bikes growing up and would ride them everywhere around the farm. Being that my brothers and sisters were so much older than me, I learned at an early age to keep up with them.

There were people spitting up dirt on the track when we got there. We met up with the guys, and since they reserved the course late, we would have to wait. It gave us a chance to go through the change in wardrobe required for the excursion as well as helmets and the rest of the protective gear. The guys kept looking at me like a third wheel. Actually, a fifth wheel, but I didn’t care. It wasn’t my intention to ruin his ‘guy time.’ As soon as I threw dirt in his face, I would take the car back to the house, convinced he could get a ride home from one of them.

Once we signed the waivers Brandt’s eyes turned a cautious glance my way, “Now are you sure you want to do this?”

I sheepishly dipped my head, “Of course. The thing has brakes, doesn’t it? There is no speed limit. I can go as slow as I want, right?” I loved the look on his face even though I shouldn’t take the ruse as far as I did. I knew exactly what he was thinking. That he needed to hold back for the girl while the guys had fun. Oh, Brandt. Ye, of little faith.

The worker at the shop fitted me with a bike and went through the gadgets painstakingly slow. He needed to explain it to a dumb blond after all. We had to stick around until the other group finished and moved off the track anyway, so I played up the part. The shop guy helped me push my bike to the starting line while the guys pushed theirs behind me. We climbed onto the bike, and they all revved their engines, waiting for the green light. A smirk bloomed on my face as I figured out how to pull this off.

The green light flashed and they took off leaving me behind. I waited for the dust to settle a little and then meandered behind them, keeping up until I made one loop of the track to survey the feel of the route. When my plan of attack formed, I went for it, kicking the bike into gear, and going in for the kill.

Brandt held back trying to be the good boyfriend. Aw, well he could be the first to eat my dust. I blew by him on the straightaway, rounding a curve with only an inch between my knee and the ground. I smiled again, thinking of doing this in the backfield for most of the summer. There wasn’t any time to get the bikes out when he baled with my family in June, and if he had, he wouldn’t have doubted me now. I could hold my own.

The next person was Quade, and he gave up easier than imagined. When I passed him over the small jump they had in the hill, I tipped my helmet. He thought I was one of the other guys and the look of shock on his face made my cheeks hurt from smiling. I loved it when I could blow up men’s stereotypes of women. Didn’t they realize we could do anything we put our minds too?

That only left Ryder next and JJ in the lead. Figured. JJ had the type of reckless mentality akin to guys his age. Play hard and die-hard. Ryder drove well but didn’t maneuver as well in the corners, and I took him over after some patience. JJ wouldn’t be that easy though. The defensive way he rode the bike didn’t give me a lot of room to pass. He watched me behind him ruthlessly vigil and I waited for my chance, learning his style of riding, to find his weak spot. Everyone had one. I found it on the big jumps. He couldn’t help but show off and did some sort of trick move. The next lap would be my chance.

As we left the corner for the straightaway into the jump, I gunned it. Slowing down at the jump, I worked the throttle to get past him after sailing over the crest. He landed tight and tried to prevent it but failed. Cocky shit, take that. It left me in the lead albeit for only a short while as JJ closed back in behind, and now Brandt appeared to have woken up as well. They were on my tail and were working as a team. I prevented one from going up high, and the other went low. I succeeded only for a short time until I was overpowered by the tag team event. Working the engine, I tried to regain the number one spot but succumbed to JJ’s shrewd and rash handling of the dirt bike. Instead, I watched in revelry as we made it to a shallow corner, swooping around the track as a cohesive unit soon to split up and begin harassing each other. I had a blast, more so loving the fact I surprised Brandt.

The afternoon sped by and our time ran out as the large time clock at the starting line ticked down the minutes. It must have been what lent to the guys cocky style of riding as the stunts were getting riskier, and it even made me want to push the limits. I couldn’t do the large hill, but as the small hill appeared I took the jump, trying to bring my legs up on the seat of the bike, but instead hooked my fashion boot heel on the gear shift and it threw off my balance. I came down hard, trying to keep the bike upright. I would have succeeded too if I didn’t hit a deep rut at the wrong time. The bike crashed into the hay bales marking the track, causing me to fall off the bike to the soft hay on the other side. Pride made me lay there for a while, thinking I deserved it for being so audacious.

Brandt ran over to the bales of hay searching for me. He jumped the barrier and helped me to remove my helmet as I sat up a little dazed. His worried eyes shone through the protective Plexiglas of his helmet and changed to relief when he noticed me laughing. He took a deep breath and shook his head, “What the hell happened? Jesus Christ, you scared me.”

I brought my hand up to his face as he took off his own mask. He had such a thankful expression marring it with me being in one piece, it was cute. “I am sorry, Brandt. My heel caught on the gear shift. And I was about to do a handstand.”

“Yeah, right! Next time we are going to get you proper gear. I can’t have you breaking your neck. Your father would kill me.” Concern lightened to a devilish grin. Now he finally broke a smile, and I loved the look on his face, the masculine yet playful part of him I fell in love with.

“Next time? Isn’t this too rough for me?”

Shaking his head, he sat down next to me, “I didn’t see that coming.” Leaning over me, he kissed my forehead, “Is there anything you can’t do?”

Offering my lips, he didn’t hesitate. Sealing our lips together pulled a moan from both of us as we lay cushioned in the hay.

Behind us came a voice, “Yeah, they’re okay!”

Brandt looked up as Ryder peered at us over the bales. He shook his head and started walking away. I picked a piece of chaff out of Brandt’s hair, and it struck me as funny. “I have to come all the way to California to finally get that roll in the hay.”

He laughed too and said, “Just wait till we are home.” Then he leaned in by my ear, tickling the area with his deep crooning, “And don’t wear any underwear on the ride either. I want you ready when we get in the door.”

I sucked in my breath and watched to see if he was serious. My look of shock turned to a smirk and heat rose, reddening my skin when I realized his intent. Riding anymore today paled in comparison to what waited for me after.

We ended the time together eating at the bunkhouse on the property, and I did as Brandt requested. With my underwear tucked in my purse, it provoked a feeling of arousal. The shorts I wore provided a tickling sensation in the air conditioning of the bunkhouse as I squirmed about on my stool. Brandt sensed it and watched me intensely, knowing how going without panties turned me on and it also had a similar effect on him. We were the first to leave, and I didn’t doubt the guys knew why. He had been oozing sexuality ever since being one-upped, and I couldn’t help but get excited.


On the car ride home, my mind focused on the fact I got my good girl to go without panties. When she did as I said without hesitation, it made me feel powerful. Why couldn’t she always just do as I said?

Saying it, albeit in my head, still made me feel like a Neanderthal. It went back to her choice of careers. Chelsea wasn’t supposed to get a job and she sure as hell wasn’t supposed to get a job in show business as I wanted her on the road with me. I knew Hailey would be bad for her, meddling in our shit. Unable to control her own life, she had to have her hand in ours.

They would suck her into the lifestyle. I had watched the business ruin more people than I cared to admit and only the strongest survived. Chelsea was strong, no doubt about that but would our relationship survive? I couldn’t help thinking about my last one, which turned out to be another causality of fame and fortune.

At least my errant mind and inability to focus didn’t solely rest on my shoulders. None of the band could get it together for the song we slated as our first release. We didn’t like the song because Ron had someone else write the piece for the band. Even with it being our type of music, the fact Social Offender used a ghostwriter rubbed us the wrong way. Ron stuck his nose in our creative prose again, and it was bullshit. This was our time. We were supposed to have creative freedom on this record.

We gave up on the piece of shit song and played one Ryder suggested from our first gigs together. The cover tune was bastardized to make it our own, back when no one would listen to our own songs. We loved playing it then and had a blast playing it now. By the end, a glimpse of the young, hungry band returned as we let the stress of the day roll off our backs.

At least Ron didn’t join us in the studio today. When JJ of all people, talked about fucking off the rest of the day on the dirt track, we couldn’t leave the building fast enough. We had been pushing the recording hard and needed time to blow off steam.

When I got to the house to grab my gear, I thought it would be nice for Chelsea to come and watch. I never suspected she knew how to ride, much less proved her competency on a bike. It went to show how much we still needed to learn about each other. I didn’t mind. I wanted to learn all there was to know about her.

She played me, and I fell for it. When the guy at the stock room showed her how to ride the bike, she played dumb. Watching him flirt with her stoked my jealous nature too and I waited in vain for her to tell him to piss off. She only sees guys as being nice to her not trying to get in her pants, and when I comment, she plays it off as me being jealous. Maybe I was, but with a woman like Chelsea, I couldn’t take any chances of losing her.

Chelsea falling off the bike made my heart sink. When I found her laughing, I wanted to take her over my knee and spank her. It was a novel idea but not one I would ever think of with Chelsea. She may have her bad girl moments, but the good girl over-thinker still lingered in there. It didn’t mean I would not savor when I could get her inner vixen to come out.

In the driveway, I didn’t bother putting the car in the garage knowing it would take too much time, and the way she looked at me convinced me she felt the same heat and hunger I did. Sauntering in front of me, I saw through her plan to torture me, knowing she would be the one tortured if she kept it up. When she unlocked the door, I couldn’t help touch her panty-free ass. She even shook it at me when we got inside. There she was. My little vixen. I growled at her and had her up against the door, pressing my mouth to hers, trapping her underneath me and making her immobile. I slowed down to bask in the feeling.

She matched me deep kiss to deep kiss, and I grew hard against her. The need to take her like this overwhelmed me. I lifted off my shirt and let it fall to the floor, engrossed in getting her shirt off as well. She didn’t help me a lick, playing coy with me, so I worked on trying to remove it on my own. No luck as she shook her head and smirked. Changing tactics, I now kissed all her pleasure points, working my way down her neck to her collarbone, nipping at the skin, and enjoying as her body came alive underneath me. My hands traveled to her shorts, needing them off in the worst way. I brought my mouth back up to hers and brought my tongue inside for another hard kiss.

That was when she bit me.

She bit my fucking tongue?

Stunned, and more than a little turned on, I watched as she took off, giggling that harlot laugh of hers she reserved for days when she felt amorous. Oh, fuck... It was on!

“You can’t run from me you little tease.” Another round of laughter came from her and it made my dick hard enough to make it unpleasant running after her.

Chasing her through the foyer and up the stairs, she screamed and laughed as I made a grab for her legs. My grip faltered as she pulled away at the last second. I stumbled on the stairs, and it allowed her the room needed for her to break away. Growling at her again, she returned my retort with a playful giggle. It only went to thicken my already painfully stiff cock. She was mine, and I would catch her.

Chelsea ran to the bedroom. Good. I hoped to corral her there anyway. When she struggled to close the door, I quickly slipped inside not wanting to give up the location of my victory. She worked to run from me, but I grabbed her. A surprised scream left her lips and turned into the same throaty harlot snicker, but this time I didn’t let go pinning her against the wall inside the room.

Open lust careened out of us making my whole body rigid with desire. She looked at me through hooded eyes, and I kissed her deeply, sucking in her tongue, and tasting her flavor. Our play turned animalistic, and we continued pawing at each other’s clothes. The craving to have her naked and pinned against the wall was like no other. She grabbed my jeans, and I in turn, ripped off her shorts. I confirmed her panty free ass although I knew she would obey me.

Our breath synchronized in quick hitches, and I hadn’t even entered her yet. Slipping my finger inside her pussy, she clenched down on me, making me groan. She was so wet, and there was a demand for me I treasured. She craved me, and I would deliver. Her fucking shirt teased me with its presence but I had no want to struggle with it anymore. I shoved it and her bra up to expose her breasts. Those small, perfect tits stood at attention for me so nicely.

My need grew stronger, and I brought her leg up to my side, and with one swift motion, I entered her. Being so wet, I slid right in all the way with little resistance. Damn this felt good. I had her tight up against the wall and going as deep as possible. The sensation was incredible, and she continued to suck in short breaths as her pleasure increased. Small mewing sounds escaped her every time I pumped inside of her, and the sound raced straight to my dick. The look of bliss on her face told me she enjoyed every upstroke inside her tight pussy. Her chest changed to a deeper color like it did when she was on the verge of an orgasm. Had the lights been on, I knew it would be red. Her chest turned red before she climaxed. Red really was turning out to be my favorite color.

The flush of heat on her skin and how fast it happened shocked me. Being with the same person for months now, I reveled in the fact, that although I was still learning her, I also knew her body well. Some days she needed several minutes of stimulation but today I knew would not be one of those days. Today, I knew she would come and come hard and the thought brought me spiraling to my own climax faster than usual.

Back to kissing her deeply, my guitar callused hand firmly clutched her solid breast. She liked me to pull at her nipples but I refrained, concerned about ending things too fast, and I couldn’t have this end just yet. It felt too fucking amazing. When I brought my eyes up, I met her own. She watched me intensely. Her body shook with my constant pumping, and a fine sheen erupted on her skin. The whole time, her piercing stare burned into me as I pleasured her making her almost too fucking beautiful to look at.

Wanting to take this as far as I could, I wrapped her leg around my waist. She took the hint and kept it there, right in position. Good girl. With my hands free, I propped her arms above her head, still trying to push into her, keeping up the constant stimulation. With her locked in this position, she looked so hot obeying my commands. The expression of lust on her face reached deep down inside me, right to my dick. She loved this. She fucking loved not being able to move. Being told what to do and doing it obediently and I couldn’t say it didn’t arouse me too. She was so responsive to me. My body focused on her pleasure, realizing I wouldn’t be far behind. But the thought of me holding off any longer was just a pipe dream.

Placing my right hand behind her back, I used the other one to continue to secure her wrists above her on the wall. Chelsea was still pinned in the most intimate way and I could feel the familiar zings of electricity floating through my body, a telltale sign to our end. She must have felt it too as the look in her eyes said it all. I hiked up her left hip for a different angle and lifted her up the best I could. I would love to just drop her hands and hoist her fully on my cock, but the way it was, an extensive rash would cover her lower back due to the way I slammed her into the abrasive wall.

Her eyes gleamed over, and my jaw clenched as I ground deeper into her. She brought her head back enjoying the rocking of our bodies. Oh no, you don’t. “Look at me!”

Chelsea swallowed and turned her attention in my direction. In that instance, I felt her surrender. The power was overwhelming. Come for me now. Willing her release, it was as if she could hear me. She tightened me in her slick folds, the feeling so erotic of her inner walls clamping tight around me and sucking me in. The intensity rose better than our usual and I watched as she orgasmed, her face went from rigid and speechless to slack and satiated. So fucking amazing. I gave in myself and pushed one last time.

Pleasantly spent, I rested with her arms still tight up against the wall as the last of my seed jetted into her. She gave me a chance to recuperate, hugging me tight against her body as much as she could.

Chelsea had become flaccid in my grip and I helped to bring her leg down first and then her arms. She looked at me like I was superman and I couldn’t help think of her as my kryptonite. She had unraveled me, and I had done the same to her. The raw, feral sex we just had caused a hunger inside of me to experience sex like that again. And again.

She fell slack against me, resting her head in the crook of my neck, and I kept thinking: I did this to you Chelsea and you liked it. Look what happens when you turn off that mind of yours? Rubbing her back, I noticed a rough patch of skin, so I eased up. I should have left her shirt on all the way at least.

Talking in her ear, “Come. Lie on the bed.” She didn’t look like she had the strength for it, but she made it eventually. Removing the rest of her shirt and bra, I pointed to the bed. “Lie on your stomach.” When she was on her stomach, I went to the bathroom and retrieved lotion.

The lotion must have been cold because as soon as the cream touched her back, she sucked in her breath. I worked it into the reddened areas on her skin and took my time massaging her muscles. The abrasion didn’t look bad, but it wasn’t daylight by this point either. Selfishly, I hoped it would keep her from having any modeling or extra work for a while, at least anything to exposing. The thought made me smile.

With the lotion worked into her muscles I finally asked, “Are you okay?”

She moved her head to my side and nodded for me. She looked amazing lying under me, letting me take care of her totally satiated body, and with her over-thinking mind stifled just like she should always be.

I kissed her nose. “I underestimated you in more ways than one tonight.” She giggled and closed her eyes, and I sat back and enjoyed her soft skin under my fingers wondering how to make this happen again.

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