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Coconut (Alexandra & Connor part 1)


Alexandra loved Connor.

Enough so that she felt comfortable giving her virginity to him, he often joked that he had turned her into a sex addict.

She didn’t deny it.

“Ah! Connor!” She gasped as he sunk even deeper, the tip of his shaft grazing against her insides. They had sex enough that she should’ve loosened, but apparently that wasn’t the case since she was still as tight as the first time.

That or she just clenched her walls too hard whenever he entered her.

“My beautiful girl... so tight and warm.” Connor whispered in her ears, biting on the lobe. She whimpered when he thumbed her little button of nerves, forcing her to jolt involuntarily.

With a palm on her belly, he stroked it tenderly. A brief image of her being swollen with his child. It made him smile. Connor knew his sweet girl loved him with her whole heart. He fought hard to get through her high walls and cold exterior, only to be greeted with sugar and warmth when he passed.

She was the love of his life.

The thrusting never stopped, even when Alexandra shuddered and cried with release, her wetness only bringing Connor closer to his own. But he wasn’t done yet. He would stop if she was too tired to continue, his girl was the priority.

“You okay baby?” He asked sweetly, rubbing her bottom lip, she puckered her lips around his thumb. Looking at him with a lust laden but loving gaze. She was a little sweaty, face flushed, but the glow only made him harder inside her.

His finger came out of her mouth with a gentle pop, the wetness around it glistening in the dim light of the room. He used it to circle one pert nipple, making her writhe.

“You haven’t cum yet...” she looked at him worriedly, he was still inside her. Hard as a rock, and his face was tense. But Connor being such a gentleman and sweetheart, he only pushed her to her limits before forcing them to take a break.

“It’s okay love,” he said softly. Leaning down to kiss her nose. “You look tired. Do you want to stop?”

Her heart swelled with love and joy, Connor was the first person she gave herself to intimately, and she was constantly reminded of why.

With that in mind, she leaned against him. Pushing him onto the bed. She let out a little moan when he remained inside of her. She clenched her walls lightly, feeling his hips jerk up.

“Baby? What are you doing...” Connor gasped out when she sank down onto his cock deeper.

“Can I try something?” She asked, looking into his eyes for approval. This was for him, purely for him.

“Yeah sure...” he replied, eyes glazed with nothing but hunger for her. His eyes swept down her gorgeous body, hands cupping her breasts as she smiled dreamily at him.

She was his angel.

Alexandra was no saint, her sweet exterior was filled with curiosity. She saw a post on social media talking about how to make a man cum instantly. She was too embarrassed to try it initially, but was irked on by comments from women who had done so successfully.

She began to rotate her hips to spell ‘COCONUT’.

Almost immediately, Connor’s mouth opened. Eyes shut and head thrown back in pure ecstasy, he couldn’t help the grunts as she continued to grind on him so deliciously. Her tight walls squeezed him in a vice grip whilst moving in a manner she had never done before.

The final straw for him was when he opened his eyes only to see her peering down shyly at him.

Connor exploded, ropes of sticky warm semen coating Alexandra’s walls. She shivered as the warmth began spilling out of her, but he couldn’t stop.

He sagged onto the bed, hands gliding up her smooth thighs.

“That was... where did that come from?” He asked dazed, looking at his beautiful girlfriend lay gently on top of him.

“I did some research.” She said, kissing his lips sweetly before looking into his eyes. She blushed when he finally slipped out of her. His release and hers dripping onto his belly.

He smiled sleepily at his girl, her breasts gently pressing against his chest. He loved her with his whole heart. The girl he planned to marry.

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