Loving Lennix

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Walk of shame

Lennix POV

"So glad you could finally show up to help us" Mazie calls out over her shoulder clearly amused by my late arrival and appearance in last nights clothes.

Remi is at the end of the counter forming pie crusts in pans stifling her giggles while Jenaka sits at the table with sunglasses on and her head in her hands.

"Shhh Mazie! I need more coffee before you rip into our little Leni for her walk of shame. My oh my what would grams say if she saw you like that?" Jenaka tries for a joke with a very clear hangover. I lean in giving her a hug and speak just above a normal talking voice near her ear "thanks Jen! How are you feeling? Not too bad I hope! Oh wow is that apple pie! Yum my favorite! What's your-" her hand slaps over my mouth "Shut. Up." She grinds out and drops her head back into her hands while her sisters laugh.

"Ok I'm going to get dressed. Someone get this one some coffee. We need to sober up Oscar the grouch before we have to take the pies to the church." I say pointing at Jenaka who just stuck her tongue out at me before I ran up the stairs.

I threw on a pair of short jean shorts and a tank top with boots. Throwing my hair into a pony tail and headed back down with plans to help with food prep all day.

Our family isn't huge, but our grandparents like to donate food to their church for families in need during the holidays so we always make much more than necessary. In a matter of hours we have completed 15 pies. We only needed about 4 of them for all of our family and friends that will be there on thanksgiving, so I volunteer to head over with the girls to drop off the rest of the pies at the church and place in their freezer for the next couple of days.

"Ok" Mazie started excitedly and I knew what was coming. "I've waited all day. Now give me the details." She paused looking at me. "Who did you leave with? What happened? Do I know them? Tell me everything!" She chirped nearly bouncing up and down. Didn't I just note how she was the more mature cousin? Yeah... I may need to take that back in this moment.

Remi groaned "ugh here we go again. Ok. His name was Rick. He's super nice. Owns his own little ranch. Obviously you know him since you-"

"No!" Mazie glared at her sister who gave me a smile and a shrug. She was trying to take the conversation off of me and I was grateful, but it seems it didn't work as well as we both had hoped. "I know Rick, Remi and that's a whole other topic we will get into later but you," she pointed at me "who did you leave with and what did you get up to?" She crossed her arms over her chest and tapped her foot.

"Well, I" I started.

"Jesus fucking Christ... she left with a guy and got laid! Why does it matter, Mazie? She's 22 years old, not a baby!" Jenaka rolls her eyes.

"Firstly, please refrain from the JFC when we have only just left the church an hour ago. That's so disrespectful. Secondly, since when have any of you been uncomfortable telling me anything?" She took in our expressions which I'm sure all screamed 'ALWAYS'.

None of us stood a chance against Mazie and her endless questions. She's like a mama bird... or a bear... I'm not really sure which. Guards you fiercely but pushes you endlessly. "exactly! Never... so spill Lennix Alessandra Mancini!"

"Ohhhhhh" Jenaka and Remi tease in unison at Mazie using my full name.

"Fine, Mazie Luisa Briggs." I stuck my tongue out at her. "It doesn't hold the same ring to it anymore." I sigh. She cocked her eyebrow in impatience.

Relenting, knowing she wouldn't give up I shrugged and told them all I could remember from the night before "After you left this guy named Jaxon bought me a few shots. We talked and joked. We danced for a bit before we went back to his place. I remember kissing him and that's really it."

I looked at their worried expressions so I hurried on. "I woke up this morning alone in his bed in his t-shirt. He said I got sick and he had washed my dress for me. My hair smelled like men's shampoo and conditioner and my skin smelled like his pillows and blankets so I'm guessing he let me take a shower after I got sick too, but that wasn't even the oddest part." I looked between them all, "y'all remember Zander?"

Mazie's eyes lit up while Remi lifted a brow and Jenaka gazed on with open curiosity.

"First kiss, fist love, Zander Russo?" Remi questioned.

"The one and only." I laughed. "Well turns out he's Jaxon's roommate. So I saw him this morning too while I was wearing nothing other than Jaxon's t-shirt." I palmed my forehead in embarrassment.

All three of them broke into laughter.

"Soooo" Mazie smiles as soon as her giggle fit is under control. "Which one do you like?"

I rolled my eyes. "Does it matter? I have to go back to school. I won't be back until July." I bit my bottom lip while unpleasant memories flood my mind.

"And that means what?" Remi crossed her arms. "You can't like someone and be gone? There's no rule against it Len."

Jenaka picked up on my expression before the others " She can't start something and leave again." She said looking at me and turned to the others "I'm sure Vance has something to do with it too."

"WHAT?!" I gasp loudly "of fucking course not!" That's a lie. Vance wrecked my trust in love. I haven't had a serious relationship in two years because of that little experience.

"Aww, honey." Mazie wraps me in a hug. "He was an idiot. He didn't deserve you."

Remi joins in the hug squeezing tight. "Not all long distance relationships end like that." She whispers kissing the top of my head.

A tear slips down my cheek.

"Men are all dogs." Jenaka wipes my tear away. "You're lucky you're bi. Maybe you will find a nice girl some day and kick all the dick to the curb. Live the great life with someone who doesn't need a map to find the clitoris" We all chuckle at her obvious joke.

My phone lights up on the counter.

"Who is it?" They all ask at once.

"It's Zander." I say in a hushed breath.

They squeal in excitement.

"Well, don't just stand there! Respond, girl!" Remi cheers.

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