Cultivating Trust

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Chelsea meeting Sophia tilted the scales a little in my favor. She understood at least a little what my stardom could do for her. It was almost laughable what it took to finally impress her. The television spot, winning an acclaimed award and meeting a famous singer she liked. Yep, that was all.

What she said to Sophia circled in my head. She liked her music because it had meaning, and not the party rock anthems that had no worth. Well, not in so many words, but she was right. Things were going to change with this next album. I didn’t want to stray too far from our roots, but I didn’t want to be known as a band that didn’t care about the issues. Some fly-by-night band without a social conscious.

When Chelsea left to give her goodbyes to Hailey, I took the time to thank Sophia. A star in her own right, I could say I knew her when she still struggled to hone her craft. when I met her, she had several songs out on the radio, although none of them were sung by her. She had hoped to make it with her rock/folk mixture, and when I heard of her record deal, I had been the first to congratulate her.

Sofia lived in a house with her partner Sam, an attorney in the Beverly Hills area who did well for herself. She supported Sophia early on through her career, all the ups and downs, and she knew what the publicity could do for her. Each one was tight-lipped about being with the other. Sophia for being gay and Sam for being bisexual in an open relationship.

They invited me to be with them one night, a drunken proposition that went from erotic to puzzling. I couldn’t say it was the highlight of my life but proved to be another couple of notches on my bedpost. They had a mutual understanding with each other. One where they were free to experiment provided they concealed it from the public. One of those experiments involved a young singer who had been attracted to the thought of two women at once. It only happened the one time and hoped Sophia would have the same discrete inclination tonight when I introduced her to Chelsea. Not that I wouldn’t tell her if she asked but it would be easier if the subject didn’t come up.

The look on Chelsea’s face when I introduced them was priceless. She took my fame in stride, and when she got excited about my career, it made me glad. She had been such a simple person in the realm of what she expected from someone that I wanted to give her the world knowing she would never ask for it.

Sophia had her usual posse around her but left them to talk to me. “So, I take it Chelsea is more than your date for the night?”

I smiled, “Yes, she lives with me. Speaking of which, how is Sam?”

“Good. Off to visit the folks in Maine for the week. I miss her already.” I nodded my head. Sam’s home visits were timed to be convenient. Sam wasn’t open about their relationship to her parents yet and didn’t attend highly publicized events with Sophia.

“She doesn’t know about our night together, does she?” Sophia nodded in Chelsea’s direction.

“No, she doesn’t, but I will tell her if she asks. She understands how the business works and knows to be discrete.” I wanted Sophia to know I would tell her their secret to explain things but it wouldn’t pose any threat to them.

She considered this and then leaned in with her hand on my arm. “Then could I interest the two of you into joining me in my bedroom tonight?” A smile crossed my face. Not because of any interest in her proposition. Actually, the thought was unpleasant. Not that Chelsea would even consider it but if she would have someone go down on her someday, it would be me and me alone. Smirking, I thought about Chelsea’s reaction to the offer, with her wholesomeness, it would blow her mind.

Sophia took this as a good sign, but I quickly shot her down. “Chelsea isn’t like that. She is a little too innocent.”

Her smile wavered. “Oh, that’s too bad.” She glanced her way before meeting my smirk, “She seems like a good girl. It is always exciting to see how far you can take them.” She gave me a knowing glance, and I told her to give my best to Sam as I left to find Chelsea.

Sofia was right about the good girl. Her innocence was refreshing in a sea of overindulgence. I liked to take her to the edge and see what she would do, and it demonstrated my downfall as well. What happens when I took her too far? Love would only let you hurt someone so much before they broke. I needed to reign it in.

Back in the limo and heading home, I had her lean into me. She shivered, and I drew her closer. As I rested my arm around her shoulder, I inadvertently brushed her erect nipple with my hand. When I did it again, this time with purpose, she looked up at me, “Brandt...”

I laughed. “I am glad you came with me tonight.” I leaned in farther, “I intend to reward you extensively later.” She elbowed me and nodded her head to Louis. Speaking of her being a good girl, I would love to talk her into letting me have my way with her in the back seat, but she would never hear of it, though I tried anyway. Whispering in her ear in my best bedroom voice, I said, “I could put up the privacy window, and we could enjoy some limo sex.” I felt her shiver again and knew there may just be a chance after all.

“Brandt no. I don’t want him to think we are doing anything. Besides limo sex is such a cliché with rock stars.” Laughing earnestly, I thought of pushing it a little, high on life tonight, and wanting to challenge her. Then I thought of pushing too far again. Maybe there could be a compromise.

“We have to do something on our ride. The drive is a long one.” She gave me a look of concern as I grabbed her hand in mine, moving us to the seat closest to the front of the car. We now had our backs turned to Louis, and the view was too close to see what we were doing from the neck down. It gave me an idea.

Chelsea turned out to be one of the most responsive women I had ever been with. She had always given herself to me honestly instead of how the fans and groupies went overboard to put on a show for my benefit. When I touched her, she reacted amazingly. If I could get her to shut off her brain, concentrate on my touch, she was very passionate. When she handed over control of herself, it was the most erotic thing I had witnessed in my life.

I had never been so intent in the past on giving more than receiving. Egotistically, I based sex in the past on what pleasure I could derive from someone else. I fucked women. Lots of women. Yes, my persona benefited from being known as a lady’s man, someone who could please them but if they didn’t play the part on their end then why should I care? Things changed that first night with Chelsea. She challenged me from day one. I learned more about how to control myself. How to read women better. More so how to read her, of course, so I could find her pleasure. Before Chelsea, I never knew how important it was for me to get a woman off first. Now when we made love, and yes I had to agree to the term, it bothered me if Chelsea didn’t receive a happy ending. Her pleasure brought my orgasms to a new height.

When she didn’t orgasm all the time, I worried something could be wrong between us. Was she bored with me? Would she leave me for someone better? All this fed into my jealousy, and I couldn’t stop it. Chelsea didn’t share this philosophy. She didn’t feel it was a big deal and had even quoted the stupid sex manual of hers she bought online, going so far as to discuss it with her doctor as being normal. She was mine, and if I kept her satisfied, she would never have to look any farther than me.

Besides, her sex manual couldn’t know everything. You couldn’t take such a broad subject and place it into words. With Chelsea, I found it was the buildup that helped the best. When I took my time and turned her on, she virtually creamed on my command. My thoughts turned to her responsiveness with her sitting so close by me and my mind formed a plan.

“Louis, we would like to listen to some music. Anything. You pick.”

“Yes sir.” A good jazz instrumental filled the car, and I thought Louis had great taste in music. I thanked him. Even though it wasn’t loud, I went on to the second part of my plan, “Now Louis, we wouldn’t want to disturb your driving, so we are going to need the soundproof window up.” Chelsea’s look of shock amused me.

“Yes sir, Mr. Roberts.” The clear window rose, blocking any sound from the front driver’s area. Chelsea elbowed me and gave me a look of half disapproval and half wonderment. I laughed, “Now he doesn’t suspect a thing.”

“You are so sneaky. But he can still see in.”

My arm came back around her shoulders, and I slowly caressed her left breast softly, out of the view of Louis. “We need to be covert. How long can you stand it?” I worked my fingertips from the soft swell of her breast up to her nipple, circling it. She stiffened but didn’t move me out of the way or stop me. She let me fondle her breast and did eventually relax back into me. I smiled, knowing I talked her into the heavy petting.

Chelsea was a contradictory when it came to her breasts. She preferred a harder touch with her nipples, but the soft swell of her breast made her heat up with barely a touch. I worked both sensing there would be added stimuli with the silk of her dress surrounding the sensitive skin, hoping it would heighten the sensation. I continued my stroking to the underbelly of her perky breasts and felt them tighten. She looked up at me with hunger in her eyes, the same hunger mimicked in mine. I smirked at her when she limited my touch, “Just the breasts.”

I countered on my own, positive I could drive her insane with less than she thought, “Just the left breast.” Her eyebrows arched. “I want to see if I can make you come just with this.”

She looked up at me, skeptical, “Just the breast? And you think you can make me...?”

I nodded my head. “It’s called a nipplegasm.” The look of shock on her face was replaced with disbelief.

“That can’t be real. You can’t orgasm from just a single touch of the nipple.”

I laughed. I guessed not everything was in that stupid manual of hers, “Sure, you can. Well, not everyone can, of course. You might be able too.” She continued to stare at me, feeling me out to see if I pulled her leg. When my smile didn’t falter, she seemed to be willing to think it over. “You are so reactive I think you might be able to.”

She shook her head, “Nipplegasm isn’t even a word.”

“Sure it is. Didn’t you get to the chapter in your book?”

Now with my continued stroking of her quivering breast, she looked a little more convinced. I shouldn’t be too hard on her sex manual. I’ve made out at least a little from it. The chapter on fellatio seemed to improve her already amazing skill set, but I didn’t let her suck me often. If I couldn’t return the favor, I felt she was cheated. Not only her but me. I was down for the count for quite a while after I blew my load. She deserved more pleasure than I felt I gave her sometimes.

“I haven’t read anything to the effect of a nipple-whatever, but I still think you are full of shit.”

I couldn’t help but laugh, “Well then sit back and enjoy the ride, and we will find out.” She eyed me up one last time and then relaxed fully into me.

Her body responded but not as fast or quick as I had hoped it would. She had been trying to ignore me, and I needed to find a way to turn off her mind and let her body climb to where it wanted to be. I distracted her by talking about people we saw tonight, thinking some light conversation should work, but she seemed good at turning it off when she needed to.

Persistence paid off. At first, I would get Chelsea to talk about insignificant things and feel her body awaken, but then she would refocus her efforts into avoiding the sensation, and her body would back off. It wasn’t until late into our trip, I noticed a point of no return coming. Her breathing evolved to shallow gasps, and heat radiated off her body. I steeled my eyes away from her building need and looked out the window noticing how close we were to our house. Shit. I needed a little more time or to speed things along somehow.

Working the swell of her breast to the nipple and back, I added something she wouldn’t necessarily think over the top if Louis would happen to look our way. I brought my lips down and kiss the spot on her neck that sent shivers down her back, and I was rewarded with a shimmy of pleasure coursing down her spine. Finally, I pulled on her nipple.

Chelsea saw my plan, “You are not playing by the rules.” I shrugged, working faster when I felt the heat rising all over her body knowing she was close. She grabbed my leg in a death grip with her right hand and the seat of the car in the left. Lifting her hips ever so slightly she closed her eyes, and her head went back.

Just a little more time...


The car slowed to a stop, and I jerked my head up. Oh my God, I almost climaxed. Brandt almost gave me a nipple-something in the back of the limousine. The worse part was how sensitive I currently felt, so close to the edge. After I pushed his hand regretfully away from my body, I realized it needed to end soon. Just not where Louis or anyone else could see.

Not that Louis wouldn’t be able to tell at this point with the way my body flushed with my excitement. I felt on the edge, jittery, and unable to think straight. Embarrassed at the state of my body, when he opened the door to let me out I bolted for the house. It took me a while to get the keys, and I heard Brandt mutter something about me being car sick before I finally could gain entrance into his house. Leaving the door open, I made it to the stairs but turned around to make sure he would follow as I needed him desperately.

Brandt appeared in the doorway and hurried around to shut the door. Louis drove away, and I watched through the window until his car was no longer in view. Brandt had a look of pure lust on his face. That look coupled with his handsome body in the tuxedo made my legs weak. He prowled towards me intensely, and I backed up until I hit the bottom of the steps. I wanted him to follow me to the bedroom, but I also wanted to watch him the whole time. That look. That look of his made me feel so wanted.

As I climbed the first step backward, he rushed towards me. We were looking face to face with me towering above him with the height of my stilettos. He took full advantage of my breasts being closer to him at this level and attacked my left breast again but with his mouth this time. It came back alive with the continued stimulation, and I felt the need start from where we left off in the car. God help me, I needed him in me. I hugged his head to my breast and let a sigh escape. He pulled the straps from my shoulders and tugged them off my chest as I heard a rip. “Brandt!”

“I will buy you a new one.” His eyes were wild, and at that point, I didn’t care about the dress anymore wanting him just as exposed.

Pulling at his shirt, I unbuttoned it while tugging it out of his pants. He watched as I quickly abandon the shirt coming off further when I realized I didn’t know what to do with the cufflinks. Grabbing at his pants, I worked the zipper down and unbuttoned them. My height on the stairs was a disadvantage, and I sat on the closest step to get down to his pants level to help work them down. The height now prime for me to lick his chest, I heard a growl escape him while I partook in his flavor and it fueled my desire further.

Once I freed him from his pants, he pushed my hands away. Always the one to take charge, I accepted my work was done. With his pants around his ankles, I looked up the stairs, hoping he would get the hint. I tried to turn but his hand reached out and firmly steadied my hip in place. The dress settled around my waist, exposing my upper thighs, and he pushed it all the rest of the way up to gain access. He intended to finish it here guaranteeing we wouldn’t make it to the bedroom after all.

His hand grasped the inside of my panties and pulled orchestrating a ripping sound, accompanied only by the acoustic rhythm of our heavy breathing. The tearing of the cloth exposed my heated sex to the air. I watched him with eyes pained with need. The way I felt now, I would let him take me anywhere and opened my legs farther to show him I meant it. He smirked, seeing my ‘bad girl’ come out, the one he loved when I felt naughty. He nodded appreciatively and took my hips, lowering his hard cock into me so unnervingly slowly I had to cry out. My body started shaking before the second thrust.

Brandt’s mouth met mine as he worked inside me a little faster and deeper with each thrust. I wrapped one leg around him to tilt my hip in the best position, realizing I didn’t need the clitoral stimulation I usually required as my sex remained aroused from his relentless teasing in the limo. My body heat rose, and my legs quivered all the way down to the high heels. This time when I climaxed I didn’t want my head to go back but instead looked into Brandt’s eyes. He earned this. He enjoyed watching when he took me over the edge, and I wanted him to see what he had done to me tonight.

I grabbed onto his shirt collar with one hand and had the other propping myself up on the stairs. Heat first and then the explosion down under. More shaking of my legs and stomach and then the grasping of his member deep as he held it strong and firm inside me. He did it to prolong my orgasm and it made me thankful for his attentiveness to my pleasure. My anguish was over as the surrounding throbbing slowed down. He watched me intently, smiling the whole time, enjoying what he had made happen.

When the assault was over on my body, he smirked. “My turn.”

Brandt pulled out, and I missed his presence inside me immediately. I didn’t understand his plan until he turned me over and had me kneel on the stairs. He brought the head of his cock up to rub my slit making me moan. Entering me quick and deep, my head arched into his thrust forcing me to grab at the stair rail and hang on knowing it would be rough, but I didn’t care. Knowing he had already satisfied me he took what he wanted, and I was more than eager to give it.

He worked inside me fast and hard, and I enjoyed the friction so much I tried to meet him in the middle. The sensation didn’t last long as he took his own gratification, pinning me to the stairs and letting out the most exciting rumbling sounds from his throat. The way he orgasmed made me feel like the sexiest woman alive. Amazingly, I loved the fact I could pleasure him so much, returning the enjoyment he gave to me in return. Frozen and spread across the stairs, wallowing in overwhelming bliss, I waited until the heat dissipated, and we could move easier.

Once the throbbing languished sufficiently, his slackened member slid from me and another groan fell from my lips. He sat down hard on the step beside me, and I turned to do the same noticing the entryway to the house littered with clothes that had fallen from us. Reaching down, I removed my shoes moaning. Brandt laughed beside me and took my foot in his hands. “You looked killer in these tonight.”

“Killer is a good word for it. I can only wear these for one night before I want to chop my feet off.” He rubbed my foot and it felt heavenly.

“C’mon. Let me do this for you in bed.” My face softened. What an incredible man. He told me he loved me all the time. Not so much with words, but with his actions. He was tender when I needed him to be and hot and horny when I needed that as well.

We got to bed, and he was true to his word. Working my calves first, he ended with a massage to my feet. It felt heavenly, and I crooned. “Thank you for taking me tonight. I had a great time.”

He smiled. “Thank you for going tonight. I know you didn’t want to at first. I also know I like talking you into things you don’t want to do.”

My eyebrows went up. “Yes, you can talk me into a lot of things but not everything.”

He laughed as he moved to the other leg. “Did you enjoy meeting Sophia?”

The smile faded on my face, and I tried to recover before he saw. It didn’t happen.

“What?” Brandt noticed, and I felt bad.

I didn’t want to bring it up but since he already did, “You slept with her, didn’t you?” The look on his face seemed weary, thinking of the best way to answer. Ever since LuAnn, his past sex life had been a controversial subject. We started over with each other but it didn’t stop the occasional question, and he would never lie about it.

“I had a brief fling with her and Sam one night.”

Did I hear him right? He had a threesome? With a man too? I assumed his threesomes were with two women. Thoughts raced through my head. The look of Sophia tonight. The way she touched Brandt and looked over at me to make sure she wasn’t overstepping her boundary. Was she asking him for more of the same tonight?

“Sophia asked you for another threesome, didn’t she?” His eyes wandered from my foot and looked into my eyes confirming my assumption. She asked him to join her and her boyfriend even after meeting me. I was positive now her music would not be playing in this house again.

“Yes.” He watched my reaction. I held my breath. How much did I want to know?

“She still likes you.” A twitch played at the corner of his mouth and then an amused look covered his face seemingly enjoying my unease.

“I don’t think you understand. Sophia wasn’t the one attracted to me in the past. Sam was.”

“Oh.” Now how was I supposed to take that?

His fingers were working my calf muscle and although it felt heavenly before I was too anxious to enjoy it anymore. “So, you had sex with a guy?”

His eyes shot up in shock, “No. Never. Not... ever that way.” His grip tightened on my leg, and I looked at his hand squirming under the recent tightening. He relaxed it when he saw it too. “Chelsea, Samantha is Sophia’s partner.” I relaxed again, laughing a little at his reaction but still feeling thankful we were able to get it clarified.

Why did I feel so relieved? He had more than one sexual partner in the past, but I was glad it had been with women. I could compete with them but I didn’t think I could compete with a man if Brandt’s interests laid there.

Thinking it through in my head, I contemplated his reaction. Small things here and there made me think he had some homophobic tendencies and it must have shocked him when I implied his tryst was with a male, but it still didn’t add up. “So, she asked you for her partner? Right after meeting me?” She had some nerve. Regardless if she or her partner wanted to have sex with my boyfriend, I had been right there, obviously involved with him tonight.

Brandt laughed, “No her partner is gone for the weekend. It doesn’t matter, I told her no.” He got up and walked over to the other side of the bed. I slid my legs under the covers thinking how relaxed he made them. My body was relaxed, but my mind kept going back to what he said. Something about his statement bothered me.

“You said she wasn’t the one attracted to you. So why did she ask for another, ah, night with you?”

He slid into bed next to me and positioned himself above me still giving me a sly look. “Sofia wasn’t the one attracted to me. Sam is bisexual, but Sophia is only into women.” He waited for it to register on my face and when it did, I went pale. Sofia wanted a threesome with Brandt to get at me.

Brandt saw my reaction and laughed wholeheartedly at my expense. “I could always call her up if you are having second thoughts.”

He thought it was hilarious as I slowly died of embarrassment. “Brandt!”

He turned back over and shut off the lights. The room went dark but his laughter still danced around me as he pulled me over to him. “That is why I said no right away. There is no way I am going to share you with anyone, male or female. You already were a little starstruck, and I know how groupies can get.”

Matching his teasing with my own I quipped, “Well, your days of threesomes are over too. Unless, of course, you turn tail and find a man who really suits you.”

He hugged me closer and buried his face in my hair, and we unwound for the night, melting into our embrace. “You, my dear, are more than enough.”

Brandt was right. We were enough for each other. Since the moment we met, it had been a roller coaster ride. It shouldn’t be this hard. We loved each other, but we had to admit we came from two different worlds. It wouldn’t be easy. I needed to deal with his fame, and he needed to deal with my over-thinking, but we would make it work.

We settled down and as our breathing mimicked each other’s we fell into a deep sleep but I knew our relationship still had mountains to climb.

I admit the plot wasn’t as strong in this book, but it is a build-up for a more climactic ending should you stick with it. They are starting to get to know each other and learn how to be a team. It isn’t easy and this book just hints at issues they need to deal with down the road. Enjoy the gratuitous sex because their love affair gets ominous before the inevitable HEA. Or does it????

This is the end of book two. I wish the story was done and Chelsea and Brandt could ride off into the sunset, but drama seems to follow them. Join me for book three, Exposed Trust, and watch as Brandt’s jealousy tests their love once again.

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