Loving Lennix

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24. Call me daddy

Zander POV

"Sam, I have the files all here. I can't stay long. I just wanted to drop them off before I handle some personal business."

"Yes, sir. I'll go through them and see where the discrepancy is. It wasn't a large difference, but it has added up over time." She said looking down at the flash drive I handed her.

Over the last year there has been money going missing and Jax nor I could figure it out. It started off small. A few thousand here and there, but now at the end of the year it's added up to almost half a million. What we thought originally was an error in calculation was starting to look a lot like someone dipping into the business account.

With s such a large staff pool. We have at least five people with access to that account without needing to ask permission for spending. That includes Jax, myself, our head of finance (Sam), our head of marketing (Devon), and the head of HR who does our hiring (Brenda).

It's a touchy situation, because it's a lot of money and we need our calculations to be correct. We also need proof if we are going to be putting blame on anyone. I know it's not Jax or I. I don't believe it's Sam since she brought it to my attention, but I can't outright ask Devon or Brenda either without catching a lawsuit for slander if I'm wrong.

This whole thing is turning into a shit show.


Getting back to Jax's, I meet a delivery boy with food who looks like he's been standing outside for a little while. The food is already paid for so I apologize for him having to wait and give him a twenty dollar bill for his time.

Walking in with the food I'm expecting to hear the reason Lennix and Jax didn't answer the door. Making up for lost time, but I'm met with silence.

Curious, I drop the food off in the kitchen and walk up the stairs to his bedroom. What I saw instead was something I wasn't expecting, but filled my heart with so much happiness. Jax has Lennix wrapped in his arms. Her head on his chest, leg wrapped around him as they both slept soundlessly.

It may seem odd to be happy about this, but Jax doesn't sleep with anyone in his bed. So to see him not only sleeping peacefully with her, but him snuggled up with her warms my very soul. You'd have to be blind and stupid to not see how they compliment each other. They are so similar, but their little differences balance each other well. She and I are near opposites, but we bring out different sides of the other.

How she thought this wouldn't work out is beyond me, because just seeing us together is enough for me to know it's right.

I decide to give them a little more time to rest while I put the food away and plan out a date for Lennix. We have all gone out as friends together, but never romantically. That has always been just her and I. I want this to be special. I want her to see how good things can be. How naturally we all fit together.


Jaxon POV

I wake with the sun shinning through the window with the most gorgeous woman I know wrapped in my arms and for a moment I think I'm still dreaming before recent events flood my mind and a smile blesses my face.

Running my hands through her hair I try to wake her gently. My efforts seem to fail as she doesn't make a move to wake.

I lean in to kiss her head. Her cheeks. Landing on her lips softly. Her lips quirk up in a sleepy smile. "Good morning, princess."

Her eyes meet mine before she leans up and kisses me gently. It's a light brush of her lips to mine. Something I've never been accustomed to, but means everything to me. "Morning, Jax." She looks around the room her eyebrows pulling together. "We slept a long time, where's-"

Just then Zander walks in. His hair is a mess. "Your couch sucks." He says as he makes his way to the other side of my bed.

I didn't even know he came back. I knew he said he would but I was dead to the world. That was the best sleep I've ever had.

"You slept on my couch?" I ask in disbelief.

He gave a smile and kissed Nix on her forehead. "I didn't want to disturb your sleep or intrude. I know how much you don't like sharing your bed and one night on your couch wasn't going to kill me."

I rolled my eyes, but I was grateful. He was giving me my own time with Lennix. I had to appreciate that.

"What time is it?" She asked rubbing the sleep from her eyes rolling off me to the middle. I immediately miss her warmth. Her body pressed to mine. She makes me excited and calm all at once. It's a feeling I don't think I'll ever get tired of.

"It's just passed noon. If you get up now we have time to get some food and go for a run before we go on a date." Zander said with a smile.

Lennix sat up quickly the sheets pulling around her hips exposing her still naked form. "A date?" She asked excitedly.

I'm fighting hard with temptation. "How long do we have?" I ask Zander. He's reading the expression on my face with a knowing look. "I'm going to grab a shower." He shakes his head smiling again. "Try not to wear her out. I have a lot planned for the three of us today." He kisses her lips before walking off to my bathroom and closing the door.

The moment the water turns on, I'm on my knees straddling her legs while I kiss her hard. Her lips moving with mine. Her tongue in my mouth exploring every inch.

I pull the sheets from her body and kiss my way down. The way she shivers at my touch and the moans leaving her lips drive me crazy.


Lennix POV

Jax's mouth left mine to travel down my neck to my breasts taking my nipples into his mouth one by one. Licking, sucking, and nipping down my body.

He pulls my legs apart forcing me to lean back against the headboard.

Jax smirks up at me. His eyes dark. I just know I'm not getting out of here until he has me screaming. He dips between my thighs. His tongue sweeping up my slit making me jump when his tongue rolls hard against my clit. My breathing picks up. My heart rate erratic. As I'm staring down into the most intense midnight blue eyes I've ever seen.

He looks at me like I'm his prey and he's going to devour me whole.

"Jax" I whisper, but it sounds more like a sigh as he continues his assault on my clit. Rolling firm circled and sucking hard. I swear I'll have hickies on my clit by the time he's done.

My hands thread through his hair pushing him into me further. Fuck that feels so-

"Grab the headboard.... and don't let go." He bits down a little rougher on my inner thigh making me moan louder.

I reach back holding the headboard by my head. The action alone making my back arch pushing my tits out. He seems to really enjoy the view and I'm loving his tongue working it's magic.

Jax wraps one arm around my waist securing my lower lips to his.

Holy fuck!

His other hand toying with my nipples. Pinching, pulling, rolling them between his fingers in turn. Dipping his tongue inside me, sucking on my pussy lips. Dragging out every spark of pleasure he could possibly get.

The arm holding me to him flexes as he starts rubbing my clit with his thumb while he eats me like a whole damn meal. Every time I'm close he slows and starts up again.

He has me screaming in no time. "Jax! Please. I'm gunna c-cum"

He shakes his head. "No." He takes another long slow lick of my folds. "The only place you are going to cum is wrapped around my dick, princess."

He grabs my legs and pulls me down the bed. His lips meeting mine in a bruising warning of a kiss. He bits my bottom lip and sucks it into his mouth.

"I want to tie you up." He smirks down at me. "I want to lick your sweet little pussy until you can't stand it." His hand grazes my throat and works it's way into my hair to pull hard. A whimpering moan leaves my throat. God I love this. "Then and only then am I going to punish your tight cunt pounding into you over and over forcing you to cum on repeat until you have soaked my sheets in your sweet release." His words steal my breath. Fuck I want that all!

His eyes study my reaction as a blush reaches my cheeks. He licks my lips. "You want that too, princess?" I nod quickly.

Of fucking course I want that!

He chuckles to himself. Reaching above me pulling out restraints I didn't even know he had. Attaching them to my wrists. Pushing my legs up. "Hold your legs. If you let go, you get punished. I'll spank that sexy ass pink, we'll start all over, and I won't let you cum. Understood?"

I nod again before his hand comes down across my ass spanking me hard releasing a yelp from my lips. "Use your words. Unless you want your mouth to be kept busy instead." The throaty growl for his voice makes me shiver.

"Yes." It comes out breathlessly. I'm practically panting for him.

His hand comes down on my ass again with a sharp sting. "Yes what?" He smirks down at me as I wiggle biting my lip.

"...Jax?" I questioned.

His smirk turned to a mischievous grin.

Oh fuck!

"How about this, princess..." he lowered his mouth to my clit licking and sucking hard. "I'll be down here until you're a good girl and address me properly." His tongue went to work up and down my slit, hitting my clit roughly. Drawing loud moans of pleasure. Making my walls clench.

"Jax, please!" I begged.

He shook his head side to side his mouth brushing against my lower lips.

He spread my pussy and dipped his tongue inside me rolling it. Tasting all of me.

"Oh fuck, Jaxon!" I screamed feeling the pressure build, but he pulled away and smiled down at me.

"No, princess." I whimpered at his words. He's torturing me.

He spit on my pussy and rubbed it in with his thumb. Focusing on my clit. My legs started to shake. Just a little more. Right on the edge.

"Oh god please, daddy let me cum." I pleaded. I don't know where that came from. I've never called someone daddy in bed before.

His eyes lit up with a questioning smirk before he lowered his lips back to my clit. Growling against my pussy. "Cum for daddy" and sucked hard on my clit. I screamed out my release. My back arching off the bed. Legs trembling. He cleaned my cream up with his tongue in slow diligent strokes. "Such a good girl, princess." I blushed under his praise.

He licked up my inner thigh until he leaned over me and kissed my lips. His tongue immediately gaining access to mine. Kissing me hard while I taste myself.

He grabbed the back of my thighs spreading me wide as he pushed my knees into the bed and forced his hard length inside me. A loud gasp leaving my mouth followed by screams of pleasure as he pushed into me faster and harder. "That's right, princess. Scream for me." He bit my neck and groaned in my ear. "I want the whole fucking neighborhood to hear you scream." My pussy clenched at his words. I licked his chin and nipped his bottom lip when his eyes met mine. "Fuck me harder, daddy."

He growled against my lips.

So fucking sexy!

He put my legs up on his shoulders and grabbed the headboard. Thrusting into me at a punishing pace. Hard, fact, deep.

This date may have to be canceled because the end goal here... I won't be able to fucking walk.

Holy fuck!

His head thrown back in pleasure as he's pounding into me. The air filled with sex and the sounds of our bodies slamming together. My core clenching hard around his huge thick cock. "Fucking cum for me." He demands and I am powerless to reject. I lose myself falling from the ledge of sanity. Cuming wrapped around his cock just as he said with a loud scream, but he's not done.

His pace never slows. He plows into me again and again harder. My legs shaking and it's as if I'm never coming down from this high. His thumb rubs hard circles on my clit while the other hand pulls my hair. "Fuck! Cum again. Cum in daddy's big fat-" he couldn't fishing the sentence as my pussy gripped him hard and I came for the second time with him growling out his release and stilling on top of me. Sweat drenching our bodies. Panting as we try to catch our breath.

He released the restraints from my wrists and nuzzled into my neck kissing me sweetly. Kissing my lips softly before his face fell back to my neck and he chuckled lightly to himself.

The bathroom door opened and Zander came out freshly showered and fully clothed. Hair looking perfect as always. An amused smile on his face.

"Daddy huh?" He raised an eyebrow and I blushed hard.

Jax chuckled again. "I've never been a daddy dom type, but I'm not going to lie... I fucking loved it." He kisses my lips again "call me daddy anytime, princess."

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