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He hated it. She made him love it. He hated her. She made him love her. Then she left him and now he's all alone. After one month of spending time with her, Damon has grown accustomed to having her there and now she's gone. He's left to learn to live without her again. Yes it's here, finally. Who's ready for it?!!! I know I am. I hope you enjoy this one as much as you enjoyed To Please You (+18) or even enjoy it more than that. Hopefully there will be less grammatical errors than the last book. If you haven't read To Please You (+18) you cannot read this book because it is the second book in the To Please series. Let me inform you that this book contains mature content that includes but is not limited to sex scenes and mental issues so if that makes you uncomfortable then please leave from now. If you can handle it then go right ahead.

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Reese had been plotting against me. He knew how I felt about Hainsley and he still thought that he had to try and hook me up with random people. We went from club to club to club and there was no one who had the same presence as Hainsley.

There was just something about Hainsley that I didn't seem to find in anyone else. Her mere appearance demanded attention. How she would walk as if she was modelling some expensive design. Whatever she would wear was a head turner. She had a way to make slutty seem modest and to top it all off the expressions she wore. A simple look from her could make any man grow a boner.

She was irreplaceable in my mind, heart, body and soul.

"You aren't even listening to me", Reese complained. After two months of wallowing in self pity Reese came up with an idea to go clubbing. So eventually it became routine that we would head to different BDSM clubs every Friday. He had already brought me to about seven different clubs, some that I didn't even know existed, and he would introduce me to several different women.

"Well now I'm listening to you", I said giving him my attention.

"Now I have to start all over", he complained again.

"You better start talking before I loose interest and decide to not listen ", I told him.

"Okay so we went to all clubs that I could find and you haven't been able to move on from Hainsley", he started.

"If you were listening to me then you would have heard when I said that I love Hainsley", I told him feeling frustrated.

"Oh, now that you say that I do remember you saying something about that", he said, obviously he was joking but it still annoyed me. He's been my best friend for years and I want nothing more than for him to be happy so I think that he should feel the same. I know that he feels the same. However Reese didn't seem to understand that Hainsley was the person that made me happy.

"Can you just finish whatever you were saying before", I wasn't in the mood to deal with Reese's constant chatter.

"There's only one left", he said.

"And we're going there tonight and after that I can spend my Friday nights reading like I normally did before all this shit", I can't believe it took him so long to run out of clubs.

"Yes but the problem is which club it is", he looked at me with a look that good, I wouldn't like it.

"Which club are we going to?" I asked already dreading the answer.

"Parum Pudici", he replied.

It was 9pm and we finally reached the club that I was scared to go to. I wanted to see her but I was scared at the same time. I was scared to see if she was doing well after the last time I saw him. Four months did a toll on me, both mentally and physically.

The club itself didn't look that different from the first time. It was a two story building that was coated in black paint and heat gold curly lines running horizontal at the top of the centre of the front were the words 'Parum Pudici' in gold, bold letters.

Over the two months that Reese and I had been clubbing, Reese made it his mission to always be in a tuxedo suit. He claimed that looking sophisticated was the best way. I wasn't that interested so I alternated between my two pairs of jeans and wore whatever t-shirt I placed my hand on. I obviously own several tuxes and a couple of sweatpants but the club just wasn't the place that I'd wear those to. However there was a chance that Hainsley could be writing and I needed to look my absolute best. Which is why I begged Reese to make me get a tailor-made tix for tonight. I was forever grateful to the dress maker for getting it finished in almost three hours.

"Are you sure you're ready?", Reese asked me for about the hundredth time tonight.

"Yes, I'm fine", I said but in all honesty I was just trying to convince myself. Meeting Hainsley was singing that I wasn't looking forward to for years to come.

I had a slight feeling of nostalgia when I stepped into the club. There was no scene going on but persons were dancing and grinding on each other while others were just chatting or making out. Automatically my eyes glazed across the room in search of hainsley's dark brown ones.

"She isn't here", Reese said as we sat on the metal bar stools.

"Wow thank you for pointing out the obvious", I told him. Not seeing Hainsley was a bit of a number but that doesn't mean that I won't search for her whilst I'm here.

"Do you know a Hainsley Brooks?", I asked the girl working behind the counter. Reese had already disappeared, probably to find someone for himself and for me.

The girl held a look of dear on her face. It confused me because that wasn't an emotion they I'd associate Hainsley. I wanted to question the girl some more but she left immediately.

I had no idea how I was to feel about the interaction. It wasn't my place to be reading into something like this but there was just an off feeling that I had. There was just a gut feeling.

"Hey man, there's someone I want to introduce you to", Reese said appearing out of nowhere and coming up to me.

"Hainsley", I answered almost automatically with even thinking.

"No but Fancy can work as well", he said but Fancy had already begun walking away. "What the hell Fancy?!"

"I ain't want nothing to do with her", she said as she sauntered away.

I turned around to finish my drink, feeling even more confused than before, only to find a piece of paper under the drink. It was telling me to go to the back of the club for a talk. The note was clear in instructing me to come alone and to ensure that I wasn't being followed.

"I'm going out for some air", I said to Reese and hurried out. I had a feeling that it had something to do with Hainsley's absence.

I quickly excited the building and headed to the back. I looked over my shoulder about ten different tinted just to ensure that no one was following me.

Suddenly I was pulled into a corner by someone. The hands felt feminine but that wasn't what kept me in place. It was the sharp object that was pressed to my side.

"Are you alone?", the voice asked.

"Y-Y-Yes", I managed to stutter out.

"Where you followed?", the person asked again.

"I-I-I checked I didn't s-see anyone", I told them.

The person released their hold on me and when I turned around I was face to face with the girl from the bar. She looked scared and it was weird since she was the one holding the knife.

"Look Hainsley's my friend and I just want her to be safe, I-I don't know all the details but I know that it had something to do with our boss", she said while looking left and right every five seconds.

"Can you tell me more?", I asked her.

"A-As I said before I don't know much but it started four months ago after she finished a job, she took the full two months break and when she came back she wanted out but he wasn't allowing her to leave", she explained.

"He as in your boss?", I queried.

"Yeah, H-Hainsley's one of our best girls, well at least was", she trailed off.

"What do you mean was?", please tell me that she isn't dead. She just couldn't die.

"Hainsley disappeared after her two months and boss told us to never talk about her to anyone or we would be in some deep shit", she said.

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