Loving Lennix

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19. Camping and birthdays part 2

Zander POV (surprise! Lol)

Lennix and I have been planning this trip for a week. Just the two of us. The only thing getting in the way of this being an amazing birthday was that my babygirl and best friend were still fighting and all because both of them are too damn stubborn to admit when they are wrong or let their temper get to them.

Lennix felt like he was just throwing her under the bus when he called her out about the kiss. She felt bad about it and we moved on from it. No matter how many times I told her what happened between her and Jax didn't bother me, she still felt immense guilt.

Jaxon felt that his feelings were being played with and demeaned. Like he was being unjustly judged due to his past with women. He's not wrong, but that wasn't the whole issue.

But neither of them were talking and it was taking a told on all of our relationships. Mine with Jax. Mine with Lennix. And theirs with each other.

I'd had enough.

"This fight needs to end. It's been a month already. I can't keep running between the two of you trying to make sure plans don't conflict just so you don't have to be around each other" I told Jaxon through the phone.

I've told him this more times than I can count. I'm about to just lock them both in a room together and let the fight go until one of them breaks. It's getting bad and I miss my best friend and the smile on Lennix's face. She's happy, but it's not the same. He's missing and you can see it.

"What do you expect me to do, Zander? Your girlfriend hates me. I'm just trying to move on." Jax huffed.

The liar.

I know for a damn fact he hasn't been with anyone recently. Hell, he doesn't even look at woman when we are out together anymore. He just sulks in his beer and tries to play it off like work is bogging him down. That would be convincing if I weren't his business partner and know everything going on at work.

As for Lennix, she doesn't hate him. I've seen her start and stop a text to him over the last few weeks, but she can't bring herself to hit send. Anger is the easiest emotion to handle. Thinking about Jax with other women gets to her. She's jealous. She's hurt. But she doesn't want to talk about it anymore. Since we made us official she stopped talking about him, but I can still see it. As much as she loves me, she loves him too. I can't keep being selfish and playing it safe with her.

"We both know you haven't moved on, Jaxon. You're in love with her. Just as I am. That doesn't just go away." I sighed knowing what I have to do. "Look man, she doesn't hate you, but she might hate me after this... It's her birthday tomorrow. We're going camping for the long weekend. It was supposed to be just the two of us, but if you can keep your mouth in check, pack a bag and be at my place at 5am."

That's right, I'm parent-trapping my best friend and my girlfriend.


Because even if they just get back to being friends they will both be happier than what they are right now.

"You're right. She will hate you. I can't do that to you... or her." He sounds shocked.

But his response just irritates the shit out of me. "Jaxon! I swear to god. You will be here at 5am, help me pack with a smile on your fucking face, and keep your mouth shut unless she brings up the fight on her own. I'm tired of this shit. I can't stand seeing that look from both of you!" I shouted unable to hold back my irritation at this whole situation that should have never begun.

"She's not going to go for it, Zan. She won't go if she knows I'm going." The disbelief is clear in his voice.

"I'm not telling her until I pick her up and by that time she will have been looking forward to this trip too much to back out. If she thinks she can go the whole weekend not saying a word to you she will go." I laugh thinking on it "but knowing both of you she won't make it a day with you around without saying something. Just bite your tongue. She's going to be pissed when she sees you."

"fine. I'll go, but this is the last time I try to reach out. After this, I'm done."


I jumped out of the truck as soon as we pulled up. Jaxon's nerves weren't getting to me. He was acting like he was preparing to a test he didn't study for and it was stressing me out.

Lennix came out in a tank top, short shorts, and hiking boots. Her long blonde hair was up in a messy bun with random strands hanging around her face. She looked effortlessly beautiful.

I gave her a quick kiss before she went to open up the passenger door.

Her eyes immediately found mine in a heated glare "Zander? Why is HE here?" The words sounded like venom dripping from her gorgeous lips.

I have to give Jaxon credit for holding his tongue. I could see the urge to bark out a response to her, but he held back.

"Get in the truck, baby." I tried for a gentle approach.

"No!" Lennix turned to walk back to her apartment, but I stepped in front of her blocking her path and holding her shoulders.

Obviously the gentle approach wasn't going to work.

Plan B... if she ever realizes that I use this tactic she really will hate me.

I dropped my voice a little deeper. A soothing tone that gets her to respond when we are alone. "You don't have to say anything to each other. I know you want to go on this trip." I brushed her hair from her face. The slight parting of her lips when I spoke made me continue. "Don't tell me you don't want to lay under the stars with me. See that beautiful waterfall you have circled on our hiking map. You'd miss the smells of nature. Don't make me go alone." I gave her a little pout.

"Do this for me, please? And I'll make sure you have the best birthday." I ran my thumb down her throat knowing the effect it has on her. She bit her bottom lip as a blush creeped over her cheeks. Her only response was a short nod before she jumped into the truck sliding into the middle.

"But I'm not talking to him!" She mumbled.

"We're off to a great start." Jaxon said sarcastically.

"She's coming isn't she? Get in the truck and shut up." I shook my head smiling to myself.

He may not understand it now, but this is a much better start than I thought it would be. Things can only go up from here.


"Could you possibly keep your hands to yourself. Do you have to touch me?" The first words spoken since we started driving and she has to start a fight? If I have to pull this truck over...

I glance down to see what the issue is.

Ohh. That's a bit personal there Jaxon.

I fight to keep a straight face. Part of me wants to laugh at the look on his face when he sees where his hand is.

He removed his hand from her quickly before he schooled his face into a half smile. "you used to like when I touched you, princess."

I didn't know if I should laugh or tell him to shut the hell up.

"It's just a joke, not a dick, Nix. Don't take it so hard." He smirked at his own crass joke.

I find it distasteful. I gave him a look telling him to knock it off, but Lennix... laughed.

I thought she would lay into him, she has a messed up sense of humor when it comes to Jax. They play tricks on each other and tease each other like a couple of teenagers when they aren't giving the silent treatment.

"You really are an asshole sometimes." She gave him a shove.

Jax smiled shrugging "Yeah, but you love me so I can't be all that bad."

I laughed quietly to myself. This is going to be a long Damn weekend with these two.

Lennix looked fully embarrassed. Her eyes grew wide. She bit down on her bottom lip and looked straight ahead.

"Hey, Jax... do you think... when we get back... you might want to go paint balling like we planned before?" She asked quietly. Good girl. She's trying.

"We could, but I brought my gear with me just in case it was going to take beating me up with paintballs to get you to talk to me."

We talked about that last night. It was obviously a good idea since she was now giggling.

"You know me too well. Maybe I should have stayed quiet the whole drive." She laughed.

I laughed "Nope! You two are talking again. You can't go back now."


The drive was long and eventually Jaxon fell asleep against the door. Lennix and I played a license plate game until traffic died down and she fell asleep laying against Jax's chest.

I'm sure neither of them noticed, but he wrapped an arm around her back and pulled her closer as they slept. I pulled a blanket off the back of the seat and covered them both when I stopped for gas.

They slept peacefully until we arrived.

"Baby wake up. We're here" I kiss her cheek and watch her eyes flutter open with a smile which turned into a hard blush when she realized Jax was snuggling her in his sleep.

"I'm going to start unloading the back. Could you wake him to help?" I asked with a smile and climbed out.

"Jax" she whispered.

"Jaxon." I heard her say louder. He's such a hard sleeper, she may be stuck there all night.

"JAXON, WAKE UP! WERE HERE!" Is all I hear before he yelled "GOD DAMN IT WHY?!"

"Ohhhhh my god!" Lennix came jumping out of the truck laughing her ass off.

A very embarrassed Jax sat in his seat with his head in his hands rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

"What's wrong with him?" I asked smirking down at Lennix who appears to be having a giggle fit.

"I don't think we need to worry about that tent." She smirked at Jaxon.

"Shut up, Lennix." He groaned.

I raised an eyebrow. "Jax... you all good there man?" I tried not to laugh, but the look on his face was priceless.

"Haha very funny." He rolled his eyes leaving the truck "I'm going to gather some wood."

"I thought you had plenty." Lennix laughed as he walked into the woods flipping the bird.

I'm glad things are back to normal. Maybe finding out there's only one 4 person tent won't be an issue for Lennix now that they aren't fighting.

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