Loving Lennix

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35. Moving In


"Jax can you get the boxes from the truck?" I called out to him from the hallway of our new home.

Zander was released from the hospital four months ago, but he still needed time to heal properly. So we waited to get a new place that we all loved and would fit our expanding family. You should have seen some of the homes they were trying to talk me into. I didn't realize that in having one baby it would awaken their need to keep me swollen with their offspring. Not that I'm complaining, but I think them wanting six children is a bit much. I finally got them to agree to give me time between children so we could all make the decision if we were ready for another one or not at that time. I'm not about to agree to six children and spend the next few years only popping out babies. They must be out of their minds. Possessive, horny, cavemen! That’s what they are.

Jax was already coming down the stairs to sweep me into his arms. "Gross! You're all sweaty!" I giggled trying to pull away.

"I thought you liked me when I'm all sweaty?" He responded with his playful smile before wiping his forehead against mine.

I shrieked, "Eww now I'll need a shower!” He smirked at my playful discomfort. He pulled me into a hug and nipped my earlobe, “Can I join?” I scowled back, “You’re such a dog!” but he paid me no mind as he bent down to kiss my little baby bump. "Do you hear your mommy giving me attitude and calling me names? She's going to find herself in trouble." He glanced back up at me with a wink before pulling away to grab the boxes from the truck.

Zander walked in laughing moments later. I paused putting the glasses away. "What?" I smiled back at him.

He laughed again. "Jax is muttering to himself about all the ways he's going to teach you some manners." He smiled and I bit my lip. "Something about ropes and his flogger. Whatever you sent him out to get, you're not getting. He's looking through the truck to find his toy box."

I gulped silently. "He wouldn't dare!" I tried to sound confident in my words, but in truth I was equal parts scared and excited. When Jax played with his vices it was a whole different side of him. He made me feel as if I may spontaneously combust and melt into a puddle in the same breath. My cheeks warmed remembering how he's used every one of his 'toys' on me over the months. Images played in my mind and I was momentarily distracted by the ache building in my core.

Zander gave me a broad, mischievous, smile and turned back towards the door yelling out to Jaxon "bring your toy box to our room. We'll get the other stuff later," before grabbing my hand and pulling me up to the room I'm now sharing with Jaxon and Zander. That's right, we share a room together now. Neither one could think of a better option since both of them miss snuggling up with me at night. If I'm honest, I miss them too. So, it just made sense. As long as I'm in the middle, everyone is happy.

He picked me up, wrapping my legs around him, careful not to squish my baby bump, and kissed my face in loving, little pecks as I giggle and squealed out in amusement.

He laid me back on our new custom made bed that's big enough to be two king size together and kisses the tip of my nose. "Have I told you today just how beautiful you are?" he whispered down to me with a smile on his face.

I hummed in thought playfully before answering, "tell me again?" He chuckled at my response and showered my neck in kisses between telling me, "You are the most gorgeous" he hissed my collar bone. "Funny" his lips brushed my shoulder. "Amazing" his mouth was on the side of my neck. "Sexy woman I have ever met." he planted his lips just below my ear and I bit my lip hard trying not to ruin the sweet moment with my insane sex drive. "I love you Lennix."

I sighed in his embrace and let his love cover me like a blanket of warmth and acceptance. "I love you too, Zander" I breathed out stroking his face with my hand. Jaxon came into the room carrying his large hope chest full of sin. That cocky smile on his face. Just before he set it down, my phone rang interrupting our naughty fun before it even begun.

I jumped out of bed hearing the voice on the other line. "Listen clearly and listen well, harlot. He is mine. He will always be mine. So, watch your back. I'm coming for you next."

How original.

I rolled my eyes looking over at Zander. "Your psycho ex is back in town. Make sure the police know she will be coming for me. "

His jaw clenched in rage, before he calmed himself enough to speak. "She won't get to you or our baby. I'll make sure of it."

I had spent too many nights worrying about what would happen if she came back that now that she is, I'm not worried, I'm pissed off. Maybe it's just over protective hormones.

Jax pulled me in to a hug from behind cupping my stomach. "Our baby will be fine, Princess."

I simply nod and turn to go back downstairs to finish unpacking. The bitch ruined my good mood. Add that to the growing list of why I hate her, right under shooting Zander, but now at the top of that list... whether she knows it or not, she's threatened the life of my unborn child and THAT is where she fucked up.

Zander constantly tells me he loves me for how much I care. That my heart is pure and I'm a good person, but hearing her threaten my child... I'm not so sure I'm as good a person as he thinks I am.

I walked out to my car in the drive way and opened up the safe my father built in for hunting and transporting our weapons. I pulled out two .380s and my shotgun, along with amination for both. These are strictly weapons for home defense or shooting practice.

I walked back into our house and Jaxon looked at me with open curiosity. Zander, however, understood right away. "She's not going to get in here, baby. You don't need to worry."

My eyes darted to his and I held his gaze for a moment attempting to calm myself. "No offense Zan, but the last time y'all said I didn't need to worry about her, that she wasn't dangerous, you ended up in the hospital with a gun shot wound. I'm not going to do something stupid, but I'm not going to leave myself and our baby without protection either."

I handed the shotgun to Jax and directed him on where to put it so it was out of view, but easily accessible in the event it was needed. I did the same with one of the .380s, handing it to Zander who grumbled about how we didn't need guns in the house until we bought a large enough safe. I placed the last handgun in a decorative box on our coffee table in the living room.

Was this the safest thing to do when I'm about to have a little one in our home? Not at all. Hopefully we will have a safe and all the weapons will be locked away from little hands by then, but for now, this is a necessary precaution.

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