Loving Lennix

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14. Jealousy and temptations

Jaxon POV

Seeing Seth sitting with her and flirting I couldn't think of anything else, but how much I wanted to walk over there and claim those sexy, pouty, fuck-me lips and take her back to my place... but I couldn't. She's still flirty with me, but other than playful teasing she hasn't made a move.

These rules are bullshit.

I haven't been with anyone else since the first night she came back. I saw the pain all over her face while she slept and I'm not willing to see that again.

Do I still check out other women? Yeah. I'm a man. Not some saint like Zander, but they don't compare to my princess. I appreciate the beauty of the female body. I'm just no longer acting on it. Why would I when I have even the slightest bit of hope that Lennix could one day see me as more than her flirty best friend?

Her comment about how the girl I may end up with hit me hard. I would hate to think I caused her discomfort because of all of my explorations. She wouldn't deserve the dirty looks and whispers. So a change was needed, but that has me on edge. Just dancing with her a couple of weeks ago had me ready to explode.

Tonight is going to be hard as fuck.

All the puns intended.

The ride back to Linnix's place was a slow, grueling torture.

Her thighs squeezed mine with each corner we turned. Her hands fisted my shirt over my abs. Her breasts were firmly pressed to my back. At one point my hand slid to her upper outer thigh holding her securely to my body and she squirmed softly against me causing my dick to strain against my paints.

It was both a blessing and a curse when we finally arrived back at her place.

She said a quick thank you giving me another tight squeeze from behind. Her hands were lover this time and I was glad I had my helmet on so she couldn't see my face and clearly hear the curse I uttered under my breath. Handing me my spare helmet she bounced off to her apartment and I watched as her cute ass made her way inside.

I'm going to need a cold shower before tonight.


Zan: Did y'all make it back safe or did you have to pull over and take her on the side of the road?

Jax: You're so funny. 🙄 I do have some self control you know!

Zan: I guess we will see tonight.

Jax: Meaning?

Zan: You're driving. 😉


I threw my phone to the couch as I walked through the door.

Zander has been fucking with me since I agree to the new rules. He takes every opportunity to kiss her and touch her in front of me. He makes little jokes in our texts and private conversations. No matter how soft or short those gentle kisses and touches may be they are driving me crazy and he knows it.

All I want to do is pin her to the nearest surface, rip her clothes off, and fuck her so hard she forgets her own damn name.

I can't explain why we are no longer jealous of the attention she gives either of us or why seeing Seth with her drew out the need to dominate her and claim her far more than when I see her with Zander.

I'm not possessive over what they have. I'm craving what he gets to do to her openly Whenever he wants to.

Maybe this arrangement he offered would work out after all? Only time will tell. But we would all have to be up for it and right now, Lennix may not be only all about Zander, but she does retreat back into girlfriend type behavior every time we start to get close. Almost as if she feels like she would be doing something wrong. She backs off and I respect it every time. But my self control is slipping every time we are together.

This is a constant struggle.


The drive over was quiet with Zander sitting shotgun and Lennix in the back seat of my car, but the club is a whole different story.

The music is loud thumping through speakers surrounding the area.

Zander ordered a round of drinks for the table, but Lennix is itching to get to the dance floor. It's not as crowded as it usually is.

"Your drinks" the tall redhead waitress says standing a little too close to me.

I respond with a smile and look in her pale green eyes "Thank you."

I can see Lennix stiffen in her chair as the waitress sets the drinks on the table and brushes her hand against mine slipping a piece of paper into it.

She leans over toward me, but my eyes are now on Lennix. Her jaw is tense and her expression is one of anger and confusion.

"Let me know if you need anything else." The waitress said stretching out 'anything' in a suggestive way before leaving the table.

Zander must have caught on to the change in Lennix's mood too.

He cleared his throat and started stroking her back softly. "You ok, babygirl."

She nods tightly and then plasters on a smile. "Looks like you're in for a good night." She winked at me. "She seemed.... nice" she nods her head satisfied with her choice of words.

"I'm going to dance." She jumps down from her seat, kissing Zander's cheek, and begins to walk away.

I turn to Zander once she's far enough away, "what was that?"

He looked at me confused for a moment and then rubbed the back of his neck with a smile "I could be wrong, but I think she was jealous." He gave a short chuckle.

"Of what?!" I said a little too loudly. I look back at the waitress who's is openly staring at me. She's pretty. Tall, with shoulder length red hair, tanned skin, I'd guess B's with just enough ass to grab, but she's nothing compared to Lennix. If I ever dreamed up the perfect woman's body it would be Lennix with her luscious D's, thick thighs, and round gorgeous ass. And I've mentioned her lips right? Holy shit those pouty lips wrapped around my cock will forever be ingrained into my memory.

"She has nothing to be jealous of." I tell Zander adamantly.

Lennix has never been jealous of a girl hitting on me before, but it usually happens a hell of a lot less when she's with me.

He raised his brow at me in disbelief. "So she didn't slip you her number?"

"I don't know." I took the still folded paper and stuffed it into my drink pushing it down into the glass with my straw, soaking it so it would become unreadable. "Now we will never know." I smirked.

I motioned to the waitress to grab my glass and ask for another. Her eyes fell on my full drink with the paper soaked in it.

"Was there a problem with your drink?" She asked kindly.

Zander smiled at her while her eyes went between the two of us.

"I'm not on the market, I apologize. Could I get another one without your number this time, please?" I said it in a soft tone hoping it would ease the blow.

"Oh I'm so sorry." She blushed "yes of course I'll be right back." She turned on her heel and went back to the bar.

Zander laughs catching my attention.

"That was the nicest thing you came up with?" He chuckled again.

"I wanted it to be clear." I shrugged which just made him laugh harder.

"Wanted what to be clear" Lennix grabs her drink off the table and takes a long draw from her straw.

"Jax just told the waitress-"

"Here you go sir, again I am so sorry about that." The waitress looked over to Lennix in embarrassment "is there anything else?" She asked.

"I think we are all good here" Lennix leaned over the table to read the name tag "Jazmyn." She gave Jazmyn a smile "thank you so much."

Jazmyn nodded and walked away quickly.

Zander is trying to hold in his amusement, but I just can't help it. It's clear now all over her face.

"Awww is my princess jealous?" I tease her as a soft pink takes over her cheeks.

"What?!" She looks between Zander and me. "I'm not jealous. Why would I be jealous?" She looks down at her nails rubbing them back and forth together, she seems to do this when she's thinking something over she finds unpleasant "do what you want, be my guest. I really don't care."

I raise my brow at her "really? So you won't mind if I call her back over and get her number back then?"

Her eyes shot up to meet mine with a glare she tried to cover into something playful. "Not at all."

I study her face for a moment and relax back into my chair. "Nah. She's not my type. I've already got my eyes on someone else." I winked making her blush.

She rolled her eyes at that and sipped her drink again. "Whatever you say Jax."

"That's what I like to hear, Nix" I smirk.


The night went on with more drinks and dancing. Sometimes Zander went out to the floor with her other times it was me. We didn't want to leave the our drinks alone.

Halfway through the drive home I heard a quiet gasp from the backseat. I knew Zander was back there with Lennix and I couldn't help, but look into the rear view mirror.

This night just got a lot harder.


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