Loving Lennix

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6. It’s a... (not) date.

Zander POV

Jax: Did you talk to Lennix today?

Really? Today was just starting to look up.

Zander: Yes. Why?

Jax: No reason. Just wanted to make sure she was feeling better.

Right. I totally believe that. Idiot.

Zan: She's fine, man. We're going out to dinner in a few.

That's right. Dinner. I asked. She said yes. Back off. Follow the rules.

Jax: Ohh dinner? Dude, I'm game! Where and when?

Are you shitting me?! No!

Jax: You know what, don't worry about it. I'll ask Nix.

I texted out a response as quickly as I could telling him no, it's a date, but he didn't even read it. So I figured going straight to the source would be better than phone tag while we're both in the same home.

I knocked on his door and waited.

And waited.

Hearing him laugh about something before he opened the door.

"Oh hey. She didn't get the memo that this was supposed to be a date." He shrugged "sorry, man"

I grit my teeth together "Jaxon, you can't just invite yourself out to dinner with people."

"Oh I can" he smiled "but I didn't. See.."

He handed me his phone "SHE invited ME."

And there is was, in print... she invited Jax saying it was just to catch up.

I didn't expect to pick up where we left off but I wasn't really expecting to be benched after the way she smiled at me in the park. Or the way she said my name in my kitchen. I have an effect on her. I know I do. She has the cutest blush when she's with me. It reminds me so much of when we were kids. When I was the only one to put that blush there.

Does Jaxon make her blush too? Does she have a thing for him now? I don't think I could handle that.

"Jax," I took a deep breath to calm myself. "What actually happened last night?"

He looked at me like I kicked his puppy. There was a sadness, regret, and longing in his eyes. What the hell has gotten into him?

"Jaxon?" I asked more pressing.

He recovered and flashed me a smirk that didn't meet his eyes "Why does it even matter if you're going to invoke the rules as if she's some kind of property? Already yours like it's a done deal?"

I raked my hand over my face. "Obviously, I was wrong. She's not mine. I just want her to be. I've loved her since we were kids. But you..." I sighed hating the words that were to come next "you seem to like her. Even if it's just physical. But she deserves better than a one night stand and no call backs. If you aren't prepared to go all in with her, step aside, because that's what I plan to do. I'm in this for the long haul. I can be as patient as I need to be. Do you have it in you to do that for her?"

Jaxon looked deep in thought. At least he was thinking it over before jumping into the next thing like he always does.

"We should get dressed. We don't need to be late for dinner. She hates it when people are late. Always has." I shake my head.

I know he's not ready for a relationship. He knows it too and she's not the kind of girl you fuck and leave. I think I'd hate him more for that.

The restaurant is a little family owned thing. Our parents used to bring us here when we were younger. It's small, but popular, so reservations are needed if you don't want to be waiting for a table.

Jax and I drove over together, it just made sense. We arrived ten minutes early, because I'll be damned if I make a bad first impression when I'm trying to get Lennix to see me in her future.

We were seated in a back corner booth that I remember used to be her favorite. It's quieter and not in the middle of everyone moving around. Maybe not so much has changed.

As we are looking through the menu I realized Jax had gone still in his seat and let out a pathetic sounding groan.

"What the hell is wr-" I froze watching her walk past the hostess and make her way towards us. "Hot damn." She wore this short, cream colored lace dress that did little to hide her assets. It was off her shoulders and flowed over her curves like water, but left her modest. I guess somethings do change, but the way my heart beats faster and stumbles over in the same breath, that hasn't. She makes it feel like the oxygen has been sucked out of the room and she is the only one to breath it back into your lungs.

Is that creepy to say? Too strong? Calm your ass Zander!

"Hey! Hope y'all weren't waiting long." She says as she effortlessly glides into her side of the booth. Jaxon and I agreed we would both sit on the same side to make things a little less awkward. I could tell there was something he wasn't saying and my jealousy was getting to him.

"Just about five minutes, but you were worth the wait." Jax practically purred.

I shot him a glare and he had the nerve to shrug.

"You look beautiful." I smiled.

"Y'all are too sweet." She blushed picking up her menu.

We ordered a few beers and some food before settling into comfortable conversation over things that happened over the years.

Turns out we were only about 5 hours from each other for 4 years and we had no idea. So close, but not close enough to run into each other.

Jax filled in a bit of information about himself and stories where we were younger and raised hell. How we got kicked out of the frat house for "taking school spirit too far" and by that he meant he fucked the head of house's girlfriend who just happened to be the head cheerleader and a handful of her friends causing a big fight within the house and eventually got us kicked out. "Bro's before hoes" and all that. Though, if she was stepping out on him that seemed more like a them issue rather than a Jax causing issues issue. Water under the bridge. We got a small place not far from campus and threw parties to rival the frat's every weekend. I'm still amazed that we graduated last year, if I'm being honest.

He touched on relationships which made me cringe. He had only one the whole time that I've known him and she was pure fucking evil. He dated her junior year of high school for a year and a half. Our freshman year at university he decided he would come back home to surprise her for her birthday, but she's the one who surprised him. She was in their bed getting railed out by one of our good friends.

That's when we made our rules. They never needed to be mentioned before out of mutual respect but after that it had to be said. He was just too different and I knew she had broken something. Twisted it up and left him hallow. No woman stands a chance against the wall he has built and I wasn't much better.

Every relationship I've had I compared them to the woman sitting across from me. The unattainable perfect imperfection that no one else could achieve, just because they weren't her. I tried. I gave it my best shot, but eventually I had to admit that there was something lacking and it would end.

"So what about you?" I asked just to gain some insight into what I've missed over the years.

She cupped her fingers running her nails back and forth over each other. That's new. She never did that before. She looked lost in her own thoughts and for a moment I didn't think she was going to answer.

"Um... I dated a lot in high school, but nothing really serious until freshman year of uni." She took a deep breath before continuing. "He was graduating soon and ended up moving and it uh... it didn't work out." She glanced in Jaxon's direction almost without meaning to and it made my heart ache at the implication. Jax seemed to pick up on the subtle gesture as well.

"He must have been an idiot." He said quietly.

She simply nods her head with a half smile. "Anyways, that was about two years ago and there's been nothing serious since. I kinda make it a point not to apply labels to anyone these days." She shrugs. "Maybe I'm just not made for commitment anymore."

Jax gave a sad chuckle in agreement and for the first time I can see why they connected.

It hurts to see either of them in pain and to know they both went through the same kind of heartbreak kills me. I can't take the pain away. For years I have watched Jax go through the motions and burry himself in work and women. He's never truly happy. I can only imagine how Lennix is handling it. She doesn't give off the same vibe as Jax. Not really a casual type. She was too embarrassed this morning in our condo for that to be a regular occurrence.

It seems the more I learn about who she is now, the less I believe I know her at all, but I want to. I want to know all of her.

Dinner ended with ice cream at a little place down the road that Jax suggested. It felt easy. Like friends just hanging out. My jealousy faded. Jaxon relaxed. Lennix laughed and smiled. I swear she lit up from the inside out. This is what I wanted. In my future I could still see being with her, but for now, I'm happy with this.

Like I said, I can be patient. I'm just happy to have her back.

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