Our Final Dare (#3 *Complete*

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Chapter 11

Chapter 11


I was out of control. I knew it. It was almost as though I was outside of my body, looking at the carnage I was creating. My mind was screaming at me to stop before it was too late.

My wolf, on the other hand, he was roaring to end the man who had dared to put his hands on our woman.

Our mate!

I rained blow after blow down on his face, ripping his arms away when he raised them up to defend himself. My knuckles split, spilling blood down my wrist, but I wasn’t sure if this was entirely my own.

The metallic smell invaded my nostrils, and I knew then that it was his blood that covered me, and I inhaled deeply, pausing for a moment as I let the smell wash over me.

His face was now barely recognisable from the handsome man he had been but a minute ago. Now he was both swollen and deflated, his eyes swelling shut, but the chinks on his skin sagging thanks to the broken cheekbones. I stared down at him, feeling an immense sense of satisfaction. Sophia wouldn’t find him so appealing after this. If he survived, that is.

To give the douchebag his credit, he saw his opening and went for it, despite the pain he must have been in. He swung up, punching me in the jaw, and knocked me back for a moment.

I grabbed his shirt and raised his face to mine, opening my mouth wide as fur began to spurt over my cheeks.

“That was a mistake,” I told him, my voice barely sounding like my own. I felt the warmth underneath my legs and realised he had pissed himself, his eyes showing the pure terror he felt at that moment.

I laughed and shoved him back to the floor as I embraced the change and allowed my wolf to take over enough to force a partial shift.

I heard Sophia scream, felt her hands on my clothes as she desperately tried to pull me away from him, but I was too far gone.

Saliva dripped from my canines and down my chin. He was unable to take his gaze off me as the horror of what he was up against finally registered with him.


Shit. Shit. Shit.

I watched in horror as Eros began to partially shift, his jaw cracking, his nose elongating as he took on the form of his wolf.

I pulled on his shoulders, ragged his hair, even covered his face with my hands and tried to pull it back but it had little effect. It was as though the world was spinning in slow motion and every agonising second that ticked by Eros because more and more disfigured.

Chad screamed, his eyes wide and filled with fear. He tried desperately, though with little use, to try to get away from Eros. He clawed at his chest, punched him, even resorted to scratching him but nothing worked. Eros either ignored the blows or simply didn’t feel them in his anger.

I jumped on his back, grabbing his head once more as I covered his eyes, wrapping my entire body around him. He paused briefly, a smile breaking across his deformed face.

“Sophia,” he whispered, his voice deep and animalistic.

I leaned my head forward, knowing that my hair would fall across his face and confuse him even more as my scent got stronger.

It seemed to work. I could feel the fur recede under my fingers and knew that his wolf was reigning himself in. He had me close to him. That was all he wanted.

“Stay with me, Eros. Feel me with you. Listen to my voice, concentrate on my body wrapped around you. I’m here, Eros, and I’m not going anywhere.” I soothed in his ear, keeping my voice soft and free of panic.

If only Chad had remained still.

If only he recognised the help I was offering.

But no. He had to be an idiot and grab Eros, undoing my hard work with a few stupid words.

“You’re a freak,” he hissed, and I immediately felt a tickling under my palms as Eros wolf shot forward to attention. “Everyone will know what you are after today. You made a big mistake, buddy. A big mistake.”

Eros had let go of Chad, his hands grabbing my arms instead as his body began to shake with the pleasure of having me so close. Now he was slowly releasing me. He was no longer consumed by the fiery anger that had him out of control. His movements were now slow and calculated. This was a different type of anger altogether, and far more dangerous. I could reason with a wild wolf, driven my instinct and emotion. I couldn’t reason with an Alpha who was out for blood.

Please, Goddess, please, I prayed, not even caring which of my Goddesses heard me. So long as someone answered my prayers and ended this.

“Eros, please,” I whispered, planting a small kiss on his temple.

That’s when Chad decided to headbutt Eros, knocking him out of his calculating trance.

He roared, flinging his arms wide and pushed his shoulders back, knocking me off his body and onto my ass on the ground. Blood seeped into my mouth as I bit down on my tongue and I cried out in pain.

Eros had no reaction, and that alone was enough to let me know that there was no way out of this. He was too far gone.

He grabbed Chad and brought his face close to his own. “You’re a fucking idiot,” he boomed, his voice completely unrecognisable. He slammed Chad back against the floor, his head hitting the concrete with a resounding crack. Eros laughed, repeating the motion over and over. I heard a squelch and saw the black, tar looking blood on the pavement. I turned away, the gooey blood sticking to Chad’s hair every time he hit the ground again, creating tendrils that remained unbroken between his head and the concrete.

“Eros!” I screamed one last time. “You need to stop!”

If he wouldn’t stop himself, I had to do it. Before it was too late. Any moment now, somebody could walk past and expose us all.

Sobered by the thought, I took a quick look around and saw nobody nearby. For now.

My mind made up, I shifted, hoping and praying that if Eros was this far gone, he wouldn’t recognise the animal I became.

I dove on him, the force of my solid body knocking him off Chad. He twisted on his knees, shaking his head as he fought not to change completely. The sounds that left his throat were monstrous, horrifying even. He growled, coughed, spluttered, whined, yelped, barked… it was enough to drive me insane.

I looked at Chad, his eyes rolling into the back of his head as he moaned in pain. I shifted back into my human skin and pulled on my clothes quickly, looking back and forth between Chad and Eros the entire time.

Luckily, my shift went unnoticed by the two.

I leaned over Chad and before I had time to contemplate what I was doing, I grabbed his head and twisted, my stomach heaving at the sickening snap.

I couldn’t let him live, not after what he had seen.

Eros gave one final roar next to me, causing me to jump as the sound seemed to force its way out of his throat with a fierce gargle. He lost the battle, his spine bending back as his wolf burst free. With a fierce roar, his wolf sprung free, landing on all fours and headed straight for Chad.

He drew up short as he scented the death on him and turned on me, his stance that of a pure predator. I swallowed down the fear and held out my hand, my palm upwards. In other circumstances, he would have nuzzled against my skin, instantly calming down.

Not this time, though.

He looked at me, his eyes blazing with hurt and took off in the opposite direction, sending a howl up to the sky.

I took a deep breath and rummaged around in the backpack he had left behind. I knew what these things contained.

The phone didn’t ring more than once before an angry voiced boomed out the other end. I swallowed down a shout of fright, having never heard this side from him before.

“I... I need your help. Eros—”

“Where are you?!”



That child would be the fucking death of me.


After everything I had taught him about controlling his temper, he lets it get the better of him like this.

I knew I couldn’t be too angry; it was my blood that ran through his veins and I knew all too well the way it burned and demanded justice when we felt wronged. It was just the extent of the damage caused.

When he fucked up, he really fucked up.

Again, like father like son, I suppose.

I ran through the forest in my wolf form, knowing the exact shortcut to take to get to where Sophia had last seen him. I shot out of the trees to see her straining as she struggled to pull the large man out of the open and into the trees. Her sobs came thick and fast, tears spilling down her cheeks as she gave her all to the task, failing miserably time and time again.

I shifted, not taking the time to hide my nudity, and shoved her gently aside. “Here, let me,” I said softly, taking pity on her. She put up no fight, moving out of my way as I grabbed the man and hauled him over my shoulder and carried him to the woods.

“Sophia,” I called once the body was hidden from sight. I placed my hand on her shoulder when she didn’t respond. “Sophia, I’m sorry to do this to you, but I need to bury that body and find Eros. There should be a bottle of water in that backpack. Chuck it over the blood on the floor over there. I’ve already linked my Omegas and they should be here shortly to clear it up properly, but we need to get rid of the biggest patch in case any police show up.”

“Don’t worry, Dad, I’ve got this,” my head snapped to the side as Eros came out of the trees, a sheepish look on his face.

Sophia was on her feet in an instant, running towards him.

Eros broke into an enormous smile and held his arms out to her. I knew what was coming, and she didn’t disappoint. Eros had a lot to learn. Her hand shot out, and she slapped him hard enough to have his head swinging to the side.

He rubbed his cheek in shock more than pain and glared at her.

“You fucking psychopath!” She hissed, her fists beating on his chest. “You’re insane, you’re actually insane! What did he ever do to you?! Look what you made me do!” She screamed, clawing at his chest. He tried to push her away and hold her at arm’s length, but she was like a woman possessed, easily breaking through his hold.

He looked at me, his eyes pleading, knowing that if he were to force her away from him, he would end up hurting her.

She slapped him once more, her nails dragging down his cheeks, and that’s when I was on my feet, grabbing her around the waist and picking her up.

“That’s enough from you,” I ordered, the Alpha authority in my voice calming her down long enough to get her to see what she was doing.

“I’m sorry, Khaos, I’m sorry…” she sobbed, her body going slack in my arms.

“I’m not angry with you. Come on, you’re stronger than this,” I soothed, discreetly moving her until I was stood between her and Eros.

“Sophia…” he began. I gritted my teeth at the stupidity of my pup and grabbed Sophia the moment she launched herself towards him.

The first of my Omegas came into view, her eyes displaying the questions she didn’t dare ask. “I’ll explain later,” I snapped. “See that she gets home safely,” I thrust Sophia into her arms, turning back to my son and pulled him into the forest, the sound of Sophia’s hysterical screams and threats following us as the Omega dragged her down the street.

“Are you out of your fucking mind?” I burst out the minute we were alone. “What were you thinking?!”

“I wasn’t thinking, that’s the problem! I saw his hands all over her and I couldn’t help it, my wolf took control before I could stop him!”

I sighed heavily, pinching the bridge of my nose.

I got a sudden flash of pain behind my eyes as a memory demanded to be revisited. It wasn’t often that I got visions of the past – The Moon Goddess and Hades had seen to that, but every so often I would get brief glimpses of snapshots in time.

This time it was Violet as she laughed at me in a temper and reminded me to count to ten.

Count to fucking ten!

It was worth a shot.

Violet and I had never been the type of parents to rule with an iron fist. It would be easy for me to stand here and list all the reasons why Eros had fucked up, but where would that get me? He knew what he had done and right now we needed action more than he needed berating.

“Look,” I finally said. “What happened here tonight can never be spoken about again. From what I found in that guy's pockets, he was messing with the wrong people, anyway. We can easily explain his disappearance as a drug-related crime.”

“And then what? What do I tell Sophia, or mum for that matter?”

“Sophia? I have no idea. You’ll have to think of something if you ever hope of mating with her. Your mother, on the other hand, you leave her to me. I’ve gotten her to forgive worse than this, trust me,” I muttered. I cringed as I remembered the video I had made informing me I had beheaded her ex-boyfriend in front of her.

Yeah, I really needed to worship that woman a lot more than I did. She was a fucking saint to forgive me for all my wrongdoings.

“Okay - Right now, we need to cover up all evidence that we were here. I suggest you get to digging,” I ordered, sitting down on the grass, and watching him.

“You’re... you’re just going to sit there? You’re not going to help?”

I shrugged. “I didn’t kill the man, did I? Chop, chop,” I clapped at him and waved towards the body. He looked at me in disbelief, muttering under his breath as he went towards the corpse and I laughed.

I agreed to help the boy, but damned if I was going to do all the hard work. “Actions have consequences, my boy. Maybe you’ll remember that next time you let your wolf get in your head. Been there, done that, got the battle scars. Oh, before you start…”

He looked at me hopefully and I bit back a smile as I said, “I think your mother once told me it helps if you put your back into it,” he raised his middle finger at me the laugh finally broke free. As I set about his task, I mind-lined his mother and let her know what had happened.

Never a dull evening in my life.

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