Loving Lennix

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21. Own it. Accept it. Let me have it.


Jaxon POV

Things with Lennix have been back to normal. We joke, we hangout, we talk everyday. Honestly, I would think I was friend zoned if she didn't still react when we are close.


Lennix was sitting on my loveseat watching a movie with me about some dog, I couldn't really tell you much more than that because all I was paying attention to was her.

The dog got sick and died and my sweet princess... her bottom lip trembled as her eyes welled up with tears. Her nose did an adorable little scrunch as she tried not to let the tears fall.

"Are you crying Nix?" I asked leaning over to her.

She sniffled and gave a roll of her eyes "no, Jaxon! I'm allergic to this sappy shit." She said joking trying to cover the quiet sob I knew was coming.

I couldn't have that on my night with her.

I dug my fingers into her sides ticketing her mercilessly. Her giggles and shrieks filling the air as she fell to the side trying to escape my attack.

I knelt between her legs to get a better angle, but she wiggles until we fell off the loveseat onto the floor rolling so she was on top of me. I didn't let up, I kept up my tickle attack as she squirmed over my body. Her hips rolling into mine unintentionally as she tried to get away.

Without realizing it, I rolled us over so she was beneath me. Breathing hard. The tears that were previously waiting to spill had ran down her face while she was laughing and giggling like a big kid.

She's gorgeous and I couldn't help myself. I leaned down kissing her tears away. Her breath hitched. Her lips parted in invitation.

I brushed my lips against hers waiting for her to lean in.

Her hands slid from my chest up my neck to the sides of my face so gently it could have been a whisper. She tipped her chin up pressing her lips to mine savoring the taste of my mouth against hers.

I let her lead. I never let a woman lead, but I wanted to feel her. So much love poured from the soft, sweet kiss of her lips. Her tongue stroked mine with a calm, caressing motion while I fought the urge to claim her mouth and her body. My skin feeling too tight from restraining myself. I sucked on her bottom lip nipping it softly. Her quiet moan lost on my tongue.

I've never wanted to make love to someone before. I fuck and I fuck hard without mercy, but if a slow gentle kiss felt like this I wanted to savor and devour her whole body with just as much attention and then flip her over and give her all of me. The controlled and uncontrolled. The man and the dominant beast. Make love to her and then fuck her so hard I have her speaking in tongues.

She broke the kiss, slowly opening her bright blue eyes to look deeply into mine. She was so conflicted trying to come to terms with what just happened.

Her voice was a whisper against my lips. "I think I should go home now."

My heart fell to the pit of my stomach, but I nod my head and helped her up off the floor.

"I'll call you." She said as she walked out the door with a blush not meeting my eyes.

*end flashback*

That was 10 days ago and it left me confused as fuck, because when she did call, text, or hang out it was the same as before the kiss. Neither of us mentioned it.

Zander explained why she's always so hot and cold. He didn't even care about what happened in the tent or that night at my house. He was actually happy for me, but he had to deal with Lennix's constant feeling of guilt. It caused a massive fight between the two of them.

Her family is really dedicated to the church and even though she's not religious her parents are and so are her grandparents. She didn't want to disappoint them. She also felt we both, Zander and I, deserved someone who loved us individually. That her feelings were unfair to us.

She cried to Zander telling him he should be mad at her. He should blame her. He deserved better than what she can give him because she feels flawed. That commitment is obviously not something she could give him if she was so willing to continue on with me.

He countered that he knows how she feels. He accepts her and is madly in love with her and nothing she does with me is going to change that. He pointed out that she's not this way with other people. She's turned away advances from others both in front of us and in private.

They had a long talk about polyamory. The possibilities of having that kind of relationship with the three of us, but she continued saying it wouldn't work. She would hurt us both and it was unfair to us to expect us to share her love, time, and body while she expected us to stay faithful to her.

She obviously doesn't understand that no one else compares to her in our eyes. She's all either of us want. That either of us will ever want.


Zander: Hey, man. You busy?

Jax: Nah leaving the office now, what's up?

Zander: Lennix's car wouldn't start this morning. She gets off work in an hour, but I'm stuck here in a meeting with finance.

Jax: Of course I'll pick up our girl!

Zander: Can you bring back that flash drive with last months records too?

Jax: There at my house. No problem.

Zander: Alright. Thanx, man.


I pulled up to Lennix's office building with a few minutes to spare. So I took out my phone to go through emails I had neglected through the day.

The soft click of high heels against the cement walkway announcing her approach. When I look up I caught her eye and gave her a smile. She's the best thing about the end of my day. Today has been hell and I just couldn't stay in the office any longer, but seeing her is like a breath of fresh air filling my lungs after slowly drowning all day under piles of paperwork.

"Hey, Nix. Zander said you needed a ride. He's busy so I volunteered." I said watching her gaze shift from me to my car and back like she was expecting someone else, then she smiled that heart stopping smile that gets me every time.

"Well, I appreciate that. Thank you." She smoothed and adjusted the wrinkles in her button down top and knee length skirt. I was mesmerized by her hands running over her body. I wished for them to be mine taking in all of her curves. My eyes settled on the hard points of her nipples pushing against the thin fabric of her top.

Fuck, I'm going to take her against my car if we don't get out of here now!

I had to force myself to look away.

"So, yeah. I need to stop by my house first, if you don't mind. I have something I need to pick up before meeting up with Zander tonight."

"No problem." She said as she smirked and walked to my car with a little extra sway of her hips.

She's a temptress. She has to know by now that I'm dying to have my hands all over that perky, round ass. Have my mouth wonder over her body. Hell, the way she's teasing me right now I want nothing more than to bend her over and bite and spank those lush cheeks until she's covered in hickeys and my handprints in her most intimate places.

She was silent the whole drive back to my place looking calm as ever as I was on edge. Every time she shifted in her seat I was having a hard time controlling myself.

Her skirt slid up her thigh exposing her smooth skin to my greedy eyes. I had to fight valiantly to keep my concentration on the road ahead.

I caught her hand slipping her skirt up higher with her legs spread just enough to tease the fuck out of me. This girl is going to cause an accident if she's not careful. Holy shit!

My cock is straining in my pants demanding to be inside her.

When we pulled up to my house the silence was finally broken.

"Should I stay here or...?" I didn't miss how she bit her bottom lip or batted her eyelashes.

Lennix is coming on to me?

I've been waiting patiently for far too long. I swear I may fucking bust if I don't have her now.

A slow smile slid across my lips at what I was planning to do next. "would you like to come, Lennix?"

I know how I worded it. I left it open for her interpretation. My mind meant it as having her wrapped around me screaming my name. My voice said it as she's welcome to join.

I watched her shiver at my words before she nods and gets out to walk into my house.

Walking through the front door toward the stairs. She paused at the the bottom of the steps shifting from one foot to the other. She hasn't been in my room since I moved. I grabbed her hand and pull her behind me walking up.

I noticed her breath quickening as we approached my room. The soft blush that creeped across her cheeks. It was driving me mad. I gave her another smile just before we crossed the threshold of my room.

The moment we passed through my bedroom door I couldn't take it anymore.

I pushed her against the wall trapping her in a heated kiss. My lips demanding her submission. My tongue claiming her mouth like I had wanted to again since her birthday. I fed on her soft whimpers and moans like I was starved. The feel of her pinned against me, the taste of her, the sounds she let escape just for me had my cock rock hard, primed, and ready.

I lifted her up wrapping her legs around my hips. I needed some relief. It's been fucking torture having her so close and never having her. I rolled my hips into hers basking in the sweet friction and heat between us.

I rained kissed down her neck unbuttoning her shirt for more access.

Just as I suspected... no bra.

Her soft naked breasts spilled from her opened top made my dick impossibly hard. I couldn't help the smirk that played across my lips. She shivered in my embrace. Lust overtaking every other emotion I saw in her eyes.

"No bra? It's almost like this was your idea..." I teased. Grinding my hard covered length against her heated core.

I lowered my mouth to her ear. "You wanted me to take you. To tease you..." I nipped her ear lobe listening to her breath hitch. "To fuck you harder than you've ever been fucked before." I nearly growled trying to hold back for confirmation.

She bit her lip not answering. So I took a step back letting her down and her mind catch up to her body.

I had to test her out. Make sure she wouldn't regret it. "Naughty girl. What would Zander think? Having you all hot and bothered for me?"

For a moment I saw doubt, embarrassment, guilt, but it was gone just as fast as it came replaced by a small smile at the corner of her lips.

She took a step or two towards me running her hand down my chest to my belt batting her eyelashes like she's not a little vixen.

Princess, you don't know who you are playing with.

Her hand ran lower to my jeans grazing over my swollen cock. A groan threatening to escape my throat before she dipped her hand into my pocket pulling out my phone.

"Call him then." Her voice was sultry and wanting. I was taken aback by this side of her. I knew she faced most things head on, but this had never been one of them. She wasn't backing off like I thought she would. She was pushing it. She was the conductor and I was following playing every note she commanded.

But it wasn't enough...

Not by a long shot.

She looked me in the eyes as she stepped away from me, removing her shirt completely and laying back on my bed propping herself up on her elbows.

This is a dangerous game you are playing, princess. Once I have you... I'm never letting you go.

I looked at my phone and then back at the half naked beauty in my bed debating if I really wanted to call Zander or take her myself.

"Or you could give me your phone and I'll call him myself" She said with a smirk.

I saw the playfulness and sincerity in her eyes and had to swallow back my initial reply which was going to be 'fuck it!' Followed by throwing my phone to the side of the room and ravaging her.

I took in a quick breath to pull myself together.

I handed my phone back to Lennix, "Ok, here. Call him. I want to hear this." I grinned down at her not believing she would.

To my surprise, she scrolled through, found his contact, and hit send so quickly I knew there was no doubt in her mind at that moment.

"Hey, baby!" She said in a happy tone once he answered.

"Um Lennix, why do you have Jaxon's phone?" I heard him ask. I couldn't help but laugh while I climbed between her legs. I leaned over her knowing what my body close to hers does to her. I watched her blush before I spoke into the phone. My lips inches from hers.

"Hey man. Your girl just wanted to ask you a question. I hope you don't mind." I teased while looking deeply into her eyes. Her breath caught and I thought she would change her mind.

"Oh, alright. What's up, babe?" Her blush deepened. I never would have thought she would be so shy, but it was a fucking head rush.

I leaned over to her other ear and whispered "try not to moan". Then i grazed my lips along her neck. I wanted to tease her. I wanted her just as on edge as I am.

"Zan-Zander.. uh... Jax was wondering.." I nipped her neck at the white lie she was attempting.

You want this too, princess.

This isn't just all me.

Own it.

Accept it.

Let me have it.

The sound of her quiet moan makes me want to strip her now with him on the phone. Let him hear ever delicious sound I can draw from her.

"mmm fuck! Ok! I was wondering.... " she tried again almost whispering.

I continue kissing her neck, sucking, biting, leaving hickeys here and there. Marking her up because, She. Is. Mine. Wether she knows it now or not.

"I'm... mmm" She moaned again.

"I'm at Jax's." She finally got the words out.

A moment later she handed me the phone and I stayed hovering over her body eyes on those gorgeous light blues.

"Yeah man? " I answered.

"Well, this was a surprise. I take it she finally gave in." He paused with a chuckle and I smiled down at her.

"I guess this means she's accepting her feelings for the both of us. Maybe she's ready to be with you too, but do me a favor. Whatever you do... don't fuck her until I get there. She's going to feel guilty after and I want to be there to ease her mind."

All the things I want to do to her flashes through my mind at rapid speed.

"Ya sure?" I asked.

I heard him groan and nearly laughed. "Yes, Jaxon. Now get off this damn phone and keep her distracted."

"Alright. See ya." I threw my phone to the other side of the bed and smiled down at my prize.

Oh, the things I'm going to do to you, princess.


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