Loving Lennix

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Broken rules

Zander POV

Walking into the kitchen, I'm met with an unusual sight, Jaxon sleeping on the couch. This could mean one of 2 things, 1 he was too drunk to make it to his room, but he has a pillow and blanket with him so 2 he brought a girl home and she fell asleep in his bed. He may get around, but he doesn't sleep with them. He's mentioned that he's uncomfortable sleeping in his bed with anyone. It's too intimate, he says. Yeah, like sex isn't intimate. We just have different views on sex and intimacy. Where I enjoy long term relationships and building intimacy he enjoys sex with a new girl every other week and not building more past that.

"Hey man." I shove Jax with my foot against his hip.

He shifts rubbing the sleep from his eyes. "Hmm what's up?"

I chuckle at his haggard appearance. It's not every day a girl would fall asleep in his bed, he is usually on par with calling them a cab as soon as it's done or goes to their place more times than not so he can escape after. He's not cold, they know what they are getting into with him, but still. They always want more than what he's willing to give.

"Did you have a sleep over because you look like shit dude." I told him raising an eyebrow.

His smile says it all. "Yeah. Something like that." His tired eyes light up. Well, that's new.

"Do I want to know?" I ask watching him gather his stuff from the couch.

His usual smirk crosses his face. "Don't make a big deal of it ok? It's not like that."

I watched him duck out of the living room into his bedroom and shut the door behind him quietly. He came back out a few moments later laughing to himself.

"She's not a morning person I guess." He went to make a pot of coffee.

"So" I started crossing my arms over my chest. "Explain." The grin on my face couldn't hold back the questions I had at this new light in my best friend.

He shrugged, "what's there to tell? She's beautiful, funny, we had a great time at the club. But we took it a little too far on the alcohol so I gave her my bed to sleep in."

There was something else he's not telling me. I can see it in his eyes. In this smile I never see on his face. It's different. It reaches his eyes. Being in business we have to know how to read people and him being my best friend I can read him like an open book. I'm dying to know what he's holding back, but just as I'm about to open my mouth I hear a familiar voice call out to Jax.

"Jax? Do you know what happened to my dress?" The soft pitter patter of her tiny feet made their way through the condo until she stood just feet in front of me in one of Jax's t-shirts. Her hair messy. Her make up smeared. Legs bare to the world. Her bright blue eyes widen at the sight of me standing in the kitchen. My jaw clenching. The beautiful, funny girl Jax had so much fun with was MY Lennix.

"Good morning, Lennix" I didn't bother to cover the growl in my voice. She blushed and looked down at her feet shifting her weight from foot to foot. "Morning, Zander" despite the anger I feel for knowing the real possibilities that happened between Jaxon and Lennix hearing my name roll off her tongue in the nearly breathless way she does makes my heart speed up.

Jax clears his throat from the living room and I catch his eyes wide in an expression that says 'oh shit!' Yeah more happened than what he was willing to explain a moment ago. "Sooo, you two know each other?" He croaked out.

"Umm yeah. I guess you could say that." She blushed again and bit her bottom lip. I'd do anything to nip that lip myself. How can someone be equally adorable and sexy? "Zander was my best friend when we were kids and my first kiss and boyfriend." She looked at Jaxon awkwardly. Almost apologizing. "How do you two know each other?"

"He's been my best friend since high school." Jaxon offers.

"And we are roommates." I finished. "We are also in business together."

Her lips made a silent Oh in understanding. "Ok well. Umm I should be getting back to my grandmother's to help with pies." She says and then turns to Jax "Jaxon, my dress?"

He nods and walks to the dryer pulling out the load of laundry. Since when does this fuckwit do laundry? Let alone a woman's laundry? "Yeah, you kinda got sick on it so I washed it for you." He handed it back to her with a sheepish look on his face.

She smiled brightly "I was wondering why I was in your shirt. I was a little afraid to ask. Thought I might have acted foolishly." She laughed to herself. "You're a nice guy. Thank you for giving me a place to stay and taking care of me, Jax." She kisses his cheek softly before getting dressed and making her way out.

"Now...Explain" I growl looking towards Jaxon.

"How the hell was I supposed to know?" He grits back.

"I don't know, ask questions? Pay attention when I showed you pictures of my childhood before you came into it? Maybe ask her questions?" I'm losing it and I know he isn't to blame. I don't really have a claim over her, but it kills me to think of what might have happened. Lennix has always been mine. She always will be.

Jaxon huffs "I'm sorry dude, but if you were to ever tell me that the tiny string bean of a blonde with pigtails and freckles was Lennix now today, I still wouldn't believe you. Do you fucking see her?!" He rolls his eyes and sucks in a breath. "Fuck dude I didn't know!"

On some level I know he's right but it doesn't stop the anger from rising up inside me. "And now that you know?"

He shrugs in response and my blood begins to boil.

"You touched her. You broke our rules." I said flatly.

"Barely." He chuckles to himself. "If I'm being honest she touched me far more than I touched her." He smirked. He's trying to piss me off. And it's working.

"What the fuck are you talking about?" I ground my teeth together.

He raised a brow, "do you really wanna know?"

"Yes" my answer was automatic "no.... yes. I need to know."

He crossed his arms over his chest "is it going to change how you feel about her? What you think about her?"

"Of course not." I said in exasperation.

"Fine. Then I'll just tell you that we didn't have sex and leave it at that." He started walking off to his room "happy?"

"Not quite" he paused in his steps and looked at me waiting. "Keep your hands off her. You broke the rule once because you didn't know who she is to me. You know now. Lennix has always been mine, Jax."

His face fell in a defeated expression. "Yeah. I got you Zan. She's all yours, but only because you're my best friend. So stop being a dick." He headed off to his room for the rest of the day without a peep.

I felt like the biggest bag of dicks, but I can't help the possessive hold I have with Lennix. I'm under no illusions that she is the same innocent girl I once knew. I'm sure she's had her share of fun and relationships, but what's that saying? I may not have been your first but I want to be your last. That's what I want. I was her first love, her first kiss, her first boyfriend, but so many other firsts were not mine to claim. I'll be happy being her last.

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