Loving Lennix

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31. Obsession

Zander POV

I walked out to Jayda's living room finding her lounged out on her couch in yet another skimpy outfit I know was meant to tempt me, but it does nothing but piss me off.

"Jayda, I need to go home." I tell her when her attention falls on me.

She gets up from the couch, almost in a rush to come to me and throws her arms around my neck. "But baby it's only been a few days. I haven't even told you who's been stealing from your company. Don't you want the name?" She leans in to kiss my cheek. "Don't you want to spend more time with our son?"

I grab her wrists gently, but firm to disentangle myself from her and back up a few steps.

"But he's not my son is he?" I fixed her with a glare. She had me here out of false pretenses. She was never going to give me the name and she knew I wasn't the father.

"How could you say that?" She screams. "You were the only one I was with, Zander!"

I rolled my eyes. "DNA tests don't lie, but manipulative, obsessive, gold diggers do." I said handing her the results. She shredded the papers right in front of me screaming.

"That's ok. I have my own copy." I told her turning to leave.

I turned to leave hearing the too familiar cocking of a gun. "You aren't leaving me, Zander! Not again!"

I turned back to face her slowly. My hands up in front of me.

Coming here was a mistake.

"Jayda, I have to go." I say calmly as if I'm talking to a cornered wild animal.

"No!" She shakes her head. Tears streaming down her face. "You don't have any idea what I've done for you. For us! And now you're just going to leave me?! No!"

I look at her puzzled "what are you talking about?"

She smiled through her tears as if she were proud of something. A secret only she knew. "Seth." She uttered his name and I couldn't connect the dots to how he had anything to do with this.

"What about him?"

She gave a choked laugh. She looks and sounds like a mad woman. "Don't worry, baby. I took care of him. He was stealing from your company. He got access right under your little secretary's nose. She was really too easy to trick. I mean honestly, he had me and she thought he would want her. He got all the access he needed through her without her even suspecting a thing. Just as I used him, he used her, but it's ok now." She said smiling wider. "I killed him. He can't come between us anymore."

Is she even making sense to herself?

She had someone steal from me, killed him, lied about a child being mine, is holding me at gun point, and thinks that Seth is the reason we aren't together?!

I need a way out of this.

I need a plan.

"You did all that for me?" I forced a smile.

She nods her head "of course I did. I love you. I'd do anything for you, Zander."

I took a step towards her and watched her tighten her grip on the gun. "It's ok, my love. I understand now." I told her taking another step. "You just wanted to show me how much you love me. Just put the gun down so I can hold you, beautiful." I gave her the smile that I know has Lennix blushing every time.

I pulled her into my arms as the gun lowered feeling her relax.

She sniffles into my chest. "You can't leave me again, Zander. I can't lose you again." She cried holding onto me.

I made a move to try to remove the gun from her hand but she caught my direction and we struggled falling to the floor.

"You liar!" She screamed!



Lennix POV

Driving home from the hospital was quiet despite Jaxon asking me several times what the doctor said. I had told him they were running some labs, but refused to tell him what they suspected until I get the labs back.

My head was spinning.

Though Jax has been extremely nurturing and attentive, I needed Zander. I missed him like crazy and if what they suspect is true... I'm going to need both my guys there with me.

A few hours. By the end of the day is what they said.

I can wait that long.

Zander will be home by then.

Jax's phone started going off so I answered it since he was driving.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Hello, could I please speak to Jaxon Chase?" The woman said on the other line.

"This is Lennix Mancini, his girlfriend, who may I say is calling?"

"Ms.Mancini, I also have you listed as a contact for Zander Russo. I'm nurse Vivian Blanch at County General Hospital. Mr.Russo was brought in about an hour ago with a gunshot wound." She continued to speak, but the phone dropped from my hand. Tears fell from my face.

"Jax" I choked.

He looked at me, the color draining from his face at the sight of mine.

My chin quivered as I struggled to get the words out. "Jaxon, turn around and go to County General. Zander's been shot."


We ran through the double doors, down the hall to the nurses station. Jaxon never letting go of my hand.

"Excuse me." I said to the woman on the computer in front of me. She had a phone pressed to her ear and signed for me to give her a minute with her finger in the air and laughed at something the other person on the phone said.

"Ma'am" Jax said beside me gaining his own 'one minute' look from the woman.

Rage and desperation filled my veins. I slammed both my hands on her desk loudly and snatched the phone from her ear. "She'll call you back. She needs to do her fucking job!" I said coldly before hanging up the phone.

I didn't give her a moment to say a word. "Zander Russo. Now!" Jax was rubbing my back in soothing circles to calm me, but nothing he could do would help until I see Zander.

She pointed down the hall in shock. "Room 415" is all she said before I ran down the hall to his room. I didn't stop to talk to anyone who tried to ask me if I needed help. I threw the door open and froze in place in the door way.


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