Loving Lennix

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40. Babies


Things were blissfully back to normal after Zander got over his disappointment and Jaxon got over the shock. I can understand both sides.

I never wanted Jaxon to find out about my family’s history and ties, nor did I ever want to make a deal with the devil himself, but I was desperate and come to find out, I was right to make that call. The detective was trying to build a case against me. Thanks to my phone call, all charges were dropped and that crooked cop was relieved of duty. I’m not sure why he was coming after me so hard, but I can only assume that had more to do with my family and less to do with the case at hand.

Dominic was even able to find the money that was taken from Jax and Zander’s company. Turns out Jayda was broke and was having the money syphoned out of the company account to take care of her son. We know now that Bently isn’t Zander’s child, but the guilt would have eaten him alive. So, he opened an account in Bently’s name to help his grandparents take care of him.

Our day to day is anything, but boring, however, the lack of life threatening and relationship straining drama couldn’t have come at a better time.

I was laying on the couch with Zander when the babies started kicking hard. He rubbed over my stomach softly cooing at their latest efforts to beat me to death from the inside, just before I felt a shift and then wetness.

Zander’s eyes matched mine, wide and surprised. “I swear I didn’t just pee.” I rushed mortified.

Zander chuckled and kissed my forehead. “I’ll text Jax and get the car ready. You just meet me at the car.” He said sweetly, taking control of the situation and easing the awkwardness.



My phone rang for the third time while in this meeting.

I flipped it over only to see Zander’s name show up on the screen. We’ve been alternating days at the office and days with Lennix since the the break in and today was his day.

“What’s up?” I answered.

Zander’s voice came over the line sounding frazzled. “I’ve called you three times! Get to the hospital now! Lennix is in labor!”

My mouth went dry as the call disconnected and I stared at the table full of investors in shock. “I’ve gotta go.” I spoke slowly letting it register. “Our babies are on the way.” The room erupted in congratulations and good luck wishes. I ran from the room like hellhounds were nipping at my heels.

Holy shit, we’re having our babies today!


I ran down the hospital halls sliding around every turn and burst through the delivery room door.

“I’m here! I’m here! Did I miss it?” I rushed over to Nix’s side. I was met with a tight smile as she tried hard to push through the latest contraction. I grabbed her face and kissed her deeply. My lips commanding her own. My tongue taking over her mouth. I swallowed her grunts of pain before releasing her mouth. “How do you feel?” I asked quietly.

“Better now.” She responded and then gripped my hand like she wanted to break it. Zander brushed her hair back with his fingers and kissed her forehead whispering sweetly, reminding her that she is beautiful, she’s doing such a good job.

She let out a loud scream when she finally started pushing calling us every name in the book. Zander looked to me with a smile before saying “She doesn’t mean it.” I swallowed hard seeing her in so much pain. Maybe we should rethink the number of kids we have. I could be good with just the twins.

In moments her screams stopped and a softer gentler cry was heard. “It’s a boy!” The doctor called out triumphantly.

He handed our son to Lennix and tears of joy filled her eyes as she kissed his chubby little cheeks. “Maddox Alexander” she whispered. The doctor nodded taking Maddox from Nix and handing him off to the nurse. “One more time, Lennix” he coached her again.

In another fifteen minutes Makena Avery was born into the world and on their baby bands read the name ‘Chase-Russo’.

I was overwhelmed with love and adoration. Lennix had brought our first two children into the world. Our lives felt forever tied to each other in the best of ways. We were a family.



I was sitting in the postpartum room preparing to gather all of our belongings to head home tomorrow when the doctor knocks on the door to speak with us.

Jax was sitting in a chair by the bed holding Maddox and Lennix held Makena.

they exchanged pleasantries before the doctor cleared his throat and began with why he had come in to see us. “As you know, we had to do a DNA test on the babies and both fathers for the babies’ birth certificates and blood typing.” Lennix nods cautiously.

We didn’t want to be told, but the look on the doctor’s face was one of amazement. “Lennix have you ever heard of Superfecundation?” Her brows scrunched together in confusion. “No.”

“Is it bad?” Jax jumped in to the conversation worry written all over his face. My palms were sweating. I don’t think we could take anymore bad news. Things were finally going great.

“Not at all.” the doctor said with a big smile. “Superfecundation happens in approximately 1 out of every 400 twin births. This is when the mother hyperovulates or releases two or more egg cells in one ovulation period and becomes pregnant by two or more male partners, one for each egg cell.” He smiles gently letting the information settle.

“So you’re saying...” I started, but trailed off at the sheer thought of it.

The doctor gave a happy nod, “Yes. You fathered one of your children and Jaxon fathered the other.”

The smiles in our room were contagious. Our babies were true miracles. “Would you like to know?” He asked again just to be sure.

Jax looked down at Maddox and then gazed over to Makena “No. I still don’t want to know. They are perfect and ours.” I nod at his statement and agree.

Our family is perfect. We don’t need to know.



4 years later

“Mommy!” Makena came running down the hall. Her long milk chocolate curls bouncing behind her. Dark blue eyes drowning in tears as she sniffles crawling into my lap. “Maddox stole my dolly and pulled her head off!” she sobbed into my chest while I snuggled her close.

Maddox came in with a big smile on his face. Mischievous green eyes gleaming in joy. Looking at him you can tell he is Zander’s seed, but he is Jaxon to the core.

Little trouble maker.

“Maddox Alexander Chase-Russo, don’t make me call your fathers in here.” I said sternly. His smile widens.

“Is my little man being a terror again?” Jax asks while he walks into the living room. He scoops him up and sets him on his lap while giving him a knowing look. “What have we said about being mean to your sister?”

“Not to?” Maddox nervously played with his fingers. “So what do you think you should do?” Jax asked again.

“Say I’m sorry?” Maddox sighs. “I’m sorry Maks.”

She sniffles and wipes her nose “It’s ok Madi”

She squirms in my hold as the front door closed. “Daddy!” She squealed and ran to Zander. He scooped her up swinger her around and wiped her tears from her cheeks. “Oh no, we can’t have tears on such a pretty face.” he hugged her tightly.

Makena is seriously a daddy’s girl. Both of her fathers spoil her rotten and Maddox... My sweet little boy is trouble with a capital T. Always getting into something. But, I love them both with all my heart.

I wouldn’t trade them for anything and their fathers are the great loves of my life. I don’t know where I’d be without Jaxon and Zander. They complete me in every sense of the word.

Thank you all so much for reading ‘Loving Lennix’. It has been a joy and a privilege to bring this beautiful thruple to your screens. I’m sad to end it here, but glad to be able to continue on a new journey. If there are questions left unanswered, I know I left one open, Dominic Romano... You may remember him from the one shot ‘Mafia Princess’, there will not be a sequel to Loving Lennix, however, Dominic will have his own story in the coming months, some questions may be answered in his book... keep your eye out for more of his crossovers in a select few other stories to come.

If you are interested in reading one more steamy scene between these three, keep a look out! It will be posted soon. If not, it was a pleasure to have you as a reader, following this journey with Lennix, Jaxon, and Zander.

Thank you so much again,


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