Loving Lennix

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23. She said...


Jax lay on a pillow a few feet from Zander as they both watched me try to calm myself.

"So, terms" Zander said.

"Right," Jax agreed with a grin.

"We could share." Zander states.

"We already knew we could." Jax laughed.

I crawled between the two, my leg wrapped over Jax's lower body. My head on Zander's chest.

"What do you say, Princess?" Jax asked his hand running lazy stokes up and down my body, "you ready to be my girl too?"


Lennix POV

I lay in stunned silence unsure of what I could possibly say to that.

On the one hand, I love both of these men with every part of me. On the other, this was far outside of my comfort zone... and... what if it ended badly? I could lose both of them. I mean... how the hell would this even work?

I looked between these two gorgeous men seeing absolute sincerity in their eyes. "You're serious?" I asked looking at Jax turning my face to Zander "you too?" They both nod.

Zander strokes my hair absentmindedly while Jax ran his fingers softly up and down my thigh in a soothing graze. Both just waiting for my answer.

"How?" I asked staring at my hand on Zander's shoulder.

"What do you mean 'how'?" Zander asked quietly. His voice is so calming.

I pulled myself up to sit on my knees between them and look at them when I asked, "I mean how would that even work?"

Zander shrugged. "How does any relationship work?" Jax just gave a small smile before he responded.

"We know it's not the most traditional relationship. We get that. We know your family may have an issue at first, but... we've talked about it a lot for a while now. There's no jealousy between Zander and I. We just want you. But the question is... do you want us?"

I sat shocked by Jaxon's words. I'm used to the cocky playboy Jax this is different. He's acting like a well put together man. Hell, he's talking a lot like Zander! What the fuck is happening right now?!

I raised an eyebrow. "What are the terms you were talking about?" I asked Jax knowing he would be the first to crack. He gave me a wicked smirk.

"First" he said grabbing my hand and pulling me so I fell across his chest straddling him. I giggled at the playfulness.

Oh thank god! I thought this was some freaky Friday shit going on here.

He grabbed my chin and kissed me hard. I moaned into his mouth and he grinned against my lips before pulling away. "We're exclusive. You're ours and we're yours. I may not be jealous of Zander, but if anyone else touches this sexy body I can't promise that I'll be able to refrain from knocking some asshole out." He gives me a serious look and I can tell there's no joking around. I wanted to be a smart ass, but something in that look told me I should keep my mouth shut. So I just nod. After all, it's not like I want anyone else.

Zander cleared his throat turning my attention to him. He smiled softly at me making my heart melt. "Communication is the only way this will work. The three of us have to be open and clear in communicating. That means you can't push one of us away because of how you feel. You need to tell us and we will do the same."

"Ok" I said softly. "Anything else?"

I felt the soft laugh through Jax's chest. "Yeah...One more thing." His hands slid down my back "as much fun as tonight was. It won't always be like this."

I looked up to him in confusion "what do you mean?"

He gave me a smirk "as much as I enjoyed sharing you with Zander and it's going to happen again" he bit his lip cupping my ass thrusting his hips up to mine letting out a groan. "There's nothing stopping us from being together separately. Zander has already agreed. So next time I kiss you I don't want you to feel guilty and run out, understood?" I blushed remembering the kiss on his living room floor.

I gave him a nod and thought it over for a moment. Was I really going to do this? It sounds so simple.

"Ok" I said after a few more moments.

"Ok?" Jax gave a bright smile. "So that's a yes?"

I smiled back at him "that's a yes"

He pulled me to him crashing his lips to mine his hands buried in my hair. I giggled while he kissed me over and over.

He looked over at Zander, "She fucking said yes!" He has the goofiest grin on his face. Like a big kid.

Zander laughed at him and rolled his eyes "I'm right here. I heard it all." He leaned over running his hand through my hair. A single finger under my chin turning my face to his. He laid a gentle, loving kiss on my lips. "I missed this smile." He said running his thumb over my lips and I smiled bigger.

"I love you." I told him.

"And I love you." He kissed me again.

I looked down at Jax who still looks like he's won the greatest prize in all the world.

"I love you too you big idiot."

Those dimples and bright smile were working overtime I swear.

"And I love you too, princess." Kissed me with a rough dominance that claimed my soul.

I broke the kiss after a few moments pushing myself off of him. "Now, if you guys don't mind. There's only one of me and two of you!" I laid down between them on my stomach. "I need a damn nap." Jax laughed swatting my ass. "I'm going to order some food." He grabbed some sweat pants and walked out. Zander played with my hair for a little while before he spoke. "I'm going to let you get some rest. I have something to take care of, but I'll be back in an hour ok?" He kisses my forehead. I just nod and snuggle into the pillow. Quickly finding sleep.


Jaxon POV

"You heading out?" I asked Zander as he walked towards the front door.

He nods pulling out his keys. "Just have to drop off those files. I'll be bake in about an hour."

"Food will be here around then. Just let yourself in. You have a key." I said walking back towards my room.

Lennix was asleep sprawled out across my bed laying on her stomach. Only a sheet covering her. She looks fucking beautiful even when her hair is a mess and she's sleeping with her lips parted. Little purr like snores filling the air.

I laugh to myself watching her before climbing into bed and pulling her to me. I've missed snuggling with her. Having her body pressed to mine.

I kiss the top of her head as she shifts against me. Her nails scratch my chest lightly. My hand rests on her ass and despite the sexual need for her I always feel, there's a deeper intimacy I've been missing just from holding her close. I never thought I would want something like this. Soon I'm pulled into a restful sleep beneath her feeling her heart beat against my chest.


Unknown POV

It's taken me years to track him down. The love of my life. I knew I fucked up, but he loved me once. That doesn't just go away. He can love me again. I'll win him back. I have to. There's so much I have to tell him. So much I have to fix. This has just as much to do with him as it does me. He deserves to know. I can't do this on my own anymore.

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