Loving Lennix

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30. Sickness and betrayal

Unknown POV

"Did you get what I asked for?" Jayda asked combing through her long dark brown hair.

I'm mesmerized like always at her beauty and seeing my marks on her being me so much joy. I can't wait for the day she puts her shitty ex behind her and she's all mine.

I pull her back into my arms kissing her neck. "When have I ever failed you, my love?"

She waves her hand in the air to brush off my question. "That's besides the point." She said turning in my arms. "I need this to go off without a hitch or you and I will both land ourselves in jail."

I nuzzle into her neck and nibble her ear. "That's never going to happen. I've covered my tracks well and there's not a trace of your involvement anywhere." She relaxed in my arms instantly.

"Good" she said walking to her bag to go through her clothes. "There's just one thing I need to do to tie up lose ends."

I furrow my brow trying to think of anything I might have missed. "What's that, my love?"

She turned giving me that beautiful smile I fell head over heels for.

The loud clink of metal hitting metal brought my attention to her hand held down by her stomach.

A gun.

I put my hands up hoping she would see I'm not a threat.

"Come on, Jayda. You know I'd never betray you. Why would you do this? I love you!" I try to convince her.

She purses her lips tipping her head from side to side. "That's the problem. You know too much and I don't love you. I want Zander. He's always been mine. He will be mine again."

"What about Bentley?" I shout.

"What about him?" She asks without a thread of remorse. "I'm doing all of this for him. He will understand some day and Zander will be a father."

My blood was boiling. "Over my dead body! Zander is N-"

I heard it before I felt it, but when the pain hit I fell to my knees holding my stomach as crimson stained my t-shirt.

Jayda stood over me with a sickening smirk on her face. "As you wish."



Lennix POV

"Jax" I sighed. Waking up to his tongue doing sinful things between my thighs has quickly become my favorite time of day.

He hums in appreciation against my lower lips. "Mmm, Princess. You taste so good." His tongue delves deeper making me shake. My stomach clenches at the delicious feeling and I moan softly at the sensation before another feeling takes hold and I push Jax off me quickly and run to the bathroom.

Bent over the toilet, regretting the sushi we had last night. I knew it was a bad idea. It didn't taste right.

Jax holds my hair back in one hand while soothingly rubbing my back. "Are you sick? Should I stay home today?"

He has a big meeting he needs to be at and since Zander isn't here it's not like he really can afford to cancel. "No. I'll be fine. I promise. I'll just stay in bed today." I try to convince him. I don't want to be a bother, besides I've always taken care of myself while I'm sick.

He looks at me in a serious manner with always seems so odd on his face "I can stay. I want to take care of you, Lennix."

I shake my head again. "No really I'm fine."

He sighs almost defeated "fine. I'll go in for the meeting but then I'll be right back. I should be done by noon." He kisses the top of my head while I brushed my teeth. "You call me if you need me or you get sick again."

I nod sending him on his way to get dressed for work.

That was weird. I never get food poisoning. I hardly ever get sick at all.

I brush it off because I feel sweaty and tired. Deciding on a shower and to crawl back into bed, I'm snuggled back into Jaxon's bed before he even leaves and he gives me a soft kiss before making me promise once more that I'd call him if I need him to come back sooner.


Zander POV

I sit in my room at Jayda's holding the envelope with the answers to my future inside.

When I first arrived I thought I knew what I wanted the results to say, but after spending time with the little guy I'm no longer so sure.

Would Lennix be able to accept Bentley if he's mine?

Would it break a piece of my heart if he's not?

I'd hope that Lennix would accept him into our lives if this paper proves he's my child, but I know that also means Jayda would be a permanent fixture in our lives if so and neither Jax nor Lennix would accept that.

With a heavy heart I rip the envelope open to read the contents.

In the question of paternity for one Bentley David Reyes by Zander Russo, it has been found by our labs that Zander Russo is-

I dropped the paper to the bed.



Jaxon POV

When I got back from my meeting, Lennix was still in bed. A slight fever tinged her cheeks pink as she slept soundly.

I pulled out my phone and called Zander. She's never been sick as long as I've known her and I don't know what to do.

He picked up on the first ring and I don't wait for him to speak.

"Zan, Nix is sick man. What do I do?" I'm well aware I could be over reacting, but seeing her like that this morning scared the hell out of me. She's never even had the sniffles around me, but now she's throwing up and has a fever, sleeping the day away.

His voice comes out rushed. "What do you mean she's sick? She doesn't get sick, unless you count chickenpox when we were really little. She hardly ever even catches a cold." The worry in his voice tells me I'm not over reacting.

"She threw up this morning. She has a fever and she's been sleeping all day." I tell him. "I don't know what's going on, Zan. What do I do?"

He curses under his breath. "Give her the day. If she's still sick tomorrow, convince her to go in to the doctor. I'll be back by tomorrow afternoon."

"Are you sure man? What about The kid and the information from Jayda."

He mumbled under his breath.

"I'll take care of it. Let our girl know I'm coming home."

He hung up without another word and I stood at the end of my bed watching my princess sleep soundly.

My heart constricts.

This is going to be the longest night of my life.

I stripped down to my t-shirt and boxers and crawled into my bed to snuggle up to her. Brushing her hair back with my fingers.

"Please, be ok princess." I kissed her head holding her close.

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