Loving Lennix

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28. Keeping secrets

Jaxon POV

When Lennix called Zander he was adamant that he needed to talk to her in person. He refused to answer any of her questions on the phone. She was a nervous wreck the whole ride over and there was nothing I could do to calm her.

For someone who's known her since she was a child, he sure did make a big mistake by doing this shit. Not one fucking answer to her questions. He couldn't even tell her that everything would be ok. To make matters worse, he was with Jayda when he answered her call and even went so far as to rush the call to get off the phone.

He thought he was pissed when I hurt her unintentionally? I could skin him alive right now. I'm barely keeping it together watching the woman I love panicking.

I knocked on the door and laced my fingers with Lennix's hoping a little bit of contact will help keep her grounded and it seems to at the very least take the edge off as she takes a deep breath and releases it just before the door opens.

And in that moment I wish we would have stayed in my bed.

Standing in front of us is Jayda wearing nothing by Zander's t-shirt. Messy hair and smudged makeup.

Lennix took a step back. The look on her face confused before it settled on pained. Her breath came in quick, shallow inhales. She's going to hyperventilate.

At quick as I can manage I grabbed the doorknob slamming it back shut to block the image of Jayda. I grab both of Lennix's hands so she faces me.

"Breathe, princess" I cup her face watching her full on panic attack.

Fuck, Zander. What the shit?!

"Princess, breathe with me. Can you do that? Watch me. Feel my heartbeat and match it." I put one of her hands over my head and place one of mine over hers. "Come on now. In. Out. That's right good. In. And out."

After a few moments she's breathing normally and tears slowly stream down her face. "Did he-" her lip trembles not wanting to finish her question, but it seems I wouldn't have to answer that because an angry Zander opens the door looking at Lennix and forcefully dragging her into a hug.

She gave in for a beat before she pulled away and ready to lay into him. "What the fuck is she doing here? And explain why she's wearing nothing but your shirt. Now, Zander!"

I'm surprised at how she skipped over her calculated tone and jumped straight to screaming. Her hands are clenched into fists beside her visibly vibrating.

He looks hurt by her tone and accusatory tone, but I don't have time to deal with his feelings. I wrap my arms around her waist from behind and pull her body to mine. It's the only thing I can think of to calm her. I ghost kisses along her neck and whisper in her ear in the same gentle but dominating voice she obeys. "Shh calm down, princess. I've got you." I look back up at Zander glaring at him for causing this situation. "Get her some water and then explain."

He didn't say a word as he turned around and walked back inside, leaving the door open for us to follow.

I'm sitting on his couch with Lennix in my lap when he returns with a glass of water and sits it on the table in front of us.

"Lennix," her head snapped in his direction at the sound of her name. Her emotions clear on her face. "Nothing happened." He stared as if those words explain everything.

Lennix went ridged in my arms as she stared at him waiting for more, but he didn't offer anything else. Instead, he changed the topic. "I'm leaving to meet my son today. I'll be out of town for a few days."

I couldn't hold back. His limited explanation is pissing me off even more "what? That's what you had us come here for? So she could see that narcissistic harpy wearing your shirt and then tell her you're leaving with her?"

"Stay out of this Jax! This is between Lennix and I." He seethes, but my blood is boiling.

"No! It's between the three of us, Zander. Open fucking communication, remember? So how about you open your damn mouth and explain, because I won't be fixing your fuckups when you knew well this would be fucking confusing and painful for her and you sit there not giving her a god damn reason to believe you."

He sighs scrubbing his hands down his face. "She slept here last night... In the guest room." He looks at Lennix pleading with her "I swear nothing happened, but if you start with her, she won't let me see him."

Lennix didn't say anything to him. She nodded her head and quietly got up and walked towards the door. Didn't even look back to Zander or I. The soft click of the front door let me know she had walked out, probably waiting by my bike.

"Why didn't you just tell her over the phone? Why did she have to see her like that?" I'm still so fucking angry I could punch him in the face.

"I wanted to see her. She wasn't meant to see Jayda like that." He scratched the back of his neck. "I don't know what that was about." He looks defeated, but he's not my priority right now. He gave me tough love a few times. That's what he's going to get back.

"Zan, fix your shit and talk to Nix. She's hurting because you're keeping things from her and I can see it on your face that something more happened than her just spending the night. If I can see it, so can Lennix. I don't know what it is, but fix it! And watch your back, Jayda has always been and will always be a manipulative snake. There's a reason she's back and it's not so you can bond with a kid she claims is yours."


Zander POV

"What the hell was that, Jayda?" I burst through the door of the guest room to see her fully clothed with a smirk on her face.

She simply smiles at me before responding mock innocence “I don't know what you mean. All I did was answer the door. It’s not my fault if your little play thing doesn't trust you."

It grates my nerves hearing her talk about Lennix as if she’s some insignificant speck on her radar. “Don’t talk about her like that.” I grit out barely containing myself.

Her throaty laugh sounds alarm bells in my head and I have to take a step back. “Careful, Zander. Remember, I’m the only one who knows who’s been stealing from your company and I hold the trump card. You do want to meet your son, right?”

Her voice holds the smooth caress of velvet and all the danger of a loaded gun to the head. It's unnerving knowing that I once thought I could fall in love with this woman and now I'm tied to her by blood.

My blood.

My child.

I can't even remember a time we weren't safe. I didn't see children in my future. I never wanted them, not until Lennix came back into my life. I wanted that with her. A quiet life with Lennix and Jaxon. Filled with a couple dogs and a shit ton of babies.

Jayda cleared her throat drawing my attention back to the abysmal reality that those things may very well be out of reach with her back in my life. "If you're done sulking, are you ready to go?"

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