Loving Lennix

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Lesson learned?

Jaxon POV

This is what happens when you mix shots with hot girls Jax. Do you never learn your lesson? There is always a limit to someone's tolerance and someone so small obviously couldn't hold down as much as I can. I should have paced it, but we were having so much fun.

Shit! I'm not going to hear the end of this from Zander in the morning. He's already told me to stop bringing drunk girls home. In my defense, none of them have been so drunk that they ethically can't consent. I guess Lennix would be the first, so we aren't going there. Not tonight anyways.

Fuck! That body though. It took everything in me to not look at her like a pervert while I helped her strip and shower. I wanted to take her all in. I wanted to be selfish. See those perfect curves I had my hands all over only minutes ago, but I couldn't. I wouldn't. I may be a player, but I'm not disgusting. I don't need women to be drunk and take advantage of them to get laid.

After my shower I walk back into my room debating hard about what would be the best thing to do. Staring at her gorgeous face, her full lips slightly parted as she slept. Her hair a mess around the pillow.

I could just sleep there. My bed is big enough. I wouldn't even touch her... right? I could do that. Just stop there.

"Fuck!" I growled under my breath. Ok. I can do this. Behave Jaxon! I crawled into bed wearing a pair of basketball shorts and managed to keep my distance. Minutes ticked by as I tried to ignore her sleeping in my bed only about a foot from me. Her soft breaths passing through her lips. She rolled over toward me resting one hand on my chest. It was odd. I don't usually just sleep with someone in my bed. The simple touch was arousing. It shouldn't be. Her small hand simply rested over my heart. Her fingers curled slightly. Her nails barely applying pressure to my skin, but I found myself wondering what those hands would feel like wrapped around my cock. What those nails would feel like scratching down my back while I thrust into her making her scream my name.

I couldn't help the low groan that left my lips the moment she shifted closer to me. My shirt lifted up her body while her leg crossed my abdomen. The heat from her core seared through me. The need I had to be inside her was unlike anything I've ever felt before. This could kill me. This, right here, is how I die.

I tried to take deep, slow, calming breaths. Reminding myself that she is drunk and vulnerable and very much asleep right now.

"Stop being such a fucking pervert!" I chided myself quietly.

Her breath fanned over my chest and a soft moan left her lips.


I managed to slide out from under her and head into my bathroom. I locked eyes with myself in the mirror seeing that my pupils were blown. I wasn't drunk. No, I was just far past the point of needing release. I peeked out the bathroom door just to check that she was still sleeping. She had shifted again. The shirt sliding up around her stomach exposing her hips while the sheet covered her most intimate space between her lush thighs. I closed the door softly and wrapped my hand around my beast of burden.

I stroked in a hard, firm motion. Images of her soft, petit body filling my mind. The feel of her skin on mine. Her kiss. Those soft moans she makes in her sleep. Oh fuck I'm in trouble with this one. Fucking her just once wouldn't be enough. My body's reaction to hers is visceral. I stroked myself faster. A deep groan left my mouth. Just the thought of having her was too much.

I know I was distracted in my thoughts, but I didn't realize just how much until a soft tap at the bathroom door shocked me out of my haze.

"Yeah?" I choked out in a raspy breath.

The door clicked softly opening slowly. And there stood the image of my latest obsession.

She looked me over with sleepy eyes. Her gaze sat on my throbbing erection in my hand for a second longer than it should have in any polite setting before her eyes found mine and she bit her bottom lip. A deep moan left my throat at the sight. She simply smirked and found her way to her knees. Her nails skimmed my abs and down my hips. She kept eye contact the whole time. Her tongue darted out licking my abs.

"Mmm need some help?" She asked with a smirk.

I swallowed hard. The battle inside my head raging against everything. She's intoxicated. This is wrong. But holy shit I want her so bad.

"Lennix I don't think-"

My response dies on my tongue as hers wraps around the head of my cock. She took me all in. Bobbing up and down my shaft making the sexiest little moans. Gagging on my cock only excited her more. She pulled my cock from her mouth with a pop sound just as I'm about to explode in her mouth. Stroking me against her tongue. "Cum for me Jax?" Her sweet innocent voice saying something dirty sent me over the edge as I found my release. I came on her tongue, down her chin, onto my shirt covering her breasts. Oh hell, shes a temptress. A naughty little sex kitten and I will have her. Mark my words she will be mine. It may not be tonight, but I'm going to have her pinned against my wall, bent over my bed, filled with my cock, screaming my name, begging for me to cum.

She smiled up at me. Gathering my seed from her chin and slipping her finger into her mouth. "Mmm glad I could help." She kisses my cheek, stripped my shirt from her body and left it on the floor. Crawling back into my bed completely naked.

Was she sent by god or the devil? I don't know, but one thing is for sure. My princess was no angel and I found that highly erotic. I decided on another cold shower and by the time I was done she was fast asleep again. Knowing the effects she has on me, I gathered a pillow and my blanket and went to sleep on the couch. I am not taking anymore advantage of her in this drunken state. God I already feel like an asshole. I make a silent promise to myself to apologize to her for what happened when we wake up in the morning. Maybe I'll make breakfast or something? What the hell is wrong with me? Breakfast? Really Jax? When's the last time you made breakfast for a woman? Ugh! Ok shut up! I quickly found sleep filled with dreams of Lennix under me begging for me. Finding her release wrapped around me. Thrusting into her until I fill her with my seed. The craving for her didn't end when my eyes closed. It became more vivid. It was clear. This girl was going to end me and I was going to let her.

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