Loving Lennix

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36. Two?


I woke up with the sun streaming through my window curled up against Zander's chest, Jax's head resting against my breast, snuggling like I’m his teddy bear. I'd hate to wake them, but this baby sitting on my bladder has the upper hand.

Nudging Jax to wake up never works and this giant man child is like twenty tons of dead weight when asleep. So, I do the only thing I know will grab his attention. He'll hate me for it later, but a pregnant woman has needs... just not the needs he'll be expecting.

I ran my hand through his hair gently pulling at the roots. His lips parted in his sleep and a soft groan left his throat, but still, he slept. I kiss his lips gently and slid my hand down his abs feeling his muscles tighten along my palm. His manhood stiffened under my touch as I stroked him through his boxers.

His eyes fluttered open and locked on mine with a smirk on his face. "Morning, Princess." His sleepy, gritty voice met my ear like a caress to my soul. He leaned in to give me a kiss which I cut short. "Morning. Move." I pushed on his shoulders to get free and he laid on his back looking as if he were wounded.

"Why are you so mean to me?" Jax hollered while I made my way into the bathroom.

He's so over dramatic. I laughed to myself.



The door to the waiting room opened. A tall brunet woman with glasses called Lennix back with a smile, but her smile dropped immediately when she saw that both Jaxon and I were going back with her. "I'm sorry" she said to Lennix "but, only the father may come back with you." This isn't something new. Everyone asks her who the 'real' father is to our child. It's just an annoyance.

Lennix looked between Jax and I. I stroked her back knowing this topic strikes a nerve. We may not care who fathered our child, but society tends to believe it's their business and right to speak on it. Jax shifted on his feet looking like he may go sit back down. In a moment Lennix laced her fingers with mine and grabbed his arm to stop him from walking back to his seat. "They are both my child's fathers." She stated clearly with a bright smile on her face.

I don't enjoy that any of us have to stand firm on our relationship to the world, but I would be lying if I didn't say how damn proud of her for finding the confidence and strength to finally be able to say that she is with us both. She loves us both and accepts that about herself.

The nurse didn't respond. She simply nodded her head and gestured for us to follow back into the doctor's office.



The last ultrasound we had, we were able to see our baby and verify when she conceived. Funny enough, she was with both of us in that time frame, so even with that information, no one knows more than we do. Her mother and father were surprised, but I think they finally warmed up to both Zander and I since they gave us their blessing to move in together. Her grandparents are lovely people. Her cousins are something else. Where the rest of her family needed time to warm up to the idea, her cousins were supportive right away from what I can tell.

Today we get to see if we are having a son or a daughter. To say that I'm excited would be an understatement. I never wanted kids before I met Nix, but now I want to fill our whole house with them. She makes me want things I never wanted before. Hell, I could see a long full life with her, Zander, and I. If it ever became legal for her to marry us both I'd ask her in a heartbeat and I know Zander feels the same.

When the doctor came in, pleasantries were exchanged before he turned on the ultrasound machine and scanned over her stomach. An image lit up the screen while the doctor scrunched his brows together. he mumbled something under his breath setting me on edge. "What's wrong? Is the baby ok?" Whatever he sees can't be good with an expression like that. Nix grabbed my hand and squeezed worry filling her eyes. Zander laid his hand on my shoulder, no doubt, trying to comfort me knowing I may lose my shit waiting for the doctor to respond.

"I can't believe I missed this." he said under his breath. "What is it?" Zander asked in a much calmer tone than he appeared. "There's two" the Doctor replied turning the screen towards us. "What?" Nix and Zander both asked in surprise while I was stunned into silence.

We're not having just one.

She's pregnant with two babies!

My heart was so full looking at the screen. The doctor nodded his head and moved the wand over her stomach again. "And if I'm seeing this correctly, you are the proud parents of both a daughter and a son" he concluded "both are healthy and developing perfectly."

I couldn't contain my excitement. I grabbed Nix by the face kissing her like she held all the air I'd ever need to survive. Happy tears streamed down her face as she looked back into my eyes with the biggest smile I have ever seen from her. "I love you so much, Princess" I stated with a smile of my own.

I heard the door shut before Zander came to her side and pulled her into a long soft kiss of his own. "I love you, Babygirl" he whispered running his nose along hers.

"I love you too, both of you" she said looking between us before looking down at her stomach and rubbing her small bump "and I love both of you too."

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