Loving Lennix

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My mother chose to take the twins for the evening to give Jax, Zander, and I a night to our selves. It was a welcomed break, but I was missing our babies despite everything the guys were doing to try to distract me.

"Come on, babygirl. You know they are ok." Zander kissed my neck softly and took my phone setting it down on the night stand.

Jax was waiting for us down in the hot tub and I had just changed into my swimsuit, but Zander's hands holding my hips and pressing his hard bulge against me was cause for this event to become clothing optional.

I smirked while I grind my backside into him. The soft music from outside carried in through our open window. I moved slowly against him in a soft sway of my hips. His hands tightened their grasp and his lips locked on my neck with a groan. "Come on baby, don't tease me." His voice was low and deep in my ear making my breath hitch.

I reached behind me pulling the string of my bikini letting my breasts bounce freely from the material. His hands instinctively came up to cup my breasts and roll my nipples. A quiet moan left my lips before his hand grasped my jaw and he kissed me sensually. His kisses, always full of tender love and care, made me weak in the knees.

I was pushed onto the bed in moments. He crawled up my body and pulled the last string of my top and threw it off into some forgotten corner of the room. Kissing and sucking on my breasts. Toying with my nipples. My back arched pushing my flesh to his mouth. Sighs and moans leaving my lips when he kissed down my stomach and played with the bottoms of my swimsuit.

I bucked my hips up when he removed it exposing my fully naked body to the cool night air. He shot a glance to the doorway causing me to look over and see Jaxon standing in the door way, lust written all over his face.

Zander's mouth descended on my quivering, wet heat lapping me up forcing a louder moan from my lips.

I watched as Jax took careful predatory steps into our room. His eyes roamed my body and settled on my face as Zander hit that delicious spot that makes me scream out in pure need. I looked down at Zander with so much love and wanting. Running my fingers through his hair as his tongue worked its magic rolling over my clit and dipping into my soaked channel.

I tugged at his roots making him groan against me and my legs shook. My eyes locked on Jax's deep blue gaze and I rocked my hips against Zander's mouth.

"hmm, naughty Princess." Jax hums in a near growl. He gripped my hair pulling it hard enough to force my lips to his. His mouth devoured mine and commanded my every motion. I melted against his kiss.

"Haven't you learned yet?" he asked when he broke the kiss to nibble on my neck. "You're not in charge here." His thumb grazed down my throat while Zander sucked my clit hard and I came screaming Zander's name.

Jaxon smirked before looking to the man between my thighs. "I think she needs a little punishment. What do you think Zan?"

Zander smiled. My juices covering his chin. My heart nearly stopped. I wanted them so badly I could taste it.

"What did you have in mind?" He asked.

Jax crawled off the bed and went to his toy chest retrieving a few of his favorites. He turned to me with a big smile. "You know the deal, Princess." He caressed my ankle while attaching the shackles. "Daddy wants to tie you up." He winked and my stomach fluttered in excitement.

I bit my bottom lip turning my face to Zander. He laces his fingers through my hair, molding my lips to his. His tongue dancing with my own while Jax continued his actions with my wrists until I was spread and pinned for each and every one of their desires.

Zander broke the kiss to stand by Jax who was contemplating which one of his devices he wanted to use first.

I saw Zander's eyes light up when he saw the remote controlled vibrator. Jax must have noticed too, because he handed the toy and remote to Zander and chuckled quietly.

Zander never goes into Jax's toybox. He prefers his lips, fingers, tongue, and cock do the job, whereas Jax likes to play, in every sense of the word.

Zander stroked my wet center and gently pushed the toy inside me. My pulse quickened with need when he flipped the switch on the control and the toy buzzed to life. I bit my bottom lip hard to suppress the moans that were begging to escape. "Bad girl." Zander smiled down at me. "You know you can't hold back those pretty little moans for long, baby."

I shot him a playful glare, determined to hold them back for as long as I could. Zander has the willpower to hold back, but Jax is always ALWAYS hanging by a thread when it comes to me and when he snaps, playtime will be over and he will fuck me as hard as he could ever want.

That's what I need.

I want their will to snap and them to take me and ravish my being.

Zander runs his fingers slowly down my stomach stopping short of my clit and runs them back up to my breasts in slow, leisurely strokes.

Jax handed him a feather to replace his fingers. "Keep it soft until she's begging for you to touch her." Zander's smile grew. Who knew he'd develop a little bit of a kink side?

He wants to hear me beg.

While my newly discovered tease stroked my skin with the feather, which made me squirm, Jax picked up one of my favorite toys.

He ran the shock wand over my skin creating goosebumps across my skin. It was like the feather times one hundred making me shiver in desire. His tongue met my clit while he passed the wand over my nipples making me gasp loudly and my thighs tremble.

Zander pressed a button on the remote again making my hips flex and a deep moan escape from my parted lips.

Jax smirked up at me from between my thighs and dragged the wand down my stomach. Stronger sparks played on my sensitive flesh making me whimper and moan for him. Rocking my soaked pussy lips against his sinful mouth.

He pulled away to watch me carefully. I cried out in surprise and lust when he brought the wand down to the apex of my thighs and ran the current around my begging, pulsing pussy.

"Tell us what you want, baby" Zander stroked my cheek staring into my eyes.

I sighed at his gentle contact. "I want you in my mouth." I spoke quietly, afraid the screams that were building would find their way up my throat before I was ready to give in.

He slowly pulled his shorts down, his hard cock springing free in front of my face. He stroked himself just out of reach. "Tell me how much you want it." his deep voice met my ears and filled me with a burning hot need. "Please, I need it so bad. I want to taste you. Fuck my mouth, Zander." I pleaded and was met with a smirk before he hit the button on the control again and my hips shot up at the sensations running through me. The vibrations enough to send me over the edge, but a quick slap to my pussy from Jax reminded me of rule number one when playing with 'Daddy Jax'.

"Please, Daddy may I cum?" I pleaded.

He simply grinned and shook his head 'no.'

Zander grabbed my hair, inching his throbbing member towards my mouth "What's that he always tells you?" he thought for a moment and his eyes flashed in excitement "The only place your perfect little pussy is going to cum, is wrapped around my hard, thick cock, babygirl." and he shoved his length down my throat making me gag and moan around him. "That's right baby, swallow my cock like a good girl."

My cheeks flushed and my greedy cunt clenched begging for a release.

Jax pulled the vibrator out from inside me and rolled it over my clit. I screamed around Zander's mass my whole body shivering on the brink of an orgasm they were denying me. He shocked my clit once, twice, the third time I couldn't hold back. I gagged on Zander's cock and came hard.

When I came down from my high, Jax stared down at me with a big grin. "Naughty princess. Cumming without permission... and you made a mess?"

Zander laced his hands tighter in my hair and forced himself deeper down my throat. Stroking in and out of me as if he were making love to my mouth. His head thrown back in pleasure as deep groans left his lips.

Jax unlatched my ankles, placed my thighs on his shoulders while he took long, slow licks of my pussy, teasing my clit at the same pace as Zander's thrusts. He pushed two fingers into my begging channel and growled at the feeling of my walls wrapped tightly around his digits.

He stroked my g-spot with expert care and only picked up the pace when Zander's breath caught and he began fucking my throat like he hated me. Vicious, deep, fast thrusts. Making me gag around him and clench around Jax's fingers. Spit covered his cock and dripped down my chin.

"Oh shit, baby. Swallow it all. Fuck yes, just like that." Zander moaned out just before thick warm ropes of his cum slid down the back of my throat. I sucked him harder wanting every drop, enjoying how it racked his body with after shocks until he forced himself to pull out of my mouth.

At the moment he left my lips, Jax positioned himself between my thighs and a loud pleasure filled scream left my lungs along with all the air my body possessed when he berried himself within me. His eyes were a deep midnight blue. He had snapped and my greedy little cunt would gladly pay dearly for it.

He pounded into me over and over again dragging every lustful sound he possibly could from my lips. "Damn you're so fucking sexy, Princess." he growled bending down to nip my nipple between his teeth. My inner walls tightened around him as I gasped in response. "But you know, I think you're even sexier filled with my seed." I moaned louder wanting nothing more than for him to fill me up with his cum.

He kissed my lips hard, demanding control. "I wanna put another baby inside you" he mumbled against my lips. The sound I made was inhuman. I wanted it so badly my core ached at the prospect.

I nod my head.

"Words, babygirl." Zander said from beside me flicking my nipple.

"Yes!" I cried out. "I want you both to fill me up. Put another baby inside me. Breed me, daddy."

Jax grabbed the headboard and slammed into me harder, deeper, faster. Low, animalistic growls rumbled up his chest and escaped from his lips. "Cum on my dick, Princess. Give daddy what he wants." I squeezed my eyes tight as fireworks went off behind my lids and I exploded around his massive member. "Ahh fuck!" was all I heard before he pushed deeper and stilled filling my womb with his seed.

He pulled out kissing my face with a soft smile on his.

Zander unlatched my cuffs, pulling me to him, laying behind me as he slid into me slowly making love to me. He kissed my neck, grasped my breasts, playing with my nipples, then slid his hand down to my clit rubbing teasing circles on the tiny bundle of nerves.

The slow, steady thrust of his hard cock into my needy center had pleasure building in a steady climb, but when Jax placed his hand on my throat and kissed me in that powerfully dominant way he does my pussy locked down on Zander. He let out a heady groan and I came as he filled me with his release.

I lay panting wrapped in Zander's embrace with Jax stroking my hair. "Were just getting started, Princess." he kissed my lips softly. "We're not stopping until you're carrying our babies again." Zander finished in my ear.

Shivers ran down my spine.

We're in for a long night.

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