Loving Lennix

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37. My guys


After a long day at our appointments and meetings at work, we came back to the house to settle in. I cooked a nice dinner and we watched movies in the living room just enjoying each other's company.

During a particularly steamy scene in the last movie we watched I found Jax's hand on my thigh slowly making its way up my night shorts. I tried to advert my attention back to the movie, but the boat scene in front of me was only adding to the fire running through my veins. Zander's hand squeezed my other thigh and my eyes snapped to his. His eyes, a deep forest green, flamed with lust and made my heart rate increase.

Zander paused the movie and slowly moved my hair from my face, stoking my cheek, but Jax is impatient. He doesn't take it slow, especially since my hormones have been raging. He grabs my chin, firm while gentle, and crashes my lips to his with a growl forcing its way from his throat. His tongue demands entry and I grant it without question.

Zander coaxes me to face him when Jax released my lips. I didn't have time to catch my breath before his mouth covered mine. His tongue caressing softly, rolling in a sensual dance.

Jax kissed my neck and nibbled on my earlobe, before grabbing my thigh and pulling my legs open to place mine between his. Zander followed suit mimicking Jaxon's actions until I'm spread wide for them.

I laced my fingers in their hair and pulled their faces closer to mine. Zander let out a hiss while Jax gave a soft groan. I love the sounds they make just for me. Zander's fingers rubbed my dampened core through my shorts making me whimper. I tugged his hair until his mouth was once again on mine and kissed him with the desperate need that was quickly building with in me. I stroked Jax through his pants feeling his excitement grow. His hand toying with my over sensitive nipples through my shirt and I let a needy moan fall from my lips.

Before I knew it Jax grabbed my hips turning me to all fours on the couch, pulled the thin, silky fabric down my thighs leaving my bottom half bare to him. He slid his fingers against my wet slit. "Mmm" he hummed at his assessment. "I think she likes the movie" he chuckled softly.

Zander grinned turning my face to his. "Is that right, Babygirl?" His voice dropped an octave or two and my pussy muscles fluttered. I couldn't answer with Jax running his fingers up and down my slick folds. Even that movie can't compare to having both of their hands on me.

Jax brought his hand back and a loud smack rang through our living room. The sting of my ass cheek followed up with the pleasure of his finger slipping into my quivering heat. "It's true" he teased, his finger moving in and out of me with careful precision, "but she knows we can make her feel so much better." His mouth came closer to my ear "Massimo has nothing on me, Princess." He nipped my earlobe and I shuddered in his hold. His finger disappeared only to grant me another smack to my ass making a deep moan work it's way up my throat.

Zander unzipped his pants and pulled his thick length out, stroking it mere inches from my face. “Give me that sexy mouth, Babygirl" Zander's hand laced in my hair guiding my mouth down to his throbbing member. I licked the tip teasingly granting me a soft moan from his lips before mine wrapped around his mass and I sunk down on his cock sucking and stroking him with my tongue. I bobbed my head up and down his length enjoying the quiet noises he makes. “Fuck! Good girl... Just like that, Baby.”

I feel Jax spread my legs and he slipped between, his breath fanning over my pussy lips enticing me to lower onto his tongue and ride his face. He must have read my mind, because he grabbed my ass and pulled me down to his face making me moan loudly on Zander. His tongue darted out to flick my clit. His lips captured the tiny bundle of nerves and he sucked hard. My legs immediately started to shake. I opened my mouth to scream out my pleasure, but it came out a choked, muffled sound.

He spanked my ass again when Zander used my hair to move my head up and down his shaft thrusting his hips up to meet my lips pushing so deep I gagged and moaned again my soaked heat practically dripping against Jaxon's tongue.

My hips moved with a mind of their own, grinding in circle against his mouth. Sloppy, wet, gagging sounds spurred them on and their moans and growls had me in a trance of my own. The pressure built higher when Jax pushed two fingers inside me, but I held off forcing myself to wait. I love when he makes me cum on his tongue, but I wanted his cock stretching and filling me up.

That thought left my mind when Zander rubbing one of his fingers against my dripping pussy, coated it in my juices, and pressed firm circles against my rear entrance. I gasped and moaned deeply when he slid his finger inside my tight hole.

Their digits took turns stroking my needy holes and I nearly lost it. Zander grabbed the back of my head and fucked my face like that was its only purpose. My pussy clenched around Jax's fingers and he spanked me hard growling against my sweet cunt "cum." That one word command had my body releasing so hard I found myself collapsing against his mouth.

Zander spilled his load down my throat. I drank him down needing more.

More of him.

More of Jax.

More of this.

Jax didn't stop when Zander released my hair and kissed me fully. He grabbed my legs, straddling his head and berried his face against my pussy prolonging my orgasm. My body vibrating with the pleasure he was pulling from me. Zander slapped my face softly and licked my lips. "Cum on his tongue, Princess" I heard him groan over my screams. “It’s mine. Give it to daddy.” He nipped at my clit. My eyes shut tight when I screamed Jax's name. My release flooded though me and into Jaxon's sinful mouth.

Jax gently pushed me back on the couch taking my pout with his, devouring my mouth making me taste myself on his tongue. It was a heady flavor. I sucked his tongue before his hand came to rest on my throat. He broke the kiss staring into my eyes. His deep, dark blues searing my soul. "Don't tease me" he groaned.

He presses his hard, jean clad, bulge against my pussy teasing my clit. “You want it, princess?” I nod my head noticing the mood he’s in “yes, daddy. Please, give it to me.” He stripped new of my t-shirt and used it to bind my wrists together in front of me.

Jax pinched my nipple forcing me to follow while he led me to straddle Zander. Zander locked eyes with me and placed his hands on my hips dreading my movements before Jax spread me with his fingers and Zander pulled me down on to his cock hard filling me in one deep, quick stroke. He let out a groan and a loud gasp left mine along with all the air in my lungs.

Jax spanked my ass while Zander moved his hips in slow, tantalizing thrusts. “What about now, Baby? Do you still want it?” I bit my lip in frustration. It felt so good, but I need Jax too, desperately. “Beg for him, Baby.”

I locked my gaze on Jax “please, daddy? Give me your big, fat cock. I need it so badly.” Jax wrapped his hand around my throat bulling my chin up and tipping my head back conquering my mouth and stroking his massive rod between my ass cheeks.

He pushed my chest against Zander’s before stroking his tip against my soaked flesh and slowly pushing into my stuffed pussy.

“Oh my! Holy shit!” I gasped and cried out as my cunt stretched to accommodate the second member to find a home within me. His fingers flexed against my throat as a deep growl rumbled up his chest. “Hell! You feel so fucking good, princess.”

He applied a little more pressure to my throat when he stated moving in and out of me, picking up the pace. Zander thrust up as Jax was pulling out and they alternated this motion until they were plowing into me with a force that knocked the breath from my lungs and left my screams in panting, raspy, gasps.

My hands found their way to Zander’s throat. My fingers flexed making my nails dig into his flesh slightly when he moaned and pushed into me harder. I applied a little more pressure as my body started losing control. “Please, daddy can I cum?” I begged in nearly a whisper. Zander pinched my nipple between his teeth. My pussy muscles squeezed them harder.

Jax spanked my ass. “You love having that sweet little cunt stuffed with both of our dicks don’t you, princess?” His voice was deeper. He was going to spill his seed within me any second. “Yes! Yes, daddy! I love it!” He spanked my ass again and Zander wrapped his arms around my waist holding my body tightly to his. Jax kept hold of my throat and laced his other hand in my hair to force me to arch back. His harsh breath met my ear as he fucked me harder, fester, deeper. “Cum on our dicks you, naughty girl.” I shivered right before “I want to feel you squeeze my hard throbbing cock while you cream all over Zander’s dick and we pump you full of our seed.”

A scream left my lips as I came gushing over them. Zander stilled while he shot rope after rope inside me. Jax turned my face to his as I was coming down from my orgasm high and kissed me softly biting my bottom lip and growled filling me up with his own.

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