Our Final Dare (#3 *Complete*

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Chapter 9

Chapter 9

I cradled the phone between my cheek and shoulder as I kicked my leg out, holding it stiff in front of me to prevent Khaos from getting any closer. I recognised the look in his eye and there was only one outcome when he looked at me that way.

“No,” I mouthed, waggling my finger at him. He grabbed my wrist and sucked my finger into his mouth, biting on the pad of my fingertip. I sucked in my breath and pulled my hand away, closing my eyes against the assault of desire that washed over me.

Khaos laughed before pouting his lip out like a child that had been denied their favourite toy and flopped onto the sofa next to me, huffing dramatically. He kept his eyes on me, and though I tried to fight against it, I couldn’t help the way my own eyes would drag back over to him. He gave me a knowing smile and brought his hand down to his hip, cupping the outline of the enormous bulge in his trousers.

I turned my back on him, willing myself not to show any more signs of desire. I could tell by the borderline feral look in his eyes that he was on the edge, and any further encouragement from me would send him into overdrive.

I felt the air move around me, and the next thing I knew, my hair was gently lifted off my shoulder as Khaos placed his lips against our mating mark.

I bit back a gasp, but I stayed exactly where I was, allowing my head to tilt backwards, giving him better access as I tried to focus on what Jasmine was saying.

“... I can understand why she’s saying no - I’ve tried to talk to her about it, but she is insistent that it’s for the best”.

“I appreciate you trying.” I replied, my voice barely sounding like my own as the desire ripped through my body. Khaos brought his mouth up to my ear, swirling his tongue around the lobe. “Eros was heartbroken when he returned here that night.”

I heard her scoff and disguise it with a cough.

“What? You think he was unaffected by this?”

“He’s still seeing that other girl though, isn’t he? This is one of the reasons why Sophia has said no. Well, that and the fact that Eros appears to have no ambition. How can I know that he will keep her safe?”

I heard Khaos growl, and though I knew it was coming from anger, my body involuntarily reacted to it. My thighs clenched as the growl vibrated through me. It was so dominant. So wild and animalistic, it sent my imagination into overdrive.

“Tell her to challenge him herself if that’s how she feels. They’ve both had my training. Let her see the difference for herself.” He whispered into my ear, but it was loud enough for Jasmine to hear if her tuts were anything to go by.

It was so unfair that Eros was being tarnished with this brush. Goddess knew that Khaos had his own reasons for keeping the majority of the Alpha training a secret, but I couldn’t understand the appeal. People knew what Khaos was capable of, and they saw a lot of the training, especially when Eros showed off the new things he had learned. But they had no idea what went on behind closed doors. The pair of them were ferocious together.

Besides that, Eros was up at four am every single morning and out in the courtyard training with the warriors under the shield of the still-dark skies. Every weekend he shadowed Khaos, learning how to interact with the pack and the demands that were made on an Alpha - it was true that his evenings were his to do with as he pleased. The boy deserved a break. He worked harder than anyone else I knew. I know not many mothers would be happy with their son sleeping with half the population of their hometown, but I recognised it as an escape from the pressures of pack life. The last weekend of every month - provided there were no sporting events going on at school - my two boys went away from Friday through to Monday. During their time away Khaos would teach Eros how to hunt, practice more one-on-one combat and hone his senses. Eros had returned home many times with more than bruises and simply shrugged it off as not a big deal.

Khaos would have Eros fighting bears, wild big cats, and any other animals they found on their journey - his reasoning was that we were not the only shifter species out there and Eros should be well versed in the fighting techniques of them all. Recently young Antheia had begun to join them on these visits and Khaos would tell me she would be as equally involved as Eros was.

I hated the thought of my daughter being out there in all the danger, but I would not become my own mother. Antheia would not be locked away in her room as a living doll in her own gilded cage waiting for the day she was mated to an Alpha son. She would choose her own calling in life; it wasn’t for me to dictate to her what she was allowed to do.

I didn’t need to ask why Khaos kept the harsher aspects of Eros’ training a secret. There were deadly enemies out there, and the one who won, was the one who had a few surprise tricks up their sleeves.

No one, not even really myself, knew what it was Eros and Khaos were capable of. They were a deadly force when together. The thought of not knowing what I was up against would definitely put me off any attacks I might have had in mind if I was an enemy Alpha - but then again, what did I know? I recognised training and fighting as strictly being Khaos’ domain and let him run it as he saw fit. So long as my children were protected, and more importantly, could protect themselves, I was happy.

“It’s been a while since I saw you fighting,” I murmured back to Khaos, tilting my head all the way back so that I could accept the kisses he was placing along my jawline and eventually up to my mouth.

“Are you challenging me, little one?” He whispered huskily as he captured my lips and I grinned against his mouth, feeling my nipples harden beneath my shirt.

Khaos noticed immediately, and his hand slid down my body, undoing the top two buttons so he could push his hands inside my bra. The phone dropped from my hand as I arched my back, my eyes meeting his. “Oh, how I love challenging the big, bad Alpha,” I whispered, my voice shaky. “I hope the punishment will fit the crime.”

He laughed then, sliding his tongue into my mouth as his fingers circled my nipples, pulling on the erect peak.

“Violet? Are you still there? What on Earth is going on over there?” Jasmine called, and I scrambled around looking for the phone, pushing my hair out of my face as I did so.

“Nicely played,” I linked, puffing heavily on the unruly strands that kept falling over my face. On Khaos request, I had grown out my blonde hair until it was now falling to my hips in silky waves. Big baby that he was, he loved to have it spread over the pillow and fall asleep with it tickling his face. “We’ll finish this later,”

“I’ll hold you to that,” he said out loud, taking his seat back on the sofa.

“I’m here,” I responded, finally bringing my attention back to Jasmine. Khaos laid back down, his arms tucked behind his head and his eyes sparkling with an unspoken challenge.

He loved our play fighting, loved the ending even more. It always went the same way, him pinning me down, my wolf submitting to him instantly. The smirk on his lips told me he was thinking the exact same way as me. The goosebumps shot over my arms, and I threw the cushion at him, turning away so that he couldn’t distract me again.

“I think it’s unfair that you’re allowing Sophia to form this opinion of Eros - you know Khaos, he was once your Alpha. Do you really think he would have allowed his son to reach eighteen and not have any sort of knowledge of how to defend himself and those he loves? I assure you; Sophia would be more than safe with him.”

“I’ve seen no evidence of it...”

“You’ve seen no evidence of anything Jasmine, considering you won’t even leave the house!” I snapped, instantly regretting my choice of words when I heard her sharp intake of breath. “I’m sorry, that...” I began, only to be cut off by her angry shout.

“No! You have no idea what this family goes through on a daily basis just to survive! You have no idea who we have behind us, tracking our every movement”.

“I have no idea because you won’t tell me! Khaos has already said the three of you are welcome back in this pack! We will protect you!”

“Like Khaos protected us last time?” She snapped.

I gasped, feeling pure hatred for this stranger I had once called my friend. “Too far, Jasmine. That was completely uncalled for, you know what that did to him.”

“I think I can guess, but he seems to come out of the other end pretty well, hasn’t he?” She snapped bitterly.

“I’d think very carefully of your next words, Jasmine. We both have a lot of love for you, but I won’t tolerate you attacking my son and my mate like this. I understand you have some skeletons in your closet, but it’s no excuse to take it out on us. I don’t mind if Eros and Sophia stay apart for a while, but we have to accept that they are mates, and eventually they will want to complete the bond. Khaos and I were actually talking about this a few days ago, and—”

“Enough. Your son and his friendship have already kept us here longer than we should have, I won’t let him keep Sophia here any longer. There’s too much at stake!” She disconnected the call before I could say another word.

I threw the phone onto the empty space next to Khaos outstretched legs.

“It went well then?” Khaos laughed.

“Oh, just peachy,” I snapped sarcastically. I got up and went to sit on the floor next to him, tossing my head back onto the cushions so he could massage my scalp in the comforting way he always did. “What has happened to her, Khaos? I barely even recognise her as the same carefree wolf I used to know.”

He sighed, sitting up to place his hands on my shoulders, and began to rub his thumb over me in comforting circles. “Look, you can’t save everyone. I know you and Jasmine were close, she was your first real friend. But that was a lot of years ago now. People change. By the sounds of it, the entire family is cuckoo.”

“We don’t know what’s going on. What if they’re really in danger?”

“Have you ever seen anything that would suggest they were in trouble?”

“No, but—”

“There you are then, little one. I know you worry, and I adore that about you. You just want everyone safe and happy, but they’ve rejected our protection time and time again. What else can we do? We can’t help those that won’t help themselves. Besides, I’ve heard enough about the father, Mark is his name?” He waited for my nod of confirmation. “I’ve heard enough about Mark to know that he’s different, that’s not something we want to get mixed up in, even if Sophia is Eros’ mate.”

I twisted my head to look at him. “Different how? Like Sophia?”

“In a way. But also with the way he was when he was part of a pack. Honestly, Violet, if Sophia does reject Eros, it might not be the worst thing in the world. They’re too different—”

“How can you say that? Where would we be now if I decided that you were too “different” and didn’t want to mate with you any longer?”

He kissed my temple, “That would never have happened, you were unable to resist me,” he smirked against my skin. “Anyway, it’s hardly the same thing.”

“No, not at all,” I laughed. “It’s not at all different to be dead one minute and then alive again after years. Happens every day.”

“Shush, Violet. I’m done talking about it. The kids will decide what’s best for them. I have other things I want to occupy myself with,” he murmured, lowering his hands from my shoulders and cupped my breasts.

“Although,” I interrupted, unable to resist my gentle teasing. “I suppose it makes sense that you don’t think of yourself as different. Knowing that warped little head of yours, you’re more likely to think your resurrection makes you akin to Jesus rather than seeing yourself as different.”

Khaos burst out laughing, giving my hair a sharp tug in punishment. “Well, I’ve certainly had you screaming God’s name a time or two over the years. In fact, I’m feeling suddenly religious.”

He stood up and scooped me into his arms, wrapping my legs around his waist, bringing me into contact with his firm erection. I ground my hips on him and groaned as his hard cock rubbed against my clit through my leggings. “Let’s see how many times I can get you to scream “god yes” in the next hour,” he laughed.

Eros came down the stairs the moment we started heading up them, pulling a face at us as we barged past him. “Watch your step, Eros. Haven’t you heard? The Holy Grail himself is upon us, oh how blessed we are,” I laughed. “Put on your noise cancelling headphones, kiddo. Mummy’s going to pray.”

He stuck his fingers down his throat, making gagging noises at us, but we just ignored him, lost to one another as we began to tear each other’s clothes off on the way to the bedroom.

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