One Night, Long Ago

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|BOOK ONE| A one-night stand five years ago left Ronia O'Sullivan with the biggest change of her life. When they run into each other again in an unlikely place she fears for her future, but her desire for him is stronger. Can their reignited passion overcome her uncertainty? [[word count: 101,500+]]

Erotica / Romance
Raven Flanagan
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Chapter 1


The holiday party was tedious for me. Watching the older business executives waddle around with their wives was not how I wanted to spend my last hours of Christmas Eve.

But my father was retiring from the company He’d built from the ground up. So, of course, his family had to be here. It’s not every day the company’s founder and CEO stepped down. It was natural they would want to celebrate with him.

My father was the best man I knew. Well, after the minor blip in our relationship. It would thrill few men when their only daughter got pregnant in her freshman year of college.

Just as I thought of the little happy accident, he came running up to me. Dashing between the legs of the guests in attendance, with something green in his hands. Most guests in attendance already knew the of CEO’s grandson and were used to the little boy making the office his playground.

“Mommy, look! Papa says pretty ladies have a kiss me when I have this!” the beautiful little boy stated, holding his small hand out to me. “So, you gotta kiss me now!”

I noticed he had a small bundle of mistletoe squished in his tiny fist and just couldn’t help the smile that spread on my face.

“Why, of course I’ll give you a kiss, Trevor. Momma’s little boy has the best kisses ever!” I scooped him up easily and twirled him around in my arms before planting a big kiss on his rounded cheeks. As I peppered kisses all over his face, he squealed in delight and wriggled in my arms, showing he was ready to escape my hold.

“Look, Trevor, Papa is at the buffet table. I bet if you ask him for a finger sandwich, he won’t say no.” I whispered to him while gesturing to my father through the crowd. Dad was looking over the select hors d’oeuvres set out and wiggling his fingers as he always did before grabbing a snack.

“I don wanna samwich. I want cookies!”

“Okay, only because it’s Christmas Eve. Go and ask Papa for some cookies!” I set him down on the ground and watched his little legs take off toward his grandpa. My father felt the little boy run straight into his leg and looked down with a wide smile on his face.

It was funny to think dad was almost ready to disown me when he found out I was pregnant. Despite his past and hard exterior, Howard O’Sullivan had a heart of mush. As soon as Trevor was born, his grandfatherly instincts took over, and he welcomed us back with open arms. My mother might have beaten some sense into him as well.

Although being pregnant and alone was never easy.

Seeing my dad take Trevor over to the desserts table to look at cookies warmed my heart. They disappeared through the crowd of suits and fancy holiday dresses, and I turned back to go find myself a drink.

A tower of champagne glasses had caught my eye, and I was ready for a glass. The gaudy white lights being reflected over every gold and red piece of decor were giving me a headache. As I was reaching for a glass, someone bumped into me from behind. Their drink spilled on my side, and I could feel the chilly liquid seeping into my thin golden dress.

“Oh, fudge!” I snapped as I turned around to look at the culprit.

“Shit, excuse me! I’m so sorry!” A deep voice that sent goosebumps across my skin began to apologize.

My eyes traveled along the tall and muscular frame clad in an all-black and very expensive-looking suit. Yet, when my eyes landed on his face, my breath caught in my throat. I would never forget those hazel eyes that now held my attention.

It didn’t matter if it had been five years. I couldn’t forget those eyes. I saw them on my son every day.

“Hey, let me help you with that.” The man fumbled around for napkins to help with the drink staining my gown.

“No, no, don’t worry about it. I can do it.” My tone was harsh as I seethed at the man. I needed my voice to sound hard and unwelcome.

“Umm, this might sound weird... But do we know each other?”

Shit. Shit. Shit.

Why was he here? How could he be here? He was dressed for the party. Could he possibly be a business associate?

“I’m sure I would remember you. I don’t think so.” I tried to turn away from him in a rush. The color was draining from my face, and I could feel a cold sweat forming on my brow with the panic rising in my chest.

“No, hold on.” His hand shot out, gripping my elbow. It wasn’t rough, despite the firm grip I remember him to be capable of. His hand was gentle on my arm, and I could already feel the forbidden warmth growing from that small contact.

“Ronia? That’s your name, right?” The question was simple enough to answer. I turned back to look at his strikingly handsome face, where his brows pulled together in thought.

“Everyone here knows me, so I’m sure you’ve heard of me before. Now if you’ll excuse me.” I turned my head, scanning the crowd to make sure that my father was still nowhere near here with Trevor.

“Wait. You used to have purple hair. I remember you.” I would never forget him. It was only one night, but it was enough to change my life.

“Did we... Yeah, I’m sure we did. I don’t think I could forget someone as beautiful as you.” A devilish grin spread across his luscious lips, and my body betrayed me at remembering how magnificent he was with those lips. I couldn’t think of that. I had to get out of here.

“I’m sure you say that to all the ladies. But please, I have to go.” I insisted, pulling my arm from his grip. He must have decided not to follow, as I easily lost myself in the crowd.

I was trembling and could feel the anxiety that was settling in my gut like a boulder.

He shouldn’t be here. It had been so long. Why was he here?

As soon as I took a deep and steady breath, I found myself able to walk calmly toward the small stage where the massive Christmas tree was set up. Dad was standing with Trevor in his arms, pointing out the different lights and ornaments that they had decorated it with. Although it was a beautiful sight, I had to get my son out of here.

“Hey dad, it’s getting late. I should probably get Trevor home by now.”

“Oh Ronia, sweetpea, nonsense. I’m just about to make the official announcement. Wait one moment.” He wouldn’t take no for an answer. At the side of the stage next to the impressive Christmas tree there was a microphone stand and Dad quickly turned with Trevor, still happily eating cookies in his arms, to grab a mic.

“Alright everyone, I hope you are all enjoying the holiday festivities. John D I see you back there at the desserts table, so we all know you’re having a good time.” Dad’s coworkers and employees laughed at the inside joke they shared at John’s expense.

“Now I know we all love the holidays and end-of-year bonuses that come with them, but I’m sure you’re all here for the big news. As some of you may know, I’ve been considering retirement for some time now, and many of you are anxious about who would replace me as CEO.” He looked around the room at the now hushed crowd. “And that title will be passed to none other than Charles Dillon!”

My mouth went dry, and the surrounding air became frigid, causing a chill to race down my spine.


I never got his last name.

The surrounding crowd cheered and clapped politely for the man who was to become their next CEO. My blood ran cold, and my heart rate spiked. I turned my head to see Charles standing where I left him with a drink in hand. He was receiving claps on the back and handshakes from his coworkers. Despite the bodies between us assaulting him with congratulations, I could still feel his eyes on me.

“Alright, everyone get back to enjoying the party!” My dad put down the microphone and turned to me with a smile, like the weight of the world was no longer on his shoulders. Now I felt it on mine.

“Can you watch Trevor while I get his bag from your office?” I rushed through the words in a single breath. He must have noticed how frazzled I was because his brows knit together, and his wrinkles deepened before he looked over at me.

“Are you feeling okay?” Dad held out his hand and placed it on my cheek, then moved to my forehead as if checking me for a temperature. “You look flushed.”

“Dad, I’m fine. I’m not a little kid anymore. It’s just late for Trevor. He needs to get to bed,” I insisted. He must have believed me, seeing as it wasn’t entirely untrue. Dad nodded, and I placed a kiss on my boy’s head before scurrying back toward my dad’s office.

Well, what was soon to be his old office.

The crowd parted easily for me as I made my way through. Everyone was distracted by the party and the news they had just received.

However, my heart was pounding in my chest, and I was desperate to get out of here. Riddled with uncertainty, I flew over the floor in glittery heels I shouldn’t have been moving so fast in.

Opening the door to the office, and ran to Dad’s coat closet, where Trevor’s backpack hung. I grabbed our coats as well. My heart thundered in my chest as I double checked my clutch for my car keys.

When I was in the hallway outside of the conference center where the party was taking place, I heard someone walking out of the nearby restrooms. The ground should have swallowed me up in that moment.

“Ronia? Ronia! Wait!” His enthralling voice called to me once more. Like the idiot I was, I turned to face him.

The years had been kind to him. Although now a few lighter hairs grew at his temple, standing out in his dark black hair. This man was still so handsome it should be a crime.

“Charles...” His name came out as a whisper when my eyes locked on his.

“So, you do remember? You, um, you look different. Good. You look good.” Charles rubbed the back of his neck and that show of nerves differed from the man I remember who only radiated confidence.

Although I’d only known him for one night, I could never forget.

“Uh, thanks. Look, whatever happened, happened. Congrats on the new job, but I really need to be going.” His eyes assessed me, and for the first time he seemed to notice all the belongings in my arms.

“Oh, yeah, okay. Do you think we could maybe go out sometime? Like, for dinner?” He sounded hopeful, and my stomach churned.

“Uhhh.” My hesitation was palpable in the air between us. As much as I was still very attracted to him, I couldn’t give in to him. I licked my bottom lip and looked around for my exit.

“Just to catch up, I promise.” Charles put his hands up as if to show he was harmless, followed by a cheeky grin. I knew he was anything but harmless.

At that moment, the door to the conference room opened, and I heard little feet pattering towards me.

“Mommy! Papa said we’re going home, but I don’t wanna! We don’t have any cookies at home!” Trevor ran into my legs and gripped at the edges of the golden shimmering dress covering my calves. Trevor noticed Charles standing too close to his mother and partially hid behind my legs to avoid the stranger.

This is a nightmare. It has to be.

“Hey there, little man. I can’t help but notice that your shoes are on the wrong feet.” Charles squatted down low, so he was more eye level with Trevor, all while flashing his dashing smile that I suspected few could refuse.

“It’s so they don’t wiggle,” Trevor stated with confidence, as though what he said made complete sense. Perhaps it did.

“Alright, buddy.” Charles chuckled and stood back up before looking at me again. “I didn’t know you had a kid.” His tone had a hidden question behind it.

“Why would you?” I nearly snapped at him, trying to keep Trevor still hidden behind my legs so Charles couldn’t get a good enough look at him. I didn’t need him to see the resemblance.

It’s been just the two of us for so long. I didn’t need any random meeting to change things. Our lives were good, and I couldn’t take any chances.

“Goodbye, Charles.” Turning as quickly as I could, I plucked Trevor up in my arms. I had to get my baby out of here. I would text my dad to let him know we made it home safely and that we’d see him in the morning to open presents.

But right now, I had to get away from my son’s father.


It had been years since I’ve seen her, but I don’t think I could ever forget Ronia. It might have only been one night, but I would never forget the way she panted and moaned underneath me.

Back then she had light violet and pink hair that fell straightened down her back, hiding her natural beauty with dark makeup. She was even more beautiful now. Her dark brown hair fell in gentle waves around her shoulders, and her petite frame was slightly fuller.

Just remembering my hands and mouth on her porcelain skin had my cock hardening in my pants like an excitable teenage boy. I gripped the steering wheel tighter and shifted in the seat. If this damn erection didn’t go down, then I would need a cold shower as soon as I was home.

Yet there was something hanging over my head.

Her father was the former CEO I was taking the company over from. I had no idea all those years ago who I invited into my hotel room, and I regretted not asking her last name.

If Howard had known that I had spent a night with his daughter nearly five years ago, I doubt he would have announced me as his replacement at the party tonight. It’s fair to assume I would have been fired or murdered instead.

Ronia was so gorgeous, and I mentally kicked myself for not getting her full name or number that night. I had wanted to find her afterwards. To see her again. Maybe even get to know her. Of course, I had no such luck and shortly had to fly back home.

Parking my BMW in my spot, I walked to the elevator into the high-rise condo. The entire way to my door, I couldn’t help as I fidgeted with my watch and ran my hands through my hair, messing it up.

That feisty little violet haired college girl I’d taken to bed was a real woman now. Anxiety squeezed at my chest, thinking I had no way to contact her still. Although I shouldn’t have fucked her all those years ago. Something about her drew me in.

This time, though, I had her last name.

Ronia had acted as though she had seen a ghost when she saw me though. There was almost what I could perceive as fear, maybe shock, but I thought she had enjoyed our night together as much as I had. No one could compare to her since, and it had shocked the Hell out of me to just bump into her like that tonight.

She was my former boss’s daughter.

But why was she so eager to get away from me?

She had a kid now and seemed aggravated at my intrusion in asking. I couldn’t blame a young mother for being protective of her child around someone who was a stranger.

Although, I didn’t care if she had a kid. I assessed her fingers for a ring before asking her to dinner and she had still run away from me as if I was carrying the plague.

At my age, people usually assumed I already had a few kids of my own. But I had never settled down. It never seemed like the right time, and no woman had ever been the right one.

Ronia was something else entirely.

I thought about her small perky breasts and remembered them as clear as day. How they felt in my hands and the taste of her flesh on my tongue.

Dammit. I can’t stop thinking about her.

But what should I do? How do I find her now?

Of course, I had her father’s contact info, but I couldn’t just call him and say ‘Hey, I hooked up with your daughter five years ago and I want to take her to dinner now.’

No. There had to be a better way to find her.

I had her full name now. I could look her up.

Although I didn’t keep any social media for myself, she had to be on something. Perhaps I could get my new assistant to look up an email address for me. After sending a quick note to my assistant to look into our former CEO’s daughter, I found myself pacing around my study.

What had changed with Ronia? Well, other than the kid. And if she had a son now, why was there no father in the picture? Although the lack of a ring didn’t mean the father wasn’t around. Could that be why she had fled from me?

How I got myself tangled up with a college girl during a business trip I’ll never know. But it had been one of the best nights of my life. One of the best lays in my life too.

Even now my cock was still stiff, just remembering what one night with Ronia had given me.

I made my way to the bathroom after tossing off my suit jacket and turned the water on as cold as it would go. The cold spray helped to ease the ache in my loins as I remembered stripping that little black dress off the girl who had been grinding her pert ass on my dick all night. So long ago and it still made me hard as a rock.

Even after the cold shower, I was still restless. Back in my study, I opened the liquor cabinet and broke into my stock of expensive whiskey.

I remembered the feel of her lips on my dick.

One glass.

I remember her tits bouncing as she rode me.

Another glass.

“Jesus fucking Christ,” I shouted as the amber liquid swirled around in my head. “Why am I getting so worked up over a younger woman I fucked YEARS ago?!”

The question was for me. I knew I was alone. Like always. It wouldn’t change.

I’m thirty-eight now with extra responsibilities to the business I’ve worked hard for. I shouldn’t be letting this young woman get herself wedged into my brain like this. Not that she’s doing it on purpose. With the way she ran away from me, I bet she wouldn’t even care.

I had to be the equivalent of the past coming back to haunt her. Why would any young woman want to see the older man they had one night with back in college? It was ludicrous for me to even ask her to dinner in the first place.

Yet, I couldn’t stop myself.

And her son was adorable. Of course, she’d make a cute kid. Ronia was drop dead gorgeous.

However, something about him had been eerily familiar. Maybe it was just all the alcohol now swimming around in my head. But when I had looked into the child’s eyes, it was almost like looking in a mirror.

That couldn’t be the case...

When the drinks finally took hold and put me to sleep, I couldn’t control the dreams I had of Ronia dancing before my eyes.

In my dreams she was that young, carefree girl with violet hair again. Dancing in the rainbow lights of the bar and allowing the music to take hold of her body and sway her like the graceful dancer she was. Purple hair fanned out, wrapping around me until I couldn’t breathe, and everything went black.

The darkness washed over me in waves until finally a light appeared and I was being thrown feet first down a hole of blinding light. I crash landed in a world of grey.

When I looked up from the ground, it was the Ronia that I saw tonight standing with her back to me dressed in a long black gown. Her hair fell down her back in gentle waves, and all I wanted was to reach out and run my fingers through it.

As my hand reached out for her, the world spun her slowly around to face me. But her face was gone. However, I didn’t need to see her face to know that there was a shadow of darkness consuming her.

Ronia’s blank face turned up as if to look at me, but there was nothing there. My chest squeezed tight, missing that bright smile I knew she was capable of. Until she dropped her head and finally, I saw the little bundle wrapped in her arms. Her arms moved away as if to show me what she was holding… something I needed to see.

Then I blinked, and she vanished in a wisp of smoke. Left alone in nothing but darkness. And this time there was no light.


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