Loving Lennix

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27. Daddy Jax

Lennix POV

Soft kisses trail down the back of my neck to my shoulder blade urging me to wake up.

Firm, big hands squeeze my breasts and roll my nipples while his mouth descends down my spine making me moan out in pleasure.

My sleepy moans gain his attention as he rolls me onto my back and climbs between my legs. He licked a smooth path from my bellybutton up to the valley of my breasts.

"Good morning, princess." Jax grants me a playful smile.

I smiled back still a little groggy from sleep. "Morning, Jax. What are you doing?" I giggled.

He shrugged like a big kid "I woke up hungry." He wiggles his eyebrows.

I shook my head laughing, playfully trying to push him off me, but Jaxon loves a challenge.

In moments between play fighting and rolling around on the bed he manages to cuff my wrists above my head.

He quickly grabs my thighs and spreads me wide "feed me woman!" He growls down at my wet center in a playfully dominant way that has me laughing.

He licked up my inner thigh teasing me and nipped my sensitive skin. "Jax!" I squeal out in surprise.

He looked up at me with a smirk "aww princess, what happened to daddy?"

I rolled my eyes. "That just slipped out." I smirked down at his fake hurt expression.

He flicked my clit just once with his tongue. "Let's see if I can make it slip again." He began his slow teasing torture kissing and licking as close to my soaked kitty as he could get without touching its sensitive folds or little bundle of nerves.

He kissed and licked a path up to my breasts and circled my nipples without paying them any attention making me whimper for his touch.

He moved up my neck to my ear while resting his erect member on my inner thigh. I could feel his heat on my naked core, but he wouldn't let me have it.

He nibbles my earlobe and whispers "all you have to do is call me daddy and I'll give you what you really want... my cock filling your tight, perfect pussy forcing you to cum all over my bed... but first... you're gunna have to let daddy know when it's time to eat." He pulled away winking and liking his lips.

I huffed out in frustration glaring up at his gorgeous face.

God, I just want to smack him and then kiss him sometimes.

He continued his torment. Licking, kissing, nibbling my skin leaving a path of hickies down my chest and stomach ending just above my clit. Then he moved to my inner thighs and worked his way up doing the same making me pant and beg for his tongue where I really need it, but he just shakes his head no. He's taking his time. He's patient, but barely so. I know that if I do as he says he will have me in an instant, but I'm stubborn. At least I am until he hits the soft flesh surrounding my pussy lips and my hips jerk slightly brushing his stubble against the begging apex of my thighs.

"Please, daddy lick my pussy." My resolve crumbled and in a flash so did his.

He was done taking his time and attacked my soaked Cunt like a starved man in an oasis of ambrosia. His mouth was everywhere. He sucked my lower lips, nibbled and rolled his tongue against my clit. Drew me higher in pleasure while I rode his tongue and my walls tightened around the muscle he used to make me scream. "I want to taste you, princess." He groaned against me. "Cum on daddy's tongue. Feed me, princess." My will snapped and I came hard rocking against his mouth while he slurped up my juices.

When I finally come down, his leisurely licks of my pussy cease.

Jax helps me off the bed and stand on shaky legs. "Can I try something?" He asks holding my hair in one hand while I look up at him still in a haze of lust. I nod my head as he smiles brightly.

He opens the bench at the end of his bed and I see a mass array of sex toys and restraints, whips and other things I've never actually used. Excitement sparks within me when he grabs a device and walks back to me with a few other things.

"Think of a word. Any word you could use instead of 'stop'. This will be your safe word and if you ever use it I will stop immediately, but only use it if something makes you uncomfortable or you really want to stop. Playing like this... sometimes it's intense, but I will never do anything to hurt you. I promise." He kisses my lips softly.

I thought it over for a bit before responding "baby." It's what Zander calls me... baby... babygirl. It seems fitting. He is gentle. Whereas Jax is like an animal running on the instinct to fuck me so hard and so often I'd be pregnant if I weren't on birth control. He has this obsession with filling my womb with his seed and I'm not ashamed to say that it's a fucking turn on.

He nods at my safe word and has me straddle a chair he has place a semi round cushion looking device on. Placing my clit over a fleshy feeling nub.

"Grab the back of the chair, princess." He said with his classic smirk in place.

Jax came up behind me attaching soft rope to my wrists wrapping around the chair to my other wrist. If I didn't trust him so much I'd say this is how every horror movie kidnapping starts.

Once secured he takes out a remote and the device beneath me starts a low humming vibration that I was not ready for. A surprised gasp leaves my lips while I stair up into his deep ocean blue eyes.

He grabs my jaw gentle, but firm and kisses me possessively. Taking over my mouth like he alone owns me.

Pulling away he licked my lips. "You aren't going to cum until I say so. Understand, Princess?" I give him a playful glare. "Of course, Daddy." His soft chuckle sends shivers of delight down my spine.

Next he has nipple clamps. I know what these are. I've seen them before, but never used them. They are attached to each other with a thin chain and for some reason I find them to be beautiful.

Attaching them to each nipple I let out a hiss at the pinching sensation and he hits a button on the remote again increasing the vibrations on my clit turning my hiss into a whimpered moan.

"How's that, princess?" He smiles down at his handy work.

I contemplate the sensations running through me, "It feels... so good, daddy."

A broad smile lit up his face before he walked back to the toybox. Grabbing something else.

"This is a crop." He told me holding it out to show me. My eyes widened a bit looking at the long rod attached to a sleeve of leather.

He shook his head with a smile "it's not meant to hurt you... unless I want it to." He winked, but I'm finding it hard to believe this thing could be pleasurable.

He took it by the handle running the end down my neck to my breasts teasing around the clamps. My core clenched at the sensation.

With a flick of his wrist the leather bit into my nipple with a soft, quick smack and a louder moan left my lips and a satisfied smile met his.

He grazed the leather down my abdomen until he met my clit resting over the vibrating device and gave it a gentle smack so quick I didn't see it coming. My hips jerked and another moan left my lips.

"Still ok, princess?" He asks watching me carefully. I swallowed hard trying to gain control of my voice, but it's becoming difficult. "Yes, daddy." My words come out breathy.

He increased the vibrations again and used the crop to lay biting taps against my inner thighs. Trailing the crop back up my stomach in a tickling whisper of a touch until he reaches my other nipple and lays a harder smack there. I screamed out my pleasure.

This is unreal!

He went back and forth between my nipples, caressing and flicking them with the crop. I started to grind my clit over the vibration needing more contact needing him inside me. The pressure building inside me was increasing beyond control.

He smacked my clit with the smooth leather and it took everything in me not to cum.

"Please, daddy!" I begged panting trying to hold back.

Jax kissed my lips softly "what do you want, princess?"

I didn't even think about my words as they tumbled out of my mouth. "Fuck me hard, daddy. Make me cum on your big, hard cock." There was no demand in my words. It was pure desperation.

He dropped the crop to the floor "anything for you, princess." He pulled the device out from under me and threw it out of his way grabbing my ass to pick me up and slamming into me. My legs automatically wrapped around his hips while he plowed into me hard.

I let out screams at the shear pleasure of being filled with his length. He licked my nipples pulling me violently to him with each thrust. I held the back of the chair feeling it rock back on two legs with every monstrous thrust.

My walls tightened around him as I fought through the impulse to release around him. He growled at the feel of my body squeezing down on him.

"Not yet, princess. Hold on for, daddy." He grunted out. "Fuck! I've never wanted to breed someone so fucking badly in my life." I clenched harder around him and whimpered screams were all I could reply. "Oh you like that don't you, princess?" He nipped my jaw and slammed into me harder, faster, deeper with growls and moans of his own. "You like daddy's cum filling up your tight, perfect little cunt."

I nod enthusiastically barely holding on.

He kissed my lips with demand. One hand grabbing the chain between the clamps on my nipples. "You ready, princess?"

I panted moaning out "yes, daddy please!" Just before he tugged the chain releasing my nipples from the clamps. "Cum!"

Pain and pleasure morphed into a delicious chaotic overwhelming sensation and I lost myself wrapped around him. My whole body shook and I swear I may never come down from this high as thick ropes of his seed coated my insides.

He stilled for a few moments, my pussy milking him for every drop, before pulling out of me and untying my wrists from the chair.

He carried me back to the bed and massaged my achy muscles of my arms, back, and legs.

He kissed me deeply with all the love he holds for me and it took my breath away.

“Was that ok?” He sounded almost worried.

I kissed him and mumbled against his lips “that was amazing.”

He smiled like I just told him he won man of the year. It was the most breathtakingly beautiful sight.

"I'm going to run a bath for you and then we have to call Zander. Alright?”


For a while I forgot all about the drama with Zander, that Jayda girl, and his... child.

"Ok." I whispered back.


This was kind of a sexy filler. Hope y’all enjoyed it.

XO lovelies.


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