Loving Lennix

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5. Internal struggle

Jaxon POV

This is hell. It shouldn't be. She's just a pretty face. I don't know her, but that changes nothing.

His. He called her his.

I had to force myself not to roll my eyes so fucking hard.

It may sound childish, but I had to lock myself in my room in order to give us some distance. This whole thing just pissed me off. Yeah she may have been his once, back when sharing milk and cookies was the equivalent of making babies. They were children. But she's a grown woman now and that grown ass woman wanted me! Or at least she did last night. And fuck how I wanted her too.

Even after she left, my mind has been consumed by thoughts of her. I laid in my bed and tried to calm myself from the irritation that was threatening to surface. The pillow she slept on smelled like my shampoo and body wash, but there was a feminine scent just under mingled and twisted with it. Something that reminded me of her again and again.

Great, a scent has me acting like a creep. What the fuck is wrong with me?

The simple scent springing images of her last night into my mind. The way my shirt slid over her body. The sheets that cupped her sex when my shirt rode up exposing so much of her soft skin to my greedy eyes. The way her round ass felt in my hand pressing her core against me while her lips found mine. She was clearly intoxicated. Her kiss was slow and sloppy, I chuckle to myself remembering it. But those soft, full lips on mine were everything. The way they moved with mine. And don't get me started on her mouth wrapped around my cock. It makes me groan even now. Hot damn! If that's how she sucks dick drunk I want to know what her sober feels like.

It was never supposed to happen like that. I didn't want to take advantage of her and now she doesn't know what happened. I couldn't bring myself to admit to her what happened. To embarrass her. She was so worried she had done something inappropriate and I couldn't crush her own vision of herself, even thought I wanted to pull her to me, pin her to my bed, and show her what a sexy little minx she really is. Have her walking that fine line between angel and demon she walked so well last night and have her fall off the edge for me.

But then there's Zander. He will probably never forgive me even though I didn't know who she was. Would I forgive him if it were reversed? I'd think so, but I mean this is Lennix we are talking about. And my Princess is fucking gorgeous. I can see why he would be so upset. Over the years he's compared every woman he's ever dated to the pre-teen he once loved completely.

So can I blame him for being a royal dick? Of course not. Would I back off? Yeah. Sure. Because I love him like a brother, but it's going to be the hardest fucking thing I ever do.

The real question is, will she? Am I at fault if she comes to me?

God damn it Jax! Stop it! She's off limits! If she comes to me I'll have to turn her down. I'll have to keep my distance. That's what I'll have to do. My friendship is worth more to me than getting laid.

Hell maybe that's all I need. Maybe I just need to get laid. Get a release and it will clear my head.

I pull out my phone skimming through my contacts skimming past hers when my finger hovers over her name.


I open her contact and change her name, 'Nix'. There. If I have her like one of the guys, treat her like one of the guys, it will be easier. All good.


I keep scrolling through finding a girl I hooked up with a few weeks back and shoot her a text.

Jax: Hey, pretty girl. What are you up to?

Amy: Hey, Jaxon! Nothin much just hanging out. You wanna come over?

No, I want to be buried inside a hot blonde I picked up last night before I found out doing so would ruin my friendship with Zander. Ugh! Fuck!

Jax: Yeah, babe. I'll be there in 20. Be ready.

"Oh Jaxon" she moans while I run my tongue along her slit feeling her squirm beneath me. My fingers working in and out of her snatch.

She struggles against my restraints trying to take more while I tease her. I'm distracted. Every lick I'm wondering how good my princess would taste. Every moan I remember those soft moans of hers while she was asleep and those deeper ones while her lips were wrapped around my hard cock.

Amy wiggles her hips again under my mouth.

I pull my fingers out from her slick heat and slap her pussy.

"I told you to stay still." I growled out.

A soft whimper left her lips. "Yes, sir." She sighed when I rubbed her pussy lips soothing the sting.

She was more than ready for me and my mind staying on Lennix had me hard and about to explode.

I released her ankle restraints, slid a condom on my length, and rocked into Amy's heat in a quick thrust. Her moans were ones that would usually hit me right in the gut. Loud and appreciative. I love a screamer, but they do very little for me today.

I grip her hips and pound into her. Maybe if I fuck her just how I want to fuck Lennix I can get this out of my system.

My fingers bite into her skin. My pelvis hitting hers in a bruising need. I reach up with one hand tweaking her nipple and bite her other making her cry out for me. My short nails run down her body and then back up until my right hand lands on her throat. Squeezing softly.

"Jax" she moans louder. "Please. May I cum?"

"No" I growled pulling out of her I flipped her to her stomach and found myself buried deep inside her again fucking her from behind. Smacking her ass hard over and over again to make her clench around my cock. The noises she makes... would my princess squeal in delight just like Amy? Or would she moan out her pleasure like she did with my dick down her throat? Fuck! I need to know.

Just once.

Damn it, this was supposed to help!

I pulled her hair. Growling in her ear in frustration, "cum". I ordered and she released on me with a powerful orgasm. The pulsing of her cunt around me was less than satisfying.

What the hell?

I didn't give her long before I pulled the restraints from her wrists the condom from my cock and buried myself down her throat.

"That's right, swallow my cock." I listened to her gag on me with a smirk on my face. Music to my fucking ears. I fucked her mouth stupid. Chasing my release. It's not her favorite thing to do, but I needed it. And just on cue I pulled back and came in her mouth before she rushed off the bed to spit my load down the sink and brush her teeth.

"Damn it Jaxon! How many fucking times do I have to tell you? Cum anywhere, but in my mouth! That's just gross!" She shouted from her bathroom while I gather my clothes and get dressed.

"Don't worry about it. It won't happen again. Sorry." I responded honestly. Because it wouldn't happen again. I don't usually do repeats. I've kept her in rotation just because she is willing to submit to light bondage and it takes the edge off from time to time.

Mmm Lennix would look so fucking sexy tied up to my bed. Spread wide for me. Taking all of me while she gives me all of her.

This is going to be a lot harder than I thought if Zander has his way. I feel like he's asking me to roll over and show my belly. The dominant part of me wants to push the bounds and have her begging for me so loud he can hear it throughout the condo while she screams that she belongs to me, but the friend in me reminds me that that would be wrong. It would be selfish. I'm not selfish and he knows that.

But maybe I can be just a little?

Jax: Good evening, Princess.

Nix: Jax? What's up?

I smile to myself. Oh baby, if you only knew.

Jax: Nothing really. Just checking on you. Making sure you're ok after last night.

Nix: Oh

Nix: Yeah, all good. You?

I'd be better if I never agreed to these stupid ass rules and met you before my dickhead of a best friend.

Jax: Yup. I'm great.

I watched as the chat bubble started and stopped several times before it settled on...

Nix: I'm glad to hear it. Thank you again for taking care of me. You were a really great friend.

Friend? To who? Her? Zander? Did I just get friend zoned? I don't get friend zoned! What the hell happened between sucking my cock and this conversation?....

Jax: Did you talk to Lennix today?

Zan: Yes. Why?

Jax: No reason. Just wanted to make sure she was feeling better.

Zan: She's fine, man. We're going out to dinner in a few.

Dinner? He's already asked her out? That slick mother fucker.

Jax: Ohh dinner? Dude, I'm game! Where and when?

Jax: You know what, don't worry about it. I'll ask Nix.

I saw him typing and just clicked back over to my other message.

Jax: No problem, princess. That's what friends are for.

Nix: 🙂

Jax: Speaking of, Zan told me about dinner tonight...

Nix: Yeah, just to catch up. You should come too.

Just to catch up? Looks like I'm not the only one on the sidelines, buddy.

Jax: Sure. Sounds good. Where and when?

Nix: Awesome! 😊

Nix: Franco's at 6:30. Reservation is under my name.

Jax: Got it. I'll be there.

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