Truth Or Dare (Book 3/3)

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Eros wants sweet Sophia as his mate, they've been best friends since they were children, and since her mum is a long-lost member of his father's pack, what could be a better pairing? Sophia has a secret, she's not what she appears to be. The moment she works up the courage to confess to her mate they're all attacked, losing loved ones along the way. Khaos and Violet are ready to step down as Alpha and Luna but will Eros be ready to fill their shoes? More importantly, will he be ruling with his mate and parents support or is he destined to be alone? Join Eros as he tries to find his way in a world that can't, and won't, accept change. The Khaos Trilogy is coming to an end, who will survive the final fight as in a game of truth or dare, there can only be one winner.

Erotica / Romance
J. M. Johnson
4.9 190 reviews
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“Where is she?!” The hooded man snarled, keeping his face in the shadows.

“I- I don’t know!” the other man pleaded, sweat beginning to bead on his forehead. He knew how hopeless his position was.

“Wrong answer” the hooded man hissed, pulling on the lever, watching in satisfaction as the man’s limbs were stretched, the scream of horrified pain like music to his ears. He was laid on his back, his arms and legs in shackles, spread eagle. Every pull on the leaver caused the chains in the shackles to shorten, pulling on his limbs more and more.

“This could be so much easier if you just obliged me and told me what you knew” he snarled.

“I don’t know anything! I haven’t spoken to my brother in years! I certainly don’t know anything about his daughter!”

The hooded man shook his head, reaching into the folds of his robe to pull out a photo. The man on the table gave a shout of terror as he took in the photo, realising what this meant for him.

“No! Please!” He begged, thrashing about on the table. “Who are you?” He screamed.

The hooded man stepped out of the shadows, pushing the material over his head to reveal his face.

“Alpha!” The man gasped. “Why?”

The Alpha didn’t answer, he simply lowered the lever once more. The man on the table screamed again, tears spilling down his cheeks. The scent of blood filled the air as a small tear in his flesh appeared in both armpits as well as in his groin.

“Not much longer” the alpha murmured. “One more sharp pull of this and your limbs will be severed. Last chance, where is she?!” He strode forward to grab his chin and forced him to look at him. “Where is she?!” he repeated, spittle flying from his mouth.

“Fuck you!” the man on the table shot back, spitting in the Alpha’s face. “I won’t give my niece up! They left your pack for a reason! They have nothing to do with you!”

“She’s an abomination” the alpha responded, wiping off the spit with the back of his hand and flicking it at the ground.

“She’s just a child!” the man screamed at the Alphas back as he retreated back into the shadows. “Alpha?” he demanded when there was no response. “Leave her alone, Alpha! She’s nothing to you, not now! They don’t deserve this!”

“No one leaves my pack,” he said back with an eerie calmness, “I certainly don’t let them leave to mingle with the wolves” he spat the word. “They will be punished for the abomination they have created and each will die a death of unimaginable pain and suffering. Just like you” he grinned as he lowered the lever once more, oblivious to the man’s shouts for mercy.

He watched in satisfaction as the cranks ground up the chain, making the tear in his armpits widen. It wasn’t long until the wound was deep enough for the bones in his shoulders to protrude.

Blood spilled from him, pooling over the table and running over the edge onto the tiled floor. He screamed, gargling on the spit that ran down his throat. The sweat on his forehead seeped into his eyes, blinding him as his arms were hanging on by a thread.

The alpha lowered his gaze to his legs, noting with some pleasure that they two were almost severed, the only thing keeping them connected were a handful of stringy veins and one thick bone.

With a loud snap, the bone broke into, the sharp edges slicing through the remaining veins. His thighs hit the table with a wet thud, his severed legs hanging uselessly in the air.

The Alpha looked up just in time to see the same happening to his arms, the shoulders bent at an unnatural angle until they finally came apart, ripping out parts of his collar bone with it.

The Alpha laughed as he walked away, his last thought being that the collar bones had reminded him of a wishbone. He gave the nod to his worshipers and they descended, their body shaking with excitement. They licked at the trail of blood that gave way to the dead man and each of them gave a loud howl into the air before ripping into the flesh, swallowing huge chunks down without bothering to chew. Some drops of blood were already being collected in little jars to be used at a later date.

The Alpha left them to it, mind linking his warriors that the job was done and they could now check the bags that had belonged to their dead guest. The search for Sophia had finally begun to make progress.

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