Loving Lennix

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15. Something more...

Lennix POV

"What are you doing?" I whisper yell.

Zander's hand slips under my dress.

"Do you really want me to stop?" He whispers in my ear biting my earlobe.

"N-no, but... J-Jax will..." I stumble over my words and loose them completely as his fingers dance along my panties and pulls them aside.

"Shhh... just let me make you feel good." He kisses my neck biting down gently as he thrusts a finger inside me.

A soft gasp let my lips before I could catch myself and I'm met with deep blue eyes in the mirror. I grab Zander's wrist and he smiled into my neck. "Be a good girl and keep those pretty little moans to yourself. Jax is trying to drive." He bit on my neck harder thrusting another finger inside me. I bit my lip trying to stop myself, but a needy little moan worked its way up my throat. Zander's hand slapped over my mouth to keep me quiet and muffle my sounds.

Jax kept trying to pay attention to the road, but his eyes would find mine in the rear view mirror every time he looked up.

I clench around Zander's expert fingers as the pressure builds in my lower belly. "That's right, baby. It's mine. And you're going to be a good girl and cum for me aren't you?" I nod my head desperate for release. His thumb brushed against my clit while his finger slid in and out of my soaked core harder and faster making my legs shake and my back arch.

The car is so quiet all you can hear is the wet sounds of my pussy being finger fucked and muffled little moans.

I'm so close.

Hanging by a thread.

A deep groan sounds from the front seat as Zander teases a 3rd finger at my entrance and I come undone bucking my hips against his hand. My thighs shook and I screamed out my release into the hand covering my mouth.

Zander is grinning from ear to ear when he slips his fingers into his mouth to clean my essence from his digits.

The blush on my cheeks is evident when Jax droops us off at Zander's.

I don't have it in me to even make eye contact. I mumble a quick thank you to Jax for dropping us off and run off to Zander's front door while they talk for a moment.

We barely make it through the front door before Zander is on me.

His kisses are urgent. Demanding, but still soft.

My dress is stripped by the front door. His shirt is gone in the hallway. My bra is lost by the time we hit his bedroom.

He pins me to the wall with his hand firm but gentle around my throat. His lips are on my neck while his other hand slides into my panties playing with my clit rolling smooth, slow circles.

"You know he was watching. Don't you?" He whispers against my skin.

I shut my eyes tight knowing he's teasing me right now. "Y-yes." I answer with a whimper.

"And you enjoyed it." He nips my neck "watched him watching you the whole time didn't you?" His tongue licks the length of my neck and a shaky quiet moan escapes. "I did." It came out almost breathy.

Zander smiles against my neck "you clenched and came so hard when you heard him moan for you." He kisses my lips softly. His touches are a sharp contrast to the tone in his voice. He sounds amused, happy even while his touches are commanding. His kisses make love to my mouth while his hands... oh god! His hands say he just wants to fuck me senseless.

He picks me up and lays me down on the bed ripping my panties from my body and ridding himself of his jeans and boxers.

He's inside me in a matter of seconds and I'm in pure ecstasy. "Is that something you want?" He asks.

I whimper trying not to answer, but the images play out in my mind doing naughty things to me. Making me clench harder.

"You want Jax and I to take care of this sweet needy little body? Have him fuck you hard and then let me sooth you making love to you through the night? I bet he'd even tie you up if you ask nicely. You could have both of our hands on you pleasing you. Both of our mouths teasing and tasting you. Both of our hard cocks forcing you to cum."

My inner walls clench around his hard thick member like I never want to let him go. The images he's drawing to the surface have been my fantasies I've never spoken aloud.

"Don't hold back baby. Tell me what you want." Zander thrusts harder inside me pounding my tight begging core.

I nod my head moaning louder. His hands find my hard nipples as he pinches and twirls them between his thumbs and index fingers. "Use your words, baby." He groans.

"I- I want that." I pant out between moans. Zander grins down out me "you want what baby? Say it." He slams into me harder pushing me closer towards the edge. Im so close to another orgasm I can taste it.

"P-please. Zander..." I plead raising my hips to meet his thrusts.

He throws his head back with a deep throaty moan. His hands push my legs up, my knees up by my head and spread me wider so I can't move against him. His fingertips bite into my skin. The pain and pleasure I feel in this moment is almost enough to push me over... almost.

"Say it. Tell me, Lennix." He growls in my ear.

I bite my lip furiously trying to hold back the words that are screaming in my head.

He pounds into me harder, deeper, faster. "Say it Lennix!" He bit out between clenched teeth trying to hold himself back.

I whimper again "I want Jax too." My bottom lip quivers as the words left without approval. I felt them. I know I meant them in all ways not just sexual and I just admitted it to Zander while he's taking me harder than he ever has before.

He smirks down at me and captures my lips with his. "Cum for me, baby." His hand stroked my throat causing me to tighten in a death grip. His pace was punishing. Bruising. And I loved it.

"We could make you feel so good." The light growl in his voice when he said it sent me over the edge as I came wrapped around his throbbing cock. My name was a praise when he found his release shooting thick jets of his warm fluid inside me.

What the fuck was that?

Zander pulls me to his chest and holds me close while he drifts off to sleep, but I'm wide awake with all of my guilt.

I'm dating Zander.

I love Zander.

And I just admitted to wanting Jax too.

Oh god!

What if I just messed everything up again?!


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