Our Final Dare (#3 *Complete*

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Chapter 13

Chapter 13


I was so caught up in my own wanton lust, desperate for the searing pain to end that I almost didn’t hear the screaming coming from downstairs.

I made my way out to the hallway, clutching the walls for support as my legs shook with the force of my arousal.

I saw my mother with her hands on the doors, blocking Eros from entering, all the while my dad was yelling that he leaves immediately.

Their demands fell on deaf ears. Eros had one thing on his mind, and one thing only.


“Eros,” I breathed, gaining his attention and locking eyes with him. Everything else seemed to disappear around us, we were the only two people left in the world.

Somewhere, I vaguely recognised my dad put his hand on my mother’s arms and guiding her away, finally understanding what was happening - something that could not be denied.

They had tried themselves to deny the call of the Goddess, the bonds of the mates, and they had failed miserably.

They knew, just as I now did, that it was futile.

The Goddess had a way of drawing two people together. The Heat being one of them.

Eros pushed past them, keeping his eyes on me whilst he climbed the stairs. My mum shot me a sad glance as she left the house, closing the door behind her to give us some privacy.

As soon as Eros made it to the top of the stairs, his hands were on me, grabbing me and pulling me close, our lips locking together.

Stars shot behind my eyes the moment our skin made contact, sheer bliss overtaking me. This was everything I had dreamed of and more. His tongue pushed my lips apart and slid over mine, and I moaned into his mouth, pressing my body against his in silent invitation.

He pushed against me, walking me backwards towards the bedroom, our clothes being removed along the way and left scattered along the hallway.

He kicked the door shut behind him, his only leaving mine for a second so he could pull my top over my head.

“Eros,” I breathed against his lips, running my hands over his hard body. His eyes flamed, holding me at arm’s length, scanning my body from head to toe.

“You’re so sexy,” he muttered, his eyes taking in every part of me.

“Please, Eros, don’t make me wait any longer,” I pleaded, bringing his hand to my body and placing it where I needed him the most.

He gave a growl, his fingers separating my folds, massaging over my wet clit, rubbing in slow circles. He pushed his face into the crook of my neck, biting down on my skin when my head tipped back to allow him better access. His other hand trailed up my stomach and over my tits, pulling on my nipples.

Before I could react, he spun me around, his hard cock pressing against my ass as he moved us backwards. He sat down on the bed and pulled my legs apart, making me straddle his thighs. He fisted his shaft, holding it over my entrance and held me in place a moment, rubbing his cock up and down the length of my pussy and covering it in my arousal. I reached between us and stroked his balls, massaging them in my hands, loving the way his body jerked behind me.

“Tell me what you want, Sophia,” he breathed huskily, biting down on my ear.

“I want you, Eros, I’ve wanted you for so long,” I admitted, rubbing my ass against him and ground my hips in a circular motion so his cock circled my pussy. “Do what you want to me, I’m yours.”

He pulled me tighter against him, my back pressed against his chest as his hands came up to stroke my tits once more. “You have me, Sophia, now and forever, and this is what I want...” With one swift movement, he thrust his cock inside me, one arm wrapped around my stomach to hold me in place as I began to buck wildly. His cock hit against my g-spot, causing me to shout out, his hand coming between my legs to separate my pussy lips and find my throbbing clit, nipping it between his fingers.

“Ride me, Sophia, I want to see you take your pleasure from me.”

It was all the encouragement I needed.

I placed my feet firmly on the floor, my hands on his thighs as I began to bounce on his cock, his hand still driving me wild when he continued to deliver painful nips to my clit.

“You’re so fucking tight,” he breathed down my ear. “You feel so good clenching around my cock. If you knew how many times I had pictured you like this. You’re my every fantasy come to life.”

I moaned at his words, rotating my hips faster. He was so deep inside me, every thrust feeling like he was hitting against my cervix. I clenched my pussy, loving the way he groaned in my ear.

“Do that again,” he pleaded, grabbing fistfuls of my ass, his fingers digging in painfully. I obeyed, clenching, and unclenching in time to his thrusts, his hands helping me move quicker by lifting my ass up and down.

I leaned back against him again, slowing my movements so I could raise my knees to my chest, placing my feet on the edge of the bed, my legs spread wide. I looked down, seeing his cock thrust in and out of me, the way my pussy lips dragged along his length with how thick he was. I moved a hand between my legs, fisting the bottom of his shaft, wanting to feel him as he thrust inside me. He gave a grunt of pleasure and picked up his pace, slamming my ass up and down.

“Cum for me, Sophia, let me see you lose control,” I was close, feeling the pressure tighten in my stomach as my orgasm built. My head tipped back as my tits bounced with the force of his thrusts, my hand still on his hard cock, growing wetter by the second as my juices ran out of me.

This was like nothing I had ever experienced before. I surrendered complete control to Eros, letting him decide the pace… and he wanted it fast and he wanted it rough. He slapped my ass once before he let go, bringing his hand up my stomach to wrap around my throat.

I bounced on the balls of my feet, keeping up the rhythm he had set for me as he tightened his grip, the rush of light-headedness hitting me.

“You feel so fucking amazing, riding my cock like a good girl. Do you like that?” He teased, running his tongue along my ear.

I couldn’t talk as the pressure around my throat increased making me gasp for my breaths. “The sounds your throat makes when I’m choking you are so fucking sexy. Cum for me, cum on my cock like the dirty bitch you are.”

I screamed as his words pushed me over the edge, my orgasm slamming through my body as gushes of my juices spilt from my pussy, running down over his cock and onto his balls. He laughed, picking up the pace once more.

“I had no idea you were a squirter...” he trailed off as he picked me up and stood me in front of him.

I gave a moan of annoyance, my orgasm still throbbing through my body. I needed more of him. His foot hit against the back of my leg, knocking me to my knees.

He grabbed a fistful of my hair and pushed my face towards his cock that was still glistening from my release. “Suck it,” he demanded. “I want to hear more of your sexy throat as it talks to me when choking on my cock.”

He rubbed himself along my lips and I opened my mouth, taking him all in as he thrust hard, his cock hitting the back of my throat. Instinctively I tried to pull away, but he held the back of my head, holding my in place as he pushed into my throat. “Easy, kitten,” he murmured, stroking the bulge in my throat from where his cock was. He began to thrust, causing me to gag more each time he slid down my throat.

My pussy throbbed, loving the rough treatment he was giving me. I held his hips as he pushed me again, my lips touching the base of his shaft, spit dripping from my mouth. He ripped me back by my hair until his cock sprang free with a pop. He looked at me with my eyes watering and my breath coming in desperate pants.

“More,” I pleaded, pushing a hand between my legs to play with my clit. He smirked at me, pushing my head back down once more.

His cock twitched in my mouth as I sucked in my cheeks, my tongue sliding along the length of him. This time when he hit the back of my throat I didn’t hold back as I gagged on him, knowing he loved the sound of it. I dug my fingers into his hips, concentrating on my breathing as he made me choke once more, his cock seeming to grow larger in my mouth as he came close to his coming. I rubbed my clit faster, needing to get some release from the throbbing between my legs.

“Do you like sucking my cock, kitten?” He asked, pushing himself down my throat. “I could do this every day and never get enough of seeing you on your knees, taking all of me.”

I moaned on his cock and pushed a finger inside of my pussy. I rocked against my hand, timing my movements so that I was matching the thrusts of Eros’ hips.

“Fuck, Sophia,” he muttered, grabbing my hair tighter.

I surrendered complete control to him, simply opening my mouth and allowing him to thrust into me as fast and as hard as he wanted. I didn’t hold back my noises, knowing that it was driving him wild. I gargled as the spit dripped from my lips, running down my chest. He grabbed hold of my face and slammed me up and down his cock. Tears blinded my vision as I choked, but I refused to stop. I loved being able to bring him this level of pleasure.

“Enough,” he ordered, pulling out of my mouth. “I want to be inside your tight pussy the first time you make me cum.”

Without missing a beat, I was on my back, both of my legs over his shoulders as he rammed his cock back inside me. He fucked me like a man possessed, his hips moving with insane speed, making my tits bounce as my head rolled from side to side. I could feel the friction of the carpet on my back with the pace of his fucking, but I didn’t care.

I dragged my fingernails down his spine and over his ass, pushing on him to make him go faster. “Fuck me harder, Eros, this is what you’ve been waiting for. Give it to me, make my pussy hurt.” He gave a growl, clenching his jaw as he staved off his orgasm, waiting for me to join him once more.

I felt out of control as his cock destroyed me; I wanted to make him as wild as he made me. I didn’t want him to be in control enough that he was able to hold back his orgasm. I needed to be able to tip him over the edge.

So I pushed myself up, locked my arms around his neck and whispered in his ear, “here’s to a lifetime together.”

I sank my fangs into his neck, hearing his roar of pleasure as his orgasm hit him. His warm cum spilling inside my pussy brought me to the edge. His pleasure was my pleasure as our souls connected, my bond snapping into place and allowing me to link with him.

“Bite me,” I demanded, my back arching as he did just that and I came once again, my screams muffled into his neck as we continued to stay connected.

I felt his wolf, as he surely felt mine, the pair of them merging as one, connecting together in the ultimate act of love. The mating secured them together so that they could feel what the other could feel, sense any danger their mate may be in.

My head began to spin, stars flashing behind my eyes. Eros was the first to pull away, staring at me with a confused look, as though he couldn’t believe what had happened. I rubbed my nose against his, placing my forehead on his as we both broke out into a grin.

Impulse? Yes.

Regret? No.

I would never regret this, not for a single moment. I felt the Alpha power radiate from him and knew I had been wrong earlier. He was enough to protect us.



I knew the moment it dawned on Eros when he pulled away slightly to frown at me. My heart beat rapidly as he brushed the hair off my shoulder, staring down at the bite mark he had placed there. He opened his mouth, and I braced myself for his reaction.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” He asked, his thumb stroking over his mark, sending a hum of pleasure through my body.

I breathed a sigh of relief, my wolf gloating her victory. “I told you he would never leave us,” she bragged, curling up into a ball and settling down to sleep, content with her mate so close by.

“Sophia?” Eros questioned softly. I couldn’t find the words.

“I was scared, Eros, I...”

“Sophia!” My mother shrieked, sounding more panicked than I had ever heard. “Sophia!” Eros shoved me off him and ran out of the room, though I recovered quickly and was hot on his heels.

We got to the top of the stairs just in time to see my mother, tears spilling down her cheeks. “Sophia, baby he’s here he—” her words were cut short as a huge pair of claws stabbed through the back of her head, pushing out of her mouth.

I gagged and screamed, unable to look away as her lips split open, flapping over her cheeks. The claws pulled out slightly, curling into her face and ripping the skin out through the back of her skull.

“Sophia, baby,” the man responsible for her death mimicked. “Come to Alpha like a good girl.” He spread his arms wide, and I heard Eros sharp intake of breath as an army of panthers followed the silent command and flooded into the room.

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