Loving Lennix

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25. Jayda?

Lennix POV

After the rigorous events earlier, I didn't have the motivation to go for a run. So, instead Jax and I took a shower and got ready to eat with Zander. Zander picked up clothes for me at some point last night. Let's just say his choice in outfit tells me his usual nice dinner isn't what he has in mind for tonight, but I'm not complaining. I just want to spend time with my guys. I had on short shorts and a cropped t-shirt with cute little heels that had cheetah print on them.

"So, where are we off to?" I ask Zander wrapping my arms around his waist. He bends down to kiss my lips softly before mumbling something about it being a surprise to which I rolled my eyes. Why does it have to be a surprise?

Jax walks out looking delicious in ripped jeans and a t-shirt that pulls at his biceps and abs. Damn them both for looking so sexy!

He smacks my ass as he walks by to grab a few water bottles from the fridge making me blush furiously. Zander laughs at my expression while I pout.

"He just smacked my ass and you find that funny?" I ask sticking my bottom lip out like he should defend me.

He raises an eyebrow looking down at me "I didn't hear any complaints when he smacked your ass earlier." He grabbed a handful pushing me closer to him. "I don't hear complaints now... and I'm sure you won't be complaining later." He kissed my nose releasing me from his hold while I look at him in surprise.

What the fuck happened to my loving gentleman? Who the hell is this Zander?!


"No fucking way! The lake?!" I screech in excitement bouncing in the middle seat of the truck in excitement.

Zander glances over at me in amusement. Jax laughs before grabbing my face and shutting me up with a demanding kiss. "Calm the fuck down. You bouncing like that is giving me way too many ideas." He chuckles into the kiss.

"You are such a dog. Behave." I playfully glare at him.

Zander rests one hand on my thigh while he drives and squeeze gently biting his lip. "He's right. Knock it off or dinner won't be the only thing we eat at the lake." He says it like it's a threat, but the promise is tempting as hell.


The lake is fucking gorgeous and on a hot day like today it's easily crowded by noon, so us showing up late in the afternoon, we were lucky to find a parking spot.

When we got out of the truck both of my guys held my hand as we walked down the paved path towards the lake.

Zander pulled us off to a more narrow walkway away from others where there weren't so many people. He laid out a blanket up in the grass and sat back looking every bit the relaxed composed Zander that I love.

Jax stripped off his shirt and jeans leaving him in his boxers and I stood in wide eyed surprise. We were far enough from others that they couldn't clearly see us, but that didn't mean he needed to get naked out here! What is wrong with this man?

He caught my expression and laughed. "It the same as a bathing suit, Princess. It's fine. Take that off and get in."

A blush creeped up my cheeks. Zander got my clothes. He knew where we were going and he picked the most revealing bra and panties I own.

I shoot an embarrassed glare at Zander as he sits back with a self satisfying grin.

"Um... no." I looked to the ground "it's not like a bathing suit." I tried to convey to Jax without directly telling him it would be blatant indecent exposure, but he took it as a challenge.

He walked up to me with a smirk while Zander tried to hold back a chuckle and I was slowly dying inside because the idiot set me up. He's so damn lucky I love him.

Jax reaches for my shirt and started lifting it up. My hands on his begging him to stop or continue? I'm not entirely sure.

He groaned when he got a peek of the baby pink half cup bra that barely covered my nipples. “You did this on purpose” he told Zander who couldn’t hold in his chuckle any longer. “Looks like she can’t strip in front of all of Austin.” Zander shrugged.

That was his plan. He has me in a reveling outfit with even more reveling undergarments so it’s enough to tease the hell out of Jax but not enough that others will get an eye full. Nice play. He won this one. No one can argue that.

“This is such bullshit.” Jax laughed pulling back. “When we get home I’m bending her over in your truck and fucking her hard.”

Zander rolled his eyes “you won’t make it til we get home. $20 says you try to take her in the bathroom before dinner is over.”

Are we just talking about me like I’m not even here anymore? What the hell?

“$50 says neither of you get anything and you go to sleep with blue balls.” I muttered lowly not thinking they could here me.

I was wrong.

Jax grabbed me around my waist and spun me around. “Is that so, princess?” He whispered in my ear when my feet finally found the ground again. I looked into his deep blue eyes and bit my lip nodding my head.

Zander has stripped down to his boxers and was standing in front of me with a smirk. He brushed his hand through my hair running his fingers over my jaw. His green eyes dancing with delight. Then he gave a fraction of a nod to Jax and Jax picked me up like a child and threw me into the lake.

Motherfucker! What is it with this man and the ping me in bodied of water?!

Both of them jumped in after me having the time of their lives. We swam and splashed. It was great. Just like my birthday. The carefree beauty of it was amazing to me. It warmed my soul and tugged at my heart. I love these two so fucking much.


After a while the sky started to turn brilliant orange and purpled and Zander said we needed to get out to dry before we went to eat seeing as how we didn’t bring spare clothes.

We sat out laughing and talking about everything and nothing. Being with the two of them like this just feels so natural. Like it was meant to be.

When I was finally dry enough we walked hand in hand to a restaurant with a large deck and tables. There was music flooding through speakers that seemed to surround the whole restaurant.

It was lovely. Little twinkle lights were out on the deck giving a soft glow. It wasn’t super fancy or stuffy like some of the places Zander knew I didn’t like, but I went because he wanted to shower me in what he believed was the best and I honestly just liked spending time with him. On my nights to pick dates with him I picked the movies or walks through the park. I’m a simple girl. And this place suits me perfectly. Jax seemed to love it too.

We were done eating, already paid the check, and were about to walk out when we were stopped by a tall brunette, with tanned skin and brown eyes.

She looked like a damn supermodel.

When she approached us and gave me a hard look I figured she was one of Jax’s old flings. So I prepared myself for any shade she could have thrown, but when she opened her mouth and her husky sweet voice graced the other man in my life, my heart stuttered.

“Zan baby long time.” She purred.

I took a moment to look her over. Tall, long legs, she wasn’t as curvy as me but she had defined tone to every part of her body and was currently showing it off in a short white mesh bodycon type dress covering a vibrant bright green bikini that complemented her skin perfectly.

Zander gave her a tight nod “Jayda”.

Jax strokes my knuckles of the hand he’s holding trying to sooth me. I’m getting worked up for nothing. Calm down Lennix.

She glanced down at my hand in Jax’s and grinned. Stepping up to Zander running a hand from his shoulder to his pectoral. She tilted her head to the side. “We have a lot to talk about.”

He. Did. Nothing.

It was like he was fucking frozen for a good thirty seconds.

Jax clears his throat before Zander snapped his eyes to mine and gave a guilty sympathetic smile and stepped closer to me. “I don’t think we have anything to talk about, Jayda.”

She scoffs looking between the three of us and giving me a nasty glare. “Of course we do. There’s something you don’t know.” She paused and Zander’s jaw twitched. “I haven’t seen you since we broke up three years ago. What could there possibly be that you need to talk to me about?” He was irritated and I could see his jaw tick as the seconds passed.

The next words that came from her mouth were spoken so slowly and deliberately that I thought I was having a panic attack in slow motion. “Your son.”

I looked up to Zander with so much confusion and hurt. How could he have a child and not tell me? Fuck that how could he say he never loved anyone else, but had a child with someone else?!

“What the hell are you talking about?” He was angry. Angry that she let the secret out or angry because he didn’t know?

“We’re going to wait at the truck. Come on, Lennix.” Jax gently led me away while calling over his shoulder “You’re still the same manipulative cunt I remember, Jayda. Always a pleasure.”

I broke down the moment we made it to the truck and Jax’s arms wrapped around me. I cried hard. I knew I should give Zander the chance to explain, but right now emotions were overtaking me. I expect at any given time to have to deal with Jaxon’s ex’s, but Zander’s and a child he never told me about?

What the fuck?!

We were in the truck for over an hour when I cried myself to sleep in Jaxon’s arms. He was stroking my hair and shushing me speaking soothing words trying to calm me, but I couldn’t calm down. If he’s been lying to me and keeping this from me, my heart will shatter.


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