Loving Lennix

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7. 200 days

Lennix POV

200 days.

It's been 200 days since I left Texas to return to school.

Things have been crazy. I've been swamped with both work and school work, graduation and picking up extra shifts as a bartender at Shorty's, a local gentleman's club, to save money for my own place.

Mom and dad decided just before graduation that they wanted to retire back home in Austin to be with family. So the plan is that I come back home and look for work there with my brand new degree.

I head back next week and to say everyone is excited would be an understatement.

My cousins are planning a welcome home party, I wasn't supposed to know, but Remi can't hold a secret to save her life. My grandparents are planning out the 4th of July and are all too please to introduce me to their friend's grandchildren. I have a suspicion they are trying to set me up. Jax and Zander have been texting and FaceTiming with me since I got back to Cali. It started off a couple of times a week but now we talk nearly every day. Though, something has been up with Jax lately. Over the last month or so he's been a little more distant. We don't talk as much as we used to. I'll have to be sure to ask him what that was all about when I get back home.

Zander: Morning, sweetheart.

Lennix: Morning? It's 5pm. Lol

Zander: Yeah and what time did you wake up?

Lennix: ... well...

Zander: My point exactly. So, good morning. You have work tonight, right?

Lennix: ugh yes! Don't remind me! 😫

Zander: You'll be fine. Just one more week. Then you'll be back home and can work in a fancy office like a grown up. 😉

Lennix: Oh I can't wait! I'll never have to wear this horrendous outfit again! 🥳

Zander: Hey now, lets not go saying things you know you don't mean. 😳

Lennix: Umm I mean it! I mean it wholeheartedly. Lmao

Zander: Damn! And here I was thinking I'd get to see those short shorts and crop top in person. 😉

Lennix: Well, that's too bad! They will be set on fire before I board the plane. You will never see them again. Bahahaha 😈

Zander: Ok fine.

Zander: I guess I'll just have to get my fill of them this week.

Lennix: Lol and how would you do that?

I'm met with a knock at my apartment door.

Ugh it's probably the neighbor locked out again.

I pull the door open meeting those deep green eyes and my jaw drops.

"Oh my god. Zander!" I jump into his arms hugging him tight while he chuckles into my hair.

"Were you surprised?" He asked hugging me tighter.

I sniffle because I missed him so much. I miss home. My family, my friends. I miss it all. "Of course I was surprised!" I pulled away cleaning up my eyeliner. I was too tired to wash my eye makeup off this morning after work. I'm sure it's trying to go rogue and with the tear that strayed down my cheek.

"What are you doing here?" I asked while I lead him into my tiny studio apartment.

He shrugged "can't a guy fly out to see his favorite girl without there being a reason?" He smiles.

I arch an eyebrow. "Your favorite girl?"

He holds up his hands in innocence "I said what I said."

Over the months Zander has made it clear he's interested in something more with me, but I haven't been ready. I'm not trusting enough to have another long distance relationship. Hell, I don't even know if I'm trusting enough to have a regular relationship. We agreed we would talk about it when we saw each other again. I'm guessing that may be part of his reason for visiting before I even return home, but I'm still not ready for this conversation.

I look over at the clock seeing I only have half an hour before I have to be at work.

"You can watch some tv if you want, I need to get ready." I watched as he walked around to the little space I created for the tv and a loveseat.

I divided up the room with folding screen room dividers. It gave me a sense of peace having a separate area for activities and sleep.

I slipped on my work outfit. It's a lot more revealing than I prefer to wear on the daily, but my tips are amazing and it's a work uniform. So nothing I could change. I ran a deep red lip stain over my lips and pulled my hair up into a long high ponytail and finished the look with fresh black eyeliner, and black boots.

"Alright, ready to go?" I ask as I walk toward the front door. I reached for the door knob when I hear Zander release a shuttered breath.

Chancing a glance in his direction he's rubbing the back of his neck and trying hard not to look at me.

I cross my arms over my chest, "what's wrong?"

His eyes followed my movement settling on my cleavage before I realized I had just pushed my boobs together and up. Well, can't blame the guy for his attention. That was half the reason for my tips most nights.

"Zander!" I said a little louder. "Are you coming with me or going somewhere? I gotta go." I laughed at his embarrassment. It just never happens often so it's quite the sight when it does.

"Oh! Yeah I'm comin'. I figured I could spend tonight hanging out with you and tomorrow I can catch up with some buddies near by." He smiles but you can still see the embarrassment of being caught checking me out. Ok this man is sexy and fucking adorable!

"Sounds great." I lead him out as we make the short walk out to Shorty's.

"The girls are nice here. If you want a dance or someone to talk to I'm sure any one of them will be happy to give you some of their time." I teased Zander who's been sitting at the bar watching me work and having sporadic conversation during the slower moments.

He smirked at me and leaned on his forearms over the bar a little closer towards me. "What if I only want a dance from you or a little bit of your time?" His voice dropped lower and I tried to pick up on any hint that he may be joking, but I couldn't see any.

"I think the alcohol is making your brain foggy." I laugh "do you know who I am?" I extended my hand to him "hi. I'm Lennix, the bartender." He laughed at my joke rolling his eyes and sitting back on the high back bar stool. "Oh I know and that's my point." He smiled brightly. I blushed shaking my head.

I spot one of the girls I hang out with and wave her over.

"Zander, this is 'Ambrosia'." I give him a small smile. "She can keep you company for a few. It's about to get really busy in here." I rolled my eyes and shook my head before walking to the other side of the bar. The look on his face was playful but disappointed.

Ambrosia is a nice girl. Obviously that's not her real name, but while at work that what she goes by. She's tall with perfectly tanned skin thanks to her Latin roots. She has curves for days and the most gorgeous honey gold eyes. Her deep brown hair cascades down her back in natural soft curls.

I watch for only a moment from the other side of the bar while she sits on his knee and sparks up a convo. I catch Zander glancing my way from time to time while I'm mixing drinks and sending them out for the next hour. He keeps his hands in plain sight. He doesn't look uncomfortable, but he's always been respectful. This isn't a test, but if it were I think he would pass. I laugh to myself and shake my head at the thought. He's just a gentleman.

They sit laughing and talking and I feel a warmth at the fact that he gets along with her. We dated a while back, but decided we were better friends than together so having him get along with someone who's been apart of my life here is a good feeling.

He whispers something in her ear and I see her eyes light up. "Awww that's so fucking cute!" She slaps his shoulder playfully with a big dreamy smile. I see her kiss his cheek leaving her signature violet lipstick printed on his skin. I roll my eyes with a chuckle. She's just marked him so the other girls will leave him alone. Zander is attractive. Let's be real he's walking, rugged perfection. I don't blame her for staking her claim for the night. She's not going home with him, that's not her style, but for some reason she doesn't want the others all over him and that I find curious and amusing.

"L, I'm up! Take care of our boy." She winked my way and made a dash to get ready to dance on the stage. I shook my head with a smile sliding the tray of shots to Haven, she's a short, tiny thing. Only about 4'9" with delicate curves, pale as snow skin, she wears colored contacts so I'm not even sure what color her eyes actually are, and shoulder length auburn hair. "Thanx, L!" She followed my gaze over Zander's way. "Who's the man candy?" She almost drools "I'd climb him so hard! YUM!" I can't help but laugh. She is always like this. "Get these drinks out there and I'll introduce you." I shoo her away.

This is how the night went. When we left he had a violet kiss on his cheek from Ambrosia and glow in the dark body paint smeared on his other cheek bone from Haven running her thumb against his skin.

He laughed and talked to both of my friends as if we were at a dinner party rather than them in little to nothing sitting on his lap in a strip club.

Seeing as how they helped keep him company while I was busy, I split my tips with them. They could have made more with someone else but it was still enough that they were more than happy to just sit and talk for a bit with him rather than being groped and hit on endlessly by our pervy clientele.

"Did you have fun?" I asked as we reached my door.

He smiled down at me, "why wouldn't I? I got to spend time with you and your friends are actually pretty fun. They had a lot of stories about you." His smile lit his whole face. It was gorgeous to see. The sight made my stomach flip.

"I bet they did." I roll my eyes and shake my head laughing. "Are you staying the night here or do you have a room someplace?" I don't know why I sounded hopeful when I asked if he's staying.

He rubbed the back of his neck. "I was supposed to get a place when I came in but I came straight here. Would it be ok if I Umm..." he looked away awkwardly.

I unlocked my door and pushed it open, "Zander, don't be silly. Of course you can stay." I paused walking in looking around my tiny apartment. I didn't think this through.

"Are you sure, Lennix? I don't want you to be uncomfortable." His cheeks held a slight blush. That's just fucking sweet.

"It's really ok, Zander. I promise." I place my hand on his chest in a way that was supposed to be a friendly manner, but the sudden intake of breath from his lips dragged my attention to his expression.

His eyes locked on mine and darted to my lips and back to my eyes like he's trying to decided between the two.

I turn my body a little more towards him. "Zande-"

His lips crash to mine. His hands are in my hair pulling out my hair tie. My hands are in his pulling slightly as his tongue pleads for passage against the seam of my lips. Muffled gasps and moans pass between us and we feed off them. I pull on his shirt silently begging for it to come off.

We stripped each other so quickly it was a blur. He had me standing in my bra and panties before him, but his eyes were on mine. Not like he was fighting not to look, he was just locked in on me. Watching me. A non-verbal plea for me to be sure of what I want next.

I don't even think about it. I jump into his arms. He catches me cupping my ass in his hands. My legs wrap around his hips and we lose ourselves in a hot tangle of tongues and touches.

He drops us to the bed as I squeal out in surprise and laugh against his lips. He smiles into our kiss and brushes my hair from my face, staring down at me. His thumbs running over my cheek bones. "Lennix..." his voice is thick, deep... low speaking to every part of me.

"Hmm?" I hum back unsure of my own voice if I open my mouth to speak.

He runs his lips over mine softly. Barely touching. "Let me make love to you." My heartbeat races and all I can do is nod. He looks unsure of my reaction and watches me for another moment. His eyes are clear. The effects of alcohol have long been gone. I don't have to think about it, but I'm sure if I open my mouth I'll be a puddle of embarrassment.

I reach up and pull his face back to mine kissing him with all the longing I feel inside. I want this. I want him. In every fucking way possible. Zander's my person. I've known it for months now.

His hips grind into mine while he kisses me. He touches me like I'm made from crystal. Like I'll shatter and holds me like if he lets up I'll slip through his fingers like sand on the beach.

His bulge sparks needy whimpers to tumble from my lips. My nails drag down his back making him groan into my mouth. I love that sound.

His hands cup my breasts through my bra. I have this deep desire to rid us of our clothes and feel his skin against mine. "Please, Zander." I gasp out as he rolls his hips into mine. My panties must be soaked because I'm sure he could get me off just like this at this point.

He kisses my neck to my breasts, paying careful attention to my reaction to ever kiss, every touch. Like he's mapping out all of my sensitive places. When I gasp... when I moan... he takes extra care of that spot before moving on. He pinched the clasp at the front of my bra releasing my breasts from the confines of the material.

He takes in the sight before him in appreciation, but like before when his eyes lock back on mine that's where his eyes stay. It feels much more intimate than anything I've ever experienced.

His tongue flicks out over one hard nipple, drawing smooth circles around the tight bud and sucking it into his mouth. I throw my head back and moan louder. Feeling him smile against my skin, I look back down at him panting trying to control myself but my control is slipping quickly.

I almost expected him to ask me what I liked... what I wanted, with how carefully he was taking me, but then I realized, he wants to learn me. He wants to put in the work and figure me out and that's why I gave in. That's why I stopped holding back.

I slipped my fingers into his hair tugging softly as he kissed a path down my stomach. My hips bucking up to meet his mouth as his lips cover my silk panties over my mound. I cried out as the heat of his breath sent shivers through my body.

His tongue worked over my slit through my panties. If they weren't soaked before they are now. My core clenched and his name tumbled from my lips. "Zander, please." He sucked my clit through the fabric making me scream out for him. "Oh god, Zander!" He worked my sensitive flesh through the thin wet fabric until my legs began to shake.

He slipped my panties down my legs slowly, kissing my inner thighs on the way down and the way back up. He watched me closely when his tongue dipped between my folds. I whimpered trying to pull him in closer with my legs. A groan left his lips against my lower set and had me clenching around his tongue. His thumb came up to rub my bundle of nerves. The orgasm crashed through me in a fury. My toes curled. My back arched. His name was a scream of pleasure. My body was racked with aftershocks as I reached for him.

He rid himself of his boxers pulling me to him. I sat in his lap. My legs wrapped around him pulling us closer as he positioned himself to my entrance and we moved together taking him deeper inside me with every motion. "You're gorgeous when you cum for me." He kisses me again fully burying his length within me. The feel of him stretching me around him is almost too much. One hand on my hip the other on the side of my face. I had one hand in his hair and the other on the side of his face stroking his stubble with my thumb.

He looked deeply into my eyes as we moved fluidly. Like it was the most natural thing in the world for us to be making love. Like it was always meant to be. My heart stuttered at the emotions I saw playing in his eyes. He kissed me while he moved in and out of me. My moans growing from quiet soft gasps to louder, pleading, wanting screams of ecstasy.

He picked up the pace only slightly as the pressure built within my core. I'm used to dirty talk. I'm used to filthy words while I fuck but he's so consumed by everything he's just soaking in everything about the moment. He kisses me softly his forehead resting on mine. "You're so fucking beautiful." My breath hitches when my eyes meet his again. He smiles sweetly never stopping his pace. "I've loved you for forever, Lennix. All I want is you."

Tears prick the corners of my eyes at the sincerity of his words and the intense emotions I'm slammed with in that very moment. He kisses me harder. My body meeting his with a passion I can't put into words. I'm horrible with admitting to how I feel. So I show him. Harder, desperately clinging to his every move. "Lennix" he moaned into my neck. My core tightened around him. "Zander." It was a plea and a praise as my body locked around him and we came in an explosion of each other's love.


He said he loves me...

My heart beats faster as a tear slips down my cheek, because I know it's true. I can feel it. I can see it and I've been stubborn fighting it. Why have I been fighting it?


And... Jax.

I was fighting it, because of Jax...

But why?

Zander pulled me down with him to the bed letting me stay laying on top of him. My head on his chest listening to his heartbeat return to normal.

His hand stroking my back, he kissed the top of my head as I started to drift off to sleep. "I've wanted this for so long. I've wanted you. Only you." He took a deep breath. "I love you, Lennix."

I smile into his chest knowing my words were true, "I love you too, Zander." I kissed his chest and we quickly fell into a comfortable sleep tangled up in each other.

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