Between two Soldiers (book 2)

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Sasha Jones daughter to Kaden and Cassie Jones. She's all grown up and ready to set off to college in Texas. Finally getting the freedom she's been craving. Having Kaden Jones as her dad was never easy granted he is the best dad a girl can ask for, he's just too protective. Cain Reyes son of Jordan and Nevaeh has grown up with Sasha and her twin brother Sebastian under the same roof. He made her his girlfriend at the age of 12. With him going away to New York with Sebastian and living the college life how will their relationship survive the long distance and temptations that come along with the college experience? Ryder Daniels son of Jose Daniels has grown up with Cain Sasha and Sebastian. He always picked on Sasha and would alway protest her playing with the guys. He was annoyed that they had to alway keep an eye on her. What happens when he gets sent to Texas to protect her?? Follow Sasha, Cain, and Ryder and see where their relationship will take them. There will be betrayal heartbreak and throw in the drama of the mafia.

Erotica / Drama
crystal rodriguez
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This is book two in the Mafia soldier series. You should read the princess soldier before reading these because there will be mentions of characters or situations that occurred in the first book. Also this story goes together with Resisting The Prince soldier. They both go together.

12 years ago

Sasha POV

I am Sasha Jones, daughter to Cassie and Kaden Jones. I'm 7 years old and right now I'm at the park with my twin brother and his two friends. They are playing cops and robbers but my brother doesn't want to let me join.

My brothers name is Sebastian and he's a big meany head. His two friends are Cain and Ryder. Cain is always nice to me and always makes Sebastian let me play but Ryder is a big fat jerk. He always complains about them always having to let me join. I can't help that I am the only girl in our group.

I give up trying to play with them and go play on the jungle gym. As I run and jump trying to keep myself entertained I accidentally bump in to someone. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to bump yo-" I'm cut off when the person shoves me off the top of the slide making me fall straight to the ground and hurting my leg.

"Ew it's the cootie girl." Comes a voice that I try to avoid as much as possible. Bethany Stevens. She is my bully. She's always mean to me and hurting me. I begin to cry and Cain rushes up to me.

"Go away Bethany nobody likes you." He hiss at her. Sebastian and Ryder come up behind him. Sebby goes up to Bethany and puts gum in her hair. She starts crying and freaking out.

"Don't pick on my little sister again or next time I'll cut your hair instead." Sebby says as he laughs. "Don't worry sis I got you." Sebby says as he's about to pick me up but Cain pushes him away and picks me up in stead.

"I'm the knight! It's my job to save the princess." Cain says as he takes me to my mom.

7 years ago

Sebby is having a sleep over and he has Cain and Ryder over. He let me join them because he feels bad that I don't have very many female friends. It's hard to make friends when all the girls are jealous of you because you away get to hang with the popular boys in school. They either jealous or want to use me.

We all live in the same house because our parents are super close and are in the Latin mafia. My mommy, daddy and uncle Arlo are the leaders. They've been training us since we could walk how to fight. Now that we're teens they been working on guns and knives.

Mom owns a dance studio that she uses to do dance classes. I've been going with her for as long as I can remember. I even teach for her on days that she can't. Daddy owns a gym that he uses to train new members but also helps troubled kids that are like he was.

Seb and Ryder are a sleep and Cain and I are up watching 'Bad Boys ll'. "Sasha?" Cain whispered to me. We're all in the living room laying on a bed of blankets while our parents are in their room. Cain is laying next to me while the other two bozos are at the other end.

"Hmm?" I hum to him.

"I know I'm your brothers best friend but I was wondering can I kiss you?" Wow I was not expecting that. I've always had a crush on him but didn't think it would ever be more then just that. I can feel the butterflies start to erupt in my belly and my cheeks I'm sure are beet red.

Afraid to talk I just nod my head. He sits up and puts his hand on my cheek and leans in. His soft lips press against mine and I swear fireworks are going off. I close my eyes and try to enjoy the feel of his lips on mine. When he pulls away I see his cheeks blush a cute shade of pink.

"I didn't want to say anything because I was afraid you wouldn't feel the same, but I was wondering would you like to be my girlfriend?"

My eyes widen in shock. I must be dreaming, there is no way Cain would ever like me like that. They all see me as Sebastian annoying little sister. "Is this a dare or a game? I know you all don't like me. You're only nice to me because I'm Sebs sister." I say ready to just go back to my room and say forget this whole sleepover.

"What no I've never said anything like that about you. I'm always sticking up for you. I really do like you." He says in a rush. "Please just give me a chance!" I don't respond I just lean over and kiss him. When I pull away he smiles so big and I swear my whole world stopped.

1 year ago

When Cain asked me out I didn't think he was serious but here we are 6 years later and still going strong. Him and I have been attached at the hip since. He was afraid Sebby would get mad at him and at first he was. He said I was stealing his best friend but after a while he stopped caring. We still are always together and Ryder is still an ass. He went away for college in August because he's a year older then us.

We are in our senior year of high school and I can't wait to graduate. Bethany is still in my school and is still a bitch. I know I can easily kick her ass but I don't like to fight unless it's necessary.

When I graduate I'm headed off to Texas for college. The boys are going to New York with Ryder. I'm a bit nervous of what's going to happen to me and Cain but I know I love him and I don't want to be with out him.

The only problem I'm having with all of this is I don't know how I will do with out my brother. We've been inseparable since we were babies. I always climb in his bed when I can't sleep at night or have a nightmare.

Hell we shared a womb for 9 months. He's my other half. I wish we were going to the same place, but we need this. We need to develop in to our own person. Be known more then just the twins.

I'm going to school for dance and seb and the guys are doing business. We're coming back for breaks but it's still along time to be separated.

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