Loving Lennix

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34. Making love?

Lennix POV

He kissed my neck as he rubbed the palm of his hand over my wet panties. A gasp left my lips as he moved slowly down my body paying special attention to every sound I make and the way my body responded to his every caress and kiss.

The pace was excruciatingly slow. Teasing me in every way.

Jaxon is many things, but I've never known him to be patient or take any sexual encounter slowly. He may tease, but this was something else.

It made me shiver and whimper for him to take me like he usually does, but he held steady in his progression.

He kissed down my chest as my fingers wrapped in his hair tugging softly. My hips lifted begging him for more.

He took his time leaving hickies down my chest to my stomach and when he reached my soft flat abdomen he kissed and sucked the skin to create a heart shape in the pink and purple marks.

Looking down at him took my breath away.

Jax has the biggest smile on his face.

Normally, I'd say he was proud of his handy work, but he was gazing down at my stomach with such love and adoration that I knew it wasn't for what he created on my skin, but what was created within my womb.

I combed my hands through his hair and cupped his face smiling back at him.

I never thought he would be so happy over the news. It's one thing to have a breeding kink, it's another to actually have contentment and pride in a life growing in your partner from love that's been shared so freely.

He kissed my stomach once more before moving lower down to my panties. He pulled the white lace fabric to the side as he slid his tongue slowly over my wet slit instantly making me shake.

My hips bucked up again to meet his mouth and he ate my pussy like he was on vacation with all the time in the world. Slow, long, attentive strokes of his tongue against my pulsing, soaked flesh.

"Jax..." I sighed, "daddy, please!"

He smirked against me not letting up nor quickening his pace.

I pulled him closer by his hair and he buried his face in my throbbing cunt dipping his tongue in my channel and stroking my inner walls with his finger and that expert muscle.

My back arched off the bed. My toes curled. The sensation making me pant out and beg him to let me cum.

I needed more.

The tug against my panties and ripping of fabric let me know that they were no more.

He grasped my thighs pulling me closer to his body as he steadied himself between my thighs.

Jax pushed himself inside me so slowly I wasn’t sure if it were a punishment or a reward.

"I'm going to need you to give me a moment, princess." He grunted when he stilled deep inside me.

He was buried to the hilt. The feeling so intense that all I could do is nod.

After a few moments he started to move slowly. Kissing my neck and chest. Adorning my face in lovely little pecks.

"I've never done this before." He said almost embarrassed of his admiration.

I smiled softly, "done what?" Not understanding what he was saying.

My back arched and I sighed at the slow strokes of his hard length inside me.

He kissed me deeply as he pushed into me with only a little more force. "Made love to someone." He said bashfully.

I stopped him, wrapping my legs around his hips and laying a hand on his chest.

"Do you feel a connection to me when we have sex? Do you feel something more than the physical when you're inside me, kissing me, pumping in and out of me?" I asked raising my hips and feeling him grow harder. He loves it when I talk dirty. I know the effects it has on him.

"Of course I do." He said confused.

I kissed his lips and brushed his cheek with my thumb looking into his dark blue eyes. "Then you've been making love to me all along.” I smiled up at him. "You are just a very energetic and passionate lover, Jax. You like to play while showering me with love and affection. Don't for one moment think that the way you make love to me is any less meaningful than how Zander makes love to me."

He kisses me harder dragging a moan from my throat. He thrust into me harder picking up the pace a fraction before mumbling against my mouth "I love you so fucking much, princess." My eyes nearly rolled back at the pleasure he was bringing me. "I love you too, daddy."

He smirked bringing one of my legs up to his shoulder to change the angle and pushed into me deeper. A wicked gleam passed his features and he slammed into me harder causing me to cry out in pleasure.

Stroke after stroke he plowed into me making me scream out for him. Calling out his name.

He held me close, kissing me deeply when my inner walls wrapped around his hard, throbbing cock. The moan I let escape my lips was swallowed by his own before he broke the kiss growling his release shortly after mine. Filling me with his warm, sticky cum and kissing my face as if I were something to be treasured.

“I think you should move in with us.” He said pulling me to lay on his chest as he rolled to his back.

I raised a brow while I traced the ink on his shoulder with my fingertips. “Us? You and Zander don’t live together anymore.” I told him with a slight smile.

He simply shrugged. “I don’t like the nights you sleep at your place and I’m sure Zander feels the same and with the baby coming...” he trailed off and kissed the top of my head. “I want to talk to Zander about getting a new place for the four of us, but I wanted to ask you first.”

I sighed thinking about what that would be like “can I think about it?”

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