Loving Lennix

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Lennix Mancini left her home town long ago, but that's not all she left behind. Friends, family, and her first love. What will happen when she returns to visit her family years later over holiday? Will she pick up where she left off with her first love? Or will her new world perception open her up to a whole new kind of love? Zander Russo never thought he would see her again. She has forever been the one that got away. Will seeing her again spark a flame he once thought would never burn again? Or will it burn his world down to ash with just one touch? Jaxon Chase has been best friends with Zander since freshman year of high school and they have followed a strict set of rules. 1) Don't mess with family and 2) hands off your best friend's girl. He doesn't know it now, but he's about to break one of those rules and it may or may not be the end of his most cherished friendship. But what can you do when you are drawn to another like a magnet? Drama, love, and heartbreak follow as chaos ensues. Buckle up because this is going to be a crazy ride. Marked mature for: Sexual content Strong language Violence

Erotica / Romance
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You can always go home

They say that fait has a funny way of working things out. I guess that's true in some cases. See, I grew up in Austin, Texas. That's where I met my first love, Zander Russo.

We grew up together. He was my best friend and first kiss at my first boy-girl party in 6th grade. It was spin the bottle, but in preteen that meant everything. I could have sworn he would be the only boy I'd ever kiss, but that was just the mindless, illogical dream of a naïve, 12 year old girl. My parents had us move to California after 8th grade ended.

Lucky me I got to go through all of the awkward high school stages as the new girl and... I missed him, but much like every childish romance that wasn't meant to be, I moved on. There were new boys and girls in my life that made me feel that same pitter patter and pause in breath. Until...

Thanksgiving break senior year of university.

We went back to see my grandparents in Austin.

"Mom! I'm going for a run. Be back in a bit!" I shouted as I sprinted for the door.

"Make sure you're back by dinner." She hollered back.

I jogged down the sidewalk towards the park. There's a large track around the pond that I used to love playing at when I was a kid. Feeding the ducks and hide and seek with my cousins and friends. This was my home for every bit of my childhood. It brought me peace being out of the city and being back where I can just relax with family.

I turned on my earbuds to enjoy some music and block out the world.

By the end of my run I was slick with sweat and in need of hydration. I found a vender at the entrance of the park selling water and made my way to the line.

"That's $2.50." The gentleman said expectantly.

I pulled my card out of my pocket and held it out to the vender.

"I'm sorry miss. Cash only" he pointed at the small sign on the top of his stand.

"Oh, damn. I'm so sorry. I only have my card." I moved to walk away when a large hand gently caught my shoulder.

"I got it. Make that two waters please, Drew." The man told the vender.

He was handsome. Tall. Tattooed. Muscled. So much changed, but those green eyes, I'd know those eyes anywhere.

I blushed when he caught me checking him out and retrieved my water. "thank you. You didn't have to."

"No problem." He looked me over. His eyes studying my face with a furrowed brow. "Lennix?" He sounded surprised once recognition hit.

I smiled, "Long time no see, Zander."

Zander pulled me into a friendly hug "god it's been so long." He released me with a big smile. "How you been?"

"Great. We moved to Cali and I'm in university out there for marketing." I led the way to a bench off to the side. "Just visiting for the break. What about you?"

"You go to school in Cali?" He said with surprise. "I finished up out there last year and came back to Austin to start my business. I didn't know or I would have looked you up." He laughed to him self shaking his head.

My mouth fell open in shock. "Oh wow. Small world." I laughed.

He scratched the back of his neck. It's always been a nervous habit of his. "Listen, I know you're probably slammed with plans with your family for the holiday, but do you think we could, you know, go for coffee or something and catch up?" He asked looking hopeful.

"Yeah that would be great. Here," I handed him my phone "put your number in and I'll give you a call." I smiled watching his face light up.

In a moment his phone rang and he handed my phone back. "Just in case you lose my number again." He joked as he stood up.

I rolled my eyes. "Your jokes are still horrible" I said playfully. Following his lead.

Zander smiles at my teasing "So I'll talk to you later?"

"Yeah, it was good seeing you." I told him as I took a step back preparing to leave.

"It was." He said. "It was really good." He looked me up and down in a slow drag of his gaze over my body.

I rolled my eyes with a smile. "See ya, Zander." I hollered back as I took off in a jog back towards my grandparents house.

Jenaka: hey bish! You up for going to a new club with us tonight?

Lennix: IDK I think I was supposed to help prepare food with gma.

Mazie: 😂 that's a good joke! You. Cooking?! 😂

Jenaka: For real! 😆

Remi: Come on girls y'all know college has turned our dear cousin into a bore. 🙄 guess we will just have to go without her. 💅🏻

Lennix: 🤭 I am not a bore! 😒

Mazie: riiiight! 🧐

Lennix: ugh fine! I'll go but if Jen gets wasted or Remi leaves with some rando I'm out! You got me?


Mazie: Yup! Got it! 😁🥳

Jenaka: Just be ready by 7 we'll pick you up.

The music in the club pulsed through my body. It's been forever since I've just let go and had fun. Being back in Austin, surrounded by family was something else. I never took the time to actually realize how much I missed this. Spending time with my cousins. Sure they came out to California from time to time but this was home. We missed a lot of milestones in each others lives when we were in high school. We used to be so close, but we drifted apart for those 4 years and only really reconnected my freshman year of college when I came back for Mazie's wedding. I hadn't even met her husband until that day and that's when we noticed just how far out of touch we had become and decided to start FaceTiming once a week and we would meet up every few months. Since I'm the youngest and in school they usually came out to me, but it was never like this. This was home. This is what I've missed.

"Hey!" Mazie hollers over the music. "Get your cute butt out there or I'll leave you to the wolves." She shoved me playfully.

A quick scan around the bar section answered what she was talking about. Tipsy men eyeing us up and down. Ugh! I just wanted to spend time with my cousins, but of course Remi was all in on the flirting and Jenaka was taking full advantage of the free booze a guy at the end of the bar kept sending her.

I allowed Mazie to pull me out to the dance floor. I didn't drink nearly enough to deal with the amount of warm bodies in the crowd but Mazie has this infectious way of putting others at ease. She's silly and kind. Being the oldest of the three sisters she acts more like the mother of the group even though she's only 26. She's always there for all of us and keeps us in check when we need it.

Being an only child was never an issue when we were younger, because they acted more like my sisters than my cousins. These girls are by far my best friends at this point in life and I couldn't be more grateful.

A couple of hours pass and we have lost Remi to a handsome man who was chatting her up all night. Jenaka is on the dance floor grinding in a group of people totally unfazed by the amount of hands on her.

"Len" Mazie leans into me to shout above the music. "I need to get Jen home. Will you be ok? Or do you wanna leave?"

I look at my phone. It's only 10 and it's the first night I've been out in months.

"Nah I'm ok thanx hun! I'll see y'all tomorrow to do pies?" I hug her quickly before she hurries off to gather Jenaka from her dance orgy. I swear, you would think Jenaka was the youngest by how wild she gets, but she's the middle child of the three. And being 25 you would think she would settle down a bit, but that's just not Jenaka.

I watched as they left and made my way back to the bar for another drink.

"Can I get a shot of tequila please?" I asked the bartender.

I went to grab cash from my clutch when a big hand found mine.

"Don't worry about it, princess. I've got this one."

I locked eyes with the most gorgeous deep blue eyes I have ever seen. His hair the color of milk chocolate with subtle highlights of gold. His jaw firm and covered in stubble and those lips. Oh my! Maybe it's just the alcohol talking, but I'd do almost anything just to run my thumb over his bottom lip. Everything about this perfect creature screams danger. Heartbreak. I want it all and it scares the hell out of me. My heart reacts to the sight of Zander, but my body craves this Adonis in front of me.

I must have looked like an idiot just staring at him. A slow smirk creeped across his face. He reached out nudging my chin to close my mouth with his finger. How fucking embarrassing.

"I'm Jaxon. Friends call me Jax and you are?" He held his hand out for me to shake.

"I'm Lennix." I blushed as my hand was engulfed by his.

His other hand ran up my arm to my face to brush my hair back. "That's a beautiful name, Lennix." I smiled hard. Pull yourself together! "Thank you." I managed to squeak out.

"What do you say we get a couple more shots and then head to the dance floor?" He handed me my shot glass and took one of his own pushing a few bills toward the bartender and motioning for a couple more shots.

Three more shots in my system and I'm dying to get on the dance floor.

Jax becomes a really handsy drunk. Not in a completely pervy way, he just constantly has to have contact in someway.

On the dance floor his hands roam my lower back, hips, stomach, arms, upper outer thighs... he never takes it to a sexual place though grinding on him proves to me that he would be more than willing to do just that. The longer we dance the closer his hands roam to where my body is screaming for him to touch.

"You wanna get out of here?" I asked leaning into him. Entirely emboldened by the liquid courage flowing through my body.

He smiles down at me and grabs my hand lacing our fingers and leading me out of the club.

We decided his place was best, he has a roommate but it's a lot better than explaining a random man in my grandmothers place in the morning.

By the time we reach his condo I'm a little wobbly on my feet. I'm trying to play it off like I'm ok, but I'm sure he's noticing that I'm not. He's less touchy. Telling jokes and making me laugh, but no longer initiating physical contact.

On a whim, I crawl on to his lap on his couch and straddle him. Jax is obviously still turned on, but his hands stay on my hips while I grind against him. I capture his lips with mine begging for access with my tongue and he willingly reciprocates. One hand finds its way to my hair while the other slides down to my ass holding me to him. A soft growl rumbles in his chest and it makes my cheeks heat. I love the effect I have on him.

In an instant my mouth heats and I pull away quickly breathing hard. He looks at me in question, "everything ok?" The concern is deep in his voice. "Bathroom" was the only panic-filled word I can manage to say while slapping a hand over my mouth.

Quickly he ushers me through his bedroom and into his bathroom. Immediately I fall to my knees in front of the toilet and begin emptying my stomach in a painful display of why it is I never drink that much. Jax held my hair back for me until my vomiting turned to dry heaving. He pulled out a new toothbrush from a drawer that looks like it contains several still packaged and left me to brush my teeth while he gathered a towel and an over sized t-shirt.

I remember him stripping me gently and helping me into the shower as I was no longer steady on my feet. He didn't touch me. Simply watched as I washed myself Incase I were to fall or hurt myself. When I was done he handed me the toweled to dry my body, slipped the large t-shirt over my small frame, and he towel dried my hair.

When he was done he brought me back to his bed and tucked me in before going to take a shower himself. I tried to stay awake, but the haze of the tequila took hold and I was swiftly asleep before I knew it.

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