Loving Lennix

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22. Are you ready?

Lennix POV

Today started off horribly. I broke a heel. My car wouldn't start. I was late to work. Anything that could go wrong was going wrong.

So imagine my surprise when Jaxon Chase pulled up to save my day and give me a ride home.

He smiled a panty dropping, full smile complete with a dimple at the corner of each cheek when he looked up from his phone, seeing me approach. "Hey, Nix. Zander said you needed a ride. He's busy so I volunteered."

"Well, I appreciate that. Thank you." I smiled and smoothed and adjusted the wrinkles in my button down top and knee length skirt catching his gaze as my hands brushed over my curves. My nipples hardened against my shirt under his attention.

His tongue darted across his lips before he looked away and cleared his throat. "So, yeah. I need to stop by my house first, if you don't mind. I have something I need to pick up before meeting up with Zander tonight."

"No problem." I smirked and walked to his car with a little sway of my hips hoping he was watching.

The car ride was quiet. Electricity charged the air. I shifted in my seat, my skirt rode up slightly to my mid thigh and I watched as his knuckles tightened on the steering wheel. I watched him from the corner of my eye while I spread my legs apart, barely more than a couple inches, and dragged my fingertips up my knee to my upper thigh dragging my skirt up slowly a little more in the most nonchalant way possible. He licked his lips and clenched his jaw turning his eyes back to the road ahead. The picture of self control.

"Should I stay here or...?" I bit my bottom lip looking at Jax through my eyelashes when we pulled into his drive way.

A slow smile slid across his lips, "would you like to come, Lennix?" His voice deep and playful. Putting aside that he's become one of my best friends, that's one thing I like about him most. That voice makes my body beg for him to do dirty things to me and the double entendre is not lost on me. He is so hot and cold. One moment I'm Nix, the girl guy friend the next he's saying my name like it's a filthy word to purr between the sheets.

I nod before he walks me up to his house. Walking through the front door toward the stairs. I loiter at the the bottom of the steps not sure what I should do when he grabs my hand and pulls me behind him walking up.

Jax led me to his room holding my hand as a heated excitement bloomed in my stomach. When we reached his door he gave me a half smile over his shoulder that sent a warm sensation through my whole body.

As soon as we passed through his door he was on me. Pushing me against the wall. His lips finding mine in a dominating kiss like he was starved for my mouth and it's all he had ever wanted. His tongue caressing mine as he swallowed my soft moans. Pulling my legs up around his hip so he could grind our bodies together. His lips trailed kisses from my mouth to my neck. One of his hands holding my lower body to him while the other expertly unbuttoned my top exposing my naked breasts to him. His bulge hardening in his pants against my core. I felt his smirk against my skin. My body shivered at the knowledge that he enjoyed what he saw.

"No bra? It's almost like this was your idea..." he started. Grinding his hard jean clad erection against the sensitive heat between my legs. "You wanted me to take you. To tease you..." he nipped my ear lobe and my pussy clenched at his words. "To fuck you harder than you've ever been fucked before."

I bit my lip when he backed away placing me back on my own feet.

"Naughty girl. What would Zander think? Having you all hot and bothered for me?" He tried to cover the smile playing on his lips.

He was right though. What was I thinking? I'm dating Zander. I shouldn't be here with Jax like this. A wave of confusion and embarrassment washed over me before I remembered that moment in the back of Jax's car. He was watching us. Zander knew and he didn't stop. In fact, he enjoyed it. He slid his fingers into my panties and finger fucked my pussy hard. His other hand over my mouth to quiet my moans. He even talked about Jax joining once while we were having sex. He held my throat with a gentle, but firm hand plowing into me mercilessly telling me about how good they could both make me feel. I had came so hard just at the idea.

His constant admission that no matter what I did with Jax, he was ok with it. It all filled me with the confidence I needed.

In an instant my hesitation washed away.

I walked up to Jax running my hand down his chest. His muscles flexing under my fingers as my hand trailed lower. I schooled my expression to look innocent.

My hand brushing over his erection and then dipping into his pocket. "Call him then." I pulled my hand from his pocket and placed his phone in his hand. He looked surprised, intrigued and I was loving that I could make him lose his cocky playboy attitude for a moment.

He looked at his phone and back at me. Seeing his hesitation, I took my shirt off and laid back on his bed, perched on my elbows, my legs spread invitingly. It didn't matter that I was still in my skirt and panties, he raked his intense gaze over my body taking in every detail.

"Or you could give me your phone and I'll call him myself" I said with a smirk of my own. His eyes snapped back to mine. I watched as he swallowed hard.

Check mate.

He took in a quick breath trying to pull his composure back together. To do what exactly? Call me on my bluff? Maybe. He's always so damn controlled. It's infuriating. Why can't he be falling apart like I am?!

"Ok, here." He handed me his phone. "Call him. I want to hear this." His cocky grin was back in place, but I wasn't backing down. I found Zander's name in the contacts and listened while it rang.

"Hey man what's up?" Zander's deep gritty voice came though the phone.

"Hey, baby!" I said cheerily trying to sound more confident than I was.

"Um Lennix, why do you have Jaxon's phone?"

Jax laughed lightly while climbing between my legs. Crouching over me to talk into the phone. The weight of his lower body on mine making heat spring to my cheeks.

"Hey man. Your girl just wanted to ask you a question. I hope you don't mind." His tone was teasing me. His eyes never left mine. My breath came out more shaky than before as I opened my mouth to speak.

"Oh, alright. What's up, babe?" I blush harder at the closeness of Jax with Zander's sexy deep voice in my ear.

Jax whispers in my other ear and it is almost my undoing "try not to moan". His lips run along my neck making me bite my lip to keep from making a sound.

"Babe? Are you there?" Zander asks confused for a moment.

"Zan-Zander.. uh... Jax was wondering.." he nipped my neck. A sweet delicious heat spread through my body. "mmm fuck! Ok! I was wondering.... " I continued breathlessly.

"Lennix, where are you?" I couldn't tell what that tone was in his voice, but it dropped an octave and a pool of need had my panties wet.

"I'm... mmm" I moaned as Jax continued kissing, sucking, and biting on my neck. "I'm at Jax's." I could barely get the words out. My pulse had picked up and all I wanted was more.

"Do me a favor, baby girl, give Jax his phone back."

Jax took his phone sitting up from me, but his eyes stayed trained on mine.

"Yeah man? " I watched as mischief danced in his eyes. "Ya sure?... Alright. See ya." He threw his phone to the other side of the bed with a concurring smile.

Without a word his mouth was on mine again. His hands roaming my body. Groping my breasts. Tugging on my nipples. While he muffled my moans with his kiss. One hand sliding down my stomach.

My hips arched up begging him to touch me. He pulled away just enough to look at my face. He watched with careful attention as his hand slowly found its way into my panties. Sliding one finger against my lower lips. "Damn. Already so wet for me."

I blushed. There was no denying how much I wanted him when he literally held the evidence in his hand.

He slid his fingers up to circle my clit making my heart rate pick up.

"Jax" I moaned closing my eyes and leaning my head back. "Eyes on me, Princess." It wasn't a request. It was a demand. A demand with that sexy half smile that says he has me right where he wants me. I'm so screwed.

He thrust his finger inside my needy wet pussy and that smirk turned heated.

Leaning down licking a path from my collar bone to my ear. Thrusting his finger in and out of me as whimpering sounds left my lips and my hips bucked to meet his thrusts.

"Oh hell, You'd feel fucking amazing wrapped around my cock". He slid another finger inside me causing my breath to catch. Curling his fingers making a come-hither motion hitting that sweet spot that has me just on the brink of release. "You like that, princess? Thinking of my hard cock slamming into you? Beating this perfect little pussy up? Making you cum and sending you back to Zander? I can make that happen, all you have to do is beg like a good girl." that was my undoing. With one final thrust of his fingers my walls tightened around him and an earth shaking orgasm took hold of me. My hand slapped over my mouth as I came moaning out my release.

I was still panting coming down from my euphoric high when his door opened. My eyes stayed on Jax. He winked at me placing his fingers in his mouth making an approving grunt while he sucked my wetness from his digits.

"Fuck, she's just sweet as candy, Zander."

My eyes went wide looking at him in shock before I looked over to see Zander standing not 10 feet from us.

My mind battled between running out of there and begging for him to forgive me. I was so fucking stupid. He stood there expressionless. My curiosity got the better of me. I sat up on my elbows as Jax got up and walked over to Zander. Zander's eyes watched me cautiously. "What do you think?" He asked Jax.

Jax shook his head running his hand through his hair. "Honestly, Zan I think you were right."

Their conversation has me on edge. Lost for words, all I can think to do is cover myself with one of Jax's pillows and hide my face and hope for the earth to open up and swallow me whole.

The bed dipped in front of me. The pillow being pushed down gently. "Why are you hiding yourself? We've both seen your body. No point in hiding it." Zander said placing his fingers under my chin to raise my face to his.

The bed dipped again, this time behind me. Jax placed a kiss behind my ear. "Do you really think I'd do anything to you without him saying it's ok?"

Guilt. An incredible wave of guilt struck me hard. What the hell did I do. Zander must have picked up on my expression, because the next moment his lips were on mine. Soft. Tender. Loving. All of my other feelings just faded away.

When he pulled away from me Jax's hand tangled in my hair turning me to face him. Crashing his lips to mine. Rough. Dominant. Controlled. And I gave in. Meeting him with the same passion he gave me.

Zander took the pillow from in front of me. Throwing it aside. Kissing down my neck to my chest. Hot open mouthed kisses to my breasts. Moving lower. His tongue on my stomach made me gasp into Jax's mouth. He released my lips having me lean against his chest while his hands grasped my breasts. Zander peeked up smiling against my stomach. "Pinch her nipples. She likes that." Jax did as Zander said and a loud moan escaped my lips. "Fuck Zan, you didn't tell me she was a screamer." Zander pulled my skirt off playing with the thin, soaked black lace covering my center. He gave a knowing laugh as he looked at Jax. "You haven't heard anything yet." Looking at me he pulled my panties to the side and slid a finger inside me hard. Rough. I pinched my lips together trying to stay quiet.

"Hmm what's the matter, baby? Trying not to scream for me?" Zander knows how to touch me. He knows all of my sounds and I was holding them back. I shook my head.

A shock from my pinched nipples had me biting into my lip hard. "It's not nice to lie, Princess. Do it again and we will have to punish you. Understand?" Jax's voice was a warning growl in my ear.

I nodded my head. Jax flicked my nipples. "Say it, Lennix."

A whimper escaped my lips "I... I understand."

"Good girl, and just for the record... you can try to be quiet if you want to, but by the end..." Zander started pumping his finger in and out of me using his thumb to rub my clit. I was losing it. "We will have you screaming our names." Thrusting another finger inside me, my hips bucked into his hand. Loud moans filling the air.

Zander grinned up at me "That's it, baby. Let go. Give me what I want."

Jax's grip on my tits turned rough, punishing. He nipped my neck and my ear while Zander's thrusts picked up speed. "God, you're so fucking sexy." Jax whispered against my skin. I reached back for him. Pulling his face to mine begging for his lips on mine. He pinched my nipples harder while his tongue took over my mouth bitting my bottom lip.

My walls clenching around Zander's fingers tightly. "Damn baby, you're ready to cum again? " my reply died in Jax's mouth as he swallowed my moans and I came undone around Zander's expert touch.

Jax smiled into our kiss. "That's two." He told Zander.

Looking back at him, Zander had his shirt off and ripped the thin fabric from my lower body. By the look in his eyes we were far from done. Feeling Jax shift behind me I was acutely aware of the sound of his belt buckle, the button of his jeans... the zipper sliding down. But the feeling of his hard naked flesh against my lower back surprised and excited me.

Zander stood off the bed, grabbing my hair in one hand. His other hand down his pants stroking himself. "Get over here and put that sexy mouth to work." He pulled my hair just enough to make me crawl towards him on all fours. With shaky hands, I unsnapped his pants, pushing them down with his boxers and released his hard throbbing cock.

He stroked his hard length against my lips pushing the head into my mouth over and over. Teasing me. I wanted it. I wanted it all. Filling my mouth and fucking my throat. I wanted him to possess my mouth in front of Jax.

I felt Jax behind me, his hands on my hips rubbing his shaft against my pussy. I moaned on Zander's cock.

"Do you like that, baby girl?" Zander asked with a knowing smile.

Jax leaned over my body. His weight against my back. Pressing the head of his cock against my entrance. "Let me stretch that tight little pussy around my cock, Princess."

I moaned against Zander again and nod my head. He grabbed my head and pushed his length down my throat making me gag and held me there.

Jax rubbed the head of his cock up and down my slick slit getting it wet before thrusting into me hard and deep in one motion. My pussy holding him tight as if he were home inside me.

I've wanted this for so long. I've guiltily gotten off to to this fantasy countless times.

"Shit, Zander... I may not give her back after this." Jax said with a grunt moving in and out of me in slow controlled strokes.

Zander moaned as I bobbed my head on his cock with moans of my own. "We may be able to reach some kind of an agreement." I saw him smirk through my eyelashes.

Their conversation seemed playful and I was their willing toy.

Jax picked up his thrusts. Harder, faster, deeper. "That's right, Princess. Take all of my cock." He smacked my ass causing my pussy to clench around him harder. "Mmm such a good girl." His voice came out as near growls speaking directly to my soaked Cunt.

Zander chuckled " that's nothing. Grab her throat. Watch how she squeezes your dick in a death grip." He told Jax with amusement.

He never talks like this. It's fucking hot!

Jax wrapped his rough hand around my throat. Immediately my inner walls closed around him tight. His thrust became violent. Truly beating my pussy up while I moaned on Zander's cock. I was so fucking close. My body begging for release.

Zander wrapped my hair around his hand harder and forced himself down my throat. " choke on my dick, baby." I gagged immediately. Feeling Jax's hand around my neck helping me stroke Zander's cock deep in my throat. I gagged and moaned. My thighs shaking while my pussy pulsed hard.

Jax smacked my ass with a loud slap. "Cum on my cock, Princess. Cover it in your juices." He growled his command.

Zander pulled out of my mouth stroking himself slower in my face while I tumbled off the peak of ecstasy around Jax.

"Fffuck!" Jax groaned. He grabbed my hair pulling me up against his body fucking me harder. "Where? Tell me where." I bit my lip as another wave of pleasure hit. His hand wrapped around my throat again. His lips punishing and heated against mine. Biting my lip making me scream into his mouth as he picked up the pace again, "fuck it." He growled.

Jax released my throat pushing my upper body to the bed roughly. His thrusts were vicious. "Cum." His one word demand has me spiraling in my release as he filled me with his hot thick load. He shuddered behind me and stilled.

"Roll over" Zander's deep gritty voice groaned. Jax pulled out from me and laid back on the bed next to me.

Zander moved between my legs immediately thrusting three fingers inside my throbbing pussy working my g-spot. "You enjoyed him filling you with his cum." It wasn't a question. "Now, I'm going to fill you with mine."

Without warning he removed his fingers and thrust himself into me. He spread my legs wider holding my thighs down to the bed. My moans becoming screams as he plowed into me harder like he was reclaiming my pussy for himself.

Jax rolled my nipple between his fingers making my pussy clench around Zander.

He leaned over to whisper in my ear in a deep sinful voice "watching Zander fuck my cum back into your sweet little cunt makes me want to take you again." He nipped my earlobe "when he's done I'm going to have you screaming my name." He growled against my ear.

"Jax!" I moaned. Zander chuckled. "Bad girl." He bit my nipple making me scream out in pleasure and pain. "Scream out his name all you want when he's inside you." He thrust deeper. Harder. "Right now... this. Pussy. Is. Mine." He groaned deep. Jax reaches between us and pinched my clit making me cum so hard it knocked the breath from my lungs while Zander found his release within me. Zander's name, a lust filled scream from my lips.

"Good girl" Zander kissed up my chest. My neck. His lips finding mine in a soft loving kiss.

Jax growled in my ear "come here, princess. I'm not done with you."

Zander smiled against my lips. He pulled out and smacked my ass. The mix of our coupling dripping down my thighs as I crawled over Jax and straddled him.

I slid down his shaft rocking my hips. Bouncing up and down on his cock. Feeling him deep in my lower belly. His groans and growls bringing me satisfaction. He thrust up to meet my motion with his own. His hands tight around my hips forcing me to take him harder. My clit hitting his pelvis spurring me on. I screamed out his name over and over as he demanded my pleasure.

Jax wrapped his arms under my thighs pulling my legs to his shoulders so he had complete control of my thrusts. The moment I was about to find my release again he rolled us over, my back pressed to the bed, my legs on his shoulders, while he pounded into me. The sound of wet skin hitting wet skin echoed off the walls as I screamed. "Be. a. good. girl." Jax growled between thrusts "Beg. for. my. cum." I clenched again.

"P-please, Jax!" I screamed.

"Please. What?" He asked barely controlling himself.

"Pl-please give- give it to me. Fill me up? Please?" I begged. I pleaded.

He grabbed my jaw between his rough fingers kissing me hard. His cock twitched inside me. My pussy tightened as he filled me with his release once more. Rolling his hips hitting that magic spot that makes me weak. And I fell from the precipice of pleasure beneath him.


Jax lay on a pillow a few feet from Zander as they both watched me try to calm myself.

"So, terms" Zander said.

"Right," Jax agreed with a grin.

"We could share." Zander states.

"We already knew we could." Jax laughed.

I crawled between the two, my leg wrapped over Jax's lower body. My head on Zander's chest.

"What do you say, Princess?" Jax asked his hand running lazy stokes up and down my body, "you ready to be my girl too?"


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