Loving Lennix

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39.Calling the Devil


Do you know that feeling that you get when you know something bad is going to happen, but you just can’t figure out what it is?

I’ve had that feeling since I left for this insufferable conference. Leaving Lennix and Jaxon back home shouldn’t make me feel like this.

I know Jax will take care of her and I know she can take care of them both, but after that call from Jayda, seeing Lennix pretty much go ‘mama bear’, I don’t know if I feared more for Lennix or for Jayda.

Jayda is obviously mentally instable and needs help, but Lennix is fiercely protective of our children, Jax, and I. I love her for it. I really do. I just don’t want her to do something she may regret in the future. She’s a kind, loving person. I could see Jayda driving her down a road that could ruin her if she let it.

Jax had made a report that same day that Lennix got the call, but I’m not sure they are going to be able to help. I hope they can, but they couldn’t track her down with the little bit of information we had on her. So, we were at a loss of what to do.

I was in a meeting with a new investor when I got the call.

“Hello, may I please speak with a Zander Ruso?” an older man’s voice came through the phone.

I furrowed my brow knowing that tone of voice. It’s meant to placate the person who is on the receiving end of bad news.

I skip over the pleasantries “What happened?”

“I’m sorry to deliver this news over the phone, but earlier tonight there was a break in at your residence. I’m afraid-”

my heart beat wildly out of my chest. “Lennix and Jaxon... are they ok?” I rushed for the information that meant the most to me. I couldn’t care less if anything was taken as long as they were ok.

The man took a breath before he responded again, “Mr. Jaxon chase sustained a gunshot wound to the left shoulder. Nothing vital was hit. He’s at the hospital.”

“Lennix? The babies?” I was growing impatient at the bits and pieces of information he was dropping.

“Ms. Mancini was checked over. She and the babies are fine, but..” he trailed off.

“But?” I growled out into the phone.

He sighed, “Ms. Mancini is being held for questioning in the deaths of Jayda Reyes and Amy Scott.”

My heart stopped.



For murder?

“There must be some kind of mistake.” I reasoned.

“No,” he said apologetically “there’s no mistake. When police arrived at your home they found Mr. Chase who had been shot outside of your home. Ms. Reyes and Ms. Scott were inside your home, both pronounced deceased on the scene and Ms. Mancini seemed to be the only one without obvious injuries holding a firearm.”



“How did you know the victims?” the detective questioned as I sat cradling my bump. The way he labeled them as victims struck a nerve and I glared not being able to catch myself in time.

“Those ‘victims’ were psychotic ex-girlfriends of my partners who intruded into my home with the intent of cutting my babies from my stomach and killing me.” I stated matter-of-factly.

He didn’t seem to buy my story “and how do you know that was their intent?”

This time I glared openly at the detective. “They told me. They fought about it actually as if I’d let them harm my babies.”

He sucked his teeth, the sound is even more annoying than the disbelieving look in his eye. Was it my piercings? My tattoos? Being pregnant and hormonal? Could it be his distaste for my relationship? Or Maybe it was my last name?


Though I don’t hold onto any ties to the mafia, that’s not saying a few of my second cousins aren’t in the “family business”.

“Listen, like I said. I went down stairs to get a drink of water. Amy was waiting for me with a knife. I tried to get out the front door, but Jayda was there. She pushed me back. Amy and Jayda argued about Amy doing her part by cutting my babies from me and then they would kill me. Jaxon showed up just before Amy ran towards me with her knife. He shot her to save me. Jayda shot Jaxon in retaliation. I called after her to stop her so she wouldn’t harm him further. Then she turned towards me. I told her to stop. I didn’t want to have to shoot her, but I did it to protect myself, my babies, and Jaxon. She would have killed all of us.” I finished showing my hands. I had nothing left to say.

The detective raised from his chair clicking the end of his pen. “I think were good here, Ms. Mancini. Get comfortable. I don’t think you will be leaving for quite a while.” He turned to leave.

I shot out of my chair to stand “my phone call?”

He raised a brow and smirked, “and who would you like to call?”

I would never under any other circumstance reach out to that side of my family. The things they do in the shadows of the earth are distasteful at best. “Dominic Romano” I spoke clearly, watching the detective flinch at the name that has made more headlines than bomb scares and wars combined.

The devil’s name should never be mentioned out loud. The devil being my second cousin. Next in line to take the seat at the head of the Italian Mafia’s table.

I could have waited. I could have gotten a lawyer to fight my case. Everything would point to self defense, but a lawyer would take too long and I needed to be with Jaxon. I needed to make sure he was ok.



I was released from the hospital the next day. Lennix was there with Zander to pick me up. She hadn’t been there last night and seemed off this morning. Zander didn’t seem himself either, which was getting to me.

What the hell did I miss?

I held my tongue until we arrived back at home. I knew whatever it was, it was a private matter.

As soon as Zander closed the front door I looked to them both, “What’s going on?”

“Noth-” Lennix started only to be cut off by Zander, “Tell him, Lennix.” Zander said, his voice low and quiet, worried.

She released a long breath before grabbing my hands, “You aren’t going to like it, but I promise everything is ok, now.” She looked into my eyes and continued “The detective seemed to have it out for me and I needed to see you and make sure you were ok. When it seemed like he didn’t believe me no matter what the evidence or my statement said, I asked to make a call.” She finished with a look of disappointment.

I shrug “ok... they give you one phone call. You didn’t call me and there was no need to I was in surgery. So, you called Zander?” I asked looking to him as he shook his head ‘no’.

I furrowed my brows while she bit her lip nervously.

“My cousin.” She said quietly still not looking up to meet my eyes.

What’s wrong with calling one of her cousins? Mazie, Jenaka, and Remi are great and I’m sure her family would understand what happened. That wouldn’t be a reason for Zander to be worried or Lennix nervous to tell me.

The look in her eyes told me I was still missing something, “Which cousin?”

“Dominic Romano” Zander scrubbed his hands over his face mumbling as the name passed his lips.

My eyes grew wide in disbelief. “You don’t mean... the same...” I couldn’t finish my question, but she knew what I was asking as she nod her head.

“And what was the exchange for this favor Lennix?” I asked. Now, I’m worried.

She took a deep, steadying breath, “Information.”

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