Our Final Dare (#3 *Complete*

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Chapter 17

Chapter 17


“If I wanted to speak to a lowly Omega rank, I would have asked for you when I called. I want the Alpha and I will settle for no less,” I barked through gritted teeth, my temper growing with every passing moment. “You run along and tell him you denied my visitation. Tell him you knew that I needed to discuss his prized runaway mutt, and then see how fast he kills you for withholding that information from him.”

I smirked as the Omega agreed to get the Alpha, stuttering over his words in his hurry to apologise as well as run to find out where he was.

It wasn’t five minutes later when I heard the phone being picked up again, a charming voice on the other end booming through the line.

“To what do I owe this pleasure?” He breathed, and I internally cringed, hating that I was left with no other choice but to work in partnership with him.

“You told me to inform you if Eros and Sophia ever decided to visit...”

“Yes...” he drawled, stretching out the word on a long hiss. “And I assume this is you ready to send them to the gallows?”

“I would hardly word it like that,” I snapped, pushing down the guilt that swept through my body.

They deserved this; they did!

“No?” He laughed. I could almost picture him, relaxing into his sofa, his pose comfortable and at ease as he spoke to me. “Anastasia, what is it you think I’m going to do with them once I find them? I’m not planning a cosy tête-à-tête.”

I rolled my eyes at his sarcasm. “Well, no, obviously, but its hardly my fault what happens to them. I’m just speeding up the process - as a worried member of this pack, I’m just doing what I feel is best to protect them.”

“Whatever helps you sleep better at night, dollface.”

“Anastasia!” I corrected through gritted teeth.

“Fine, Anastasia,” he mimicked back, his tone mocking and condescending. “Tell me, what does your mate think about this? Is he aware of who it is your talking to late at night? What sort of wolf is he that he would ignore you whispering into the phone, pleading with the stranger on the other end to help you in all the ways that he can’t? Does it kill him knowing I can provide you with everything he won’t?”

“Enough!” I demanded, hating his cocky laugh. “You know its not like that. I wouldn’t be speaking to you if it weren’t for the fact that I’m desperate. Everyone else seems to have forgotten, especially now that Chris Senior is dead, and Amanda is away with the fairies. I haven’t forgotten though.”

“Of course not.” He said, his tone more serious. If there was one thing he took seriously, it was revenge. “So when do they arrive and when should I make my appearance?”

“They will be arriving in five days and staying a week - although they mentioned that their presence will be a shock. I already know she’s a panther. I heard Alpha Chris on the phone to Violet,” I spat her name.

“Oh, the claws are out. You really don’t like her, do you?”

“I begrudge her and her fucking mate every breath they take, but now the ball is in my court and it’s time to even the scales a little bit. Their son will suffer as...” I broke off as my voice cracked, unable to bear the thought of remembering even after all this time. “Anyway, as I said,” I continued, clearing my throat and brushing the tears from my eyes. “I know she’s a panther and knew it was she that you were looking for - shifters all over the country have been commenting on your game of cat and mouse. I’m a concerned citizen offering you a helping hand to rid the word of the abomination.”

“And I’ll be forever grateful for that. I’ll see you in five days,” he put down the phone without another word and I immediately sent a link to my mate, letting him know the wheels were now in motion.

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