Loving Lennix

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38. When darkness falls


It was about midnight when I made my way down to the kitchen for a drink of water. Zander was out of state for a conference. Jax was at the office working late to make up for his absence.

I never realized how big and lonely our new place felt when it’s just me. I sighed while I padded into the kitchen only to drop my glass and hear it shatter when I noticed a dark figure in the shadows.

I turned quickly to run for the door. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” That wasn’t the voice I was expecting. I furrowed my brow looking back at the figure as it moved into a the soft light from the nights sky.

“Amy?” My voice held shock and confusion. “What are you doing in my house? How did you even get in?”

She smirked, but it didn’t meet her eyes. “Let’s just say the enemy of my enemy is my friend. You took them both from us and by helping her, I get Jaxon back.” She shrugged like her explanation makes all the sense in the world.

I shook my head taking a slow step backwards. “I didn’t take any one from you and I sure as hell didn’t take Zander from Jayda.”

Her smile grew at the mention of her name “oh so you do know who I’m talking about. You’ve met her right? A little nutty if you ask me, but at least she’s not after Jax so we have a common problem that’s easy to fix.” The shine of a blade caught the light and my hands went protectively around my stomach.

Her eyes glanced down for less than a second “Don’t worry. Jax can make plenty more babies after you’re gone... with me. I can give him everything you can’t. He was happy with me before. I know he was.” Her rambling allowed me to take a few more steps back towards the front door and when I had enough space between the two of us, I ran for the door. I flung it open only to reveal my other nightmare, Jayda.

The silent alarm tripped the moment I opened the door without using my phone or the keypad to disarm. The police will be here shortly. I just need to keep them talking, keep my babies safe, and stay alive. Easy enough right?

“Hello, Lennix.” She sneered. She looked down at my growing bump with open disgust then swiftly hit me in the chest with an open palm hard knocking me flat on my back. The breath was knocked out of me. I could hear Amy giggling like a psychotic school girl.

“Where’s all that spunk Seth told me about?” Jayda looked at me with a taunting smile. Fear. That’s what I felt. Two crazy ass bitches were in my house because they were obsessed with my partners. They are going to kill me.


Killing me means killing my babies.

Anger. That’s what replaced my fear as I dragged my body up to stand. I have to be smart about this. One wrong move and I’m dead and so are my children.

Jayda stood studying me while Amy moved to stand by her pouting. “Why haven’t you killed her yet? It was your plan.”

Jayda’s eyes snapped to Amy “I’m not going to be the only one getting my hands dirty tonight. If you don’t help, you’re dead too.”

Amy swallowed hard seeing the twinkle in Jayda’s eyes when she mentioned killing her too.

While their attention was on each other I took another step back toward the coffee table. The sliding of metal against metal caught my ear and my eyes met Jayda who had a gun pointed at me and a sick twisted smile on her face.

I put my hands up showing my palms, but she never wavered. Her gun stayed trained on me.

“Now why did you have to go and make a move like that? I thought we could catch up for a few. You know, girl talk.” Her voice sounded sweet but her expression looked like a demon. She was thirsty for blood.

My blood.

“I’m sorry.” I said firmly shaking the fear out of my voice.

“That’s more like it.” She looked to Amy. “Now it’s your part. You are going to cut those abominations out of her stomach” her smile broadened.

Amy looked at her in horror. “No. I can’t.”

Jayda rolled her eyes “so you could kill her, but you can’t cut those mistakes from her belly? What sense does that make?” She complained like she was talking to a small misbehaving child.

This woman is deranged!

“There’s a difference between killing her and mutilating babies.” Amy shouted back.

I listened to them argue hoping we could hold out until the police came and everyone would leave safely.

It happened so quickly. I was trying to come up with a plan when Amy charged at me with her knife raised. I saw movement behind Jayda. A loud bang filled the air and Amy fell to the ground. Jayda spun around her gun trained on Jax. He didn’t have time before he caught a bullet to his shoulder. Rage and heartache rushed through my body. Fear for Jax and our babies gripped my soul. I quickly grabbed the gun inside the box on the coffee table and held her in my sights.

“Stop, Jayda!” I yelled walking closer slowly. She looked over her shoulder at me trying to decide if she should take out the injured man in front of her or the pregnant woman with the gun first. The sound of sirens could be heard quickly approaching. She decided to stick to her original plan and turned to face me. “Stop. This is your last warning.” But she didn’t take my warning. She lifted her gun and in a split second I prayed that Zander will still see me as a kindhearted person. Still love me completely. Forgive me for what I’m about to do.

I pulled the trigger, just as police arrived and she hit the ground bleeding heavily from her chest.

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