Our Final Dare (#3 *Complete*

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Eros wants sweet Sophia as his mate, they've been best friends since they were children, and since her mum is a long-lost member of his father's pack, what could be a better pairing? Sophia has a secret, she's not what she appears to be. The moment she works up the courage to confess to her mate they're all attacked, losing loved ones along the way. Khaos and Violet are ready to step down as Alpha and Luna but will Eros be ready to fill their shoes? More importantly, will he be ruling with his mate and parents support or is he destined to be alone? Join Eros as he tries to find his way in a world that can't, and won't, accept change. The Khaos Trilogy is coming to an end, who will survive the final fight as in a game of truth or dare, there can only be one winner.

Erotica / Romance
J. M. Johnson
4.9 233 reviews
Age Rating:

Author note

Whilst this book is at its best when you go into it blind, with no knowledge of what’s coming, I understand that this isn’t for everyone, and I don’t want to trigger anybody.
Potential spoilers, but triggers include:

- Abuse: physical, mental, emotional and sexual
- Mentions of rape
- murder
- Toxic relationships
- child abuse
- miscarriage

Please understand that whilst I’ve done my best to include all possible triggers, I don’t know what affects you individually. If you see something and it has triggered you, let me know, and I can add it to this list to warn other people. However, please understand that I cannot possibly list everything, as that will ruin the story for some people.

I hope you can understand and you enjoy the story I’m telling - not every character is good, and I don’t always agree or condone their actions. But these people exist. Also remember that whilst they are human, they are led by an animal that can often be brutal.

I hope you've enjoyed this trilogy

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