Loving Lennix

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13. One of the guys

Lennix POV

Jax: Football at the park, are you in?

Lennix: Do you know who you're texting right now? 😏

Jax: It's touch football..?

Lennix: Oh now it's "touch" football because I'm a girl? 🤔

Jax: No! That's not it!

Lennix: 😂🤣😂

Lennix: I'm just fucking with you, Jax. Of course I'm in!

Jax: Damn it, Nix!

Lennix: Who else is coming?

Jax: It's just some guys from work, Zander, and I.

Lennix: Ok. Can I bring my cousins? I was supposed to spend time with them today, but this sounds like more fun than shopping.

Jax: No problem. The more the merrier.

Lennix: See you in 20!

Lennix: Change of plans! Get something comfy on! We are going to play touch football in the park!

Mazie: We're going to do what now?

Jenaka: You owe me a drink for making me exercise!

Remi: YES! I didn't want to go shopping anyways!

Mazie: Remi, I swear you are out to get me!

Lennix: Awesome! Mazie, you live the farthest... pick us all up on the way?

Mazie: I didn't even agree to this!

Lennix: 💅🏻 no one cares! Get that butt here!

Jenaka: 😆 I missed you, Len!

Remi: I'll be ready in 5!

Lennix: See y'all soon! 💋

We separated into teams. The guys were on one team and the girls got to stay together though we did have a couple additions from their office so ours was coed.

It worked in our favor for a bit. Since we are smaller it was easier for us to maneuver out of their grasp. That was until Zander and Jaxon decided to team up within their team.

I caught a pass from Remi and started running keeping my eye on Jaxon who was off to my left quickly approaching when a strong pair of arms wrapped around my stomach from the right, twirling me around and crushing me to a slab of hard muscles.

I shrieked in surprise while Zander chuckled in my hair.

"Sorry, babygirl. The ball is min now." He said laughing and plucking it from my hands.

I glared up at him and gave him a pout.

He kissed my cheek and whispered in my ear in that deep sexy tone of his "maybe next time, baby." And smacked me on the ass.

We set up for another play.

Mazie surprisingly was able to catch up to Josh, one of the guys from the office and stop him from making it to his goal.

On our next set up I got Remi the ball. Seeing she was about to get captured she passed it to Jenaka. Jenaka passed it off like hot potato back to me and I booked it as fast as I could trying for a touchdown. I was only three feet from the line when someone grabbed me around my hips and rolled with me taking the impact so I didn't get hurt and then rolled on top of me straddling my body.

I looked up shocked into deep blue eyes and the brightest smile flanked by two deep dimples.

"Sorry, Princess." He huffed out catching his breath. "I wouldn't want you to think I let you score just because you're a girl." He winked before getting off me and helping me up.

I was too stunned to say anything. He came out of nowhere.

"My ball." He sang and he grabbed it and ran off to meet with the guys.

The game went on and on like this for an hour.

Our team tried to score and we did a couple of times thanx to Remi. I may be able to run, but she was quick on her feet dodging the guys like it was nothing.

We tried to get the guys and sometimes we were lucky. More times than not we weren't though. They slaughtered us, 9 to 2.

After we were all soaked in sweat we called it.

One of the guys brought out a cooler with water and beer and a small speaker box one of them played music from. So we sat around drinking our beverages and hanging out for a while longer. It was great.

Josh was talking to Remi and they seemed to be hitting it off.

Mazie and Jenaka decided they were done for the day and left after saying polite goodbyes.

The guys were all hanging out talking.

I got a notification about one of my favorite artist dropping a new song so I sat off to the side with my earbuds in listening to music from my phone and observing the group.

When someone approached, "Hey. What are you doing over here all alone?" He asked.

I look up at the tall blonde talking to me. He has hazel eyes, a boyish smile, and he's built like a god damn linebacker. I swear it's a crime if he didn't play college ball.

"Jessie Reyez uploaded a new song. I just wanted to give it a listen." I responded with a small smile.

He obviously took my politeness as an invitation because he sat down next to me. "Really? I love her music. You mind?" He asked pointing at my earbud.

"Sure." I handed him one.

"I'm Seth by the way." He held out his hand which I shook "Lennix" I said with a smile and started the song over.

I went back to people watching noticing Seth beside me closing his eyes looking fully immersed in the song.

The song was beautifully painful. You can just hear it in her voice and Seth looked like he was feeling each of her words in his soul.

I looked down at the grass zoning out listening to her sing about a toxic painful kind of unrequited love. It hit me hard. That's when you know a song is good. When it can make you feel something in the best or even the worst of ways.

The song came to an end and when I looked up Jax and Zander were both looking in my direction with strange expressions. It took me a moment to realize they weren't looking at me. They were looking at Seth.

He cleared his throat beside me and handed back my earbud. "Thank you, Lennix." He said with a smile "but I think I should get going now. The bosses don't look too happy." He gave me another boyish smile.

"No problem." I smiled back. "It was good meeting you." I waved after him.

"You too." He sent me a wink over his shoulder. Probably just being playful. He looks like the type.

Why are the guys acting so strange? We were listening to a song.

Why do I care so much? Zander and I aren't exclusive. We have no labels. And Jax?

I rolled my eyes and put my earbud back in adding the new song to my playlist and listening to another song.

About ten minutes later everyone is starting to leave and I'm laying out on the field completely consumed by the music flowing through my earbuds.

I was so distracted that I didn't notice Jax and Zander walking up to me.

My eyes are closed while I soak in the sun with the cool grass at my back.

My eyes flutter open when soft firm lips meet mine in a gentle kiss.


I smile against his lips and kiss him back. It was short and sweet just to get my attention. He took out my earbud and nips at my earlobe. "You ready to go?" He asked softly.

I sat up looking around. Everyone had already left.

I nod "yeah. Would you mind giving me a ride though? I came with Mazie."

Zander rubbed the back of his neck. "I walked here from my new place. I'm only about a mile away. Maybe Jax?" He looked over to see Jaxon standing with his hands in his pockets.

"I brought my bike. If you're ok having your arms wrapped around me for a few I could give you a ride." That signature slow smirk creeped on to his face.

I raised a brow. "I'm not a baby. I can manage just fine in the back of your motorcycle, Jaxon." I stood up brushing myself off and decided to mess with him a little. "I think the real question is..." I dropped my voice to a silky flirty tone I've noticed get him flustered "can you manage the whole way back to my place with my body pressed to yours?"

I watched as his eyes darkened and he bit his bottom lip. His gaze raked over my body from my feet up. When his eyes met mine that slow smirk came out to play. "I think I'll be alright, princess."

Zander gave me another kiss confirming I'm hanging out with them later tonight. We are going out to a club. I really needed this. Just a relaxed day with my guys.

My guys?

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